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09-08-2006, 07:59 PM
OOC: Kojima's colors/Azure Wing's colors/Crysta's color's/Kasagi's colors/Crimson Sky's colors/Kairin's colors/Dakasume's colors/Rathiro's colors/Narrator's colors (This post only.) And it's a 4-6 posts a day from Monday-friday, up to 8 on Saturday and Sunday.


Zaytarn... the land surrounded by an azure substance called mist. This is the story of the people caught up in the storm to come.

"I...I have...a place to go? Is there...a way to earn my name? Do your experiments....."

Back when the Zeov Corperation created the Mist Reapers, they found one particular subject to be very powerful, pehaps more powerful than the rest. His name was Rathiro Higeshime... he could lift very large things with strength and telekinesis. He was the elite Vanguard until one day....


Our story now begins.....
In a broken down workshop was a Sky Duelist... but he wasn't a normal one though... He was a Mist Reaper.

His name is Kojima... he goes by the alias 'Hawk' in Draefar. To his right is his Velkrei, Azure Wing.

"Koji, we are running low on funds my friend." As we all know Velkrei only have full fighting ability when they are piloted, but some of the 'Originals' enjoy being out and about even if they can't really fight.

"I know Azure... we need to enter a tournement." He was reading a newspaper and was trying to relax. "But we've got to tone it down, you know Zeov is after us.

"Yes... Into the DimComp I go!"

Kojima pressed the Wrist ring on his right arm and Azure Wing disappeared into a preserved demension. "Now we gotta go into town..."

He walked out of the workshop and down the road, wondering what would happen next.
Walking down a road in Aurzon, a Drakean by the name of Crysta looked about the metalic and crystal scenery. She made her way into the main city and looked about.

"The Silver Star... where are you?" She was looking for the Sky Duelist called "The Silver Star" and hoped she could ask him something.

She then entered an arena and stood at an exit. She watched as a defence moel took on another defence model. They clashed shields and ran at each other. ".... The Silver Star..."
Kasagi walked down the hallway in his estate, he saw Kairin and Dakasume cleaning the hallway.

"Hello my friends! How are you?" He bowed to his servent friends.

Kairin bowed to Kasagi "Master-"

"No, call me Kasa-chan..." He grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes "You and Daka-san have been my friends since childhood... I'm not gonna let you be my servants for long..."

Dakasume tripped and fell. "Ahhh!"

Kasagi caught him and whispered. "Be careful... Keep Kairin awake, I'll be coming to your quarters tonight, We're busting out."

Dakasume started to sweat. "You sure?"

Kasagi nodded as he went to his room.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
09-08-2006, 08:19 PM
This is my yoshimitsu color
This is Anubis's color
When i am narrating my nice little life.

On top of a building Yoshimitsu looked down upon the roaring streets and his "fellow" people living their lives. Slowly he looked up and thought to himself "Look at them, living their wasted little lives. But we all live our lives i guess, even if they are worthless"

Yoshimitsu started to walk away from the edge. paused, slowly turning to the edge. then he ran to the edge, jumping off, His velkrie went over his body "What is it now, killing any meatbag's?"
"No Anubis, unfortunetly we are not. Let us head to the crystal forest."
" Uhh why, nothing but crap there."

flew up into the cloudless sky, heading for their destanation...Crystal Forest.

09-08-2006, 08:31 PM
Kasumi was sitting out her house oiling her bow string. When she was done she put in back on her recurve bow and put her arm guard on so she didn't hurt her arm. She went into the forest to go practice.

She set up her three targets like her master had showed her. She set them up as far as part as possible and never shot one target twice. She hit the first tarket dead on and went to the third target that was behind her and also shot that dead in the middle! nd went to the second on her left. You could hear SNAP! SNAP! with each release of her bow.

When she practiced for another hour or so until she felt that she had enough practice. She set aganist the big white oak tree and closed her eyes resting.

09-08-2006, 08:46 PM
Donovan hung the humming bird feeder back up, now filled with the sugar water the hummingbirds craved. They instantly took to chirping and squabbling among themselves, their war chirps filling the air. "You'd think the Angels would know how to take care of birds" he muttered as he walked away.

He came to a rail that would have kept him from falling onto the walls of an arena. He backed up, then broke into a run to the rail. Grabbing it and flipping over, his feet slammed against the edge of the building and ran down it. When he hit the street, he kept running, leaning back until he hit the oppisite building. He ran up that building, and flipped onto his feet.

He bought a ticket and watched the Valkrei fight. "So, are one of you going to be my Companion... if I am the Waymaker?" he thought, then noticed a Hydrean beside him. "Odd..." his mind continued.

09-08-2006, 08:55 PM
(white is mirage= balthazars velkrie)
(red is balthazar)

balthazar walked outside as he greeted the day with a warm smile

"ahhh...what a lovely day for a walk dont you agree mirage darling" he took out a silver ball mixed with alittle blue,it glowed and out came a spinx type valkrie,mirage smiled and laughed

"tis a very nice day master..i wounder what your friend kasumi is doing?" she purred "you know she could be your girl friend someday..shes prety and smart,shes a good fighter and all.."

balthazar chuckled 'now love..remember what i told you" he blushed "i am setting out to find my sister today...and i wont let love interfear..alright hun?"

mirage stood up and hugged balthazar "awww darling thats sweet..' she blushed "i love you..and you know i will always be by your side...after all i am following your sisters orders when she vanished..she was a sweet girl and all"

balthazar blushes and hugged mirage back "yes..and i thank you..and i am greatful that you are by my side" he smiled and looked at her in the eyes "now..lets go pick up kasumi and we will head out ok love?" he smiled and gave her a sweet gaze

mirage jumped in the air and formed around balthazar giving him a kick butt sphinx look "but...dont you think people will think its odd that i am a female valkrie?..i mean i love having you as a master but..i dont know" she smiled and laughed "anyway..lets get going!!! i cant wait to see kasumi i wounder how she is doing" balthazar got on all 4 legs and started to run he darted at the speed of light down through the forest he then stoped at kasumi's house and knocked on the door

"hello!!! kasumi you there!!..its me balthazar!" balthazar said in a mixed voice of mirage

Overlord Darth Fluffles
09-08-2006, 09:02 PM
After flying he landed somewhere in Crystal Forest, only to see a loboji with another talking. "Animal meatbag's! lets kill sir lets kill!"

"Not yet you stupid hunk of junk, Untill then, go back. i need to talk."

"Just dont open you armor patch wehre your mouth is sir, have a nice day...not!"

And so Anubis went back into the wrst bracelet around Yoshimitsu's hand, slwoly he walked up to the 2 Lopboji, No noticing them, he interuppted them and said "Hello, I am Yoshimitsu Yoshimoto. Call me either by my 1st or last name. You are?..."

He glanced at them holding out his hand hoping for a hand shake. Waiting for a response.

09-08-2006, 09:06 PM
In the Port City of Draefar, Mist Reaper could be found running the back alleys in panic. He ducked behind some barrels to catch a quick breath, breathing hard and daring to peek out. First he heard the footsteps echoing off the ground and walls of the alley. Then he saw his pursuer, walking calmly around the corner. A young female attired in white with a Psi Scythe ready and a Demon Talon Gauntlet, with which she dragged along the wall.

Quickly, he got up and recovered, pressing on the pursuit and dashing again. He knew this alley, which gave him the advantage. It led to an abandoned building, where he'd attempt to hide and perhaps ambush the pursuer.


"Oh, he's quick," Kyung-Soon smirked to herself and watched the Mist Reaper run off again. He turned a corner and disappeared from sight. She followed his path.

The corner turned into a run-down building, perhaps a warehouse. The door was creaked open, inviting her. Does he think this'll buy him? What a joke, she thought to herself and entered. The air inside was stuffy and dusty. The building was, in fact, a warehouse. There were crates littered about and plenty of places to hide.

This wasn't a problem, only an annoyance. Kyung-Soon knelt to the ground and doodled a symbol. She tapped it, "Detect Life." A pulse emitted from the symbol, like that of a radar. She looked about and spotted a body's pulse coming from inside a large crate. So he was hiding.

"Where, oh where can he be hiding?" she asked in a sing-song voice, loud enough for him to hear. "Where, oh where can he be?" She walked and allowed her footsteps to be heard.


Sweat dripped from the Mist Reaper's forehead. His heart was beating so bad that it hurt. He gulped down the panic and took a deep breath as the footsteps got closer and closer. Closer still, until it stopped dead in its tracks. The Pursuer. No, it was not longer a pursuit. The Hunter.

The Psi Scythe split the crate open, "Gotcha!"

He quickly activated his modified Psi Blade and blocked the attack.


"Make this easy on both of us and don't put up a fight!" she exclaimed. This outcome was already decided.

"Silence, you Zeov Dog!" he shouted back, but his voice was shakey.

She grinned. Focused in her mind a symbol and marked his chested. "Supaiku!" The SymJunc spell activated and a metal spike formulated from the ground, driving up through the Mist Reaper's chest. He coughed up blood and fell forward, driving the spike furtherer through his chest. He was dead.

"Heh," Kyung deactivated her scythe. "Mist Reapers are too easy to kill. It's surprising that Zeov Corp. made them." She tapped her jeweled necklace, unleashing her Velkrei, Crimson Hunter. It was a well-built model/replica, courtesy of Zeov Co.

"Yes, Master?" It's voice was robotic and lifeless.

"Call it in, another dead Mist Reaper. Crimson Blade operative Kyung-Soon Na awaiting new profile," Kyung exited the warehouse and the alley.

09-08-2006, 09:15 PM
Kisume sits up. She sighed as she fot up and head back to her house. Katsu came out.

"Kisume we could get there faster if you use me"

"Ture! Why not?" she said. Katsu surrounded Kisume and they were off. Katsu stopped in front of Balthazar. Katsu went back into the bracelet.

Kisume looked at Balthazar "Yes? Sorry i wasn't here early. I was practicing in the forest." she said opening her fornt door and letting Balthazar in and the new guy. "What can I get you both to drink?" she asked

Fionn Mac
09-08-2006, 09:23 PM
Cale was deeply immersed in his work. Since his arrival the Elves had constructed towering shelf-like storage systems, holding the ancient scrolls and texts of their past.
Although an outcast, he still was an Angel, which allowed the Elves to finally do away with the towering ladders which they has built to reach the many original shelfs, Cale would simply fly up to them, gathering scrolls for the Elves.

Cale literally lived and worked in the Archives. He was given modest quarters, enough space for him to continue his Artwork, which he worked on during his free time. His life had been solitary to date, and he was happy to keep it that way.
Luckily he could go about the city, without making a scene with his wings. As his Master, Selvarr The Keeper of Records had used his Mist Weaver abilities to help Cale create a Seal placed on his back, that would allow his Wings to receed into his body, with little or no pain.

"Cale you should take a break, let us have a drink" said Selvarr as he placed a tray containing some bread and a sparkling water type of liquid on one of the tables.
"Alright Master, I've been working on a new painting...I think you will find it to be an effect seal as well" said Cale as he brought a Canvas that contained a complex tapestry-like design.
Cale's paintings also allowed him to create new Seals, which were his favorite type of spells to use. They could be seen drawn around the Archive building, protecting the scrolls from intruders.

09-08-2006, 09:29 PM
balthazar smiles "ah kasumi..its alright i know you practice alot so i dont mind if you take a few hours ill wait for you" balthazar blushed and nodded as he walked into her house "please just some water...if you dont mind....' he glanced over at the guy and shoke his hand "im balthazar...its nice to meet you yoshimoto.." he sat down as mirage jumped off of him turning back into her sphinx form "hello there kasumi!!!!! its been awhile..its good to see you mistress" mirage bowed and layed down at balthazars feet.

balthazar looked down to see mirage laying there and scratched her ears 'yoshimoto was it?...why are you here exactaly?" balthazar blinked and looked back at kasumi "your looking great today kasumi...hows katsu?" mirage lifted her head up "yes..where is kasumi...i miss her" mirage meowed and smiled as she purred.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
09-08-2006, 09:37 PM
" I am here seeking a worthy adversary, i should kill you both and call it a day. But i think i will take with you, for as you havnt guessed. I am a Mist Reaper, and a Murderer. Willing kill any if my way. But you my firend are lucky i dont kill you"

Stares at his tea, then glances at the 2 loboji, giving them a sense of uncomfortability. " I dont drink tea.... or anything"

He sat there waiting for a response, with his horrible eyes staring at them as if he were to kill them at the current moment.

09-08-2006, 09:47 PM
balthazar blinked and stared at yoshimoto "what?.....do you have a problem with me? balthazar laughed and drank his water "im sorry...but...is that your valkrie...its...weird looking" he laughed. mirage looked at yoshimotos valkrie and gasped...."a..an..anubis!!!!!!.." mirage growled with anger "how dare you show show your face to me!!! i hould kill you right now!" balthazar blinked 'mirage darling?...do you know him?" mirage growled and looked back at balthazar 'yes master i do...i dated him..."

09-08-2006, 09:51 PM
Kyung-Soon sat in a cafe near the docks and heaved a sigh. This was routine after killing a Mist Reaper, an official from Zeov Corp. would come and fill out paper work while giving the Crimson Blade agent paper work to fill out while they both worked out the details of the encounter. Routine. Kyung hated the word.

The official was short and fat, wearing fancy clothes. He fixed his reading glasses, which magnified his eyes, and pulled the pile of papers to fill out from his briefcase. "So, let's begin," he snorted.

"Ugh," Kyung-Soon protested.

An hour passed. The work was done and it was finally time to receive her next profile. The fat official reached into his case and pulled out a thin file labelled Classified. He handed it to her, "I'll see you soon, Kyung-Soon!" He left the cafe.

She read the file and grinned. "We're going to see elves," Kyung tapped her necklace and the Velkrei popped out. She suited up and went outside to take off. The trip to Varnia shouldn't take too long. Her next assignment was there.

09-08-2006, 10:02 PM
Kisume just smiled at Yoshimotos's glare. "Why be so cold? By the way, it doesn't work on me." she said. She sat down in a chair and Katsu came out

"'Mirage! How are you?" she asked excitedly

"Hello, Mirage and as katsu said "How are you?" she said. She put her bow on her back and remembers she didn't take her arrows out of the tarkets. "Darn! I didn't get my arrows!! I'll be right back." she said getting up.

09-08-2006, 10:04 PM
Reminding myself...: Kojima's colors/Azure Wing's colors/Crysta's color's/Kasagi's colors/Crimson Sky's colors/Kairin's colors/Dakasume's colors/Rathiro's colors/any random person's color's.

Kojima wandered into town and down an ally. a few people greeted him "Hey Hawk" and Keep it up Hawk" for that's what most know him by.

He entered the bar and looked at the bar tender. "Hey... if there a crow cawing at midnight?"

"I know that the moon will be full, but the tree is almost full..." They were speaking in code, they had to be careful.

Kojima ran to the bathroom in a hurry. "I hunger...." He pulled off his face mask and took in a deep breath, the azure mist could be seen entering his body through his body.

He then put his mask up again after taking in some mist and walked out. "Put me on the Zeov's tab" which was code for "Sign me up for the underground tournement.'

He sat at the bar, looking about the room. He saw some of his compeditors, and scoped out what he could. He cuntinued to relax.
Crysta saw Donavan to her left "I hope he's not mixing me up with the Hydrean...." she thought to herself. "Where are you?" she thought as decided to sneak about the area.

She weaved a blanket of Mist over her body and disappeared. She ended up in the pre-shop, where sky duelists made final adjustments to there Velkreis.

"I must find him..." She then walked out unnoticed and walked thestreets again.
Once the night fell upon Aurzon, Kasagi jumped from his bed and grabbed his life savings (100,000 Ryu) and his DimComp aswell as a few other things. He snuck his way to Kairin's room and found that Dakasume had listened to him.

"Let's go..." He moved towards the window and drew a SymJunc spell in the air in front of the window. The glass turned into mist and slapped into the paper.

Kairin grabbed on to Kasagi and Dakasume as they leaped out the window.

"Crimson Sky!" He said as his Velkrei formed around his body.

"I got'cha! Crimson Sky held onto Dakasumeand Kairin as they were falling, then Kasagi released his WCS (Wing Compression System) and Crimson Sky grew silver wings. They glided off, away from the old life.

"Here you guys... take these." He handed them their own WCS's to hide their wings so they wouldn't be thought as slaves.

Dakasume hopped off, and caught Kairin as they landed in an open field. "Well Kasagi... what now?"

Kairin jumped "How about we get our own place?"

Kasagi nodded "Good idea Kairin-dono, let's go off into the night!" They walked towards the city full of lights and clocks.

09-08-2006, 10:10 PM
mirage jumped with excitement "katsu!! hey hun! how are you!" mirage higed katus tightly and laughed,balthazar looked at kasumi 'its ok kasumi take your time," he laughed alittle and smiled,he thought to himself "shes cute..." mirage laughed as she hugged katsu "so what have you been up to?" she smiled with happiness, balthazar smiled "hello katsu havent seen you in awhile" he said with a smile

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OOC: It would make the RPG a lot easier if the player would label the character's location above each post, for example:

Kyung-Soon, Port City of Draefar

Fionn Mac
09-08-2006, 10:23 PM
Cale- Archive Building-Varnia

"Ah, that could be the most complex one yet Cale" said Selvarr as he ran his hand over the canvas, trying to follow the pattern.
"A dangerous one at that...why create one that can break the combinaton between a Velkrei and its master?"

"Zeov Marauders that come here seeking the Reapers...often times care nothing of what happens to innocents who get in there way...its only business to them" said Cale as he slowly drank his water.
"Its my most powerful Seal yet...although I know not the side effects...nor how much strain it will put on me...I hope to never use it."

"Though I'm confident I can protect my...people" said Cale as his voice trailed. It was in fact true that the Elven ties Cale had were stronger than those of a the Angels who shunned and outcast him.
"I must return to re-scribing these scrolls, Master...One of the local healers needs some new healing scrolls"

09-08-2006, 10:29 PM
Kisume walks out the door and down the path to where she trains. She left katsu to talk to kirage. She walked slowly down the path. She finally came upon her practice grounds. She reached up to grab her arrows, barely tall enough to reach them. When she got them down she put them in her quiver.

"Kisume and i have been training...a lot." said Katsu sitting down on the floor. "It been a long time hasn't?" she asked. "I missed you all a lot!!"

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Donovan- City of Aurzon

"Wait... oh." he thought as he realized he had mistaken the girl. "Live and learn" he said to himself as he pulled a small watch out and checked the time.

A few minutes later, he picked up a heavy satchel that had been left behind a dumpster.

Soon after that, he looked into the window of a Zeov outpost that produced Replica parts. Making aboslute sure it was deserted, he ripped the door open, pressed a button the satchel, and threw it in.

He was a good ways away when the bomb blew, blowing the windows out of the building and decimating everything that was inside, which he hoped didn't include workers. Don't kill the damned because of their foolishness, a teaching of the first Donovan.

He ducked inside a bar as people ran to the building, something in it had caught fire. Stilling his heartbeat, he slipped into a chair.

09-08-2006, 10:39 PM
Kyung-Soon, Magic City of Varnia

Kyung made a graceful landing and stored away the Crimson Hunter in her DimComp. She took a deep breath, "Ah! Amazing! The city of elves, of magic! This was the birthplace of the SymJunc system!" Her glee was bursting at the seems, for Kyung-Soon held a special love for the SymJunc system and Mist magic. She found it all very fascinating.

I know I'm on assignment, but who says I can't have a little fun, she though. Besides, I might find a clue on his whereabouts... in the... the Archives! She didn't actually expect to find any leads in the Archives, but she lied to herself to convince herself that a visit there wouldn't hurt. Really, it was the scrolls that held her interest.

Finally, Kyung managed to find the Archives and she opened the door. "Hello?" she called out. Her voice echoed. She allowed her eyes to wander, gazing on the shelves of scrolls. And she beamed.

