View Full Version : Naruto Fanfiction: Feeling Fate (2)

09-14-2006, 04:51 PM
Chapter 2 - Get Those Eyes Offa Me, Or I'll Blacken One

I'm strolling boredly through Konoha, looking at my surroundings with no particular interest.
A cold wind springs up, and I shiver, wearing a spaghetti strap and jean cuttoffs.
Naruto runs up to me, his mouth wide open to yell something much to enthusiastically, but the look on my face freezes him.
"What?" I snap, in a bad mood for no reason.
"Well....uh....I was gonna tell you Neji wanted to see you...but ah...."
His eyes drift to my legs and become slightly larger.
"What the- NARUTO!" I
whack him hard upside the head.
"Get your eyes offa me, before I blacken one."
Naruto nods and scampers off, rubbing his head.
"Geesh, idiot..."
"Kyin! What the heck are you doing?"
Oh boy, the emo kid....Sasuke walks up to me, looking with a faint smirk on his face at Naruto, who's running in the opposite direction.
"Giving your idiot teammate what he deserves. Got a problem with that?"
Sasuke gives me a geez-you're-in-a-bad-mood look before waking away, hands in his pockets, to be followed by a group of giggling fangirls.
"Dangit Neji, how bout telling me WHERE the heck you are?" I mutter to myself.
"Here, brilliant."
"GAH! Neji!"
Neji, smirking slightly, jumps up to a low branch in a tree near me. He reaches down and helps me up.
"AH!!" I nearly fall of, and Neji catches me around my waist and pulls me back up.
"Ok, weird, I can usually climb really well." I remark, Neji's arms still around my waist to keep me steady.
And I realize that I no longer need his arms around me, yet they are still there. And the very thought sends shivers up my spine, my stomach doing a flip-flop.
"Neji..." I say slowly. "Y-you can let go now."
All he does is tighten his arms around my waist.