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Disclaimer: i do not own Eureka 7 blah blah blah... My 1st Fan Fic so yea.

"Gone & Back Again"
Chapter 1

"With this hand.
""Ive killed poeple"
"All this time... Ive been killing poeple."
In the medical room when Eureka got the skurve
Standin g there at the end of the hospital bed wich Eureka layed at, in the cold, dark, damp room.

"Do you mind if we talked?" asked Renton

"I was told I shouldn't see you." sayed Eureka

"I was told that too. They say when im near you, you get uneasy..." sayed Renton

"Thats true."

"I mean, my heart rates going up..."

***Heart monitor speeds up***

Renton looks at Eureka in cold deep stare.

"I knew."

"knew what?'' asked Eureka

"When i was fighting, I had meant to listen to you and undertstand what you meant."

"When you said it was a war."

"But... I just didnt get it!"

Renton shakes his head emotionaly.

"I want you to know at least: I was fighting to protect you."

"But when poeple are broken they cant be fixed..." sayed Eureka

"When you say it like that...!" cryed Renton

"You dont have to say it like that, do you?!"

Renton leans of Eureka ready to cry.

"I...I love...!"

Eureka jerks her head right.

"No!" yelled Eureka

Renton falls of the bed knocking the curten down then gets up and runs out of the room saying

"Im sorry!"

Eureka trys helplesly to get out of bed. Eureka fatigued falls back to sleep.
End of chpt.1

Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 ) [Sep 03, 2006]Chapter 2 [Sep 03, 2006]chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 ) [Sep 03, 2006]chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 ) [Sep 04, 2006]chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 ) [Sep 04, 2006]

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Chapter 2
Renton in his room
Renton packing stuff in a backpck"Im the worst.""Im the absolute worst!""It was never about the war the Gekko state... I was here to protect Eureka!"''But now... but now... to be hated by the one I love!"Renton closes his eyes and screams"This is the worst!"Renton gets up and grabs his board and leaves his empty room. While walking down the hall way he suddenly remembers the Amits Drive"I dont even care anymore." said Renton in a gloomy wayRenton while getting ready to depart from the Gekko tells old man Gonzy, " Tell everyone I said goodbye..." Renton free falls away from the Gekko.

End of chpt.2

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Chapter 3

Renton in the middle of nowhere

"Where do i go?''"I have no place to go... all alone""Eureka..."He jumps on his board and rides away.

--------------------------------------Back at the Gekko----------------------------------------------

Talho stops to ask Gonzy something"Hey, have you seen Renton?"

"He took off." replied Gonzy"He said, "Tell them i said good bye."

"That kid... without a word... "When he comes back, im going to slap

----------------------------------------Day later-------------------------------------------------

< font face="Arial, sans-serif">Eureka is walking around the ship looking for Renton" eh, Holland."


"Wheres Renton?"

"Errr." Holland sighs"Eureka... R-Renton left.""Where too." asked EurekaHolland sighs some more, " He ugh he's not coming back Eureka."Eureka stunned"What?! Why?! "Why did he leave?"Holland stares at the ground with nothng to say the room goes quiet for a momentEureka walks out of the room and wonders around hopelesly. She goes back to her room and sits ther lost in thoughts.

End of chapter 3

My other fan Fic is at mediaMiner.org

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Chapter 4

4 years later...

Another boring day on this damn ship thought Holland. Laying back on the couch as what he always does. The door opens and out of the blue comes Talho with a smile on her face.

“He's come back.” said Talho in a calm mood

“Have you told her?” asked Holland. Talho's hair swung from side to side as she shook her head. Holland Breathes in deep “ Why must I all ways do this crap?” and sighs. He gets up off the couch and walks out the door. He walks down the hall to Eureka's room. Holland stops t the front of her door, he creaks the door open.

“ Eureka?”

“Ugh?” grunted Eureka

Holland stands there for moment letting the silence take over the room.

“ He's back.” replied Holland and closes the door. Eureka gasps, sits up on her bed. “That day...”

---------------FLAH BACK-----------------

"I want you to know at least: I was fighting to protect you."

