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Chapter 8 - Oh No, She Isn't!

I returned to my house with Shikamaru a few minutes later, a horrible sight met my eyes. Gaara captured in a watter ball like the one Kakashi was trapped in once, and Kankuro no longer had Crow on his back and was held by a very strong Sand ninja. "Oh my gosh.....They've sent more people to asasinate Gaara!" I said. "Shika! Whatever you do, stay here. I don't care if they drag me away, they'll have to let Gaara out of that water prison before they move and he'll take them down then. Don't get yourself killed!" Shikamaru opened his mouth to argue, but saw the look on my face and reluctantly nodded.
"Where's the girl?" One of the ninja asked.
"Right here." I stepped out into the opened, looking dead at the ninja holding my brothers. "DANG IT ALL TEMARI, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Gaara yelled, enraged.
"Gaara's got a point, Temari, we're surrounded and you're the onyl one with a weapon, and besides that there are not only people baoveground but probably like five in the sand be low you." Kankuro said.
"There are seven." I replied evenly, having sensed them before.
"And I'm not using my fan, for it wouldn't do me much good. I have one other option." Gaara caught on first.
"You remember what happened last time." He said.
"I know, Gaara, and I'll still do it."
"Gaara, stop her!" Kankuro yelled, helpless.
"Why don't you give up?" One of the ninja sneered.
I relaxed my shoulders and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. And then, in a slow, hypnotic voice, I began.

Behind these emerald eyes you'll see
Things that you could never dream....

I paused for a moment, stopped the chakra-laced song and seeing a few of the ninja fall voer unconscious that soon.

Dancing shadows, playing lights

Again, I pasued, and the ninja below me jumped out of the sand and confronted me.

Shame and glory,

They became glassy-eyed.

Eternal fights...

The only ninja that remained were the ones holding my brothers.

"Oh no, Gaara, she's gonna do it!" Kankuro said, panicking.
"Kankuro, at the first note your ninja will be out cold. I can't hear her, this water thing prevents it. The second your ninja lets go, run. Get out a good twenty feet away and cover your ears."
I took two small fans from my belf and opened them. Three holes were in each one, ragged and slightly scorched on the edges. I moved them in slow motions, and the air whistled through them, making chakra-laced music and knocking out Kankuro's ninja. Now only Gaara's remained, though the music had made him lose a bit of concentration. Gaara lashed out at the wall of water surrounding him, and it....


I am evil, aren't I? I love cliffhangers, as long as they're only cliffhangers to other people. YOu'll just have to waaa--aaaiiitttt.

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