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Queen Selenity
09-24-2006, 04:05 AM
How many of you hated the S and Super S dubbed versions? When I finally got my hands on S I was totally ecstatic about seeing the new stuff but when I turned it on my ears were assaulted by the most awful voice I've ever heard in my life.

I hoped for the entire intro that it was just the narrator and not Serena. But of course it was Serena.

I just didn't understand where the people who dubbed the series got the idea that a voice that sounds like an old woman trying to immitate a young girl sounded just like the old voice actors.

I am thoroughly p.o.ed at the dubbers. They did an okay job with finding people who sounded similar to the old Venus and the old Mercury but what went wrong with Serena?

Not to mention the fact that in either S or Super S there is an episode where Rei has a friend who ends up being the one in trouble and the voice actor is the woman who acted the voice of Molly in the first and second seasons. But when Molly made an appearance not long after that episode it was someone else doing the voice. What's up with that?

I know these people have other things to do and can't always make it back to do old characters but it's just so odd sometimes.

09-24-2006, 07:12 AM
But you're not forced to watch it dubbed, aren't you? ^^

I think everyone knows that Sailor Moon is badly dubbed, especially S and SuperS. But there's still voice actors I liked in the Sailor Moon dub. The DVDs are bilingual, I don't take the time to analyze the dub, because it's pure waste of time, I don't watch something I don't like. Period.

But I like Rini/Chibi-Usa's dub voice, it's actually cuter than her Japanese counterpart. I have to give them credit for some of the voices (especially in the DiC dub of season one and two)

It's not that the VAs are bad, it's just that they usually don't fit their character.

Nonetheless, if I might add something, I don't think that Japanese voice acting isn't automatically better than the dubbed version of some series. People tend to compare the two. I don't, because both of them differ _way_ too much to be compared. In my opinion, American dubs and Japanese subs should be two different things.
But I guess, if I look at the S and SuperS dub separately, it's still really bad. There's Serena, whose voice make my ears bleed. Amy's voice creeps me out and I couldn't stand her when she shrieked in that horrible monotonous way once (in an S episode). Lita's voice is quite funny, it's not that bad, actually. I've always liked her voice. And Mina's... well, I don't know what I could say about hers, it's an okay voice. ^^
The only one's in SuperS that got on my nerves were Zirconia's and Pegasus'/Helios' voices. Pegasus' sounded way to old, and Zirconia... well, it was originally a woman and making her a man was like ruining a plot point if you see what I mean.

In a whole, it could have been much much better. Sadly, DiC didn't dub this because DiC, even with all their cuts and scene alterations, had some great potential... and some really sexy voices up their sleeves. xD

My, that was a long rant. xD You got me talking again

Queen Selenity
09-24-2006, 06:59 PM
Aha! That's why as soon as I realized the awful voice was Serena's I went back and chose to watch the Japanese sub. Muuuuch better. Except I don't really care for Serena's voice in the Japanese, I'm just too used to the DIC version.

I prefered Rini's voice in the DIC but I also enjoyed it in S and Super S once I got used to hearing it. Both fit her quite well. Now every time I think of her voice I hear the S and Super S one.

Yeah Japanese versions and dubbed versions are really different. I just tend to look at the character and then think about who they are and then I tell if I like the voice actor's acting for them. Like an example of a Japenese version I hate is Inuyasha. I can't stand Inuyasha's voice in Japanese. It sounds like so many of the nerds in the other animes I watch in Japanese.

I really like the VA's for Rei and Lita and Darien in the dubbed version. Especially Darien ^_^. All the VA's for him did a wonderful job. And DIC did an awesome job finding such talented men to do the part. I also LOVE the guy who does Artemis's voice. He's fun to listen to.

Yeah DIC could have been awesome. I wouldn't have cared if they cut out a ton of stuff in the other seasons as well. I was thoroughly happy with the first two. Although I do want to see what they cut.

One thing I'm uber glad about is that the movies got dubbed while the VA's for the first two seasons were still working on them. I love Sailor Moon R the movie and it's nice to hear the VA for Serena.

Oh and to show that I didn't totally hate the VA for Serena in S and Super S I will say that she did a great job on Serena's voice when she was being serious. I think if she had taken that voice and worked with it for when Serena was her normal perky self she would have been really awesome.

Ginny Weasley
10-14-2006, 12:10 AM
They did a horrible job dubbing all the English translated versions period. All you have to do is switch to the Japanese version on the DVD. Pretty easy I would think. Problem solved.. >_>;

10-16-2006, 08:38 AM
<---- Hates most dubs. Sailor Moon adaptaion/dub was particularly bad with the Outer Senshi.

10-25-2006, 09:10 PM
The dubbed version of sailor moon sucks totally. I have the uncut R series on DVD but I would love to get my hands on the other seasons uncut...now if I can find them....
*coughs* anyway..The whole series sucks dubbed. I must agree with all of you. The original is MUCH better...