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09-11-2006, 06:22 PM
Chapter 1 - Don't Give Me That Look

"I'm in a bad mood, Hyuuga, don't push it." I growl at Neji, swipping a stray strand of my aqua hair behind my ear. Neji smirks in that way that agrivates me so much and says, "What's the matter, Kyin, can't reach it?" He waves my purple notebook over he head, just out of my reach. Hello. I'm Shari Kyin, age 12, aqua blue hair, black glinting eyes, and currently very annoyed at a certain lavender-eyed boy waving my best stories above his head. "C'mon, Neji, let her have it." A girlish voice says, and Tenten walks up rolling her eyes. She snatches the notebook from an unprotesting and smirking Neji and hands it to me. "What's your problem, Kyin?" He asks, still wearing that infuriating(big word, points for me) smirk. I snatch the notebook from Tenten's outstretched hand and glare at the Hyuuga boy. "This notebook is worth more than gold to me. Don't play around with it." Neji just rolls his eyes and walks off, leaving me to grab a pencil from my shuriken pack and and make my way to a flower-filled meadow and write.

After a few hours, some one behind me says, "Wow..." "Quiet!" I snap, knowing full and well the owner of the voice. Neji. "You're going to mess my conectration up." I can practically see Neji roll his eyes behind me, and hear him sit down beside me and peer over my shoulder. "Ever hear of privacy?" I ask, still irritated. Neji is quiet. "This is really good..." he murmers quietly, his eyes glued to the page. I slam my notebook shut, glaring at him. "All right, you've officially ruined all concentration and interrupted the flow of feeling I had in this chapter. HAPPY?" Neji seems taken aback at my outburst and doesn't reply for a moment. "I didn't mean to..." My expression softens a little. "Sorry....Like I said, I'm in a bad mood." "Why? You're usually so quiet Iruka had to coax an answer out of you, even if you knew it backwards and forwards, when we were still in ninja academy." I stare at my feet. "It's really nothing....Ino got on my last nerve and unintentionally hit a sore spot, theoretically(sp?) speaking." "...I suppose you won't tell me what that sore spot was?" "You're awfully curious." Neji looks away, his cheeks tinted slightly pink. "She told me no one ever bothered to teach me the proper way to act." "And that bothers you...how?" "I'm an orphan. My brother taught me everything I know about how to act and how to have fun. I always played with him and his friends, and none of them were ever mean to me. He was my role model, everything I ought to know was learned from him. And...he's dead now." Neji puts his hand on top of mine, sighing. "YOu shouldn't have to go through that..."

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awws that's cute

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awws that's cute
Thank you :D I was worried it wasn't any good