"But when poeple are broken they cant be fixed..." sayed Eureka

"When you say it like that...!" cryed Renton

"You dont have to say it like that, do you?!"

Renton leans of Eureka ready to cry.

"I...I love...!"

Eureka jerks her head right.

"No!" yelled Eureka

-------------END OF FLASH BACK--------

“That day...that day...”


Forgive me but all the chapters are kinda short so itll be a short Story

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Disclaimer: I dont Eureka 7 blah blah blah this is a fan tribute.

Chapter 5

“Hey Renton were ya been for the past 4 years?” asked Stoner

“Well-.” he was cut off by Stoner

“Hey can I ask you few questions later? For a interview?”

“Ugh sure” replied Renton. Renton greeted all of his old crew members around the ship. He went walking down the halls aimlessly trying to find Eureka. Then while walking down a hall a voice came
from behind him.

“Hey you.” Renton turned around to see Holland. They glared at each other for a quick moment and Renton trying to break the awkward silence.

“Hey.” replied Renton. They glared at each other again.'He hasn't changed since the 1st time we met... all ways playing it cool.'

“ If your looking for 'Her'... Shes with the Nirvash.” said Holland. He turns around and stops.

“Oh and Renton.”


“If you ever try to pull off something like that again...Well you get the point.” He turned around and put his hands in his pockets. “Jeez was it really that bad?”Renton thought as he walked to the hanger. He opens the door to the hangar. He looks up from the floor to catch eyes with Eureka.

“ Its been a while...” said Renton gazing at Eurekas pink rosed eyes.

“Yes.” replied Eureka starring down to the floor. 'Her voice sounded cold' Renton still gazing at Eureka notices changes in her, She got taller, almost as tall as he was. Her hair has gotten longer than before, and her breasts devolved more. Eureka looks up from the ground.

“Where did you go Renton?” asked Eureka. Her voice shaky, She stares down tears coming down here eyes. “Why did you leave without telling me?!”


End of chapter 5

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Disclaimer: I do not own Eureka 7 blah blah blah... this is a fan tribute

A/N: I'm gonna try to make this chapter long for you guys for those who even read it.

Chapter 6: “Confession”

Renton hesitated “Eureka...” Renton shook his head and closed his eyes. “Don't let her interfere with your main mission, show no emotions for her” Renton opens his eyes slowly “Why did you say that...Charles Beam?” said Renton in a low quiet voice.

There was silence in the room once again. Renton turned around with his back to Eureka and makes his way to the door putting his hand on the cold steel handle. “I'm sorry” said Renton. Eurekas eyes opened widely.

“Wait!” Eureka yelled she went running after Renton with tears coming down her face. Renton stood there with his hand still held to the steel handle door. “Ugh...” Renton looked over his shoulder. Eureka Swung her arms over his waist.

“E-Eureka....” Renton blushed. Eureka leans her head on on Renton's back. “Show no emotions for her.” Those words started to fade away as Eureka clung to Renton.

“Cause every time we touch I get this feeling.” Eureka blushes “I don't know what it is but it feels...it feels weird.” Renton standing motionless.

“I want you in my life.” Eureka said. Her grip on Renton tightened. Renton's eyes grew wide in shock “Eureka.” The door swung open. Both Eureka and Renton flew back.

“Oh was I interrupting something?” asked Matthieu nervously. He put his hand behind his neck. Renton was on top of Eureka looking face to face. They both blushed and got up quick and replied

“Err no” replied Renton still blushing.

“Well Holland wants you two at the bridge.” said Matthieu still with his hand on on his neck. “Why?” asked Eureka puzzled. “Dunno, he didn't say, just to ask you two to go to the bridge.” Renton gets up and brushes himself off and then leans over and puts his hand out to Eureka and smiles. Eureka grabs his hand he pulls her up & then they both went to the bridge.

