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Oblvion Keeper

Room 113

Yes yes your Fox Demon here again. I did like the reviews last time and will work on my spelling. Though I don't know about gammer. -__-' Anyway it took me like two days of free time in schol on paper and came out to be about 9 pages. YA! Well here ya go!


"Uhhh, what?" Raz said staring blankly at the Hokage. Or more like someone just asked him to jump off a bridgel.

"Yes! High school! You can start now!" The yellow hair kage said seeming to ignore the comment the tan boy gave.

"Now?!" The boy nearly yelled.

"I hope Iruka dosen't mind. He does have him in his class." The Hokage mumbled.

'Not mind! HIM!' His mind yelled as a vain started to pop out of the top of his head.'Last time someone made me go to school there still in a coma!'

"Ok, Ill send a Jounin to go tell you sensai, Iruka, that your coming." The yodaime yelled. As he ran out the door to get a Jounin.

In silence Raz looked at his book. It said Welcome to High School. Of course what it really meant to say is Welcome to your new prison for the next 5- no wait 4 years.

"Great! What a lovly piece of sh-" Raz was interuppted by the Hokage and a man with dark glasses and black all over his body.

"Take this to Iruka at the High school." The Hokage ordered as he gave to man a scroll.

"Yes Hokage-sama!" The man said before running out of the office. Leaving Raz staring at the Hokage with what would seem to be a death stare.

"Umm, yes?" The hokage said breaking the scilence.

"Where do I go?"

"Ah Yes!" He chirpped as he grabbed the boy by the collar and headed to the door.

"Hey, h-" The boy struggled with the grip of the yellow haired man.

"Ok, Just walk down the street to right of this place and take a left on Roku street. Keep going and you should see the High School. Shouldn't take you five minutes." He said Cheerfully and slammed the door on the boy's face before he could reply.

"OoooooooooooK, Craaaaaaazy." Raz said rolling his eyes. He walked off mumbling about crazy Hokages and pie.

A scarred man was sitting at a desk looking over the test grades.


He sighed and passed out the test's results. He looked up to see the same reactions to the test.

Shikamaru sighing and looked back at the clouds. Neji, and Sasuke just put the test away. Lee yelling about Youth power, Ino and Sakura fighting over who did better and calling eachother Ino-pig, and bir-forhead. Tenten showing Neji her test, Shino looking at it then going back to day dreaming. Kiba who was talking to his dog, Akamaru, aobut it. And of course, the loud scowling of Naruto Uzumaki. Followed by everyone exsept Hinata, Lee, and Shino calling him either a dope, dead-last, or Baka.

The man sighed. "Just a normal day." He mumbled before a Jounin walked in.

"Iruka-san can i please see you."

"Yes sir."

"You will be getting a new student he'll be here in a few minutes. That is all." He said quietly before leaving. Iruka gretted his teeth. He didn't hate kids he hated to get new ones since he has over 100 already. "Sucks, being the best teacher in Konoha." He mumbled before someone asked him.

"Iruka-Sensai, what was that?"

"You'll see."


Raz walked into the front of the High school when he met the Jounin from before.

"Your in room 113. Just watch out for Naruto Uzumaki. Hes' a demon!" He said before walking off.

"Hmmm, a demon? Feh, nothing like a god." Raz said darkly before walking off to the classroom. He soon was infront of it and opened the door. There stood a single teacher with a 50 foot chalk bored and a 5 rows heading upward holding 30 people in each row. The last row had only 29. The one next to the window.

"Hi,I'm Iruka Sensei and this is your new class." He stated.


"Why dont you stat you name."


"OK now introduce youself to the class."




"Just take a seat." Iruka Sighed.

"Yes master." Raz said in a high voice.


"Notin." Raz said walking up to his seat. He noticed that people where staring at him. "WHAT!" He yelled as all of them looked away. He sat himself down. He noticed that a orange-yellow flash came into the room, and sat down beside him.

"Did Iruka-Sensei see me."


"Ah, that goo- Wait! Who are you?"


"Uzumaki Naruto, The next Hokage!" Naruto said. He wore a orange and black jump suite and a black head band.

"Errr yea."

"Anyway why are you here?" Naruto asked.

"Just wanna be a ninja and live." Raz sighed.

"Naruto!" A pink haired girl said looking at him. She wore a red dress and pant that were only half way down here thigh. She had her head band on like a bow. She sat infront of them and didn't look that happy.

"Ah, Hi Sakura-Chan. I was just talking to Raz-san here." Naruto said.

"In the middle of class. And besides who would want to talk to a baka like you?"

"Cold." Raz stated.

"Ouch, Sakura-Chan! That was so cruel." Naruto said with anime tears.

"Cold." He said again.

"What?" The girl glared at raz.

"I've never met someone cold enough to say to someone ther an idiot and no want to talk to him." Raz stated. "And, I've met Uchiha Itachi."

"What." Said another voice.

"Great another one." Raz mumbled.

"you met Itachi my brother?"


"Then you must know away to get stronger and beat him and get re-"

"Get Revenge on for your family that he killed. Yea I know Itachi says Its really annoying. MOre annoying then his You Lack Hatred thing." Raz said boredly. The boy didn't say anythin.

"Nice to meet you too Uchiha Sasuke." raz stated. The boy wore all black with a big neck band and had the Uchiha symbol on the back of it. HE also had Bandages on his arm. He had raven color hair and it was shaped like Itachi's. "Oh, and he says your gay." He stated boredly.

Sakura gasped as she heard the boy she loved insulted. "Never Insult my Sasuke-Kun. Hes better then you and will alway be better then you!" She she said.

"I dont feel like it." Raz said.

"Grrrr, why you little-

"OK! Let Head Out To The Training Feild!" Iruka signaled for the class to leave.

Its late, it sucks, i hate it, bad spelling, bad grammer YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL ME! I KNOW! Still here is chappy two

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Can I ask a few things?

Can I ask that you not put Naruto in the title? It's not needed. And can I also ask that you take out the huge wallpapers in your sig?

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