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Final fantasy X-3
The Zaeon Jewels
Chapter 2- Seymour and Queslin, the lord of water.

Tidus burst in with his sword in hand, he ran up the hill as fast as he could to try and save her. But… he was too late. She was gone. The bed was a mess; their room was a mess. All that remained of Yuna was her Al Bhed guns that lay on the table.
He was beside himself with grief. She was gone…..
He fell to his knees. He was too late... He kept thinking he shouldn’t have left the house; he shouldn’t have left her alone.
Tidus; why? She needed me and I wasn’t here? WHY!!!!!
Wakka; that stupid guado! It was him!
????; your wasting your time here. You should be off to Kilika by now! She’s there
Tidus was mad, he didn’t know who she was, but he knew she knew what was going on. He was beside himself over losing Yuna, so his anger mixed with his sadness burst. He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up against the wall.
Tidus; you knew about this didn’t you! You knew this would happen! So why didn’t you tell me sooner!!!
????; Yuna is in Kilika with him now! You could be there just by taking the morning boat!
Wakka pushed Tidus to let go. She fell to the ground. He was so mad but tears rolled down his face.
Wakka; who are you?
????; my name is Jessica Guado… I am Seymour Guado’s daughter…
Tidus; What! Why did you help me? Why not go off with your scum bag dad!
Jess; I know! I know! I hate my father! He killed my mother and I was made to watch! That’s why I’m helping you! You of all people should now how it feels to despise your father!
Jess was different from Seymour you could see it in her eyes. There was something about her that made Tidus trust her. She had the look of her father. But… she hated him. You could see it.
Lulu; I’m going to the COM sphere! We’ll need all the help we can get!
Wakka; get Rikku and Paine! Rikku will not wanna miss kickin his butt!
Tidus thought to himself for a long time. If he saved her and got the jewels then he could still propose to Yuna.
Jess sat on the docks while they waited for the Celsius to arrive. She was distant from everyone except Tidus. He didn’t know it but she knew him, too well.
Suddenly, above their heads and saw the Celsius hovering overhead.
Rikku looked worried as hell. Paine was somehow calm.
Rikku; it was Seymour! That sicko! Who’s the kid?
Paine; Jessica Guado.
Jess; Paine… it’s been a while.
Tidus; how did you know?
Paine; it’s hard to say. She has had a bad life. We met last summer where she told me…
Tidus; told you what?
Paine; you of all people don’t want me to tell this story.
Tidus; just tell me.

Paine; she told me that she is from another time. A time of chaos, She was a warrior bred for destruction by her father. But her mother, Was gentle, she wanted to make sure her daughter didn’t turn out to be like her master. Her mother was killed in front of her as punishment for trying to help others.
Wakka; who was her mother?
Paine; look in her eyes, tidus you see it don’t you? You trust her. Because you can’t help feeling as if you are connected, in some way, you are connected tidus. Tidus; her eyes, they seem so familiar
Rikku; Yuna is her mother Tidus. She comes from a future where you try to save her, but you fail. Yuna loved her daughter and she is the only one who can help you kill him, for good.
Tidus; jess is the daughter of Seymour and Yuna. NO!! I won’t let it happen!
Jess; you think I had a choice. My mother was the only friend I had. My father wanted me to kill everything that lay in my path. Luckily he doesn’t know I’m here that gives us an edge. My father will be stopped!
All went silent. Her blue, spiked hair waved in the morning breeze and her fist was gripping her sword, which was a sword her mother gave her, the blue sword that her lover used to try and kill her father. The sword belonged to tidus.
Jess; let’s go! To Andrean, the temple of water. Yuna will be there, it will be good to see her again.
They all boarded the Celsius. Wakka thought of Auron, she reminded him so much of his old fellow guardian. Lulu saw it too.
They flew over spira where brother and Rikku talked.
Brother; Oihy ec kuha; E ruba cra'c ug
(Yuna is gone; I hope she’s ok.)
Rikku; Cra'mm pa ug, fedr ran tyikrdan rana du kieta ic
(She’ll be ok, with her daughter here to guide us)
Brother; ed sicd pa duikr uh detic ghufehk ra ryc duu fung fedr Caosuin'c get
(it must be tough on tidus knowing he has too work with Seymour’s kid)
Rikku; Oayr, pid lusa uh! Ed'c rymv Oihea! Dryd cruimt pa ahuikr
(Yeah, but come on! It’s half Yunie! That should be enough)
They arrived at the temple of water in Andrean. It was old, very old. The whole temple was covered in moss and overgrown vines. It was surrounded by water with only a bridge linking the small island to the mainland. The temple lay on the island.
Jess; go. Only you can do this.
She showed tidus the door, which led to the fayth. Inside he prayed as hard as he could. But no reply came, he shouted at the top of his voice.
Tidus; what do you want from me? I love her! I need her! She’s gone and I will save her! What else do you need?
????; but is it enough?
Tidus; I’ll do anything to prove it to you!
????; then you will be tested!
Suddenly the ground caved way beneath tidus’ feet. He fell into the water and he sank beneath the waves.
????; there below you is the woman you love. And above you is the jewel you want. You can only save one. Decide!
Tidus didn’t need to think, he swam below grabbing Yuna’s hand, and she vanished. He swam back up, and the jewel was gone. He surfaced.
Tidus; I’ve been tricked! Show yourself!
????; very well.
Emerging from the water, ever so slowly was a man. The water didn’t even ripple as he surfaced. You could see right through his body, he was made entirely of water.
His armour then began to shine like silver as he transformed into his human form.
Queslin; I am Queslin, lord of water. I sense ripples of love in your heart. You have proven to me that you do not need a gem to prove how much you need her.
Tidus; but I failed she disappeared.
Queslin; No, You proved to me that you would choose her over everything else; by swimming to save her you pass my test.
Tidus; but the jewel is gone.
Queslin; I am the jewel. I give you my life force for the ring you seek. May your love be as deep and tranquil as the ocean itself, good luck dear boy.
He vanished and in Tidus’s hand laid a jewel about the size of a pea. Blue and perfect with magic flowing through it like water through as river.
He emerged from the temple.
Tidus; I’ve done it! I have the water sapphire!
Seymour; well done! Son of Jecht well done!
Tidus; where is she!!
Seymour; Oh, your sweet heart? She’s here.
Seymour’s guards bought in Yuna. She had been crying you could tell. She saw him and she instantly smiled. She ran towards him but Seymour used magic to blast him away and out of her reach.
Yuna; what do you want with me?
Seymour; to create the ultimate warrior, once I form the ring of Zaeon it will make Yuna and I live forever. And together we will bare a son that will destroy spira.
Jess; so sorry to disappoint you… father
Seymour; who are you?
Jess; the one you tormented for fifteen, long years. YAAAAAAA!!
She lunged he sword above her head and jumped ready to deal a fatal blow to her father and then…………………….

You’ll have to wait and see.
Is this the end for Seymour? Will Tidus get Yuna back? Will jess finally get revenge?
Find out in chapter 3- Zaragek- the thunder king.

well hope u guys enjoyed ^_^

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