They both walk up to the bridge where Holland is waiting for them

“Hey would you look at that, she looks more happier than before” said Hap starring into the video monitor. “she sure does” thought Holland. Talho walks in “Eh?” Hap quickly turns the monitor off and turns around as so does Holland. She walks over to them “What are you doing?” she asked. Hap coming with a thought coming at the top of his head “Ugh just giving the ship a diagnostics test. Talho shouldered it off and walked out.

“Phew, that was close eh, Holland? Said Hap. The door opened they both looked up to see Eureka and Renton walking in.

“You wanted us Holland?” asked Eureka

End Of chapter 6

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ya heh chapters 1 through 5 was already finished and i just finished chapter 6 but thnx for da post its my first fan fic :P

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Disclaimer: i don't own Eureka 7 ok so w/e don't sue me

Chapter 7 “Riding The Waves”

“I want the both of you to take out the Nirvash for a test run.” Holland said. Eureka looked down. Renton noticed Eurkea's change in emotion.

“Whats wrong Eureka?” asked Renton. Holland stares at Eureka. “It's been a while hasn't it Eureka?” asked Holland in his cool like mood.” There was silence in the room. “What does he mean its been a while?” pondered Renton.”

“It's been 4 years...” said Eureka“Wha!” yelled Renton. “ For four years the Nirvash... you didn't...?” Eureka shook her head coldly. Eureka held her arms across her chest.

“Why no-” Renton was cut off by Holland

“You two should go get ready to launch off.” Eureka & Renton walked out of the bridge and down the hall to the hall way.
The awkward silence bothered Renton and it wasn't only that, “Seeing Eureka like this... maybe if... the mission... eh I'll put that behind me... for now.” Renton grabbed Eurekas hand as they walked down the hall. Eureka looked at Renton who was smiling at her returned the smile. They walked through the door of the hangar. Renton jumps in the Co-pilot seat.

“Aren't you going to pilot Renton?” asked Eureka.

“I thought you should...since it's been that long, The Nirvash wont move without me uh?” Eureka nodded. The Nirvash glistened from the lights above it. Eureka got in the pilot seat. “Nirvash please move, Renton's here now so please move.” The Nirvash didn't move. A second later the Nirvash's compact glowed and the Nirvash moved to the catapult.

Renton smiled at Eureka “See as long as I'm here nothing will happen to you.” Renton said Confidently. Eureka nodded. The Nirvash got ready at the catapult. “ 3...,2...,1...,0!” The Nirvash took off at high speed, launched in the air and quickly turned into the humanoid form and pulled the giant ref board and started to ride the green Trapar waves. Eureka controlled it just like she used to. Cutting through the clouds like a knife, swerving left and right. After a while she moved the Nirvash upwards through the sky and then did a sharp Cut-back Drop-Turn.

Eureka smiled “The Nirvash is happy!” she said excitedly. Renton smiled back, the comm channel came on, “Nicely done Eureka, thats it for the day come back to the Gekko.” They returned to the Gekko to only find everyone asleep.

Walking back to his room with Eureka he opens his door and and finds his room was yet a storage room filled with boxes. “What...whats this!” yelled Renton looking around what was once his room.

“Well since you left we decided to use it for a storage.” said Eureka with a plain face.

“You can come sleep in my room for the night.” said Eureka. Renton was shocked by her statement.

“Uh... are you sure Eureka,? Cause I can go sleep by the Nirvash.” said Renton. Eureka nodded.

“It's alright.”

They walked back to her room trying not too make much noise that will wake up the others. While walking around the dark halls aimlessly they make it to her front door of her room.

“Your gonna have to be quiet going in.” said Eureka in a whisper.

“Why?” he replied in a quiet voice. “Cause the kids are asleep.”

“Hm? Then where am i supposed to slee-.” Eureka put her finger next to her mouth and made shushing noise.

They entered the room and he noticed the Maurice & Linck on the other bunk bed and Maeter on the top bunk bed to the right.

“They've grown a lot.” said Renton. “Really? I haven't noticed.” replied Eureka

Eureka went to lay down on her bed on the bottom and invited Renton to sleep with her.
Renton blushed and layed down on the other side of her so that his face was facing the wall. He felt kinda awkward this close to Eureka. “Have you forgotten all bout your mission Renton?” Renton layed there thinking to himself.

