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09-12-2006, 03:52 PM
Chapter 6 - Laughter is the Best Medicine


You lay face-up on your bed, staring at the cieling(sp?), feeling too awful to move. Thunder crashed outside your window, making you jump. "Haven't we been over this before?" You knew Gaara's voice and could practically see him leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed. "Hey Gaara." You said, your voice faint. Gaara blinked. "And why again are you talking barely above a whisper?" "I don't feel good." You said, in the same fragile voice. Gaara walked up to you and laid his hand on your forehead, looking slightly worried. "You're burning up." He murmered. You closed your eyes and moaned. Gaara rumaged around in your closet, and after a moment pulled out an old blanket and draped it over you. After a few moments you drifted into a shallow sleep, and later on opened your eyes to Gaara singing softly. Your eyes opened wide and a small gasp escaped your lips. Gaara jerked up and gave you a deer-in-the-headlights look. "You heard it?" He said softly. "Only a second, but it was beautiful from what I could hear." Gaara sighed before walking out of the room, leaving you alone to grab a pencil and your notebook as inspiration struck you.

An hour alter, Gaara peered over your shoulder. "What's this?" he inquired, sweeping a strand of your hair away so he could see better. "Shhhh..." You said, swiping at his hand. "You'll interupt the creative flow." And then...You heard some one laughing. Not Temari's half-devilish half-girly laugh, not Kankuro's half-malicious half-boyish laugh, but a deep sound that was like music to you. It was Gaara. "Creative flow?" He said, still chuckling a bit. You flushed red and closed the notebook, through writing. "Feel any better?" He ask, his laughter dying down. "Sort of." You said, smiling. "That song you were singing earlier....Could you sing it again?" Gaara blinked, then began to sing softly, caressing your cheek. He looked at you when he was finished, and yoiu were sound asleep. He softly traced your jawline and kissed your forehead, then he walked quietly out of the room and closed your door.