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09-12-2006, 06:38 PM
Chapter 7 - I Hate Water

"Ky-aka.....Ky-aka....Ky-aka-san, WAKE UP DANG IT ALL!!"
"Ah! Who what when where wh- Oh, it's just you. Hi Gaara."
Gaara was tapping his foot impatiently, still wet from a shower. His hair was plastered down on his forehead, almost covering the 'love' kanji.
"Hello, Ky-aka." Gaara said, rolling his seafoam eyes.
You got out of bed and stretched, forgetting you were sick and winding up in a coughing fit. You shooed Gaara out of your room,
"Out, I have to change."
You hit the door closed with your hip and sauntered to your drawers.
"Hn....I have nothing good to wear....Here we go."
You pulled out some black fishnet leggings and jean skirt with a fringed edge and put them on, slipping on a black tank top and a lime shirt that was off one shoulder and on the other.
Twisting up yout hair, you walked out of your room and rapped on Gaara's door.
"Your hair looks funny." You said, giggling. "But cute."
Gaara frowned.
"I hate being wet."
"Why? I love being wet."
"I hate water. It doesn't go well with sand."
I shrugged and ruffled his hair, making it stand on end in wet spikes. Gaara gave you a was-that-completely-neccisacry look, and you nodded. Gaara groaned and draped an arm around your shoulders.
Kankuro was asleep in his room, the door open and the Crow leaned against the bedframe. A devious plan formed in your mind, and you raced silently into his room and took the banadages from around Crow.
"Kankuro!" You hissed, making the Crow loom above Kankuro's bed.
"Wake up, something's up with Crow!"
Kankuro sleepily opened his eyes and nearlyhad a heart attack at Crow hanging aboce his head.
You cracked up laughing, rolling on the floor as the Crow flopped down onto Kankuro.
Kankuro bolted out of bed at you, and you hid behind Gaara still laughing insanely.
"H-help me Gaara, he's gonna kill me." You choked out, grinning form ear to ear.
"Yes, I am!" Snarled Kankuro, sidestepping Gaara.
"WHAT ARE YOU IDIOTS DOING????" Temari stood in the doorway, arms crossed, looking like she just got out of bed most likely because she DID.
"Oh boy..." Kankuro said.
"Temari's a real monster when you wake her up."
Temari did look flaming mad.
"I have a bad feeling about this." You murmered, ducking behind Gaara again.
Sorry, short I know but I'm getting dang writer's block. Plus I'm conectrating on Hovergirl, which I haven't posted here becasue it isn't a fanfic just a story.

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its really good....i wanna know more!!!!

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i like the fan fic can't wait to read more ^_^

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thanks guys! I'm getting the WORST possible case of writer's block. I'll spend forty-five minutes writing a dramatic, full-of-feeling chapter, then decide I don't like it and then earase the whole thing. I've done that four times in the past two days. This is WORSE that writer's block, it's an in-decisive point that's going to drive me insane before it goes away.

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luvies it!!!!! *whacks Ky-aka* MY GAARA!!!

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Haha... hope you write more..

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NICE XD!! quite funny...