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09-10-2006, 12:54 PM
Chapter 1 - She's Loud, Outgoing, and Brash. She's perfect for you.
(Sorry guys, I don't have a good picture for this chapter.)

"I can't beleive you would say that!"
Iruka treated Kakashi to his best smirk. The calm, collected ninja had gone absolutly balistic. And of all things that could make him lose it, it was an acusation of him liking Anko.
"Come on, Kakashi, it's OBVIOUS."
"She's loud, she's outgoing, she's brash-"
"She's perfect for you." Iruka interupted for him.
Kakashi dragged a hand over his face.
"She's not my type."
"Open your eyes, well, eye, and just take one look at her. YES, she is your type."
"It's ANKO."
"What's me?"
Kakashi jumped a good foot and whipped aroud to see Anko standing, hand on her hip, an amused smile on her face.
She swung a leg over the top of the couch Iruka and Kakashi were sitting on and bounced down beside him.
Kakashi's visible eye widened slightly, and he stuttered, "H-hi, Anko."
Iruka gave Kakashi a pointed look before standing up and smiling.
"Well, I gotta go, see you guys later." Kakahsi glared at Iruka like he was pure evil.
"Thanks, dolphin boy." He muttered under his breath. Anko smiled.
"So, what about me?" Kakahsi blinked and looked over at Anko. "Eh...nothing." Anko gave him a curious look, smiling slightly at the panicked look in his eye.
"I don't think it was nothing." Anko said, enjoying his discomfort.
"Anko!" Kakahsi said, exasperated. "I've had a long day, now is NOT the time."
Anko smirked and scooted closer to Kakashi, watching the blush rush up his face when their legs touched. Kakashi stood up and mumbled some excuse, then walked away. Anko sat watching him for a moment, then got up and silently tailed him.
She followed him to a spot under a Sakura blossom tree, where he sank down at the base of it and leaned his head back, closing his eyes.
"Maybe Iruka's right..." He murmered to himself. "Maybe I do like Anko..."
Anko blinked, her eyes wide.
"He likes me?"
She realized she'd said it aloud a second too late and clamped a hand over her mouth. Kakashi looked around the side of the Sakura tree where Anko was standing.
"What the heck are you doing here?" He asked, struggling to keep his voice calm. Anko closed her eyes and sat against the tree beside him.
"I followed you."
"You WHAT?"
"I followed you."
"I was curious."
"You heard it all, didn't you?"
"Dang." Kakashi banged his head back on the tree when he said this.
"So what?"
"So do you?"
"Like you? I don't even know."
Anko rested her head on Kakashi's shoulder, sighing. Kakashi didn't think before putting an arm around Anko's shoulders, then he realized what he did.
"Sorry." He mumbled, pulling his arm away. Anko smiled and caught his wrist.
"I don't mind."

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it kool

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it kool
Thank you :D Not my best work....I can't quit thinking about two other stories, neither of which are posted here because one isnt a fanfic and the other would be asking for too much

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o well send em to me then oki want to read :)