"Ah! I can't believe it!" she rushed inside and began to browse the scrolls, until she caught sight of an angel... with dim grey wings, of lower social class in the society of angels.

09-08-2006, 10:42 PM
OOC: last post for tonight also....tetsano this rp is going to be awsome i tell you!

BIC: mirage smiled at katsu "yes...it has been awhile...hasent it?" she smiled and layed down by kastu "so..how have you been?..im sure you must have meet some guy! or got some new weapons?..." she laughed and rolled over on her back

Fionn Mac
09-08-2006, 10:59 PM
Cale was quitely writing instructions as well as symbols for the Healer. He heard the old wooden door creak open.
Although most of the Elves didn't mind his wings and the fact he was a fallen Angel, Cale liked to keep his Angel-hood so to say Hidden.

He was startled by the voice of a female. He quickly focused his symjunc making his Wings receed into his back.
Selvarr had also told him to picture himself as and Elf, for a better disguise.
Cales short brown hair now grew to shoulder length, his ears became pointed like the Elves, and his muscular Angel figure was downsized somewhat.

"Just my luck...a new visitor and I almost reveal myself" muttered Cale as he, moved an old wooden crate, revealing a Seal. These hidden Seals allowed for unseen movement around the Archives.

"I see you find our scrolls appealing..." said Cale in his Elven form, as he appeared behind the browsing female.
"I apologise if the Angel Illusion caught you off guard...It scares off the young ones who may, horseplay in the Archives."

"My master the Keeper of the Records is resting now...But Can I help you with something in Particular?" said Cale bowing as his Elven form was finally perfected...after many, odd and akward tries in the past.
"I am Cale, the Apprentice Scribe of these Archives."

Seikyu Kiba
09-08-2006, 11:19 PM
Yellow is Ketsueki Kizuato
White Is Kinogon Omamori
OOC: Sorry for some mistakes.

Sitting on top of a wall of The Port City of Draefar was Ketsueki Kizuato, He sat there looking up at the sun not saying a word all he could think about is what to do next. But out came his Velkrei Kinogon Omamori

"So...what do we do now? We have no where to go." He said looking down at the ground

Ketsueki sat apon the wall and glanced up at Kinogon "Simple...we wait for something intresting to happen."

Kinogon then thought of an idea "Hey why dont we go watch a dog fight..or enter one."

Ketsueki nodded "We can watch but entering....fighting is pointless."

They both jumped off the wall and started to walk towards the dome.

09-08-2006, 11:19 PM
The Port City of Draefar, In the alley bar: The Duelist Cloud.

Kojima was waiting for the bar man to bring the sign-up spec and such.

"The matches are free for all, and any weapons are allowed." He said to Kojima.

"I see... sign me up." He then ordered a drink as the night went on, he pulled out the hilt of his Psi Blade and tossed it about.

Another sky duelist raised from his chair and walked to Koji. "Hawk is it?" He was cocky and egotistic also halfway drunk. " I can take you on any time-"

He was interrupted when Koji activated is Azure model XII, placing it at the man's throat. "Back off buddy." his eyes glowed with mist power, the man was blown across the room by an invisable force.

"Rathiro taught me...but now I must defeat him..." he thought as he sat back down and everybody returned to their buisness..
The Clock Tower City of Aurzon

Crysta gave up searching and decided to go somewhere else. "This is getting me nowhere..." She created a floating disk out of the mist then stepped onto it.

She flew through the night full speed... the Azure Sunset made the world blue, and she prayed for the lost souls of those who cannot rest. "Where I'm going... I don't know. But I will find the secrets of the 'Prophecy'..."
__________________________________________________ ______
The Clock Tower City of Aurzon

"Kasagi-san, are you sure we could?" Dakasume said as he watched Crimson Sky return to the DimComp. "Aren't places expensive? Without your family... nevermind." He didn't want to remember the estate... he wanted to be free with Kairin and Kasagi.

Kairin danced about the field forcing Kasagi to dance with her "Yay Kasa-chan! We're free!" He Blue hair was enhanced by the Azure sunset's last gleaming rays.

Kasagi held out his money I have 100,000 Ryu... enough for a small place and more. But I think we should move... but not until the next Tourney at the Arena." He looked at his friends and smiled "I'm not called the Silver star for nothing!"

09-09-2006, 12:50 AM
Kyung-Soon, Magic City of Varnia

"Illusion?" Kyung-Soon scartched her head. Sounds farfetched, she thought. But this was the elves, so she went along with it. "Ah, nice to meet you, Cale. I'm Kyung-Soon Na with the Zeov Corporation. I'm here on business, but Varnia is a fascinating place! I can't help but marvel at the history and culture! Yo-" Kyung caught herself; she realized that she sounded like an ignorant tourist.

"Oh! I didn't mean to bother you," she quickly added, trying not to be a pest. "Sorry, I must sound stupid, babbling on like this. Um, I'm just browsing..."

She was an agent, supposed to be strictly professional. A Crimson Blade was an elite, she didn't seem like it. Zeov Corp. personnel were to follow orders, she was side-tracking. This all made her angry with herself. So she held her breath and frowned, looking away from the Cale, the elf. She decided to repent herself and get to business.

"I wish I could stay longer, but I really have a job to do." Kyung turned to walk away when she decided that it wouldn't hurt to ask the elf a simple question. She looked over her shoulder and asked, "By the way, have you heard anything about any Mist Reapers in town?"

09-09-2006, 09:56 AM
Donovan watched the litte encounter, and put his hand on the Cainscouge. He pulled out and leaned it on the bar, for easy reach, but left the sleeve on. "Nice moves." He told Kojima. "You're a fighter, I take? I never could get in to watching the... Velkrei fight." he said, stopping himself from saying Companions. "Not that I could pilot one anyway."

Fionn Mac
09-09-2006, 10:00 AM
Cale-Archives of Varnia
From a first glance Cale was beginning to like this Kyung-Soon. She seemed to share the same fasination with the Elven culture as he did.
But, he was quickly brought back down to reality...as the name Zeov Corp seemed to echo through the Archive.

"Oh...I didn't think Zeov Corp would waste their time on such a stuffy place like Varnia" said Cale a little startled. He could tell she was suspisous as to his true race, and the fact that Zeov Corp had done testing on many Angels in the past, trying to create an perfect airborn warrior as well...made Cale very uneasy.
But he saw she believed Him enough to make no other mentions to it.

"Hmm...Mist Reapers you say?..."Said Cale trying not to sound all nervous. As he had heard from his Master that a Reaper may have been seeking refuge with one of the Architects.
As the Elves prided themselves on being able to convert the primitive and uncultured to a more civilized citizen.

"I'm sorry but I rarely leave these Archives, I'm not aware of any Reapers here." said Cale as he reached for a Scroll and tossed it to Kyung-Soon.
"But please take this, A painting I crafted myself...the night skyline of Varnia...a reminder of your brief visit here"
The Painting was made with Mist enchanced ink, allowing it to appear as it was actually moving...showcasing the glistening lights of Varnia when night fell on the city.

Cale bowed and made his way to another isle in the back of the archives. He feared for the Reaper in some regards. As it was said the Reaper was making progress, in accepting what He was...even gaining the trust of the Architect whom he worked for.
Although the Reaper had no identifiable race, Cale had heard he had Pointed ears, alluding to the fact He must have been an Elf before the experiments.

Seikyu Kiba
09-09-2006, 10:47 AM
Ketsueik walked over to the sky duliest dome (Or is it a cloud) and walked up to the man "I would like to enter."

The battle duelist dude looked at if "You dont look like a duelist..."

"I think fighting is pointless I am not going to fight for profit...but I might be a little rusty."

The man took out a signing thingy and then gave it to Ketsueik.

Ketsueik filled it out along with his Valkeri, he then handed the sign up board to the man

The man looked at the paper and smiled "Welcome Ketsueik Kizuato and Kinogon Omamori." he said giving them a small pendant "Well we will contact you with this just incase you dont here the announcment."

Ketsueik and Kinogon bowed and then walked away.

Kinogon was a little confused at first "Wait...you just said fighting was pointless." He said really not scartching his head but more of his helmet.

Ketsueik smiled and then laughed "Do not question me."

Kinogon shook his head and started to laugh.

OOC: Sorry for changing things Tetsan oh and I forgot to mention Ketsueik is a comical guy when only around his Valkeri

09-09-2006, 12:08 PM
OOC: colors aren't working right now so bear with me

Till smiled she kicked back in her chair. And grabbed a book. "I'll check n Green Blaze latter" she smiled and read.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
09-09-2006, 12:17 PM
"DEAR GOD! Mirage, not you.....oh why are you here?"

"Uhhh....I think we better take out leave now.........."

Yoshimitsu got up. He and Anubis got out. Then they flew into the air going into some random place they felt like going...wanna know why? CAUSE THEY FELT LIKE IT!

09-09-2006, 12:17 PM
balthazar stood up "that was...odd..why did he come here?" he asked in a calm yet sort of nervouse voice "and that valkeri...what was it i have never seen something like that" mirage glanced over at anubis and back at katsu, balthazar cracked is neck and sat down

mirage growled "yeah you better run!!! get out of here i dont ever want to se your face again" balthazar tilted his head "you two dated?..why did you break up?" mirage sighed "he...broke my heart and left me to die" balthazar bent down and stroked mirage "why would he do that?" mirage started to cry and then sucked it up and layed down by kastu "i...i dont want to talk about it"

09-09-2006, 02:01 PM
Kyung-Soon, Magic City of Varnia

Kyung-Soon frown at Cale's reaction to Zeov Corp's name drop. She caught the painting he tossed to, but couldn't look him in the eyes. Then he went another isle, maybe just to get away from her. Well, not everyone body loved the Zeov Corporation for being the top weapons manufacturing company in the world. After all, it was true that Zeov did keep skeletons in the closet, although what exactly those shaddy secrets were was only known by the higher-ups.

It was all too bad, because Kyung-Soon decided she liked Cale, elves, and their city. It seemed the feelings weren't mutual. There was nothing else to do here, Kyung sighed and left the Archives.

She opened the profile again, the Mist Reaper was also an elf. He had to be somewhere in this city, but a city was a very big place to search. It was unlikely to get furtherer results if she let everyone know she was from Zeov Co. "Aigoo," she cursed herself for being stupid with Cale.

"I'm a little worried about him," someone engaged conversation said to another. Two female elves were gossipping and at first Kyung didn't pay no mind until, "He always wears that eerie mask and even though he's an elf, he can't use the SymJunc system. He creeps me out. I heard he was staying with an Architect."

For all her troubles, she got her greatest breakthrough by mistake. Kyung couldn't help but smile at that.


An older elf looked up from the scroll he was reading over towards the door. He heard a knocking echo through his house. "Hello?" he croaked. There was no response, only silence.

Kyung was on the other side, drawing a symbol on the door. "Shockwave." The door was ripped off its hinges and launched forward, slamming against the opposite wall.

The old elf looked Kyung-Soon, "He told me you'd come. He said you wouldn't stop hunting him until all Mist Reapers were dead. He said 'Send the Zeov Dog to my quarters.' It's right up the stairs, first door to your right."

Kyung-Soon didn't even look at the old elf, she marched up the stairs and entered the first door on the right. There stood the Mist Reaper, facing a corner with an activated Psi Blade. The Crimson Blade operative didn't show any emotion, this was her job. "So," the Mist Reaper spoke out, turning to face her. "They send another Zeov Dog to die by my hands? Why can't I live in peace? Why can't I just live? I don't care how, I want to survive. That's why you will not succeed in your mission."

This one wasn't weak. Kyung-Soon might have trouble...

Fionn Mac
09-09-2006, 04:04 PM
Cale continued to worry about the Elf Reaper as well as Kyung-Soon. She herself may have been kind, but the fact that she was a Zeov Co. meant she was all business.
Cale had no friends other than his Master, and he liked to keep it that way, but the female Zeov Co. Elite shared a similar appreciation for the Archives and culture.
Through the window Cale saw a commotion far up in the town around the Architects house.
He quickly made his way to the attic where his room was.

He stepped on another hidden seal which transported him to the roof above.
Cale took a deep breath and concentrated on the Seal on his back.
His dim grey wings burst from his back, gracefully taking their natural shape.
Aside from his the discoloration, Cales wings were still proud and magestic as that of the "true" High Angels.
Leading the younger Elves to give him names such as The Angel of the Clouds, The Elven Angel and any other names their wit could create.

Cale shot through the sky as the sun was beginning to set, racing towards the Architects house.
He wasn't suprised to see the door already busted open, leaving the Architect a little startled.
He landed on the roof, just above the Reapers room. He quickly changed back into his Elven form.

Cale then flipped backwards and swung over the roof's edge, crashing feet first into the window of the Reapers room...making a bold yet clumbsy entrance, knocking over many replicas near the window.

"I...cannot let you harm him" said Cale softly, as he held his Caligraphy brush infront of him, still in its pen-like state, making for an odd-looking defense...postioning himself Between the 2 combatants.
"I promised to protect my people...No matter how...different they may be"
"Please, move along"

09-09-2006, 05:25 PM
Kyung-Soon, Magic City of Varnia

The Zeov Agent gritted her teeth, the Mist Reaper's mask kept him emotionless, and the elf from the Archives stood between them. Kyung-Soon pointed with her Demon Talon at the scroll-keeper, "You're the guy from before! Get out of my way!"

However, she knew this wouldn't work. He was crazy enough to crash through a window, his mind seemed set. "Please, I cannot stray from my orders and if you interfere, I'll have to destroy you! Please, go away!" Her pleading wasn't likely to ster him.

The Mist Reaper decided to speak at this time. "Thank you," he directed to Cale. With that, he took a dive out the window that Cale crashed in from. Civilians' screams could be heard from the sudden shock of a man jumping out of his second-story window. Kyung-Soon ran to the window and looked out, the Mist Reaper was running away.

"Dammit!" Kyung cursed. She couldn't jump out like the Mist Reaper without breaking a leg, she was just human. She gave Cale, the keeper elf, a stern look. Before, she just considered him a friendly. Now, she considered him an obstacle. She ran downstairs to continue pursuit, although it was unlikely that she'd manage to catch him.

Seikyu Kiba
09-09-2006, 06:04 PM
Ketsueik just kinda leaned up against a near by wall and just stood there doing nothing...slowly closing his eyes and just went to sleep. His Valkeri didn't say anything either it just stood there waiting for the next Dog Fights

09-09-2006, 07:00 PM
Reminding myself: Kojima's colors/Azure Wing's colors/Crysta's color's/Kasagi's colors/Crimson Sky's colors/Kairin's colors/Dakasume's colors/Rathiro's colors/any random person's color's.

Daefar--- Still at the bar.
Kojima looked at Donovan and his weapon. "Yes... call me Hawk." He had put his Psi Blade away and continued to drink through his mask. He finished it quickly and said "Well I don't 'get into it' ether, it's just my living."

Then he remembered that the man said he couldn't pilot a Velkrei, and he said "You must be a Mist Weaver huh? I heard that Mist Weavers have been a rare people since before the warring age." He ordered another drink and awaited to listen.
Crystal Forest of Fanclaw- in the forest
Crysta watched as the next day came and landed in a crystal Forest. "This must be Fanclaw... I wonder if I will find answers here?" He walked through the forest obseving the spectacle of artificial nature and old nature.

"I wonder if nature had it's owncourse in this world?" she pondered as she walked down the beaten path.
The main square in Aurzon

It was nearing morning as Dakasume, Kairin and Kasagi approached the town square. They sat on a bench on the outer line seperating the open area and the city streets. Kairin was holding Kasagi tightly, trying to sleep on his shoulder.

"Sleep well my friend...." he said looking at her sleeping.

Dakasume chuckled a bit, watching the scene. "I think she loves you Kasagi-san!"

Kasagi let out a grunt like "Sure" or "Right" then he looked as the night life started to fade into morning. A group of street punks were walking about, they had there silver wings showing as they walked along. Then they spotted Kairin and decided she would be theirs.

"Hey kid! Give us the girl or we'll kill you!" They threatend while approaching. "Just hand her over!"

Dakasume got up and charged "Not in your lives you punks" He released a fist into one of their faces then was knocked back by the group.

"So, you wanna scrap?" They all pressed the DimComps ant changed into random Velkreis, they were replica models. "What now?"

Kasagi got up and layed Kairin down. "Daka-san, protect Kairin!"

"But....ok." He ran over to Kairin and stood over her.

"What are you gonna do? Spit on us?" they laughed at Kasagi.

Kasagi shook his head "Crimson Sky!" He shouted as his velkrei appeared around his body. He drew his duel Psi Sabers and activated his WCS, Crimson Sky formed silver wings on his back like Kasagi's.

"It's five on one, how will you even scratch us?"

Quickly he flew into the sky and landed behind him. "Like this..." Kasagi's and Crimson Sky's voice were now one. He unleashed a devistating combo of slashes causing them to explode as he ended with a spinning charge attack.

Crimson Sky disapeared into the DimComp and Kasagi walked away "Let's go you guys..." he said to his friends, and they followed.

Fionn Mac
09-09-2006, 07:21 PM
Cale-Streets of Varnia

Cale was set on protecting the Reaper...even if he still wasn't completly stable, he was atleast trying to lead a normal life.
But Cale now regreted his interference somewhat. He knew if the Reaper were to get away, Kyung-Soon would take much flack from the Zeov Co officials.
He didn't want her to take heat for it, or be put in danger...although she was strong enough to handle things.

"I'm Sorr!" shouted Cale as he tried to say he was sorry but Kyung quickly ran out after the Reaper.
Cale rubbed his head, as he had most likely lost his best option for a friend by interfering with her business. Kyung had held back from attacking him, but after interfering he now knew he was just an obstacle in her way...nothing else.

But he did not condone the Zeov Co. practices, as it was there mistakes in the first place. Especailly when some of their Targets were leading normal lives, trying to deal with themselves.

"I should of stayed in the Archives...where I belong" sighed Cale as he flipped back up on the roof, and ran across the roof tops, following them.
He didn't want anything bad to happen to either of them...which was nearly impossible.
He knew most Reapers were murderers, but he couldn't understand why the Zeov. Co couldn't leave what good ones there were alone.

09-09-2006, 07:24 PM
"Well, I guess we are rare nowadays. Of course, things may have been different a while ago..." Donovan said as he trailed off into the misty reaches of his memory... before the break, the sleep... There was something nagging at him from that time... "Of course, that's only if your definition of a while means a few hundred years.

"Heh, who knows? With the unpredictability of the Mist, I may just be a while for me." Donovan said with a laugh.

09-09-2006, 08:22 PM
Note: Sorry everyone that this post is going to be a long one. It has though quite a fair bit of detail, and thought put into it though. I wrote it out on paper, coming out with six page's in the end. It will describe pretty much how I will receive one of my very own velkrei's, and the route I took.

Character: Tenkaijo Kenchuruu.
Location: The Clock Tower City of Aurzon; The Town Square, or Market region, is where it takes place.

(Tenkaijo Kenchuruu is the one speaking in blue text, and The Sale's Manager is speaking in white, Store sign in red text.)

Within the premise of the Clock Tower City of Aurzon, a man by the name of Tenkaijo Kenchuruu roamed the lands. He decided that he would take the day off work today, so that he could venture the different cities. When something caught his attention. It was a sign post that read:

"Buy your slave's, and velkrei here, and for a limited time offer only, you are liable to receive one free servant, with the purchase of a servant, or velkrei."

"Hmm, I've heard magnificent thing's about these so called "velkrei". I may just want to buy one, you know."

Tenkaijo walked over to the shop in the midst of the large market, and crowd's of people.

"So, sale's manager. I have heard great reviews about your shop, and I have seen the sign for your shop, that you have here before me. Your shop sound's as if you have a mighty fine collection of "Velkrei". Is this information correct?"

"Well that is all true sir, I do have a large quantity of velkrei here, as do I have slave's, aswell. Thank you for your ever so kind compliment too. So are you in search of anything in particular sir? Or is there anything I can help you with today?"

