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Author note: I suppose this will take place after Tom. But as if Tom never really played that big of a role in their friendship. He never broke up with Jane and started dating Daria. They just, broke up. On friendly terms, no less. The kiss in the car never happened. If you have any ideas for a better title, please by all means…

Chapter One

Daria groaned. And flipped over on Jane’s bed, her head hanging over the side. She had flung the notebook she had been working on albeit a little angrily towards a wall. Jane would have made some sarcastic remark, but she actually looked like something was eating away at her soul. She couldn’t think of where to go next. She had no life experiences to chalk it up to. She almost wanted to confide in Jane. But that would be too disastrous for the Yenta master’s victims.

“What’s wrong, amiga?” Jane asked, as she bent down to retrieve the notebook for her. Which had landed nowhere near a wall, and right by her feet. Daria wasn’t even paying attention. ‘Well then… She won’t mind if I take a look see…’ Jane thought, with a smile slowly coming over her lips. She flipped open the notebook she’d seen Daria carrying around for a couple months now. Since the start of Jane and Tom’s relationship, actually… ‘I wonder what she was writing about.’

“Dear Book,” it started. Jane smiled with glee, ‘It was her Diary!’ She never could imagine Daria writing ‘dearest diary‘…

“Dear Book,

My best friend Jane is dating this guy. Tom. Yeah, he’s okay I guess. But I have a lot more time to myself now, as if I didn’t spend enough time in these padded walls. I’m trying not to let the feeling of abandonment get to me, I’m sure she doesn’t mean to ditch me all the time. I have nothing better to do in my spare time… So, I figure I’m going to indulge in some guilty pleasures here. God, don’t let anyone’s eyes other than mine own, grace these pages…”

Daria made another groaning noise, Jane slammed the book shut and tossed it on her bed. “You dropped your book.” Daria grumbled something back, probably ‘Thanks’. “No problem!” Jane replied cheerfully. Daria just rolled over and looked at what Jane was painting.

“How do you find inspiration?” Daria asked glumly. She hated having writers block. Usually she’d rely on writing in the notebook to cure all writers block on anything else she was working on, but it just wasn’t happening on this particular instance.

“I don’t, it finds me.” Jane replied, still wondering what Daria was writing in that little notebook. Not looking up from her easel, she continued. “For example, you and Trent are all the…” She was cut off by Daria throwing a pillow at her. She was about to reply with an equally sarcastic comment, but a tall figure stood in Jane’s doorway.

“What about me and Daria?” Trent asked, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He was about to go use the restroom when he heard Jane’s comment to Daria. He wasn’t as oblivious as everyone thought he was, and he’d use just about any excuse to see Daria. Any mention of her and him in the same sentence, was a good enough reason as any to barge in his sister’s room.

“Nothing.” Daria said, glaring at Jane, who knew better than to embarrass her best friend in front of her brother.

“Just about how you two are my most favorite people in the world.” Jane replied, batting her eyelashes at Daria in return.

“Oh.” Trent cough/laughed. “Cool.” He just kind of stood there for a second, and then remembering he had to use the restroom, he started back out the door. “Hey, we’re playing the Zen tonight. You guys should come.” And with another cough, Trent Lane was on his way.

“How about it Daria?” Jane asked, after she had heard the bathroom door shut. “Want to watch Trent get all sweaty?” She tried leering at Daria, but she wasn’t even paying attention anymore.

‘Sweaty…’ Daria thought. ‘That seems like a good place to start…’ And with that, she started scribbling furiously down on her notebook.

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You know whats funny? It took me 3 paragraphs to figure out that it was based on the show Daria...Im so stupid XD! I miss that show....
I enjoyed reading this...its refreshing to see something different from all the Naruto crap...

How about "Daria's Inspiration" as the title?

09-15-2006, 05:16 PM
I dunno. I'll post the second chapter next time I get on AIM.

I was kinda thinking maybe naming it Shipper Ahoy, since it's a shipper fic. I don't even know what a shipper fic is, only that it's when you want Daria/Trent to get together.

I've been writing like CRAZY since I've been sick. I have like 20 chapters on my zombie fic, and like a couple days ago, it only had like 8 pages.