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09-10-2006, 10:29 PM
Chapter 1: The Invitation

It was a good day in Konoha and all the trams are just relaxing the team away.Team 7 are just walking through the village and stopped at Naruto's favorite Ramen shop for a lunch break. While Naruto,Sasuke,and Sakura was eating ramen Kakashi appearead with 4 papers in his hand.Kakashi said,"Hi, everybody I have 4 invitations from my cousin, he is from.....A...a....me...rica???".Sakura said,"America,where is that?". Naruto said,"OOH OOH I KNOW ITS....ITS.....THAT WAY!"*points west*."I think we better go now,my cousin is waiting impatiently." Kakashi said. Naruto asked,"how do we go there?".*punches Naruto*"we go there by plane,idiot",Sakura said annoyingly.So Team 7 went to the Konoha Embassy and applies for a Visa and passports,6 months later they got it. Team 7 packed their bags and went to the airport.

After the LONG inspection and 3 delays,they finnaly board in the airplane. Whilst in the airplane, Things are not going good for team 7, various little children made fun of Sakura's forehead and ended up getting slapped,girls are getting near Sasuke and ended getting slapped by Sakura, and also people are teasing Naruto cause of....you know. After 8 hours of flight,they finally arrived in San Francisco airport....and a surprise is about to await them....