"Well sir, I have been quite fascinated by these so called "Velkrei", do you happen to have any in stock by any chance, and if so where might I look for them?"

"The velkrei are located in the far back left hand side of the shop. If you have any questions, or wish to purchase one, just let me know, and I will be right with you."

"Alright, thank you sir."

Tenkaijo walked to the back of the shop, so that he could view the display cases of the velkrei.

"Hmm, the sale's manager was correct. There sure are a lot of velkrei here, in this shop of his."

The sale's manager walked over to where Tenkaijo was, to see if he needed any assistance.

"Anything spark an interest sir? Are you here to only look around today? Or do you plan on purchasing one today sir?"

"Well, i'm not entirely sure. You see, I have been told magnificent things about these so called "velkrei"; however yet I do not have one of my own, and I am twenty two years of age."

"Well if none interest you up here, I do believe we have some of the older model's down stair's, in the storage compartment. If you'd like to take a look at them, you may."

"Sure, I would like that a lot sir, and thanks!"

"Well I believe we have one left in stock. Now their is a long legend's history about this one. So it may cost of equal value as the other's, or more then the one's on display. As for those are mere replica's, and this here is one of the very few original vekrei left in this world. They are said to have a personality all of their own, and have very intriguing, yet unique abilities."

"Oh wow! An original copy, those are suppose to be extremely rare! How much are you asking for her? I must know!"

For you sir, that will come to ________..."

"What! That's outrageous! Why is it so expensive?"

"I have told you sir, it is one of the original model's without even a brand name. Only the programmer's initial's are left seen on this machine."

"Oh, I see... Well I don't have that sort of money at the moment, but is there any other way I can afford this machine, if it be work? or beneficial to your needs?"

"Well, you are an angel of higher status then most. Are you not?"

"Yes, I categorize in between the middle class which in our tongue is said to be the "Yeal'Huan", and the higher up class which is referred to as the "Yeal'ka" in our native tongue. What is it that I can do for you sir?"

"Well, I have heard that the angel's have incredible spell's with the use of their sym-junc. If you could teach me the way's of an angel's sym-junc, I might just give you this velkrei for less, and if you teach me incredibly well, then just maybe I will give you this machine for free. But on one condition, you must never tell any other customer about this deal we had, as for I may lose my job for it, and I truley love the job I work at. So please, can you promise me that you won't tell another soul about this?"

"You have my word sir, I will never let word spread about this. I thank you so much for doing this for me too sir. I will teach you the way's of an angel's sym-junc from start to finish. When is it that you wish to begin your training sir?"

"Well, I was hoping today. Maybe after work has finished for me? Which my day end's at six thirty in the evening. So how about seven o'clock in the evening we meet somewhere, and discuss our business trade, as for I am very busy right now, and can't be disturbed to much. As for I may lose customer's."

"That sound's great, how does the "Heaven's Reach Bar" sound to you?"

"That sound's marvelous! I will meet you there at seven o'clock sharp. Don't be late now."

"Alright I will be there at seven o'clock on the dot, or earlier. I promise, I won't let you down sir. Well I may wander around some more before time flies past. But have a wonderful rest of the day sir, and I will see you at seven o'clock, at the "Heaven's Reach Bar".

"Thank you sir, and you too, have a wonderful rest of the day, and I will see you at seven o'clock at the "Heaven's Reach Bar". Good bye till then, my good friend."

"Good Bye."

Tenkaijo went around viewing other's shop's in the town square, market area. While he waited for time to pass, he talked with other's to see what there opinions were on owning a velkrei. He waited for the time to show six fourty, so that he could arrive early, or on time to the "Heaven's Reach Bar", to meet his new found friend, the Sale's Manager.

09-10-2006, 01:36 AM
gahhh, I'm so late ;>.>

Roc woke up. Another dream of his parents...

"These dreams have got to end soon..."

Roc looked around at his surroundings. He was in the Forest City of Fanclaw. He had always felt right at home in this town.

"So Leafe, anything happen while I slept?"

"Nothing happened at all really, just the same old Loboji everyday life"

"Well thats no fun, lets move to another island and see what they'll have there"

Roc Got up and started to make his way to port. There was a ferry heading to Draefar, so he decided to go there next on his trip across the world of mist.

09-10-2006, 02:26 AM
Kyung-Soon, Magic City of Varnia

"Wait! Wait!" Operative Na shouted futilely at the escaping Mist Reaper. Professionalism, discipline, readiness to act and react, and willingness to do anything to complete the objectives. These were all part of her job, but today something went awry. A civilian named Cale jumped between her and her objective, giving the subject time to escape.

She ran after the Mist Reaper, feeling her lungs and legs burn. She felt an annoyance rip at her head. This should've been easier, but he had a headstart. And an ally. Operative Na looked over her shoulder, up on the roof tops, Cale was also in action. This was bad. She didn't want to kill him, but if it came to it, she might have to. That was only if he insisted on getting in way of completion of her mission again. Still, she really didn't want to.

Time to end this. She painted a SymJunc symbol in her mind and focused it on the back of the escapee, "Supaiku!" A metalic spike shot from the air at greater speed than the Mist Reaper was able to run. A split second seemed like a minute as time seemed to move in slow motion for a period. Then, a blood splatter from Reaper's shoulder to the floor. He fell forward.

Kyung finally caught up to the immobilized victim, but he was still alive. He squirmed, holding his wound, as Kyung caught her breath. It was more trouble than it was worth, but she never failed a mission.

"So?" Mist Reaper asked. "Finish me off!"

Operative Na was still breathing the fire out of her lungs.

Enter: Captain Valyn Perraf

"Operative Na!" came a voice from behind, recognizable as Captain Valyn Perraf's voice, captain of the Crimson Blades. Her Velkrei landed beside her, a personalized model made by Zeov Co. "That's enough. You've been reassigned."

"Now? Captain, I-" Na began.

"Your new assignment is of more importance. We just got information on Mist Reaper Kojima Yokosuka, codename: Hawk. You just became the only available Crimson Blade, so we're going to need you in Draefar."

"What about this Mist Reaper?" Kyung indicated the immobilized Reaper on the ground. The captain looked at him and walked slowly to him, kneeling beside him.

"I'm sorry," she said to him.

"You're going to kill me?" He asked. The captain didn't say anything, she didn't need to. "I see."

Valyn drew a SymJunc symbol on the Reaper's chest and kissed his forehead. "Zetsumei." And the Reaper croaked, died. Zetsumei stopped the heart. Kyung-Soon looked up at Cale and Valyn looked at what Kyung was looking at. The pacifist, Cale.

09-10-2006, 09:00 AM
Katsu sat there and watched them talk. Whan Mirage layed down beside her she started to answer the questions that have not yet been answer. "No new guys. Kisume and I have been to busy with train. Oh! I got some new arrows and another bow!! I got ice arrows and fire arrows!! I also got a 5 foot long bow!! Misume and I are better with the recurve bow but we are ok with the long bow." said Katsu excitedly!!

Kisume tried to get the targets off the trees but she wasn't quite tall enough to get them off. When she put them up there she had been inside Katsu. She gave up after about 10 mins. and went back down the path to her house again.

She opened the door of her house and took her bow and quiver off her back. she was sure no one would attack them. There hasn't been attack in forever. It had been quite peaceful of lately.

09-10-2006, 09:27 AM
OOC: yay!!! fun time

balthazar walked out of the house after kisume,leaving mirage and katsu by themselves "need any help kisume?" he smiles with a calm gaze in his eyes "it seems you dont have all of your arrows you carry a 160 count arrows you only have 130 count"

mirage smiled at katsu "awww well at least you got some good training in,my master balthazar is just the sweetest..like a few days ago he got me a dragon egg it was so sweet..he also gave me a shadow sword that lasts only 2 minutes in battle but its cool,training..we have done alot each dy and alittle at night you know maybe if our masters arent doing anything we can have a spar of our own?" mirage said smiling

balthazar held out a hand to offer a hand to kasumi "how are you going to defend yourself when we set out on our journy if you dont ave all of your arrows?"

09-10-2006, 10:00 AM
She looks at her quiver and counts her arrows "So I do have 130. I thought it was lighter then normal." she said. She put her quiver back on her back and had her bow in hand. "Journey? What journey?" she asked. She started down the path again.

Katsu was glad to abale to talk to Kirage. "Amazing but I still had fun training with Kisume. She's always in a good mood making training fun and not so stressed."

Seikyu Kiba
09-10-2006, 10:11 AM
OOC: I want to accomplish something I still waiting for you guys to get to The Port City of Draefar so we can battle I want to show myself off (No pun intended) Anyway Tetsa I like where this is going! Oh Blue is just random annoying people talking!

Ketsueik got bored and decied that waiting for the dogfights was a bad idea "Let's go beat something up."

Kinogon nodded his head and they both walked into a near by Fitness center and walked over to some punching bags.

The people in the Center all stopped what they were doing and looked at Ketsueik and Kinogon, Everyone watched as they walked by them and went into a room with punching bags and weights. "Did you see that...it was a Valkeri and its owner"

Ketsueik went over to a near by punching bag and started to punch and kick it hard and pretty fast. He jumped up into the air and landed a hard Drop kick. Then continued beating the bag up.

Kinogon went over to a few weights and started lifting them..of course there weren't any people to put more weight on so he had to do it himself.

OOC: Valkeris need to stay fit to!

09-10-2006, 10:36 AM
balthazar smiles "your coming with me to look for my sister rin kasumi i need somebody to keep me an mirage company" he said walking down the path with her "its a lovely day out dont you think kasumi?" he said with a wide smile

mirage snuggled up to katsu and smiled "same with balthazar,his calm gental eyes says it all..one stare can tame a wild beast" she said giggling and purring "i love my master hes so wounderful..hey katsu you think balthazar and kasumi will get together" mirage said with another giggle

09-10-2006, 10:53 AM
"Yes a wonderful day." she said smiling back. They got to her training grounds. She looked around for her arrows and spoted them in another target that she didn't put up. "That's werid..." she said going over to the target. The target was higher then the rest of the others. She tried to reach the arrows but she wasn't able to.

Katsu looks at Kirage. "She has been talking about a guy that she likes from the village but she never told me his name when I asked her. I tried to figure it out but there and many boys in the village that she could like."

Fionn Mac
09-10-2006, 12:05 PM
Cale- Streets of Varnia
Cale tried to keep up, but the Reaper a product of perfection moved to fast. This Elven form gave him the added dexterity of the Elves, and gracefullness(i.e. Flipping into a window from a roof top).
But it took a lot of added concentration and SymJunc...he wasn't used to.

Cale watched in disbelief and horror as another Zeov Co. mercenary appeared...only this time it seemed to be the leader of whatever team Kyung-Soon was apart of.
The Reaper had been killed without mercy...and now the 2 had there eyes on Cale.

Cale hated to fight, his ideals were lofty ones, seeming to pure for the real world...but he couldn't stand for this "business"...not when it took lives of decent people.
Cale then jumped high into the air, causing many screams and yells from the people below...as they were seeing another man jump from a roof...only this time he seemed to be only an Elf.

"I will not stand for this!" shouted Cale as his wings expanded from his back, changing him back into his Angel form, to the suprise of many as he stood still in the air with the Moonlight at his back.

"Gleadhraich!" shouted Cale as his wings arched back, crackling with a bright white light, and suddenly Thrust foward sending shards of white light and wind at the Zeov Co. Captain, that blew her backward.
He had reavealed his true from...which most likely confirmed Kyung's doubts of his race,
As he landed on the street below.

"You spared me before...I am doing the same...I'm sorry we didn't meet on better terms" Said Cale as he glared at Kyung-Soon, yet still had some softness in his voice.
"But know this...watch the Sky for I will not allow you or Zeov Co. to end the lives of those who are just beginning their's a new."

The kind eyed pacifist, was no longer present as of now as Cale now focused his attention of the Captain who he had blown backward with his wings.
"I am Cale The Elven Angel...let this be a message to Zeov Co... resitance will come to those who try to end Lives of the Innocent!"
Said Cale as he extended his Caligraphy brush into its Glaive from...which had grown to shoulder level.

09-10-2006, 12:13 PM
The Port City of Draefar

Roc arrived at Draefar at around noon. The ferry had taken almost 5 hours to reach Draefar, so he was a bit tired. Roc began to look around at the city. The Harbor was an enormus place. Boats and other various vehicles were going in and out at fast paces. People busy with everyday Life.

"Well this city looks like fun. Lets take a look around Leafe"

Roc pressed his armband and out came Leafe.

"Really big city here, there's a strong possibilty we could find your parents here..."
"Guess we'll have to look to find out then. But for now, lets see what this city has for fun"

So both Roc and Leafe began to wonder the streets of the Draefar until they noticed a large flyer

"Huh, a sky duelist tournament. That sounds interesting"
"Roc...your not going too..."
"Yep, WE'RE going to enter the tournament. We are running low on funds anyways"
"ugh....I knew this was gonna involve me as well...."
"Cheer up Leafe, if we win this, we'll get you a new paint job"
"Well...Alright. My paint is starting to wear out...."

So they made there way to the Sky Duelist Arena in hopes of winning the tournament.

09-10-2006, 01:06 PM
balthazar let out a small laugh and looked up "it seems your target dosent like you" he laughs and grabs her arrows "here you are kasumi" he gave her a soft smile "now...come let us go back to your place and wash up" he holds out his hand

mirage giggled "no way! balthazar has been talking about some girl who lives in this village but he wont tell me...there are many pretty girls in this village,but he told me the one he loves is special,vute and pretty" mirage smiled and layed her head on katus paws "but...i guess we will have to wait and see..i mean i wouldnt mind living with you" she smiled warmly

balthazar smiles "the river is so beautiful when its sparkling"

09-10-2006, 01:14 PM
Seiru awoke upon the sun's first gleaming rays.

"Wake up Zanza. Time to move out." Seiru rose from his leaf bed, picking up his staff.

"Seiru, is this gonna be our life? Traveling to find our home, while sleeping on deserted islands?" Zanza asked, waking up.

"No. I feel that we will find our home soon. Zanza, transform."

Zanza turned into a mecha-like armor and attached himself to Seiru.

"Let's go Zanza."

Seiru and Zanza left the island, flying to their next destination.

09-10-2006, 01:31 PM
Kyung-Soon, Streets of Varnia

"Cale," Operative Na whispered at a volume hardly audible. "You fool." She felt hurt, or maybe it was guilt. All the Mist Reapers she killed... She shook the though out of her head.

"Operative Na!" Captain Perraf shouted, recovering. "Go to Draefar! Your next assignment is there... Bring down Hawk, don't underestimate him. I'll stay here and take care of this idealist."

"Aye, Captain," Kyung tapped her DimComp, Crimson Hunter popped out and looked to its Master. She gave a final look to Cale. "You just don't understand," she said with a shakey voice. She got in the Velkrei and took off, disappearing in the distance.

Valyn was up on her feet, dusting herself off. "Idealists. Pacifists. Idiots who think everything can be settled in a peaceful way. I'm ashamed I use to think the same way. There's no such thing as an innocent Mist Reaper, Angel. Everyone is guilty, just like your parents. They have forsaken you, have they not?" The Crimson Blade lit her Psi Blade, Model Crimson-XX with modifications. She glared at the angel.

She pointed her blade at him, "Denkou!" A bolt of lightning shot out at him.

09-10-2006, 01:41 PM
"Where are we going Seiru?" Zanza asked.

"To Draefar. We need to get some goods there. Also, it's close."

In several hours, they arrived in Draefar.

"Zanza transform." As Seiru and Zanza landed, Zanza turned into his normal phoenix-like state.

After about a half an our at looking at all the shops, Seiru found what he was looking for.

"A paint brush, blue paint, and paper?" Zanza asked.

"For SymJunc. We need to use our little money wisely. This is important for self-defense. Let's continue looking." Seiru replied.

Fionn Mac
09-10-2006, 02:29 PM
Cale felt bad inside as he could sense some guilt in the eyes of Kyung-Soon...but it was the only way she knew...she was just doing her job no matter how immoral or unjust it was.

But Cale had little time to think as Kyung quickly left and he was facing a tough and experienced fighter in the form of this Captain.
"Denkou!" was the last thing Cale heard before he was sent flying into various vendor carts.
Luckily his wings by reflex, had shielded his body from the lightining bolt...protecting his vital organs.
Cale slowly got up, his wings still smoking from the heat of the bolt.

"Get out of here!....clear these streets!"shouted Cale as the Elven citizens tried to help him back on his feet.
The Elves took quick notice of this plea...or rather an order, and made their way into their homes and shops...which were protected by the Mist.

"Corruption and past crimes lie within all of us...not just the Reapers" said Cale as he flapped his wings taking him airborn.
"They have been twisted by your Employer's...and though most have murderous intent...some good still lies in the hearts of others."

"Sidhegalle!" shouted Cale staring at the ground under Valyn, as the shards that he had sent at her before, had fallen in the form of a seal on the ground. Launching the Captain into the air.

"I pity you...for you've been blinded by Zeov. Co's lust for power" said Cale as he flew towards the airborn Valyn...trying to ram her with his shoulder.
Valyn was strong, much more of a fighter than he was. But he wouldn't back down...he needed to send a message to Zeov. Co.

09-10-2006, 02:37 PM
For the next several hours, they browsed the shops. Suddenly, a pick pocket came up to Seiru and snatched his wallet/bag.

"Get back here!" Seiru and Zanza started to chase the pick pocket. Seiru took out the brush, paint, and paper, and drew an Earth symbol one one of the papers. He threw it at the kid. A stone wall rose from the ground, cutting off the boy. The boy dropped the wallet and ran.

"Strange. That was real easy too." Seiru said, picking up his wallet.

Seikyu Kiba
09-10-2006, 02:37 PM
Ketsueik just continued to beat the day lights out of the bag until it broke off the chain and flew into a mirror...A little sweat drop appeard on the back of his head and laughs nervously "ummm...Kinogon"

Kinogon looked over and nodded "We are running right?"

Ketsueik bolted out of the fitness place without being caught, they both ended up on a beach where they both sat down on a rock and rested "Well this is an intresting day."

Kinogon nodded "Yes it has been..but I want to know when the fights start im getting anxiouse."

Ketsueik gave a light chuckled and patted him on the shoulder "In due time my friend in due time."

09-10-2006, 02:49 PM
Puts her arrows into her quiver. "Thanks!" she said taking his hand. When they came to the river she then noticed they were taking the longer way to her house. "Why are we taking the longer route?" she asked confused. It would be logical if they took the shorter one.

Katsu smiled "Why say you wouldn't mind living with me? Do you think blathazar like Mistress Misume?" asked Katsu.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
09-10-2006, 03:15 PM
Sorry bout Yoshimitsu's color everyone i have a new one, the coolest color EVER! GReen! this is Yoshimitsu

Bad new's lost track of Yoshimitsu he is somewhere in this world i jsut dont know where, i shou8ld be getting a Txt msg from him tho so dont worry soon he will find his sad little way again.......

09-10-2006, 03:15 PM
Captain Valyn Perraf, Battle over Varnia

"Toku!" And a shield was summoned instantly between herself and Cale. Her Velkrei's thrusters activated, propelling it up and catching her. "Blind? Angel, you fell from grace, don't preach to me about being 'blind'. In actuality, you remain ignorant!"

The Velkrei again thrusted forward with such intensity, the boom of the thrusters hurt Valyn's ears. The robotic humanoid collided with Cale.

"'Zeov Corp's lust for power'? 'Good lies in their hearts'? What a load of BS! If anything, we're too kind to the Mist Reapers!" Valyn's anger swelled, she decided it was time to finish this debacle, but it wasn't necessary to kill him, only to teach him a lesson. "Houka, mizu, tsuchi, kaze, denkou!" All the elements launched at Cale in the blink of an eye. Fire, water, earth, wind, ligthning, but each with a harmful aspect about them.