Then for some reason the thought of Eureka being a corailian”Can a Corailian even love?” He thought of this rarely but it did not matter if she was corailiain or not he still couldn't avoid the fact that he still loved her after all this time. He brought back the memory of what happened earlier.

“Cause when we touch I get this feeling.” Eureka blushes “I don't know what it is but it feels...” Renton standing motionless.

“I want you in my life.”


He wondered all night about the question that kept going through his mind “Does she really love me?”
Then he felt an arm wrap around his stumach.

“I love you Renton.” Renton shocked. “Is... is she awake? No she fell asleep a long time ago.”
Eureka gave a slight grin. Renton smiled and then went to sleep.

End of chpter 7

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Chapter 8

Renton woke up to the smell of burnt bacon flourishing through out the Gekko. Renton sat up on the bed and felt a hand sliding off his side as he got up. He rubbed his eyes with his fists and looked over to see Eureka laying down peacefully. He glared at her soft glistening lips and then blushed, he thought about what had happened last night.“Was that all a dream?” He thought about it for a second and then saw Eureka's eyes open slowly.

“Renton?” she rubbed her eyes as she slowly sat up on the bed. A head appeared from behind Eureka.


“Don't call me that,” said Renton, scratching his head. Maeter got down from her bed and woke up Linck and Maurice.

“Barfie's back, Barfie's back,” yelled Maeter playfully. Linck got up and yelled Barfire, and sang along with Maeter. “Barfie, Barfie, you can smell him coming a mile away!” Renton got up too fast and hit his head on the bunk bed. He chased them around the room as they still sang along cheerfully. Eureka giggled the door opened and Holland stood at the door way.

“Sorry to kill the party but, can the two of you go to the city and get some supplies?” asked Holland, Renton panting, stopped chasing the kids around and sat on the lower bunk bed.

“Sure.” Renton said, still panting hard. “I can use this too my advantage too report back.”

“What's wrong Renton?”

“Uh nothing, just dozed off a little.” Renton Eureka didn't believe it, but played a long.

“Heres a list of things we need.” Holland handed Eureka a piece of paper. The writing was smudged a bit, but was readable. Eureka pulled the blankets off of her and got up off the bed. Eureka stared at Renton who was staring at the floor of the room. “Should I go with the plan? Why am I having second thoughts? Is it because of Eureka?”

“Let's go Renton.” said Eureka, Renton looked up at Eureka and nodded and said goodbye to the kids. Eureka opened the door and walked out with Renton following close by her. Renton stared at the floor hard with his hands in his pockets, Eureka looked at Renton studying his face.

“You never did tell me why you left.” said Eureka in a low voice, Renton lifted up his head a bit shocked about what she said and he closed his eyes and thought hard searching for a reason why. Eureka turned her head to Renton.

“I never thought about it really.” he said in a cold voice, “I thought that I was running... but did not know what I was running from.” Renton opened his eyes as Eureka opened the door to the hangar. They both jumped into the Nirvash and got ready to launch off the catapult. Renton looked at Eureka deeply.

“Don't worry Eureka, I won't leave you.” said Renton is a passionate voice, Eureka shocked didn't realize Renton grabbed her hand and held it.


End of Chapter 8

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Chapter 9

As the Nirvash landed clouds of dust spurred around it. The cockpits opened and Eureka and Renton jumped down off the Nirvash. Renton rustled through the pockets of his shirts and pants.

“Where did I put that damn list?!” yells Renton, Eureka looked over to Renton.

“What are you looking for Renton?”

“The list!”

Eureka reached through her left pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. “Do you mean this?”

He sighed in relief. “I could of sworn Eureka handed me the paper back at the Gekko.” Renton lost in his own thoughts didn't see Eureka who already started off toward the town without him.

“Come on Renton!” yelled Eureka smiling.

“Huh...? Hey wait up!” yelled Renton, He started sprinting after her leaving a cloud of dust behind him. Eureka turned her back to Renton and giggled. Renton walked beside Eureka as they walked into the town.

