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Team 7

Two masked ninjas jumped into her path and took out two kunai knives. Did they really think they could stop her that fast? The pink head smirked. She probably wouldn’t even need anyone of her weapons to defeat them. After sasuke had left the village a couple years ago she could do nothing to stop him, she then decided that she did not want to be that weak sakura sasuke knew. So that is why she practiced so hard to improve her skills. She and naruto were a good team after that too. She smiled. She would be a little late to their dinner.

All of a sudden one of the masked ninja’s disappeared. She decided he probably chickened out. But there was still one left so she charged at him. But just as she was about to attack, the one who disappeared snuck up behind her and grabbed both her arms. She was just about to kick him when the second masked ninja grabbed both her legs. She could do nothing now.

It was dark out as he walked through the woods. Sakura had not shown up at the ramen shop where they were supposed to have dinner together. He sighed. There were probably many reasons why she didn’t come or maybe she just didn’t want too. No. He thought. They were good friends now, something must have happened to her. At this he sprung up into a nearby tree and started to look for her. It was after 12 he decided she must have returned home and decided to do the same thing. He would check up on her tomorrow.

Naruto woke up to the sound of rain. It was morning. He looked up at the ceiling from his bed. Sakura. He was going to check up on her in the morning. With that he jumped out of bed and changed into his clothes.

When he finally got to her house there was no sign of her anywhere. He checked in her room, risking everything but still found nothing. He began to worry. What if she never came back from yesterday? He sprung from her bedroom window and nearly landed on Ino, sakura's best friend.

“Watch it NARUTO!!!! She screamed pushing him aside.

“Ino have you seen sakura today?" he asked stepping aside.

“NO" she said as she walked away.

This was bad. He would need help but Kakashi was away on an A rank mission. He knew one more person who could help him. Whoever has taken sakura was going to be in big trouble.


The black haired boy had just sat down to eat his lunch when someone snuck up behind him. He was just about to take out his Kunai knife when the blonde boy stopped him.

At the first sight of seeing the blonde boy he felt some joy and accidentally dropped his Knife. He had been alone for so long it felt good to finally see someone he knew. But after more examination he saw that the blonde boy did not look happy to see him. There was a long awkward silence between them. Then finally the blonde boy spoke.

“Look I just need your help after that you can go back to whatever you’re doing”

“How did you find me?” He asked

“That’s not the problem right now” replied the blonde boy.


“Look Sakura is missing and I have no idea in the world where she may be” the blonde boy said getting impatient. Sauske smiled at the sound of her name. Sakura.

“When was the last time you saw her?”

“Last night we where suppose to meet up for dinner but she never came, the scary part was that she said she was walking through the Green Forest so I decided to search the place for her but found nothing. Then in the morning I went to her house and saw she had not been in there since last night. Also when I was re-checking the area I found her shoe in one of the small streams” the blonde boy was out of breath.

Sasuke frowned. She could be anywhere. He stood up.

“Ok let’s go.” The blonde boy looked at him.

“Where?” he asked.

“Well you said you found her shoe in a stream that means they must have went past there so we’ll do the same” said the dark haired boy already walking away. The blonde boy looked confused but still followed.

When they reached the place where naruto said her shoe was it became too dark to see anything.


Sakura sat there in the dark. Her arms and legs were tied. Where was she? And how long had she been there? Her head hurt. Just then someone had come in. She scooted to the farthest corner where she wouldn’t be seen.

“So as soon as they get here-“said one man

“Hush she might hear” said the other.

“Besides aren’t you a least worried?”

“No, now let’s go get prepared” And with that one of the men turned to the door.

“But sir what about the girl?” One asked

“Finish her off, we don’t need her”

Sakura turned white at the last sentence. "Naruto you better be coming"

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