She hated people like this, the ones against the elimination of Mist Reapers. Valyn was there when it happened, she was of lower rank in the Zeov Corp., but witnessed the Geno Death first hand. A lot of people died. A lot of her friends. She was pissed off.


Kyung-Soon, Draefar

She landed successfully, but her mind was still back in Varnia. She worried. Fret for Cale, fret for her captain, and fret for what she'd have to do.

Her Velkrei briefed her on the detail en route. She'd have to enter the Sky Duelist tournment. Hawk usually hung out there, in a back alley bar.

She entered the bar and sat down, not even looking for Hawk. All she wanted to do was go back to Varnia and check up on the situation. "Gimme something hard, barkeep. Put it on Zeov's tab."

"Here you go, Sky Duelist." The keeper gave her some alcoholic beverage. She looked at him confused.

09-10-2006, 03:40 PM
balthazar smiled "because i want to spend time with my favorite person in the whole village" he smiles and takes her hand and walks the long path

mirage smiled "well..i wouldnt mind living with 2 new people...it wil be fun" she smiled and hugges katsu

Fionn Mac
09-10-2006, 05:26 PM
Cale-Battle above Varnia
Cale quickly stopped as a shield was summoned between him and Valyn. But he did not expect the Velkrei, as it collided with him sending him spinning through the air, barely being able to remain airborn.

"I was born this way, fate had already chosen my fall from grace" said Cale as he was breathing heavily, as he wasn't used to such intense combat.
"I was cast out by my race...by my Family, for things I could not control...I have seen the reality of this World...My Views may be idealistic...but they are far from Ignorance."

Cale noticed Valyn had very strong opinions on the matter...but there was no reasoning with her.
Then more words echoed in the sky as Valyn sent what seemed to a blast of all the elements.
Cale had no time to conjure a shield, as he was struck head-on with the attack.
He was sent flying back down to the town, his wings set on fire.

Cale had been shot all the way back into the Archive Building, crashing through the wooden roof, setting the Archives on fire.
He had failed to protect the recovering Reaper, and he had harmed the thing he cared for them most...His Archives.

The scrolls, text and paintings only fueled the fire, which was now raging out of control.
Cale landed ontop the very desk he was working on before and was badly injured on both physical and emotion levels, as he layed immobile, unaware of the Archive on fire.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
09-10-2006, 05:36 PM
In other news today i have located Yoshimitsu, he is no just flying about talking with his Vehlkrie.

"Sir, where exactly are we going? What is you destination you lazy oaf?"
"Zip it you hunk of metal, right now i dont know what to do. Lets just fly around. There is nothing better to do, Oh look a wave, another wave, another wave,another,another..."
"Dear god! You sir have lost it just like all the rest of these insinificunt meatbags..."
"fine let us go find us some meatbags to kill, or do you wanna dog fight? Oh better yet, lets talk about mirage...."
" Ugh that stupid machine, yes we dated. I dont like her I broke her "heart" though we dont have any, and yes lets go kill some meatbags."

And so with as they flew, Anubislet out a big boost sending him faster. Yoshimitsu headed for the Island of Deafer. Knowing he would encounter someone of worth...well hopefully is more like it.

09-10-2006, 05:53 PM
Roc and Leafe reached the Sky Duelist Collesium. It was an enormus arena, Almost 100x80 yards.

"Geez, talk about on the large size huh Leafe"
"Well after all, there is a 4 person capacity for it, I kind of expected something of this size"
"I guess so...Well lets go register, after that we can relax or train for a while"

Roc and Leafe walked over to the registration desk and registeded"

"Alright you two, the tournament will be in about 4-5 days, so please be sure to check in every now and then to get the offical time"
"Thank you and will do"

Roc and Leafe left the Arena and decided to go get something to eat

"I think it might be better if you go in your Dicomp for a while"

Roc pressed on his Armlet and Leafe disappeared.

"Guess I'll grab something to eat"

Roc wondered around until he found a place within his price range

"The Draefar Diner, how origonal..."

Seikyu Kiba
09-10-2006, 06:08 PM
Ketsueik got a small vibration from his pants pocket and picked up the little communicator that the registration guy gave him.

"Ketsueik I have contacted you to tell you that the Tournament for the Sky Duelist will begin in 4-5 days I will contact you for the time." Then a small click was heard and no voice came from the communicator.

Ketsueik got up from the rock and looked at Kinogon "Well you ready?" He said starting to walk towards the Collesium.

"Yes...I am ready...in this we cannot hold back." He said walking next to him.

Ketsueik nodded and then thought "We need a place to stay." He said looking around for some place to stay "Well.....there is the place where Duelist stay..Lets head to the Collesium and check in..after all this communicator is also are way to check in." They both walked to the Hotel and walked inside "Hello I am a Duelist checking in." He said showing the communicator.

The lady took the communicator and put it in a small slot in the computer. "Yes welcome Ketsueik" She said smiling "Your room is 230 please enjoy your stay." She then gave him a room key.

Ketsueik and Kinogon walked up stairs to the 4th floor and found the room "Ah here it is." He said unlocking the door. The room was quiet nice, it had a huge bed and had a Window with Balcony. There were a few paintings on the walls and a huge mirror next to the TV. "Well it will do."

Kinogon looked around "Uhhh Sir where do I sleep?" He said looking around the room.

Ketsueik turned around and then thought for a moment..."Dicomp I guess" He then look out a small key "Well in you go." He said as Kinogon dissappeared into the Key. "Now for some peace and quiet." He said laying down on the bed and closing his eyes.

09-10-2006, 06:14 PM
Kyung-Soon, Sky Duelist Bar in Draefar

The beverage had a sting and hurt Kyung's throat as it went down. She stared blankly at the glass. Cale, you're such an idiot. Your ideals can only get you hurt, she thought. She felt like crying but couldn't summon the tears. Crying wasn't in the nature of a killer and even when she wanted to, she was completely dry.

Suddenly, with a resolve, she stood up. "Listen up!" She shouted. "I'm looking for Hawk! If anyone knows where he is step forward!"


Captain Valyn Perraf, Battle in Varnia

"Tck, how predictable," Valyn said to herself, landing with her Velkrei on the Archives' roof. The building was on fire and Cale was injured and immobilized.

"Orders?" the Velkrei asked.

She comtemplated leaving him in the burning building, but something wouldn't allow her. If she did, what would she be? A Murderer? People might see her as that since she dealt with the erasing of Mist Reapers daily, but she wasn't a murderer. A killer, yes, but not in cold-blood. "Detain him. I'll work on putting out the fires."

The Velkrei swooped down and scooped up the limp angel in one arm. "Aisu!" Valyn blasted an artic wind, extinguishing the fires. A lot of scrolls didn't survive, but she managed to save some. "This was his own fault! If he stayed hidden away in these damn Archives in the first place-!"

"Where to, Master?" the Velkrei inquired.

"Draefar has a Zeov Coporation detention center. Plus, Operative Na is there. We're going to Draefar."

09-10-2006, 06:43 PM
Donovan looked down at the girl who just started yelling. He wasn't Hawk, of course, but, he was curious. "And if we see this Hawk, do we have a message to give him?" He yelled back, slowly reaching with his hand to loosen the sleeve on the tip of the Cainscouge. He didn't activate it, or pull the sleeve off, just loosening it, as if fidgeting in boredom.

"Not that I know who he is, but if I see him Common courtesy." he continued. Now THAT was a lie,he was sitting next to Hawk. But, it was in his religon to protect others before himself.

Fionn Mac
09-10-2006, 07:39 PM
Cale-Archives in Varina
Cale awoke to the heat of the fire burning the Archives against his face. He tried to look around but couldn't move.
Just then Valyn's Velkrei scooped him up pulling him from the ash and rubble.

A cool blast of wind stopped the flames...but they had damaged many of the most ancient texts..and it was his fault.
His wings here now a Dark Grey, as the ash mixed with Mist and his sorrow had changed their apperance.

He was being taken somewhere. No doubt a holding area, where those who were obstacles were sent to wither away.
The ash made him light headed an before passing out he saw another ghastly image that would haunt him.

Selvarr, his master was dead, crushed under layers of fallen rubble..his one arm clutching a scroll...the other outstretched towards his Apprentice.
Cale's idealist view on life was lost...as now he was truly a Fallen Angel.

09-10-2006, 08:39 PM
The Port City of Draefar - Draefar Diner/Draefar Hotel

"More Please!"

Roc Shouted across the room to the waitress. He was on his 3rd bowl of rice, now continuing onto his 4th

"You do realize that people are staring at you right...?

Roc took a glance around the room. It was true. People were staring at him as though he were an attraction at the circus.

"Hehe, guess I am eating a bit fast aren't I"
"I wouldn't say a bit fast"
"Who asked you"

Roc got up and paid for his meal. He then proceeded to go find a hotel to stay at.

"They gave gave us this Voucher for the hotel the Sky Duelists are staying at, so I guess we'll be staying there then"
"There it is"

Leafe lifted Rocs' Hand in the direction of the hotel.

"My it's really big isn't it"

Roc proceeded to check into the hotel

"Alright Mr.Evlandgard your all checked in, you'll be staying in room 314 for the next few days"
"Thank you miss"

Roc then went up to his room.The room was very spacious. It had a Bed, balcony as well as a place for him to read and right if necesary. He then decided he was tired, so he took a nap.

09-10-2006, 09:39 PM
OOC: Where's Tetsanosuke?

Kyung-Soon, Bar in Draefar

She thumbed her nose. "Tell him that his reputation as a Sky Duelist is on the line. Tell him I challenge him for honor," she talked like another Sky Duelist might. It wasn't a complete lie, it just wasn't the entire truth. And it might succeed it baiting him out. After all, it wasn't public knowledge that she was trying to kill him as a Crimson Blade operative.

"If he's got the guts they say he's got, he wouldn't mind a duel with me. A one-on-one dance. You pass the message along," she said with a sort of arrogance in her voice, part of her ploy. It was dusk outside. "I'll be at the Sky Duelist Diner/Hotel."

With that, she strode out the bar and went to check in.


In the hotel...

"Gimme a room," she demanded in a gentle sort of way.

"Right away, ma'am. We have a room available, room 315," the clerk handed her the key. Probably thinking her to be a spoiled Sky Duelist.

Kyung-Soon went up to her room and stripped her equipment, dressing down for sleep. It was a tiring a day. First killing a Mist Reaper here in Draefar in the morning and then going to Varnia where it became emotionally draining and back to Draefar.

She collapsed on her bed, allowing her mind to drift weightlessly. Although the thoughts focused on the events of Varnia and the characters she ran into. Her eyes fluttered closed and she fell asleep, dreaming of a possibly more peaceful time.

Captain Valyn Perraf, En route to Draefar

We'll probably arrive sometime in the night, Valyn thought. There'll be a lot of paperwork. It's not everyday I trash a building in a major city. Geez, this guy was more trouble than he was worth.


After arrival at Zeov Corp's detention center...

Cale was stuck down in the cell blocks and Valyn was stuck in an office with some short, fat Zeov official. She sighed. It shouldn't be this difficult. It shouldn't have. But the situation was really down on Cale. He lost his home, friend, and everything. It sounded evil, but it was just business as usual.

Fionn Mac
09-11-2006, 04:25 PM
Cale sat against the could stone wall of the cell. He had been awake for sometime and had been watching the other prisoners. Most of them were bragging of how many weapons and parts they had stolen before being caught.
He of course, was in deeper than the others...after fighting with an Officer and interfering with Zeov business.

His caligraphy brush was resting in the pocket of the cell guard who was, (going agaisnt the norm of guards), awake and alert.
"You want your little brush back?...you sorry excuse for what ever Angel you are" Laughed the Guard, as he tapped the Elven metal brush against his desk.
Causing the other prisoners to laugh.

Cale confusingly looked into a small puddle of water on the floor, revealing to him his Dark Grey wings as well as his formerly light Brown hair, which was Now dyed Dark Black due to the ash.
He couldn't cry as he had no emotion left. He just stared emotionless at the stone wall above him.

Inside he was changing. He did not like these new feelings...feelings of hate and the need for Vengeance.
Everything he worked towards was gone...including his ideals on life. For he had lost everything he cared for.

"Yes...I am no Angel...atleast not any more" said Cale quietly in a voice that even scared him...an unfamiliar emotionless tone.

09-11-2006, 05:02 PM
Kisume blushed "I'm your favorite person?" she asked confused. She had always had a crush on him. She never told anyone. Katsu asked once who she liked and all she said was let's get back to training. "Oh, before I forget! There's a sky dealist thing coming up soon. it's in 5 days I think! Katsu and I are thinking about entering!"

"I wouldn't mind having 2 more people around! It gets rather lonely at times." Katsu lays down and sneezes "SOmeone must be talking about me!"

09-11-2006, 05:18 PM
balthazar blushes "yes..you are" he had a crush on her but wouldnt tell anyone..only mirage asked and he just said nothing "the sky duelist tournement is in Deafer we need to get there immediatly..and me and mirage have been training like so long for this so lets enter together" he smiles and calls for mirage

mirage murred "awww sweet heart i bet kasumi is talking about you" mirage sneezes "my master is talking about me...and calling me!" she got up "come on katsu! let go" mirage ran out the door down the trail to balthazar "master what is it!

balthazar stood there and turned around "mirage. me,you,katsu and kasumi are heading to Deafer to enter the sky duelist tourment..so once katsu gets here we are heading to Deafer as quick as possible"

09-11-2006, 05:21 PM
Tilla got up and went to check on Green Blaze. The Velkrai stood in it's same spot untouched. "Well that means Green blaze is okay." Tilla leaned against the Velkrai. "I'm bored today...maybe I should go buy something" she looked up Green Blaze. "Don't move" she said.

09-11-2006, 06:20 PM
OOC: My mother needed the phone line open for her work, so sorry I couldn't get on. Sorry! T.T (Curse Dial-up!)

Leaving the Bar in Draefar
Kojima sat silent drinking his drink as Kyung-Soon shouted then left the bar. He turned to Donavan snd gave him the "See what I have to deal with?" look.

"She was with Zeov...." He said slowly "I can smell the mist of death about her, shes a hunter that's for sure. But I can't risk my life now, I have someone to kill." He downed the last of his drink and got up. He clicked the Sky Duelist Pendant in his pocket then turned to the bar keep "The crow is not staking in the night this time..." which was code for "I'm going to fight in a legit Sky Tounement."

The barkeep nodded.

Koji tossed 2 Buu on the table, to pay for his drink and any drink the man he was talking to may or may not get. He walked out and walked the streets outside of the duelist hotel in Draefar and stood outside the door. He waited, abruptly lowering his mask to suck in a breath of mist, the azure substance enteredhis body and fused with him.
Fanclaw- meeting with Balthazar and Co
Crysta caught sight of two people with their Velkreis, and she stayed hidden watching there movement and trying to keep unnoticed. "Will these people show me the way?"

She formed a veil of mist around her, creating a cloak. She started towards Balthazar and Kisume covering what she was and who she was. "Pardon? Are you people aware of a Sky Duelist called 'The Silver Star'?" She his her face discretely.
Aurzon-- about to head to Draefar
Kasagi and company tried to enter at the Aurzon Arena, but the next turney wasn't until later, but they heard Draefar was having one soon

"Sign me up!" He shouted in excitement. "Soon they will see the silver star in action! I'll show the Vaxons how a real sky duelist fights!"

Kairin blindly jumped up and down with excitment. "Hurray!"

Dakasume was having a sweat drop moment "How will we get there? We don't have much time!"

"Thal'sali'seth! Sure we do!" He was speaking angel, it originally was a prayer to their god, but is now used as slang for 'Don't woory so much'. (Yes, 'woory')

He clapped his hands together and drew a SymJunc Spell in the air. "Za'fre'thar" Which created a glider like object.

"Now for part two!" He raised his DimComp and released Crimson Sky around his body, their voices became one once again.

"Hold on tight!" They said as Dakasume and Kairin strapped into the glider. Kasagi released his wings and the where off towards Draefar!

Seikyu Kiba
09-11-2006, 06:23 PM
Ketsueik woke up and decided to step out onto the balcony, he looked out into the night sky and then looked down at the key Kinogon was in "We will win the tournament...." He then jumped on to the balcony ledge and sat down.

09-11-2006, 06:52 PM
The Port City of Draefar- Draefar Hotel/Secluded Area

Roc woke up at around 20:00 that night. He was feeling restless and wanted to do something.

"C'mon Leafe, why don't we go train for a while, we'll probably need to be in tip top shape if we're going to stand a chance in this tournament"
"I suppose your right, but why at 20:00 at night?"
"Well, I'm not exactly tired right now, I want to burn this energy so I can sleep. We won't train long. 0:00 at the latest"
"Well alright, but don't over do it please"

Roc left the hotel and headed to a secluded area of Draefar.

"Alright Leafe, Let's see how well I can do against you"
"A friendly Spar eh? See if you can Keep up"

Roc and Leafe began sparring, and continued to do so for the next two hours.

09-11-2006, 07:03 PM
"She was with the damned..." Donovan echoed after Kojima left. This left him with a delima. The first Donovan(or was he the first Donovan?)'s instructions were not to blame the damned for their ignorance. This meant that he couldn't attack her simply for being with Zeov. However, the instructions were also for self sacrifice. So, he could find the girl tonight, or he could wait for her to attack someone.

It was times like these that drinks were created for. "Nine blastone" he ordered from memory.

09-11-2006, 07:19 PM
Katsu follows a little behinf Kirage. "Kisume!!" said Katsu coming up beside Kisume.

"We're all going to go to the sky duelest thing!" Kisume jumped up and down excitedly. She had been waiting forever for it to start but now they may not be able to make it in time. Kisume mreages with Katsu. "Ready?" she asked.

09-11-2006, 07:27 PM
Seiru checked his wallet. He noticed that there was no money left in it.

``That stupid kid took all of our money!!'' Seiru said. ``We need to find some more money to afford food.''

``We could always make counterfeit coins,'' Zanza said.

``That's illegal,'' Seiru said.

``Rules were meant to be broken,'' Zanza said.

``Well, it's not like we have a home to go to, so they can't do anything bad. So let's make us some money!'' Seiru said.

Seiru and Zanza walked into a deserted alley. Seiru took out a piece of paper and drew an Earth symbol on it. He placed it on the ground. It soon became a bunch of tiny pebbles. He then took out his paintbrush and painted them silver.

``You think this will work?'' Seiru said.

``Of course,'' Zanza said.

He then went to a merchant to buy some food. As he gave the ``coins'' to the merchant, the merchant said, ``Hey, there aren't real coins. These are a sad excuse for counterfeit coins. They're not even flat and circular like real coins.''

``Uh, oh,'' Zanza said.

``Zanza transform!'' Seiru said.

Zanza attached himself to Seiru, and they flew out of Drafaer.

``Well, we're not welcome here anymore thanks to your bright idea,'' Seiru said.

``Hey, you're the one who agreed to it and made the coins!'' Zanza said.

Seikyu Kiba
09-11-2006, 07:31 PM
"Hmph...I feel a bunch of warriors coming to the sky duelist...Looks like its going to be fun." He said then looking down at the ground and thought "I wonder if there is going to be some food there because if there isnt Im rebeling also yelling FOR THE EMPEROR! While holding the bone saber of Arkendarr" He chuckled to himself and jumped on the bed and fell alsleep.

09-11-2006, 07:32 PM
Deafer: sky duelist hotel/sign up

merges with mirage "ready! lets go!" he bursts off with great speed an appears at the sky duelist sign up "well...here we are..."

mirage defuses from balthazar "sign me and balthazar up please"

the sign up dude "alright you 2 the tournement is in 5 days and here is your oom key"

balthazar nods and takes the key "thank you" he runs to the hotel and kicks down the door "well..here we are...we are finally here..."

mirage smiled "we have been training for this for months master..oh! i hope we fight kasumi and katsu i want to see how strong the have gotten...and i hope we get to fight alot of strong opponents"

balthazar smiled "yes...i want to fight and win this! even if it means fighting my friend" he smled and layed down on the bed trying to get some rest

mirage smiled and jumped up on the bed next to him and purred "have a good rest master i love you" she smiled

kisses mirage on the forhead and smiles "i lvoe you to..and you sleep well"

09-11-2006, 09:17 PM
In a mysterious and hidden location...

