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I'll be updating Terra High as often as I am able to. Constructive criticism is welcome. ^-^

Prologue ~ Part I out of IIII

It was a night like no other; a slight breeze was blowing through the air as a few tendrils of snow floated down out of the dark cloud lit skies. A tremble rocked the earth as the ground was quickly covered by a sleek black shadow; making the snow appear as if it was never there. Curious heads peaked out of their warm houses to see what all of the commotion was about. A gasp was caught in each and every throat as eyes glazed over with terror were laid upon what was causing the ruckus.

In the center of the village a large creature stood; puffs of warm breath seeping through its lips in the cold night. The creature itself was completely covered in shadows; what color it truly was no-one could say. What everyone saw which they couldn’t rightfully deny were the crimson red eyes which instilled immediate fear in each and every being terrified enough to stare straight into them.

A rustling sound coming from all around the creature alerted it of an oncoming challenge as groups of men and women came pouring out of different locations in the village; each bearing their own preferred style of weaponry to face off with the creature with. Masks covered the lower half of all their faces and their bodies were covered in nothing but black cloth. Weapons poised in a stance of defense and some in offense, the men and women watched the creature warily; watching, waiting to see if it was going to make the first move or if they themselves shall.

A loud booming snarl escaped the creature’s lips as it bared its teeth angrily against those who were opposing it. The group of humans took a step back in fear before regaining their posture and charged the creature.

“Formation six-two-nine-four!” A voice shouted as he whipped out two daggers and held them both tightly in both of his hands. Behind him were three other people who were all using their own kinds of weapons; from swords to staffs to daggers like himself.

All around the creature stood similar groups of four, each charging and poised for immediate attack. The creature gazed at each group unworriedly with a dangerous glint in its eye. With one quick fluid-like motion, the creature tilted its head back and let out a loud howl that reverberated in the humans’ ears; causing them to stop what they were doing and cover their ears before they started bleeding. Some fell to their knees while others tried to keep their stance but seemed to be failing miserably.

“Fukita! Watch out!” A voice screamed as the owner clenched her eyes in fear of what she thought was going to happen. From where she was standing all she could see was the creature charging Fukita and Fukita just crouching there in pain.

The one called Fukita glanced up and saw the creature nearing him with remarkable speed. His head was still spinning which caused him to see double of the creature; not knowing which one was the true creature and which was just a trick of his vision. With a shake of his head, Fukita jumped off to the side while dearly hoping that he dodged the right one.

All was silent. Fukita shook his head and felt the blood rushing back to their normal places and saw that his vision recovered. When he tried to stand, Fukita felt a sudden shearing pain in his left side. Glancing down to see what kind of injury he sustained, a slight gasp escaped his lips. His entire left side was shredded and was bleeding freely and profusely. Then it hit him. A pain unlike any other that he felt; red hot and deathly painful it its own special way. Fukita fell to the ground with his hands clutching his side in hope that he could stop – or at least slow – the flow of blood coming out of him. His vision started to fade and black dots started appearing when he felt cold smooth hands on his arm.

“Marken druata frutarta.” A young voice mumbled somewhere above and behind Fukita as he felt warmth seep into his injury. Slowly his vision returned and the pain dissipated. Slowly Fukita blinked to make sure that what he was seeing wasn’t just a trick of his imagination. The one who healed him moved carefully in front of him and stared down at him with blank emotionless eyes.

The figure was covered in a long black cloak that reached just above his dirty brown boots; only a slight bit of each boot could be seen. As far as Fukita could tell, the figure wasn’t that old; seemingly merely a young child. A few strands of dark violet hair drifted down the figure’s face which the person ignored completely. Carefully Fukita locked eyes with the figure and gasped. The person had strikingly black eyes which seemed to have an odd tint of purple in them; unheard of in the lands of Haradrat.

A low growling noise from not too far off forced Fukita to return his attention to his surroundings. All around him the members of each formation – including his – were all on the ground; some dead, some writhing in pain. Fukita gritted his teeth as a lock of black hair fell into his slowly blurring vision. Angrily he whipped the back of his hand against the tears that were slowly coming down in hopes of getting rid of them.

“There is no need for tears.” A voice said calmly from behind him. Fukita turned and looked; the figure now had his – Fukita was certain of that much – hood down which revealed long violet hair that was held tight in a pony tail that reached down to the small of the boy’s back. In the boy’s hand a small red stone was shining brightly; as if to fight off the creature’s darkness and purify it with its own light. “You and your friends could never defeat a creature such as this.” Disgust lined the boy’s words as his features hardened ever-so slightly.

“W-what are you talking about?” Fukita stuttered as he stared at the boy in front of him in startled shock. This boy – this child! – was telling him what he and the elite of his village could and could not do? Preposterous! Fukita lowered his voice and said with dead seriousness, “Boy, you don’t know a single thing about this village.”

“I know more than you know…Fukita Otamari.” The boy snorted as he spared Fukita a single glance before returning his gaze to the creature that was currently terrorizing the few remaining fighters. He clenched his hand tightly which caused the stone that was resting in it to glow slightly more. “You know nothing Fukita. Nothing…compared to me.”

Something about the way the boy said that one statement convinced Fukita that he was telling the truth. How would the boy know his true last name…one that he kept hidden from everyone? “How do you know that name boy?” Fukita asked cautiously. He knew nothing about this boy…yet he knew one of his deepest secrets. Something just wasn’t right about the situation…

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oooo a cliffhanger! don't keep me waiting, post the next part!