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Chapter 9 - Kept You Waiting


The water sphere holding Gaara exploded, drenching us all. "Oh, real smooth Gaara." I said, wipping my wet hair out of my hair and shaking the water off my fans before returning them to my belt. Gaara gave you why-don't-you-just-be-quiet look and watched as the ninja who had been holding him swayed and fell over, unconsious. "Well, that was fun." I comented as Kankuro came trotting back and Shikamaru came from behind the bushes. "It looked fun." Shikamaru said, smirking at my wet appearance. I whipped the fan off my back and sent a bit of a whirlwind around. "Cool. Instant hair dryer." I said. Shikamaru rolled his eyes. "I've got some traing to do - or to be more specific, I have to whip my senssi at yet another game of Go. See ya tonight?" Shikmaru said. I nodded. "How's dinner at Ruby Night sound?" Shikamaru asked. (lol stole that from Ruby Tuesday's) I nodded again. "Six. Bye." Shikamaru nodded and walked off, muttering something about troublesome Go games.

At six thirty, Shikamaru leaned againt a table in the same pose as the above picture.(without the flowers) "Come ON, troublesome girl, where ARE you?" Shikamaru muttered. "I'm sorry, I'msorrryI'msorryI'msorry!" I said, hurrying up to him. Shikamaru blinked. "About time." He said, rolling his eyes. "Sorry..." Shikamaru looked up from studying his shoes and his eyes widened slightly. I had on a black dress that went to just above my knees and a blue long-sleeved shrug on, with black high-heeled strap shoes. My hair was down, and I had on a light layer of makeup. "What?" I asked, looking around. "N-nothing." He stuttered. "Come on."

An hour later, Shikamaru and I walked out of the reasturant hand in hand. "That was great." I said, stopping at a bench in the woods. "It must have cost a pretty penny." Shikamaru shook his head, still not meeting my eyes. "It's nothing. My parents offered to pick up the tab." Finally it drove me crazy. "Shika, please, is something wrong? You haven't looked me in my eyes the whole time." Shikamaru looked up at me, and looked staright into my eyes, and slipped an arm around my shoulders. "I'm sorry. Nothing's wrong, just....You look...nice....tonight." I laughed, putting my head on his shoulder. "Very delicatly put." I said. "But thanks."

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