The hooded figure stood easily two heads above the working chemist, an elderly elf. The room was dark, lit only be a couple of candles and providing just enough for the chemicals to be seen and the two men to see. The walls and floor was stone and decorated with a few aging paintings. The furniture hasn't been dusted since the Warring age. No one would be found in here unless they didn't want to be found.

"Finished!" the elderly elf exclaimed and held up a vial of a cyan-colored liquid. It glowed.

"Excellent," hissed the hooded giant. He snatched the vial out of the elf's hands.

"Hey, what about my payment?" he asked in stern voice.

"In due time, old timer. In due time. Time of revolution is at the break of dawn. The dawn of a new generation," Hood-man's voice was like a snake's, eerie in its own sense. "And only those that are faithful will survive. Do you wish to survive, old timer?"

"I was thinking in terms of Ryu, but now that you mention it..." He fretted for his life and twirled his beard.

"Salvation, old man. Repent, old man. Paradise, old man. All in due time..." Hood-man tucked the vial into his cloak.

"What exactly are you?"

"Justice, perhaps?" suggested Hood-man. "More commonly known as a Mist Reaper..."

Kyung-Soon, Hotel in Draefar

Her eyes snapped open as she realized that it was a bad dream. Her sheets were soaked in sweat. It was so vivid, she said to herself and checked her military clock, 20:15. Too many things have gone wrong. First the events of Varnia, and now, she suspected, her mission slipped right between her fingers.

"I hate Hawk..." she talked to the darkness of her room. She didn't in actuality. All she knew about him was rumors and the profile that Zeov Corp. provided, but she meant that she didn't want her current assignment. Kyung was far too worried about Cale.

Suddenly there was a beeping noise emitting from her DimComp. She tapped it and a recording from her Velkrei sounded out, "Master, I've been informed that Captain Perraf has detained the angel from Varnia in the Zeov detention center here in Draefar. She is awaitng a status report from you in her quarters at the ZC Embassy."

"...Cale," she told herself. It was the expected result, a fight between the renowned Valyn Perraf and a servant angel could only lead to this. But she already decided, she'd visit Cale as long as he was here.


"Death," Perraf said sternly.

"What?!" Kyung-Soon took a step back in utter shock and resent.

"I'm only kidding. That angel is going to be held here until questioning, then released. Assualt on a Zeov official is usually punishable by something far worse, but I decided not to press the charges. He's a stupid idealist, but maybe he learned something."

Kyung sighed in relief, but was still annoyed at such a dirty joke. "Yeah, you broke his spirit, Captain."


"Nothing," she caught herself. "I'm going to see him."

Valyn sneered. "I won't deny him visitors, but I certainly hope you haven't gone soft, Operative Na."

"You know me better than that, Captain." She left.


"Cale," Kyung-Soon called from the other side of the bars, the free side. "Hi," she said weakly.

09-11-2006, 09:28 PM
Kisume and Katsu followed Balthazar and Kirage to the sign ups. They demergaed.

"Katsu and I, Kisume, would like to sigh up for the sky deulest thing." she said writing her name down on the entarnce sheet.

"Ok! Here yeah go!" said the sigh up boy. he gace her a key to her room and dismissed katsu and her.

Kisume and Katsu walked to their room which was next to Blathazars. She opened her door instead of actully knocking it down. She closed her door behide her and dung throught her bag until she found her pajamas and shampoo. She went into the bathroom the take a shower. She turn it on and got undressed. She hoped in and sighed with relief.

When she was done she turned off the shower and got out. She towel dryed herself and put on her pajamas. Pulled a brush through her hair and put her hair in a bun so it wouldn't dirp on her back. She came out of the bathroom and put her cloths next to her bag.

09-11-2006, 09:55 PM
Outside the Duelist Hotel/Diner, in Draefar

Kojima watched as Kyung-Soon left the Hotel, He was truely getting a bad vibe from her but he had to stay focused. "Rathiro... I'll be there when the time comes..."

~Flashback of Kojima's younger days of traveling with Rathiro in the Zeov Mist Hounds Squad~

"Kojima?" A tall pale man with crystal blue hair in a poneytail stood over Koji as the transport was making it's way across the sea to their next assignment.

Kojima was startled at first then realized it was his makeshift teacher. "Rathiro... what's our next assignment again?"

"You always forget don't you?"

"Well I try not too..." He looked at the floor of the craft and held his chest.

Rathiro put his hand over Koji's chest and the pain stopped, Koji started to breath in the mist regularly. "You must learn to keep your Mistways open, It is our very life source my young companion."

"Yes, I will." His head shot strait up and he looked out to the azure sea. "I'll never forget this moment." he said to himself.

They arrived at the target zone and lowered the sea platforms off of the ship. Kojima and Rathiro stepped on and looked about. "What are we lookingfor again?"

"Rathiro turned to his student and pointed about. "Our client says their is a sea monster making trouble around here. Probably a class A monster."

"Class A? I'm only a class C sir!" He shouted with a bit of weakness.

Rathiro puased then shoved Kojima to the side "Move! It's comming!"

From the ocean a giagantic water dragon flipped onto the large platform. It's tail swung at Kojima.

"No... I cannot block it!" He drew his large Nodachi off of his back and put up his guard all in a split second.

"Whoooosh....." The tail stopped.


Rathiro's body was eminating a blue light, and his hands were extended as if he was blocking the attack. "Oh no you don't!" He tossed the beast back into the sea through his telekinetic mist power then prepared to draw a blade.

At his side was a modified DimComp. As the beast shot from the water again he drew a 7' long sword from the DimpComp and swung it at the beast,slayning it on contact. Just as fast as his sword appeared it disapeared into the DimComp.
~End of Flash Back~

Kojima snapped back into reality then lowered his mask and let the mist fill his system. "I've been starving lately..."

From his DimComp Azure Wing called out to Kojima "I'd like to look about if it's ok."

Koji pressed the button and out came Azure Wing.

He leaned against the wall like Kojima and seemed to ponder. "I intercepted a signal from that hunter... It seems Zeov has an angel as a prisoner."

Kojima listened then grunted. He was now lost in thought.
Fangclaw- Following Balthazar and Company to Draefar

Crysta seemed to have accidentally made a Mist illusion, making it so the people couldn't hear or see her. She decided to follow them to Draefar and ended up next to Kojima by the Duelist Hotel. At that point she dispelled her illusion and was seen by Kojima and Azure Wing.

She smiled at Kojima then waved to him. "Hello, my name is Crysta...."

Kojima looked up at Crystawith a suspicious look. "Hello... you may call me Hawk." He went back to reflecting on the past.

She decided the man named Hawk was a decent person and sat against the wall, waiting until morning.
On their way to Draefar
Kasagi and Co. are still gliding across the seemingly endless ocean that is Zaytarn, trying to arrive at Draefar.

Seikyu Kiba
09-12-2006, 05:35 AM
Ketsueik was sleeping soundly until some how Kinogon unlocked himself from his Dicomp and jumped on to Ketsueik

"Helloooooooo Ketsueik!" He said jumping on the every end of the bed and making the bed turn into a slingshot and fired Ketsueik against a wall makign a huge booming sound. "Uhhh...oops."

Ketsueik got up angerly and with fire in his eyes "KINOGON HOW DID YOU GET OUT!?" He said taking out one of his guns and holding it to Kinogons head.

"You made me like that..you made it so I could get out on my own." He said drawing his axe and holding it to Ketsueik neck. "So you want to die now?" He said chuckling

Ketsueik chuckled a bit and put away his gun "You learn well...but GET BACK IN THERE!" he said grabing the key and firing a little beam at Kinogon.

"N..noooooooooo!" Kinogon screamed

After Kinogon was in his key Ketsueik walked over to the bed and like a falling wall just fell straight down on to the bed and fell right asleep and a spider crawled into his mouth.

OOC: Sorry that im adding random comedy in here lol!

09-12-2006, 05:50 AM

Balthazar woke up with Kirage next to him "mm..." he said stareing at Kirage.HE he whisperd "I am going to the pool,ill be back in bit" he said walking into the bathroom getting his swimsuit on and a towel. Balthazar walked downstairs and headed toawards the pool,he put his towel on a chair and took a dive in the pool.

Kirage just sat there sleeping on the bed

Fionn Mac
09-12-2006, 11:01 AM
Cale- Zeov Co. Holding Cell, Draefar
Cale had been closing his eyes, but opened them slightly to see Kyung-Soon on the other side of the bars.
"Leave me be Operative Na, I have no need of anyone's sympathy" said Cale as the lifeless voice, an echo of its former self, once again spoke for him.

"I belong nowhere else...I am content on rotting here" said Cale codly, as he tried to move his wings, which were still slightly damaged from his fall...making him unable to move them with out pain...at this point flight was out of the question.

"You are now free to kill or lock up anyone you want...I no longer care for the plight of others" Said Cale turing from her gaze. He didn't like these words...or new feelings running in him.
He had always cared for others troubles, but he had become no more caring than the Zeov Co executives, or the High angel hierarchy.
Such a rapid change in personality, was far from any outcome Cale had anticipated when trying to help the Reaper.

09-12-2006, 01:46 PM
The Port City of Draefar- Draefar Hotel

"Ah, Good morning Leafe"
"Good Morning Roc, how are you? Still sore from last night?"
"Not really no. I'm just glad we were able to get some traing done. In Fact, I think I should be able to reach level 2 of Symjunc soon"
"We'll have to keep training then so you do reach that level"
"Alright then, we'll train again toniight. Now...I'm gonna grab some breakfest. Wanna stay out or in your dicomp"
"I'll stay in my Dicomp for now"

Roc nods and presses his armlet. He walked down to the hotel restaraunt and decided to eat there.

"Only 3 more days until the tournament, Guess I should check and see if they've announced the offical time yet"
"Yes, that's a good idea. After your done eating we can head over"
"I'm starting to wonder who our opponents will be in the tournaments. Have you been looking around for Sky duelists?"
"Not really no. I feel more comfortable not knowing who my opponents are, that way I can expect the unexpected"
"Well if you feel that way, I won't let you know when I see a Sky Duelist then"
"Thanks...I guess"

09-12-2006, 04:02 PM
Kisume woke open from her dream and couldn't go back to sleep. She left Katsu sleeping and put on her cloths and went to the training grounds. She hoped the hotel's training grounds were good.

She walked out of her room; closing the door quietly so not the wake Katsu. She asked where the training grounds were and was drirected. She followed the directions and was there in no time at all. She places herself in front of a target and readys her bow with an ice arrow. She shoots and quickly put a fire arrow in her bow and fires that one also.

The ice arrow hits the target and freezes it. Then the fire arrow hits right after the ice arrow and it melts the ice. The arrows were dead in the middle! She sighed. "This is boring! Isn't there a harder training ground somewhere?" she asked to no one in particular.

09-12-2006, 04:28 PM

Balthazar swam for alittle bit until he saw Mirage standing there by the pool edge "oh hello there Mirage did you have a nice nap?" he asked with a smile

Mirage stood there and smiled "yes i did master..but you should have woken me and told me you were going for a swim..maybe i wanted to join" she said with a playful look "here i come!!" she jumped up into the air and curled into a ball. Mirage hit the water with a loud splash and water went everywhere splashing Balthazar,Mirage giggled

Balthazar smiled and laughed as he splashed Mirage back,they both played together in to pool and exercised in it for alittle while until they went to the track "come on we need to get in shape for the tournement!"

Mirage looked at him with a serious look "right!!"

DRAEFAR:Track and Feild

Balthazar stood at the starting line and got ready to run "ready Mirage?!"

Mirage nodded "yes i am master!" Mirage darted across the track like a lightning bolt

Balthazar stood there and darted across the feild and they both missed the finish line,they both ran to fst and broke the window landing in the pool room,he turned to Mirage and laughed

Mirage looked at Balthazar and laughed with him "well..at least thats done" she smiled as Balthazar and Mirage started to swim

09-12-2006, 04:32 PM
Tilla walked into the market place and just window shopped for a little while. She passed alot of stores before she choose one advertising cute clothes.

09-12-2006, 06:47 PM
Captain Valyn Perraf, Zeov Company Building in Draefar

The captain of the Crimson Blades, Valyn Perraf, found herself combating a tough opponent in her very office of Zeov Company Building. Boredom. Ignoring the mountain of paperwork lined up on her desk, she tossed a wadded piece of paper into the air and caught on its return down. At the moment, she'd rather be doing a million other things than paperwork, like being punched in the face. Anything to escape the prison of ennui.

Despite having the hands-on task of eliminating the Mist Reapers, being a Crimson Blade could get dull. So she sighed and tossed the paper in the air again.

"Captain!" a local Zeov Enforcer bursted in the office so suddenly. "Captain! We've got trouble in the market district!"

"Idiot!" Kyung-Soon, or perhaps Operative Na, found herself yelling. She didn't mean to be so harsh, but way leads to way. "Listen to yourself! You're not the same person as in Varnia."

"Evaluate. Prepare. Execute," she quoted her elven professor/guardian. "If you just thought things through, instead of letting your ideals blind you, you wouldn't be here!" As a part of her up-bringing with the professor, she learned to live life as a dogmatic person (another reason she fit in well with Zeov Corp.).

"You didn't do wrong in doing what you believed was the right thing to do, but you didn't plan ahead. You didn't prepare! And now, look at yourself. 'Content with rotting here'? That's a poor excuse not to try to better yourself. You should think about the future. I'm sure your friend wouldn't want you to rot in here," she finally finished and stared at the disgraced angel. Kyung's Velkrei submitted a full report to her, and knowing that Cale lost his only friend made her pity him. She didn't mean to be so harsh, but way leads to way.

"Na!" Perraf called out, appearing out of breath from running. "We've got a serious situation down in the market district. A group of Mist Reapers are attacking anyone they can find!"

"What?!" Kyung snapped her head in shock. She ran to the Captain, whom was leading the way to the market.

Both were sprinting, but Kyung paused as she spotted a familar mug. The Captain didn't wait up, still in a hurry to get to the market district. Kyung stared at the person, "...Hawk."

But there was no time, she ran to catch up with the Captain.

After waiting for the two to leave, a hooded figure entered the detention center.

The guard stood up in surprise at the mysterious, tall man. "W-who are you? You're not allowed in here!" The guard trying pulling out his weapon, but a Psi Blade cut him down before he succeeded.

The Hood-Man sheathed his blade and looted a caligraphy brush from the dead body. The other prisoners were in too much of shcok or fear to make any noise as the Hood-Man made his way to Cale's cell. "Here," he offered the brush to the angel.

"Tales of your doings in Varnia have reached my ears. Tell me, Brother, do you have faith? Faith to guard you against sinners, namely Zeov Corporation. If you hold faith, sulk not, fret not, and take my hand. Those faithful and loving towards the Mist Reapers are justly rewarded." Hood-Man unlocked the cell door.

Captain Perraf and Operative Na finished the last of the Mist Reapers. Three attackers, indeed, had been stirring trouble in the market district.

But it all seemed like a distraction.

09-12-2006, 07:30 PM
Donvan had finished his drink and stepped outside to walk it off when he heard the screams. As if from reflex, he broke into a sprint to the source of them, fueling his body with the Mist, powering him to Mist Reaver status. He drew the Cainscouge, and flicked it to hook on the edge of a building, then used it to anchor his turn.

But as he slowed and came to the market, he found the Mist Reavers already dead. He saw the Zeov woman and another, probably Zeov as well. He felt conspicuous, with his odd weapon and sudden appearance. He slipped the hood onto the Cainscouge, but didn't tie it.

Fionn Mac
09-12-2006, 07:36 PM
Cale-Zeov Co. Holding Cell, Draefar
Cale considered Kyung-Soon's words, and his former self would most likely have been revived by them.
But he felt deserved no sympathy, his only friend was gone...and it was his fault.
"My ideals only lead others to suffer..." said Cale still looking away from the one person that he could of connected with, if circumstances were different.

"You are right in some respects Operative" said Cale as he continued to stray from using any personal connection, such as a first name basis.
"I was blinded by what ever lofty ideals I held close....I have seen the reality of this world...One cannot stand againt the injustice of hierarchy or industrial might...and hope to succeed."
Cale's words trailed as Kyung-Soon ran to help her Captain.

Cale then lifted his head to see the guard fall from the cut of the Hooded man's blade.
The man's words were of a twisted nature.
He offered Cale his brush and Cale accepted and stood up.
Cale truly did not know what to think...This man was a mudereous Reaper, but so were the Zeov Co.

"I...have no need of your twisted faith Reaper...but Revenge plauges my mind" said Cale coldy, as he cautiously took the mans hand and shook it.
A few more guards came running in...shocked by the mysterious man.

Cale dashed foward, receeding his wings and Grabbed the heads of the two guards.
He then slammed them against the cells adjacent to him...killing them instantly
A single tear fell from Cale's eye, as he was horrifed by what he was becoming.
"I'm...ready" said Cale softly, looking back at the Reaper.

Seikyu Kiba
09-12-2006, 08:04 PM
OOC: Sunrise people!

The sun rose from the west and beamed right into Ketsueiks eyes "Ah Bloody hell!" He said getting up and heading down to the breakfast place..."Ahhh nothing like breakfast and you know something I slept naked and never got dressed." Cloths mysteriously appeared on him and he spit out the spider.

09-12-2006, 08:18 PM
The Port City of Draefar- Draefar Hotel Lobby

"I'm going to pretend I never saw that..."
"Saw what?" Roc said looking up from his newspaper
"ehhh.....Never Mind. Don't you think we should be heading down to the arena to see if there's any news?"
"Yea, I guess so"

Roc walked out into the main lobby.It was here he startted hearing paniced Chit-chat among the people in the lobby.

"Did you hear? Apparently a group of Mist reapers were spotted attacking people in the Market District"
"Why do Mist Reapers always have to kill people. It's so inhuman"

Roc pressed his armlet and Leafe came out

"This might be something we might wanna check out. I don't want innocent people being injured"

Leafe nods and they both start making there way to the market district

09-12-2006, 08:47 PM
Mysterious Man, Draefar

Stepping over the bodies, he placed his hand on Cale's shoulder. "Revenge and justice is often found down the same path, Brother. Allow us to trek down it together."

Hood-Man led outside, "The Market District is about to become very busy, so let us select another road. Perhaps, by sky? Can you fly, Brother?" At that moment, Hood-Man tapped his DimComp. An organic Velkrei appeared, expanding bat-like wings to full wideth. It didn't say anything, but it was clear that this was an original Velkrei. It was also incapable of speaking, but Hood-Man could speak its language. "This is Daeroth, my Velkrei. And I shall inform you of my full intentions at a location I deem secure. Just south of here is located a ghost town with lively underground populace. If you would kindly follow me," Hood-Man spoke, stepping into the Velkrei.

He took off.


Draefar, Market District

"Captain," Kyung pointed at the newcomer, recognizing him as the one from the bar. "Another Mist Reaper?"

"Yes, but-" Valyn trailed off. The Market District suddenly seemed so abandoned, a forsaken wasteland. There were dead bodies (civilians, Zeov Guard, and Mist Reapers) scattered throughout. It was almost eerie, this section of Draefar becoming like a ghost town in a matter of minutes. The wind stirred...

"-It's a trap!"

As if on cue, Mist Reapers appeared from various hiding places. About twenty or more surrounded the two Zeov personnel. "Well, well. It's the Zeov Dogs, come here to die?" taunted one Mist Reaper.

Kyung gritted her teeth and tensed. The appeared so quickly, not even giving the Crimson Blade time to react. "Now it's a battle."

