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09-09-2006, 11:55 AM
Prologue here (http://animeforum.com/showthread.php?t=48836)

"I'm not sure I like this idea..." Aradia said hesitantly. "I mean... we could get in a lot of trouble!"
"Oh, stop being such a baby, Aradia." Loki said, brushing his long black hair back away from his face.
"Oh, just make her go home, Loki! She's just going to tattle on us anyway!" Bellona said, glaring at Aradia. Bellona's never liked Aradia, her parents had taught her not to. Aradia was a full blooded Ethereal, and they were too old fashioned for this new world. Her mother said they were different, and a bad kind of different. Besides, she didn't like the way Loki started treating her, when Aradia and her family moved into Scarthswood's Hollow, from whatever rock they crawled out from under.
Aradia just smiled back at Bellona. An uneasy smile, but it was still a smile. Being an Ethereal, there were certain advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages, was one could sense anothers strong emotions. Rage, jealousy, pain, anger, discomfort. She was feeling these all right now. Most of them from Bellona, but pain and discomfort from Loki. She could sense it, and she could hear his inner voice screaming.

'Why is she so cruel to Aradia!? It's not her fault she's an Ethereal. Would it be so bad?'
"It wouldn't be so bad at all," Aradia said, much to Loki's confusement. Sometimes he swore that she could read his mind. "But I'm not going home. I just don't want my parents to yell at me, that's all."
Bellona smirked, and was about to open her mouth and make another snide remark at Aradia.
"And I'm NOT a scardey bunabbit, either." Bellona looked shocked. And almost turned around and ran away. Sorcery was something that scared Bellona, and most humans, who were afraid of the old ways, and old times.
"Let's get going then!" Loki said, leading them towards the woods. "And Aradia, we're not going to get in trouble, I promise." And with that, Loki and Bellona headed off into the forrest. Aradia sighed, and headed into the forrest after them. He better keep his promise. Both of them. It's just too bad Bellona had to butt in and go with them...