“Whats with this town? It's almost in the middle of nowhere.” Renton put his arms behind his head and rested his hands on his neck. “So what are we supposed to be getting again?”
Eureka pulled out the piece of paper and started reading the list. “Most of it is food.” Eureka folded the paper and stuffed it back in her pocket. “Lets go Renton.” He simply nodded with his head and was off with Eureka shopping .

2 hours later

The cold night breeze blew through the town, while the stars shined on the moon's light. “It's about that time.” thought Renton, Eureka looked over the bag full of grocery's. “Why does he always get caught up in deep thoughts?”

They stopped in front the Nirvash, They opened the cockpits and put the bags of food in the cockpits. Eureka got in her seat getting ready to take off, she looked at Renton who was staring down on the Nirvash. “It's time.”

Renton lifted up his head. “Hey...Eureka.”


He stared at her with a blank expression. “Ill be back in about 10 minutes.”

“Why? Where are you going?” she asked concerned

Renton who already jumped off the Nirvash, was wiping himself down with his hands trying to get the dust off of himself. “Don't worry I'll be back...I forgot to get something from the town. Just wait for me in the Nirvash.” Eureka stared at him as he ran off back to the city. She knew it was a lie, she could feel it deep down that he was lying to her. The only thing for her to do know is wait and hope that he is coming back, She closed the cockpit and sat restlessly and waited.


Renton made his way through the town to the outskirts. He leans his arm up against the wall from exhaustion. “Well this is the place, But no one's here.”A black and red KLF appeared from the night sky and landed. Renton looked up to see the cockpit open.


Renton stared at the person. “Are you the one I am supposed to meet?” Renton asked confused, The man jumped down from the KLF and walked towards Renton. He took the helmet off and put it underneath his arm pits. The man had Red spiky hair and wore a black and red suit.

“I'm Mike, and you are...Renton?” he smiles and puts forward his hand to reach Renton's.

“Um yea,” he shook the mans hand, His grip on Renton was hard like if he was going to crush every bone in his hand.

“So do you have the Data?” he asked curiously, Renton reached in the back of his pocket and pulled out a pad that had all the information on the Gekko, the members, the LFO's. He handed it too Mike, his hands shaking “Am I doing the right thing?” Mike snatches it from Renton and puts it in his suit, “Nicely done Renton,” He gave Renton a big grin.

“I got to go back no-,” he was cut off by Mike, “I'm sorry Renton ...but I cannot allow you to go back to the Nirvash or Eureka,” he said in a serious face.

Renton shocked about the statement looks at Mike confused, “Why can't I go back?” he said with confused and worried face.

“Because Beam said so,” he said in a low voice, “Either by force or not. You are to come back with me.”

“Stop joking around.” Renton laughed and turned around, “You got what you guys wanted so I'm out of here.”

“Well thats the choice you made...? I have no other choice then,” Mike walked up behind Renton, Renton knew what was coming when he turned around. Mike took out his pistol and flipped it upside down and with the butt of the gun he swung it down upon Renton's head. Renton fell forward slowly, “I'm sorry Eureka... I lied to you.”


“Eureka!...Eureka!” Eureka opened her eyes slowly, “Holland...?” “Eureka!...your awake finally,” Eureka eyes blurred from the morning wake up, she rubbed her eyes and looked over to the co-pilot seat to see it empty. She stared into the co-pilot seat.

“No...no... he said he would be back,” she thought hopelessly.

“Don't worry Eureka, I won't leave you.” those words seemed to fade away, She knew... she knew not to let him go but did anyway.

“Whats wrong Eureka?” asked Holland worried

“It's...Renton he's not here,” she said with her voice trembling.

“Where is he?” asked Holland

“I...Don't know,” she replied ready to cry, the comm channel went quiet with static left to be heard, “That little ****!” murmured Holland.

“Eureka come back to the Gekko we will talk more once you return,” the comm channel went dead. Eureka moved the Nirvash up and took off through the sky.

“Where did you go now Renton?”

End of chapter