09-12-2006, 09:08 PM
(OOC: Seikyu, stop trying to defy the laws of putting clothes on... and cruelty towards spiders! Thank you!)

Still in front of the hotel- to the Market area.

Kojima watched as the hunter passed him by then sensed the presence of other Mist Reapers. But that soon faded as the Zeov Hunters killed them off. But it came back suddenly

"Rathiro... are you now controlling the rest of us?" He said quietly.

He ran into the market district with his Mythril Nodachi drawn, he spotted the mist reapers and the Hunters.

"Mist Reapers! Run! Rathiro will only force your death!" He shouted.


Ditto first.

Crysta followed Kojima, with her Psi Scythe already powered up.

"Hawk... I'll back you up!" He said sternly unleashing her Dragon wings. He swiveled the Scythe about and formed a circle from the mist, she then wrapped it around her body creating a Blue set of light armor.

"I'm ready when you are Hawk.

In the hotel
Kasagi and Co landed behind the hotel and rushed in. Kasagi ran up to the check in boy and slapped his pendant down. "Kasagi---"
"The Silver Star!, nice of you to come!"

He scratched his head then shrugged. "Wow... I really am popular!"

Kairin latched to Kasagi's arm "Go Kasa-chan!" she shouted.

Dakasume was standing there worried.

09-12-2006, 09:26 PM
The Port City of Draefar- Draefar Market District

Roc and Leafe had just reached the Market District. There they saw two women fighting against 14 or so Mist Reapers.

"Well this won't do, the odds are stacked against them, Shall we lend a hand Leafe"
"Let's lend a hand, Roc"

At that moment, Four more Mist Reapers jumped out from the alleys.

"Awww, no fair, I wanted to fight in the bigger crowd"
"Quit complaining and just fight"
"Alright, Alright" Roc said Pouting

Roc drew out his daggers and Leafe took out his Psi-Shields. They both started attacking. Leafe held two of the Reapers while Roc fought the other two. The first Mist Reaper charged right at Roc with his Psi-Blade, but Roc ducked right underneath this and sliced him across his stomach and chest.
Leafe was holding them back with his shields. As hard as they tryed they couldn't get past him. At this point, Leafe took one of his shields and threw it at the Mist Reaper on the left, knocking him out.
Roc was now going one on one with a Mist Reaper. Roc swung low, but to his surprise, the Reaper jumped right above him and slammed his head right into the ground.

"What a cheap trick" Roc said, and then passed out

Leafe quickly did a spinning Shield attack and took the remaining two Mist Reapers down. He then turned to his friend, who layed injured on the ground...

09-12-2006, 10:16 PM
Kyung-Soon & Valyn Perraf, Market District

"Rathiro?" questioned one Mist Reaper, jumped and landed in front of Kojima. "Brother, I can see you are confused. Father leads us, and while it is not known to me, but I doubt Rathiro is in our ranks. But our Father does speak so fondly of Rathiro. Please now, Brother, join us in arms to destroy the sinners."

A Psi Blade was brought downward on Kyung-Soon, however she managed to block the attack, locking the weapons. The Mist Reaper was gaining ground, pushing Kyung back. "Denkou!" she shouted, firing a lightning bolt into the chest of the Mist Reaper and killing him.

"There's too many!" she complained, deflecting another attack.

Valyn cut one down, "Fight and you might live. Give up and it's game over!"

Kyung grunted in agreement and struck another Mist Reaper with her Demon Talon Gauntlet, burning him.

Still, a good number existed and the odds were against the Zeov Operatives.

Seikyu Kiba
09-13-2006, 05:24 AM
OOC: Not my fault if they crawl into my mouth!

IC: Ketsueik finished breakfast and then looked around at everyone..."Well stiff competition...But im going to win this" He said staring down at his key. "Kinogon lets do this."

09-13-2006, 10:51 AM
Donovan tapped the end of the Cainscouge on the ground, a light appearing between the base of the blade and the staff, the Psi-chain activating. "For you, through you, by you." he prayed silently as he swung the blade at a Reaper. The chain let out enough that the blade would catch the Reaper on his side, enough to wound him, but not kill him. The blade retreated back on to the staff as two Reapers charged Donovan. Too close, he used it like scythe, cutting them down. He swung again and let the chain out, brininging the heavy blade down on a Reaper attempting to sneak up on Kyung.

He broke into a sprint at the duo to cover what was coming around their backs, the head snapping back to the staff. "War makes for strange allies." he said to them.

Seikyu Kiba
09-13-2006, 02:46 PM
Ketsueik sensed the pressence of Mist Reapers as well and ran outside "Hmmm..." He then took the gold key out of his pocket and threw it in the air "Lend me a Hand...Kinogon." He said as the key glown a dark red.

Kinogon appeared out of the key and landed next to Ketsueik "Hmmm...Mist Reapers? How many do you think?" He said taking out a giant axe.

Ketsueik closed his eyes and then opened them "I would say about...30 maybe 40." He said following Kojima holding his gun. "HeHehe time to kill something!." He said as Kinogon ran next to him.

Fionn Mac
09-13-2006, 03:30 PM
Cale felt uneasy as the Man placed his hand on his shoulder. He still spoke oddly, seeming to allude to some dark twisted scripture or outlook on life.
Cale did not know what he was getting himself into...this man was most likely of evil intent...but his words oddly rang true in Cale's shadowed mind.

Cale said nothing as the Man and his Velkrei flew out of the building. He was truly taking the leap off the deep end...as he was following someone who he knew nothing about.

Cale stretched his blackend wings, creating a sickening sound, as his hollow bones in his wings popped and cracked back into place. Though he no longer seemed to care of the pain...it was his reminder of his former ideals.
Cale place his brush in the small custom sheath on his belt and
Flew off after the Reaper.
"Forgive me Selvarr...I have no other path to follow" said Cale softly,as he reached the point in the sky where the Man was, he seemed to leave what ever emotion he had left behind with the statement.

09-13-2006, 03:36 PM
Draefar: outside the hotel/Courtyard

Balthazar jumped out of the pool with Mirage and they both walked around the back of the hotel and sat on the bench in the courtyard "so Mirage you ready to go back into the pendent? i mean i dont want people to think its odd that I have a girl valkire"

Mirage smiled "yes master i would love to go back in thank you" she pawed at his chest and the pendent activated "goodbye master" he said as she disspeared back in her DimComp

Balthazar smiled "you need your rest for the tournement" he smiled and layed down on the bench

09-13-2006, 05:17 PM
Tilla sighed there was nothing to do. She went back home. She checked on Green Blaze. "So are you as bored as I" she asked him. He sniffed "When have I ever been bored? You are so easy to bore, Mistress." Tilla "Green Blaze, you are so predictable." she laughed and walked inside.

09-13-2006, 06:22 PM
Seiru and Zanza awoke to a crackling noise, after another night of sleeping on an uncharted island.

‘‘Who are ... wait! You're the pickpocket from Drafare. What are you doing here? Come to steal more of our money?'' Seiru said.

‘‘Nope. I have no interest in taking your money. I only stole your wallet to test your skills. You seem very promising to become a master of SymJunc. Also, I have come here seeking your help. I am Cruise of the organization Sophus, and I am a vampire,'' he said as he turned from the little boy into a tall dark-skinned vampire. ‘‘I have also come to tell you that you are also a vampire.''

‘‘What in the world are you talking about? What's this organization? I thought vampires died out a long time ago, and you expect me to believe you. You are a very twisted person,'' Seiru said.

‘‘You are indeed a vampire, Seiru. I will show you your true nature,'' Cruise said.

He held out his right hand, and it began to glow a mysterious white glow. Then Seiru became encased in an orb of white light. A few seconds later, the light disappeared, and Seiru had bat wings, dark skin and fangs.

‘‘What in the world ... '' Seiru said, as he looked at his new body. ‘‘This defies every single law of science and physics.''

‘‘In this world, there is no need for law, physics and reason. You only need power,'' Cruise said. ‘‘So do you now believe that you are a vampire?''

‘‘How could I be a vampire? I was an elf born in the city of Sevi'Aon, and the vampires died out hundreds of years ago,'' Seiru said.

‘‘You are indeed wrong. There are some vampires who are still alive. Those vampires who are still alive are part of my organization, and you are indeed one of the last surviving vampires,'' Cruise said.

09-13-2006, 07:39 PM
Kyung-Soon & Valyn Perraf, Market District in Draefar

"It certainly does," Kyung whispered to the Mist Reaper, this one was different. He was on another level. Not to mention that these other Mist Reapers seemed to have an unusual lack of intelligence.

Valyn, mean while, was gritting her teeth. Her jaws tigthened, she didn't like the idea of having a Mist Reaper as an ally, since she suspected him to back-stab them at any given moment. "Thanks for the help," she said grudgingly. "So, we're surrounded by enemies and we're undermanned. What do you guys want to do?"

Other people were also fighting the Mist Reapers, althought Kyung-Soon didn't recognize them. Kyung focused back on the Mist Reapers surrounding them. "Fight."

Valyn grinned. "My condolences," she directed to the group of enemies. She stabbed her Psi Blade into the ground, "Jishin!" The ground under them collapsed into a pit of spike, killing them. After the SymJunc spell was done, the ground reformed.

A Mist Reaper saw this as an opening and tried to attack, but was denied by Valyn's superior combat skills. She sliced across his chest.

Kyung was ducked out of the line of fire from a force rifle, the bullet missing her by inches. She approached her enemy before he managed another shot, slicing him with her scythe. Still, many Reapers remained.

Hood-Man, En route to hide-out

"No one is able to hear us, so let us talk awhile," Hood-Man yelled over the wind. "First, allow me to insure you that I do not come with dark intentions. Quite the opposite, I come to shed light. Tell me, Brother, does Geno Death ring a bell? What of Project Eden? Scandals, my Brother, from Zeov Corporation. And I've assembled a group of faithful to stop Zeov from completing their dark plans."

Fionn Mac
09-13-2006, 07:52 PM
Cale-En route to hide-out
"Yes...I've read texts explaining those events" said Cale not really wanting to talk.
Cale looked down to the ground below and saw a commotion...or rather a fight taking place.
"Are these members of your faithful?..."Brother"" Said Cale as the odds seemed to be stacked against one side.
He didn't like talking with this man...something didn't seem right...but maybe it would keep his mind of other things.

"Answer me this "Brother"...Why take the risk and free me?...I failed to protect one of your kind..." Inquired Cale as he figured he wouldn't be the only one giving answers.
This was a good sign, as Cale still kept some of his inquisitive mind...though he was growing tired of more Ideals...ideals that meant nothing to the real world.

09-13-2006, 07:56 PM
EDIT~ Sorry
Still at the Market district

Kojima listened to the Reaper's speech and shook his head "Father? I haven't the slightest clue who you're speaking of, but heed my words, this father will get you killed!" He drew his Force pistol with his otherhand and aimed it at the Mist Reaper, but noticed the hunters were attacking.

Kojima then yelled to Kyung-Soon "You may be a hunter, but these Mist Reapers are but pawns.... I hate puppet Mist Reapers!" He Fired his force pistol as he approached his enemies with lightning speed. He cut a few down then shot another in the leg. He flipped out of the way when the other hunter used the spell.While this happened he thought to himself "Rathiro isn't the cause of this?" He then turned to Crysta and told her to be careful.

Next to Kojima

"I must find the silver star... but I must uphold the Drakean code of honor!" She span the Psi scythe about and charged forward firing blue fireballs and slashing with full strength.

Kasagi and Co. went to there room which was surprisingly huge.

"This is great!" Kasagi shouted.

Kairin jumped onto the big puffy bed in the corner and sighed. "I like, I like..."

Dakasume had taken a seat on the couch "Well... this isn't so bad!" He was relaxing.

09-13-2006, 08:10 PM
Market District

"And gladly shall I lay my life down for Father," the Mist Reaper spoke calmly before attacking.

Kyung-Soon snapped her head towards Hawk, "You-!" She couldn't say anything else before being shot, the bullet entering her chest and exiting the other side. The shock of it was what mainly frightened Kyung, the pain not kicking in until she fell to the floor.

"Na!" Valyn finished off a Mist Reaper and rushed to Kyung's side, applying a healing spell on the wound.

"Indeed, Brother, these are the faithful. These are my children, whom I embrace all equally with my love, for I am their Father. And I've selected you because you are willing and eager to seek justice against Zeov Corporation. Shine with light, Brother, and you'll go far."

Hood-Man thought for a moment and spoke again, "The one known as Captain Perraf is down there. She is the banshee, the witch, the demon. She, for all her ignorance and hate, is faulty for the death of someone close to me. My sister has been victim to her hunt of Mist Reapers, and as I'm sure, is also the very Hunter that was the indirect (or maybe direct) cause of the Archives' fire."

Seikyu Kiba
09-13-2006, 08:17 PM
Ketsueik watched Kojima kill the Mist Reaper until he saw one come from behind Kojima. "Get down!" He said pushing Kojima to the side to the ground and taking out both of his Force Handguns and firing them rapidly at the Mist Reaper. The Mist Reaper fell to the ground dead and full of bullet holes. "Watch your back next time." He said putting his guns away.

09-13-2006, 08:21 PM
Kisume took her arrows out of the target and put them back into her quiver and went back to her room. When she opened the door Katsu was awake. "Have a good nap?" she asked. "I'm going for a run if you want to come along." she said. She took a drink of her water bottle and walked towards the door.

"Sure I'll come!" Katsu followed Kisume out the door. Katsu troted by Kisume down the hall to the tracks.

Kisume started at a slow jog then into a slow run then a fast run. She continued at that pace for a while until she steped it up a notch.

09-13-2006, 08:31 PM
balthazar opend his eyes when he heard a bunch of gun shots "WHOA WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!" he ran out from the courtyard and into the marketplace and saw a mist reaper laying there with bullet holes with,there was a group of people that looked like mist reapers and weavers "whoa...what the heck happend to him?" he asked politely

09-13-2006, 08:40 PM
Kisume skidded to a stop at the sound of gun shots. Katsu stop and turned her head towards where the sound came from. Kisume mriaged with Katsu and was off towards the sound. Kisume demiraged beside Balthazar. She looked at him "What happen here?" she was shocked. There was a mist reaper dead and a group of people standing next to the dead bodie. "What the heck happened here?!" she asked group "Why is there a dead bodie?!"

Seikyu Kiba
09-13-2006, 08:42 PM
Ketsueik looked at both of the two people who just arrived "I shot this guy full of bullet holes.." He said then turned around "And this guy next to me shot the other one." He gave a eerie glare at them both.

Fionn Mac
09-13-2006, 08:43 PM
Cale-Above Market District
"I...something seems wrong about this" said Cale to himself as he stopped and hovered in the air.
His Grey Angel eyes turned a shade of green as he activated his Elven sight, allowing him to see the battle as if he was right there.
He then saw Kyung-Soon fall after being shot.
He clutched his head as images of his dead Master flooded his mind...as for some reason this Operative Na envoked similar emotions in him.

Kyung-Soon was quickly healed by Captain Peraff...one of the people that symbolized Cale's need for Vengence.
"She...Peraff...killed that Reaper...no that Elven Man, he was beginning to accept who he was...she had no remorse." said Cale dark and coldy as hate entered his heart.

"If...You are speaking Lies Reaper...your faithful will become orphaned...as I will strike down their "Father"" said Cale pointing his Glaive at the Man, as he was becoming unstable...his emotions and sorrow were causing him to trust no one.

09-13-2006, 09:08 PM
Still in the Market area.

Kojima's azure shots were all aimed towards the oncomming Mist Reapers. He was then pushed over by a Hydrean man and he flipped back on his feet.

"Thank you Hydrean..." He then cut down another Reaper. He noticed the hunter was injured but couldn't act upon it, she was out to kill him.

"Damn this Father... Aurgh! " He came up with another nodachi uppercut knocking one into the air then shooting him with his force pistol. The blue shots of light ripped through the Reaper.


(In the battle)

Crysta swung her scythe about creating a whirlwind of mist, blowing the enemies around her away. "Korkan'heud!" Dreaken for 'Try Harder!'

She let loose a wave of mist towards somemore of the crazed Reapers, sending them into a building.
Nothing for Kasagi at the moment....

Seikyu Kiba
09-13-2006, 09:12 PM
"Hmph your welcome and the name is Ketsueik." He said standing beside if firing off his Handguns hitting them all in the head "So anyone else want to kill?" Ketsueik continued to fire rapidly at all the Mist Reapers. "How many are there?"

09-13-2006, 09:15 PM
Balthazar looked around and looked at the female with the scythe "need any help" he pulled out his duel diamond sabers "awww and no one invited me to the party" he saw a mist reaper comeing streigt at him,Balthazar jabed the reaper in the stomach. He noticed kasumi "Kasumi behind you" he saw a mist reaper attacking from behind, balthazar started to kill a few mist reapers "hey you mister creepy whats your name?" he asked laughing and killing more

09-13-2006, 09:40 PM
The Port City of Draefar- Draefar Marketplace

Leafe quickly surveyed Roc's wounds. He had recieved a large gash across his forehead as well as a few minor cuts surrounding the gash. He looked up and around at all the other people fighting the Mist Reapers.

"What is going on...."

It was then that 3 more Mist Reapers jumped out from alleys and confronted Leafe


Leafe turned to Roc who was quietly mumbling something to himself and slowly began to get up"

"Roc what are you..."

In an instance, Roc dashed at a super fast speed right at the 3 Mist Reapers and took each out with a single blow. He then turned to Leafe, and it was then that Leafe noticed that one of his left eye was glowing red.

"I want to kill more!"

Roc let out an extremely loud yell and started making a mad dash towards the larger group of Mist Reapers.

Leafe couldn't keep up with Roc, he was moving too fast.

"Roc, what's going on? What's happening to you?"

09-13-2006, 10:01 PM
Donovan had a brief moment of peace, watching both the operative take out their repective targets. As Valyn applied the spell, some Reapers realized the distraction, and charged. "Stay down!" He harshly said to them as he prepared what he always referred to as the C.O.S. Circle of Slash. The Cainscouge's heavy head swung around in a circle, Donovan rotating like little children to do get dizzy with the speed. The circle came high, low, near, far, and cut down every Mist Reaper that was approaching.

As he slowed, even with his thought functions made fast and clear by his powers, he was dizzy. The Cainscouge became one piece again, and he wobbled drunkenly as he turned to see the devastation.

09-13-2006, 10:23 PM
Hood-Man, Over Draefar

"Brother Cale, please, please. I only wish to shed light on the Truth. Besides," Hood-Man paused, allowing a wisp of warning crawl into his voice. "If you lose faith, Brother, you will not have the strength to defeat me."

"Ah," he clear his throat. "Don't take that as a threat, Brother. I embrace you as family. But really, there is no need for more blood shed, as they've been injured enough. What say you? Shall I give them time to lick their wounds?"

Not even waiting for Cale's response, he started an untranslated chanted that echoed to the ears of the Mist Reapers. "And now, let's journey forth, not dwelling on these distasteful issues." He sped forward to the hide-out, which was located in the mountains to the south.

All the Mist Reapers stopped their combat, stopping the attacks on all the people in the market. They looked at one another and said things along the lines of "Father calls us." One by one they vanished like shadows, fading away into nothingness. Even the recently dead Mist Reapers vanished, leaving no evidence of their existence behind.

The Crimson Blade captain used her elven vision and looked upwards, spotting a Velkrei with its pilot and Cale. Was it really Cale? He was locked in the detention center last time she checked, so she wasn't sure. No, she was sure. It was indeed Cale. Valyn looked at the Faithful disappear then focused back on Kyung-Soon, still trying to stop the bleeding, but she wasn't an expert healer. In her field of work, she dealt harmful spells.

"I need some help here!" she shouted to anyone with medical knowledge. The bleeding wouldn't stop completely.

"...Father?" Kyung-Soon weakly inquired in a whisper, then blacked out.

Fionn Mac
09-13-2006, 10:54 PM
Cale-Over Draefar
Cale was confused by the Reaper. He had come across some...flaw in the faith that the Man preached.
Feeling threatened... the slightest...yet noticable change in the Man's voice was noticed by Cale.
But the Man quickly racanted his statement, and flew off, calling his "Faithful" to come as well.

Cale then noticed Captain Perraf was looking in his direction, using Elven sight as well. Kyung-Soon wasn't doing that well as the Captain apparently focused mainly on dealing pain...rather than stopping it, Cale thought.

He still had no idea why he still had...emotion for Kyung-Soon, as he had lost everything and her Employer's were apart of the blame.

Cale then plucked a feather from his wing, causing a few drops of blood to fall upon it.
He then sent it down to the market with a flick of his wrist, making it land right next to Captain Perraf.
The blood of an Angel contained powerful healing properties, making Angels great healers, if they found it necessary to give part of themselves.

Cale glanced one last time at Captain Perraf, granting her a pardon from his vengence, as she had allowed him to live before.
He then flew off quickly after the Hooded-Man, still unsure of why He had offered healing...or sympathy rather to Kyung-Soon, as he was positive he had none left...

09-14-2006, 01:03 AM
The name White Wolf is synonymous with honor,and it will live on in the minds of his friends and foes alike.

09-14-2006, 02:54 PM
Market District, Draefar

Valyn snatched up the angel feather dabbed in angel blood. This came as a shock to her, a gift from him. Quickly, she allowed another glance upwards and searched the skies, but Cale had already flown off with the mysterious Velkrei. At first she didn't want to accept the gift, but it wasn't as if she could return it. Not to mention that it was really needed, so Valyn didn't waste another second and applied the blood to Kyung-Soon's wound, closing the wound, but the wound left a scar.

Kyung had already slipped out of consciousness due to loss of blood, but her life was no longer in danger. Valyn slumped back, tired from the fighting, and blinked mindlessly. Such a large group of Mist Reapers hadn't been seen since the Geno Death. This whole day turned out to be troubling, so she fell asleep.

(OOC: Kyung-Soon is a Korean-based character instead of Japanese-based, so the following will also be Korean-based.)
In her dreams...

Kyung-Soon was a little girl again and back on her parents' farm, using a stick to draw a SymJunc symbol on the dirt and sprouting a flower. The sky was turning golden as the day came to dusk and she heard her Uhmma (Mom) call. She ran to the source of the call.

When she got to the house's doorway, she noticed that an elderly elf was sitting on a floor pillow. "Ah, nuguya? (Who's this?)" Kyung asked, forgetting proper manners which her mother quickly reminded her by smacking her head. "Ahn-young-ha-say-yo," she bowed to the stranger.

The strange elf nodded his head. Mother knelt down to Kyung-Soon's eye-level, "Kyung-Soon, Apa (Dad) and I have been talking about your future. Listen carefully, because I don't want you to grow up with rough hands like mine and in a poor farming family. This is your teacher and he'll be adopting you to teach you magic."

It took awhile to register what Uhmma said, but she narrowed it down to that this old man would be taking her away. When she understood fully, she burst into tears, "You're sending me away? I don't want to go!"

Uhmma cried too, but hugged Kyung-Soon tightly...

Next thing Kyung-Soon knew, she was still crying, but on the back of a carriage and being taken to somewhere she didn't want to be.

And Kyung-Soon continued to dream, of darker things from her past.

Upon arriving at the mountains, Hood-Man landed in front of a statue of a tiger that was hurting by the passing ages. The statue stood alone in this wilderness, besides a near-by ghost town. He sent the Velkrei back into his DimComp then turned to Cale.

"Why did you do that?" he asked as if it was completely unexpected. "They are sinners beyond redemption. I suppose you're far too kind for your own good, Brother."

He turned towards the tiger statue and placed a glowing orb into a socket located in the tiger's eye. Then the tiger came to life and moved to reveal a hidden staircase under its base.

Fionn Mac
09-14-2006, 05:49 PM
Cale-"The Faithful" Hideout
Cale flew off after the Reaper, still wondering why he had saved Kyung-Soon. If he had no feelings left, why did she envoke some feeling in his empty soul?
Cale figured it was a side effect of his former, idealistic life...

"I'm unsure of why I did it Brother...but do not question my motives..." Said Cale sternly, as he landed next to the Hooded-man. "I have come with you this far...that should be enough extinguish any suspision in your mind"
Cale did not like this Reaper...something didnt seem right. And he wouldnt become one of the "Faithful"...if it meant taking orders or approving actions through the Father.
Cale had a new sort of...confidence about him...it was darker, yet confidence nonetheless. One could not hope to survive if they conformed to the will of others, or even ideals that they themselves held true, Thought Cale.

Yet, Cale was still burdened by some feelings of hoping Kyung, or Operitive Na rather, was ok...
He quickly pushed these feelings backs and took on his Elven Form, awaiting the Reaper's next move.

09-14-2006, 07:03 PM
Kisume stayed out of the fighting. She hoped they didn't notice she herself was a mist reapers. She tonched her necklace that her mother had given her when she was younger to hide the fact that she was a mist reaper. She slowly back away from the fighting hoping no one looked her way. When she was sure no one noticed her she ran away. She didn't want to end up like the other dead mist reapers. She ran into the hotel running past people. Hearing the their curse at her as she passed them by. She ran up the staris instead of taking the elevator. She couldn't have stayed still in that closed in area. She ran up to her room trying to get her door open. She hands shook too much. When she finally got her door open she went inside and closed it behind her locking it. She silde down the door breathing hard. She still didn't feel safe.

09-14-2006, 08:33 PM
Ditto last... to the Hotel
Kojima put away his weapons andlet down his hood breathing in the surrounding mist. The blue glow shined onto his face while doing so.
"Not Rathiro..." He walked away, heading towards the hotel, he was a mist reaper, his powers were only destructive so he couldn't help even if he wanted to.

Azure Wing was standing at the door. "Well... I guess this'll get interesting."
Still in the market district.
Crysta survived with little trouble, she decided Kojima had his own reasons for walking off so she pushed it from her mind.

She walked up to Kyung-Soon, and kneeled over "I'm a mist weaver... stand still." With a wave of her hand the surrounding mist formed into a mystical glowing compress bandage healing her of her wounds. "Are you ok now?"

(Nothing new for Kasagi at the moment)

09-14-2006, 08:34 PM
The Port City of Draefar- Draefar Market Place

In a matter of seconds, all of the Mist Reapers had disappeared from Roc's sight. He looked all around but couldn't find them. Even the ones that he had killed had vanished into thin air. He still had no control over himself so he kept moving around looking. It was when he came across a blackish grey feather that he stopped his search for Mist Reapers.He slowly picked up the feather. When he looked at it, an image popped into his head and the only words he could say were...

"My Father..."

Suddenly an immense pain in his head. He let out a loud yell and then fell to the ground and passed out.

Leafe heard the yell from a distance. He moved in the direction of the yell until he found Roc lying face down on the ground. He immediatly ran over to him and picked him up.

"He needs some help fast, but who could..."

He then thought of that group of people who had also fought against the Mist Reapers.

"I'm hoping one of them can help Roc" Thought Leafe.

He made a dash to where they were in hopes to help his friend.

Seikyu Kiba
09-14-2006, 08:50 PM
Ketsueik raised his eyebrow and then stook his head "Hmph...so you guys here for the tournament?" He said looking around as a donut magically appears in his hand.

09-14-2006, 09:29 PM
Kyung-Soon, Market District Draefar

As her eyes snapped open, she realized the episode was over. She looked around, a Drakean loomed over her, "Are you okay now?" Kyung-Soon nodded in the affirmative. She continued to look around, her captain was asleep. Asleep? And some Zeov Guards were dead. Dead! But the battle was over.

And a Velkrei was approaching, his owner seemingly in pain. Everyone seemed focused on her, but she noticed Hawk was gone, which was bad. Then her eyes widened as she picked a dark feather from the Velkrei's pilot's hand, "...Cale!"

She stood up weakly and still dizzy, her wound caused massive blood loss. The wind whirled around her and caused her hair to dance. Dust seemed to add to the effect. Everything had gone so terribly wrong. And she was the only conscious Zeov officier. "Okay," she nodded to Roc, "Get him to the medical bay!" Some Zeov personnel obeyed.

Then Kyung turned to the Drakean. "Thank you." And she bowed.

She turned to observe the remains of the battle. Property was destroyed and Zeov guards died, but there were no Reaper bodies. She brushed her hair out of her eyes, but the wind fought to blind her. Finally, she kicked her captain (gentle at first, harder when Valyn refused to wake up). But it seemed she was out cold. Kyung surpressed a sigh.

"Let's hurry to Med Bay!" But lastly, she stuffed Cale's feather into her pocket.


"'Suck the sap of life to gain knowledge and hinder your own ignorance.' Do you understand this scripture, Brother? I wasn't questioning your motives, but your understanding of Sin. Zeov is sin in a crystalized state," Hood-Man led Cale into a dark chamber. Upon the snap of his fingers torches lit up.

"I think it's time I revealed Paradise to you," he said happily. As he did so, he slid open a sliding door and inside lay several different races strapped down on tables with needles in their arms. They were being forced-fed Mist in a liquid state, but each one was in a state of coma. "Faithful," Hood-Man explained. Several doctor-like people watched over the semi-dead bodies. "Mist injected directly into the body, that disables your ability to use the SymJunc system, but it gives you a boost of speed, strength, and dexterity, among other things. In short, you lose shed your old self and become reborn.

But this is only stage one for Paradise," Hood-Man continued. He turned to Cale, "For stage two, I need inside the Order of Harcrane, inside the angels' city, yet I'm unable to get in. I'm aware that you were banished, but I can dye your wings in a glorious new shade. White, for the Yeal'ka of your race. You'll become stronger, more intelligent... You just need to 'suck the sap of life.' In other words, have some Mist injected into your body."

Hood-Man looked to Cale to see reaction.

09-14-2006, 09:42 PM
Donovan walked back to where he dropped it and used the sleeve to wipe the blood off of the blade. The Cainscouge deactivated, and he slid the sleeve over the head of his unique weapon. He slid it into his back strap, checked to make sure it was in firmly.

He bent over and picked Vayln up, bridal style. Perhaps by showing the damned the true light of Shaanol, he could leave them from damnation. "Where is this medbay, then?" He directed at Kyung. He then remembered his entrance, and added, "Don't worry, I am not a Mist Reaper. You have my deepest assurances. You can even test me if you wish, I volunteer."

Seikyu Kiba
09-15-2006, 05:36 AM
Ketsueik took the time to think and then looked around "No seriously answer my question...are you guys in the tournament?" He asked looking down at his key. "If so, then this is my Valkire....Cry Kinogon." He said as if he was cool. All of a sudden the giant gold knight came out of the key.

"Whats is it sir?" He said in a deep voice. "Is it lunch time?"

"No! this is are competition for the tournament...say hello." He said as his now bald head had gold hair with lightning around it.

"Hello." He said bowing

09-15-2006, 01:50 PM

Balthazar walked around the dinning hall and sat down at a table "this is boring...i wounder where kisume is?" he said to himself looking around and then at the candle

Fionn Mac
09-15-2006, 03:50 PM
Cale- "Faithful Paradise Room"
Cale rolled his eyes at more of the scripture nonsense. "Sin is only relevant to those who have Faith...I have no such thing Brother" said Cale as he eyed the Reaper.
"The only faith attainable...is Faith in oneself, where no sin exists...or so I used to believe"

Cale's words trailed as he saw the disturbing scene of more Reapers being created.
"What sort of tainted Paradise have you created!?" questioned Cale angrily.
"You are no better than Zeov Co....creating more Reapers...against their will"

"You've spoken only Lies!...Are you my ally or my enemy?" Shouted Cale, extending his Glaive. Cale had expected little validity in the Reapers words...but he never expected to see more people suffering...being turned in to Reapers.

"Sidhe Garook!" Shouted Cale, as he swung his Glaive, creating an arc of crackling dark light...very different from his previous white light symjunc, that sliced through some of the doctor-like people...also cutting some of the tubes connected to the needles.
He was angry...betrayed somewhat, as the Hood-man was no better than Zeov Co.

"I...Will not become one of you" said Cale barely holding himself back from destroying anything else.
The thought of becoming a true High Angel...being accepted..was inticing. But it was the principle of the matter...for Cale could easily change his wing color with SymJunc, but it would mean nothing to whom it mattered most...himself.
"Why do you need in to my Former City's sacred place??...Answer me Brother!"

09-15-2006, 07:53 PM
‘‘How can I be a vampire?'' Seiru asked.

‘‘Do you remember your father in Sevi'Aon? He was driven out of the village because the town found out that he was a vampire. You carry vampire blood in you, therefore, making you a vampire,'' Cruise said.

‘‘How do you know so much about my family?'' Seiru asked, a whirlwind of emotions going through his body.

‘‘That is because I ... am your father ... ,'' Cruise said.

‘‘How are you my father? Sure, my father was a vampire, but he was mostly elf. You aren't anything like an elf at all. Also, you still haven't answered my question. What is this organization of yours?'' Seiru said.

‘‘Do you remember the locket that was the symbol of the Loure family?'' Cruise asked. He took a cross-shaped locket out of his pocket. He opened it up and revealed a family portrait containing a picture of Seiru, Cruise and his mother.

‘‘Then you must be my father, but how? My father was chased out of the city,'' Seiru said.

‘‘Once I was banished from the city, I found a bunch of undiscovered vampires and we started the orgranization Sophus,'' Cruise explained.

‘‘So what is it that you want now, father?'' Seiru asked.

09-15-2006, 09:25 PM
Going into the Velkrei Prep room (In the duelist arena next to the hotel)

Kojima walked past the hotel entrance and motioned for Azure Wing to follow. The entered the side door to the prep room and set up.

"We must win this tournement, we need the money." Kojima was nervous, he had lowered his hood in public and was worried others may have saw him breathing in the mist.

Azure Wing stood on a Velkrei stand, plugged into the computer to the left of it inside the large and boundless prep room. He could see around at a few of the other entries. "Stiff competition..." He stood on a shinnig pad as Kojima checked his systems.


walking into the hotel...
Crysta walked off after helping the Zeov hunter, then looked for Kojima....

Kasagi went down stairs for some food, he was hungry and wanted to keep his strength up. "Gah! Wheres the food around here?" He walked towards Crysta and tapped her shoulder "Pardon me, do you know where I can find the food around here?"

Crysta turned around and looked into his eyes. She noticed a mist signature in his left eye, it must of been artificial. "Yes, the diner is across that hallway." She pointed at the sign and laughed.

Kasagi laughed at his unnoticing and scratched his head "Well I may be the 'Silver Star' but I'm no geneous!" He laughed as he walked away.

Crysta stood ther for a second and blankly stared as she watched Kasagi walk away. "He's the Silver Star? I don't know..." She followed behind him with a mist illusion.

Seikyu Kiba
09-15-2006, 09:38 PM
Location: Locker room of the Sky Duelist Dome

"Kinogon....in a few day we will be fighting..." Ketsueik said looking down at the ground "Its going to be tough but I know we will win this." He said as his skin magically turned black.

Kinogon nodded and then looked down "This..sir will be the toughest competition of are lives." He said looking back up

Ketsueik nodded and then got up "Right lets do are best."

09-15-2006, 10:12 PM
The Port City of Draefar- Zeov Medical Center

It was the day of the tournament, and Roc was still not up to full strength. Leafe didn't want him pushing himself, but he wouldn't miss out on the tournament.

"C'mon Leafe you saw how strong they all were, Wouldn't you want a chance to fight them?"
"They're all very powerful, and I think I like the idea of testing my Strength against them, but I don't think we'll stand a chance against them with the condition your in..."
"I don't think we really stand a chance in this tournament either, but still I want to test my limits"
"If I remember correctly, you broke your limits 2 days ago when you went nearly insane"

Roc looked down. He had no memory of what happened other than finding the feather on the ground and having a brief image of his father, followed by an immense pain. The Gash had now turned into a marking in the shape of half a cross.

"Well then, lets make our way to the arena then"

As they both left they passed by the Zeov women who had been hit before in the back. Roc walked up to her.

"Thank you for medical attention uhhh....Miss....?

09-15-2006, 10:16 PM
Hood-Man, "Paradise"

Not a twitch of the eyebrow or reactionary expression on his face, although his face was hidden behind the hood. No emotion, no fear. Not even surprise or anger. Hood-Man was a statue.

"Finished?" Hood-Man casually asked after Cale's tantrum. A smile crept upon his face, an amused smile of neutral carelessness. "I speak only truth, Brother. If you must even question it, I am your only friend as one who avoids the walk of destruction. Zeov Corporation is evil to its very roots, from the core to its puppets. I exist only to combat its conspiratorial conquest of Zaytarn. These Faithful have found my light as I preach only truth, thusly chose to become my Faithful. Choice, Brother, is my religion. For on the Day of Final Judgement, only those that I am able to save will live. All my steps move toward the goal of bringing down the global terror, Zeov. Don't you see? Can't you understand?"

Hood-Man held his palms out, "I'm trying to save as many people as I can. But one can only do so much, which is why I need you to bring me the Harcrane artifact. You could go in alone and avoid bloodshed, or I shall be forced into a head-first attack on the Harcrane order. And that needless bloodshed is exactly what I want to avoid."

"Mist Reapers, Faithful rather," Hood-Man indicated the men on the tables, "are the ones that will be left standing on the Day of Final Judgement, which is the final day that the evil of Zeov shall be tolerated. Only those capable of living one with the Mist shall survive, namely the Faithful. And you're welcome to convert anyone you can to be a Faithful. We must save the world from Zeov Corporation, the only way is a world wide purification."

Hood-Man shrugged and folded his arms. "Content with my answer? I can't save everyone, and Mist can affect the mind, but Zeov forced this on me. Zeov plans something so dark that it may just kill life as we know it. Mothers and their children will die unless we stop Zeov Corporation from putting their plan into full swing."

Kyung-Soon, Market District

Kyung looked at Roc, "-Na. Kyung-Soon Na. You were very brave to jump into combat, or stupid. I thank you nonetheless."

She looked at Donovan, every sign told her that this guy was a Mist Reaper and, for certain, she could swear he was. But nonetheless, he helped greatly and was an asset. "Okay," she found herself saying reluctantly. "I trust you for some reason, thanks for the help."

She instructed Zeov Guards to block off the area and help the wounded. Everyone responded accordingly. Then Kyung-Soon led the man carrying Captain Valyn to the Med Bay in the Zeov Company Building. "Thanks for your help, but don't you feel strange? I mean to say, those Mist Reapers weren't normal."

She smacked her own head, forgetting proper manners like she did when she still lived with her mother. "Forgive me, I'm forgetting myself. I'm Kyung-Soon Na, Zeov Agent. And you are-?"

Fionn Mac
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Cale-Faithful Hideout
Cale's Glaive returned to its brush state, as he calmed himself down. He had never before showed such anger or such a dark side of himself.
This Man's sick confidence was getting to him...he was generalizing points...oddly, making some sense, yet again.

"You mock me Brother..." said Cale codly as the turned away from the Man.
"I do not consider you a friend...nor should you consider me as yours...I have no friends."

"But...though I no longer care for the plights of others...I will do as you ask" said Cale, still unsure if he believed his own words.
"Although Brother, I will do it my way...free of any "Faith" you offer"

Cale then walked out the door, spreading his wings ready to take flight.
"You will have what you need...in due time" Said Cale turning back to the Reaper, with a suprising hint of sadness, though he knew not where it came from.
"And Brother...don't take me for a fool...your faith is not as pure as you make it seem."
With that Cale flew off...as he would have to pass through Draefar, as well as Varnia...to reach his birth city.

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After Kisume slowed her heart beat to its normal rate; she picked herself up off the floor. Katsu was right behind her. She sat down on the corner of the bed and breathed in and out. After a few mins of hearing nothing but the breaths she took; she got up and opened her door. Looking around outside she didn't see anyone. She carefully walked out making sure they're were no traps set for her.

She walked downstairs and into the dining hall. Walking around the corner, she saw Balthazar. "Hello, Balthazar." she said taking the seat next to him.

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OOC: Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile, I had to get through reading four pages. I also had lots of school work this week, and still do unfortunately.

Location: The Clock Tower City of Aurzon
Character's: (Blue Tenkaijo, White Sales Manager, and Red Reia.)

While Tenkaijo was wandering the streets of The Clock Tower City of Aurzon, he seemed to stumble upon a cluster of school children, formed in a circle around this one person. Tenkaijo became curious, so he went over to take a peek at what was going on. To his surprise there was this Laboji that seemed to be really skilled at magic tricks. He stepped up, and commented her on her marvelous tricks.

"Wow miss, those tricks are amazing! I wish I could do that! It is very kind of you to be showing your talents to these young children. May I ask why you do it?"

"Hmm, the question is, why not? The mind is a wonderful thing, best not put it to waste. Do you not think so yourself? Time is a matter of second's you know."


"True, time does make up for the matter of seconds that pass in a day. Miss, I was wondering what might your name be? As for I haven't seen you in these neck of the wood's before."

"Why state thy name, when thy has not stated his name? Isn't it true that what they say, the one coming fourth, should alway's present their name before asking another's name?"

"Hmm... True, and I am very sorry. I am Tenkaijo, and I am an Angel."

"Oh, an angel you say? Angel's are the one's that have wing's, are they not?"

"Yes, as an angel I do have wing's, I just don't show them very often in public."

"Ah! But you should! I'm sure your true nature, is much more stunning then your form now."

"Ah... my true nature... I forgot the meaning of that... a long time ago..."

"Why has thy forgotten? Aren't memories meant to be treasured?"

"Hmm... well, not mine..."

"Why not?"

"I'd rather not discuss my life issues to someone I have just met."

"Oh, alright, and by the way my name is Reia. I'm renowned for my outstanding trickery, and my magic. So if you hear of mysterious occurences happening, that is probably me."

"ha, ha, ha... You have got to be kidding me? You... can pull a trick on somebody?..."

"Yeah, check your back pocket. Anything missing?"

Tenkaijo reaches for his back pocket, and his wallet is gone...

"What!? How'd you do that!? I must know."

"A magician never reveal's their secret's."

"Erm... W...Well..." and he stopped there. "Ahhh! I'm just about to be late for a meeting I must attend to. Well, I better get going, but I will see you around."

"Yes, i'm sure we will see more of each other soon. I'm almost certain of it."

"Why do you say that?"

"No reason. Well, ta, ta for now."

As Reia vanished.

"Where'd she go!? Erm... I'l never know with girl's... What time is it?"

"It is quarter to seven at night."

"Whoa! Where are you? Show yourself."

"Sorry, That is a no can do."


Tenkaijo then walked off towards the Heaven's Reach Bar to meet the Sale's Manager for there trade discussion. To only stumble upon a strange follower when arrived at the bar.

"Well, sir i'm here, and I am not late. Do you wish to tell me of how this trade will work? I know you know basic sym-junc, so if I gave you angelic symbol's to practice with, could I possibly receive my velkrei early by any chance? This is so that I can get a feel of owning a velkrei. This way your practicing sym-junc, while i'm getting to know the velkrei. If you have any questions then I can help because I will be in the same area of where you plan to train your sym-junc. Don't worry I will make sure that you are able to learn those sym-junc symbol's."

"Alright, that sounds fair. We can practice by the old, Miller Mine. Just a short travel away from the city. But not to worry we have Reia on our side with us today."

"What, did you just say Reia? The magician?"

"Yes, you know her?"

"Do I know her... of course I know her! I saw her performing a magic act for the school children earlier."

"That's great! Because she is going to accompany you from now on, as is a servant too, on your journey."

"What!? You have to be kidding! Me stuck with her... I think i'd rather pass..."

"Alright, then no velkrei then... It is either you allow this poor orphan child to stay with you, and this slave or no velkrei. You do not have to stay if you accept this offer, and I will practice by myself these angelic symbol's in sym-junc that you have ever so kindly given me."

"Alright fine... I accept."

"Awesome, let's go back to my shop and I will have the servant fetch the velkrei for you, and dim comp."

The sales manager, Tenkaijo, and Reia went back to the sales manager's shop to grab the slave, and the velkrei.

"Well I will go fetch the slave, and velkrei for you sir. Just wait right here."

"So, Tenkaijo, I guess were partner's now... I hope you'l accept to be my friend, I really would like it if you did."

"Sure Reia, I would be happy to be your friend. We can talk of our special abilities, and such once were on our way."

"Really? That would be awesome! Alright, I look forward to that!"

As the sales manager came up the stairs he handed over the dim comp., the velkrei, and the slave.

"Alright this velkrei's name is Minokari Senkairo, and my most favorite servant which i'm entrusting upon you, from this shop, calls himself "Vash Kitomaru".Well, best of luck on your journey folks, also Reia, and Tenkaijo I was told there is a velkrei tournament soon so go to the designated locaton and sign up fast before all spots are taken! Good Bye Everyone, and thanks Tenkaijo for the great sym-junc symbol's."

"Your welcome sir, however I should really be thanking you. As for you gave me these wonderful travelling partner's. Good bye, and good luck with your sale's I will return, and come in for visits now and again."

Tenkaijo, Reia, and Vash all headed out in search of the tournament's location. Thus begining there journey away from there home town, "The Clock Tower of Aurzon."

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Hood-Man, "Paradise"

He followed Cale out to watch his take-off, a smile on his face but hidden away in his hood of dark mysteries. Things were palming out just as this dark figure had intended, although it was truth that he had believed Zeov Corporation was the enemy of the world. His plans, though, were only completely known to him and him alone.

"Pure...?" he inquired to no one as Cale had already gone. "The only pure thing in this world has already been swept away by the sinners who were too afraid and unwilling to understand. Zeov Corporation took you away, but I shall pay them back tenfold, Sister."

He turned back into the Paradise and looked at the cut-down doctors that worked friviously on his Faithful. "Sister speaks through me, Sister guides me, Sister allows you to become one with her through me." He held his palm to the dead and dying doctors, a blue-ish vapor rising from their bodies and being sucked into Hood-Man's hand. Moans emitted from the ones that were still alive, but hushed as Mist, their dependency to life, left their bodies.

He took off his hood, but the lights of Paradise extinguished and darkness hid his face, though glowing blue eyes were visible.

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Donovan set Valyn on a cot and straightened. "You can call me Donovan. And when it comes to strange, let's just say I've developed a thick hide to it." He smiled, thinking of his definition of strange. "Well... terrorists tend to act coordinated, right?"

He turned and began to walk out of the medbay. "If you ever need me, yell for the guy who's got one of these." He finished, motioning with his hand to the Cainscouge strapped across his back.

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Balthazar glanced to see Kasumi sitting next to him,he turned his head "oh hello there Kasumi" he said with a calm cheerful look on his face almost like he is happy she is here "how are you today?" he said picking up his water and sipping it "anything new or something?...ready for the tournement?" he asked nervously "Kasumi..to be honest i dont want to fight you..but i must if i want to win and all"

Seikyu Kiba
09-16-2006, 04:23 PM
OOC: It is not the day of the tournament I edited it...im just in the locker room. We need Viper to catch up unless he wants us to move on to the tournament

Ketsueik decided to take awalk out side into the dome and looked around "This...this place is big." He said looking around at the seats and battle ground "I wounder.....what is everyones power..Kinogon....what do you think are advantage is."

Kinogon looked down and then laughed "well its simple are power is very unique so we might have the upper hand...then again everyone else might have a power that is of are disadvantage."

"Agreed." He said as he kicked some dirt up that might not actually be there. "Well lets do are best."

09-16-2006, 07:47 PM
Still in the prep area..

Kojima nodded at his Velkrei's comment and typed a little on the key pad. The computer made some beeps and click sounds as it processed the information.

"I need you to be at top performance for the tournement, the money we make may bring us a step closer to furfilling our destiny."

Azure Wing stood there with a book in his metal hands, reading it contently. "Did you know that the Mistyns fortold a prophecy, that one day people will bring upon themselves the rath of the Mist?" He looked over to Kojima, his viser was shinning a bright red with curiosity.

"Yes I have heard, but most say that it's nothing to be worried about, but I think it may have some standing because of what Zeov did to me.... I think they may bring upon us the wrath of the mist." He then pressed a button on the computer and the plugs shot off of Azure Wing, a little mist vapor spurted from the disconnection.

"Azure Wing!" He said with meaning as he raised his hand into the air. The DimComp glowed and Azure Wing wrapped around Kojima's body.

He then walked out onto the feild with his Velkrei's azure Psi Saber activated.
"Time to practice..." he said slowly as he raised to blue beam into the air and swung it down repeatedly.


Crysta and Kasagi are both going into the diner.

Kasagi looked back to find Crysta gone, but it didn't seem right. He activated his artificial eye and traced mist signatures. Any mist being used or focus was picked up on this scan, changing his left eye's view into a sort of 'Inferblue' vision.

"I see you!" He shouted at the large mist signature infront of his face.

"Gah!" Crysta yelped as she was noticed. She then dispelled the illusion and looked at Kasagi.

"You are the Silver Star?" She asked a bit nervous.

"Indeed I am kind drakeana (term used for a female Drakean, also used for Hydrean: Hydreana.) so what do you want? An autograph?" He laughed a bit getting ahead of himself.

"No, I must ask you somethi-" she was interrupted by Kairin running from the stairs glomping Kasagi.

"Kasa-chan! Where have you been? I was worried!"She was clamped to Kasagi with her sad eyes fixed on Kasagi. "Don't leave like that!"

"Ok kairin, next time I'll say something, I was just hungry.

Fionn Mac
09-16-2006, 07:59 PM
Cale-Above Draefar
Cale was somewhat hesitant as he entered the city of Draefar once again. Keeping to the skies, he was keeping a comfortable distance away from any contact.
This was the city in which he lost and left his ideals...as well as his former self. Or perhaps rather, his former self was still buried deep under the rubble of Archives.
Nonetheless, Draefar was a taste of what memories would resurface, once he reached Varnia.

For some reason, Cale felt compelled to take one last look at a place he hoped...he would never have to enter again. Even telling himself he needed to "rest" his wings, eventhough he was far from fatigued.
Cale then landed high atop the Zeov. Company Building.

"So much pain...was caused by this organization...but why does it seem like the Brother is offering the world the same pain?"
said Cale to himself. He was confused, having no one, having no text to better explain the situation...he was unable to judge right and wrong.

"Zeov Co. is evil...I agree with the Brother on that...but is not his purificatiion parallel to that of Zeov Co?" said Cale frustrated as he placed his hands over his face.
"But...Kyung-Soon...she...isn't...evil...No All of Zeov is evil...but maybe she isn't..."
"Argh...Why, does her name create further complexity in my mind?"
Cale thought he no longer cared for others, as they no longer did for him...but the mention, or thought of Kyung's name envoked...something in him.

09-16-2006, 08:59 PM
Location: Leaving The Clock Tower City of Aurzon. Entering the Forest where the Crystal Forest City of Fanclaw lies. Then shortly off from there, travel to the City of Draefar- Where the tournament was said to be held.

(Tenkaijo- speaking in blue, Reia-speaking in red, Minokari-speaking in purple, and the Bar Tender-speaking in green.)

Tenkaijo was handed the dim. comp, and the velkrei by the sales manager, back at the shop. Tenkaijo had been carrying both the dim. comp, and the velkrei in his arms. The Velkrei was becoming quite heavy, and he did not wish to carry her any further. So he decided that he would try programming her. He looked all around for the "on" switch, but there was none to be found.

"How strange? How do I get this velkrei to run? Do you know by any chance Reia?"

"I am sorry Tenkaijo, but I have no clue on how to program an old model such as this one. It is one of the original's, is it not? If it is, there may be an activation code that you may have to say, in order for her to run. But for activation code's, I have no clue on what it might be. Maybe try saying her name, with random word's along with it. Who know's, that may just work."

"Alright, I will give it a try Reia, and thanks."

Tenkaijo began calling out the velkrei by name, but the velkrei just did not seem to want to activate...

"Okay here I go, one last time..."

Tenkaijo began speaking, then words just seemed to come to him at random, as if he was entering the mind of another person.

"Minokari Senkairo, I know that I do not look like that of a professional sky duelist, and honestly I am not. However, please give me this chance to work by your side as a sky duelist. I go by the name of Tenkaijo Kenchuruu, and my life long dream is to become the greatest sky duelist there ever will be in history. I know that your creator wanted for you to be entrusted upon the right person. I may not be the best, and I may seem weak, but together we can become strong. That is what your creator wanted for you, was it not? It is alright if you wish not to choose me to be your owner, but I would be honored if you were to accept me as your owner. I promise that I will alway's stay by your side, and never leave you alone. Like your last owner had done."

Tenkaijo tried, and tried... Yet still he never seemed to get the velkrei to run. A tear came to his eye, as for he worked so hard to get a velkrei, and now he can't seem to get his to work. When something extroardinary occured from behind him. An aura of white light seemed to beam off the velkrei. As Tenkaijo was sitting quietly, and crying to himself, and telling himself that he failed to become a sky duelist. He sat in shame, trying not to catch the other's attention. When Reia called out to him.

"There is a strange light emitting from your velkrei Tenkaijo, I think it would be best that you looked."

He turned to face the velkrei, and to his surprise, the velkrei seemed to open her eye's, and glare right at him. He quickly wiped away the remaining tears that leaked from his eye's, trying to hide his emotions from the other's. When all of a sudden, the velkrei spoke.

"Hello, you must be Tenkaijo Kenchuruu. My name is Minokari Senkairo, and I do believe that you sir are my owner, if you will accept me to be, that is."

"I...I... I don't know what to say... I can't believe that y...you just spoke to me right now, right here... I... I would be honored to have you as my velkrei partner, Minokari."

"Awesome! I am so glad that I have you as my new owner, sir. Um... Might I ask why you were crying back there sir, just a little while back I mean. I saw that you wiped away a tear from your eye, as you glared up at me."

"Y... You... saw that."

"Well sir, I did. I was was worried what you might be crying about, and was hoping that I may be able to help resolve your times of sadness, and sorrow."

"Um... Really? You really mean it? Aww... that is very sweet of you Minokari. Thanks. It is just that I was really worried that you wouldn't want to be my velkrei partner, and honestly I felt that you might not run, because I couldn't seem to program you."

"Aww... I didn't know anyone cared about me that much. As you can see I am no ordinary velkrei. What I mean by this is, I am the one that chooses who will be my owner. The owner cannot just choose me to be their velkrei, there must be a good reason, and the owner must seem determined to keep to the truth. I will not tolerate an owner that uses their velkrei with disrespect, and having to fight all the time. Honestly I do not care all that much for fighting, but if I have to I will. Most of the time when I encounter a fight it is to defend myself. Thus, I chose you, because I could see the kind soul that lie within you."

"Aww... Why thanks, Minokari. I promise to not use you for large quantities of fights, unless if need be, or if we encounter trouble. There is one thing that I would really like to try though, if you don't mind that is. I was planning on entering the Sky duelist tournament. Would you be up to that?"

"Um master, may I call you by your first name? or would that bother you? and sure, I wouldn't mind entering a tournament, as long as I knew that you were there to cheer me on."

"No, no that wouldn't bother me at all. Actually I would prefer if you did actually call me by name Minokari, and thanks for asking. Minokari of course I would cheer you on. I wouldn't let you fight by yourself. I will be right by your side alway's Minokari, like I promised you I would."

"Your welcome Tenkaijo. I am really glad to hear that from you Tenkaijo, that you will help me out with my battle's. I too, will help you out when you are in battle with another person, velkrei, or creature."

Tenkaijo, Minokari, Reia, and Vash all headed further out towards the exit of town. They entered the Crystal Forest, which now Reia, was some what familiar with. As for she was born in the Crystal Forest City of Fanclaw. She was one with the laboji, at one time.

"So Reia, you do know your way around these neck of the woods, do you not?"

"I sure do! A matter of fact, I can trace the very scent of where my home town is, aswell as where sources of water are, and varieties of food. We won't go starving, that is for sure."

"Excellent! Will be at Draefar in no time."

The group walked deeper into the woods, when they came across a peculiar city, in the middle of no where. Reia noticed that it was her home town, "The Crystal Forest City of Fanclaw."

"Well guy's, this is my home town, do you wish to look around? or do you wish to go straight to Draefar?"

"Um, I say that we go straight to Draefar, as for we do not want to be late for the tournament."

"Alright, Draefar it is then."

The group continued there journey towards Draefar, when all of a sudden they came to a dead end.

"What!? A dead end, but I was sure that there was a way to get to Draefar without travelling by sea. Oh well, I guess will have to turn around, and catch the boat over to Draefar you guy's. I'm very sorry."

"Aww darn! We seem to have run into some bad luck. What a journey we have stumbled upon! We travel for hours, just to find ourselve's stranded at a dead end like this. Well, I guess it isn't really an issue for me, as for I could alway's fly over to the boat port that leads to Draefar. But how would you guy's get across? That is the question... Well, I guess because you two are not capable of really flying, we better head the way we came, and find ourselve's a boat to head to Draefar. This is so that before it become's to late in the day, we are able to catch the boat, before it stops its daily travel for the night. Let us get going guy's... We musn't be late."

"Wait! I may be able to help Tenkaijo... You see... I... I can walk on water. I could take these two across for you, if you want. While you fly your way across, and we can meet up on the other side."

"Do you think that you could do that for me Minokari? If so, that would be splendid if you would! Guy's... change of plans, we may not have to turn around after all."

"What!? How can you say that!? We can't get anywhere from here with our abilities..."

"Yes we can... Minokari will escort you, and Vash to the other side. She can walk on water. I will fly over, and meet you guy's on the other side."

"Alright! That sounds great! Awesome! So I guess I will meet you on the other side then, Tenkaijo."

"Yes, we sha'll meet on the other side of the river where the boat port can take us to Draefar. Minokari please do take these two to the other side, and please do be careful. I will fly over, and meet you guy's on the other side, shortly."

"Alright Tenkaijo, I won't let you down, and thanks for caring so much about me, you truley are the greatest! Come on guy's, we best get going, so that Tenkaijo doesn't have to wait very long for us to arrive."

"Alright Minokari, I am ready when you are."

As Reia made sure that Vash was on, and was hanging on tightly. They then glided smoothly across the water, heading in the direction of where the boat launch was, where people could set sail for Draefar Banks. Tenkaijo had arrived at the docks where the ship had been waiting, and was now waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. They shortly pulled up to the docks where the large ship was located.

"Were here Tenkaijo, sorry for the wait."

"No worries, I wasn't here that long."

There was a booth on shore where you needed to purchase a ticket to board the large sailing vessel. So they went to the ticket booth, and purchased themselves there ticket's, and quickly scurried aboard the large ship that was setting sail for Draefar. Before long, they had found that the ship had made it to Draefar. It was a bit of a distance, but it was also a nice cruise to venture upon. They stepped on shore where all the sailor's had welcomed them to Draefar hoping that they will have a nice stay. We thanked the sailor's for their great service on board the vessel and started to head into the city.

They began searching the city of Draefar for places to stay, as for it was quite late at night. They located a nice hotel to stay at, and decided that they would book into that hotel for the night. So once they were booked in, and they had there room number with the key to go into their room; they decided that they would go for a bite to eat. As for they were very hungry, and thirsty after their long journey. They found a location where they could eat, and get a nice cold beverage to have for their meals. So they decided to stop in at this bar and restaurant.

"What will it be for you today sir? Oh, I haven't seen you here before. Are you new to the city?"

"Yes, infact we are. We just came from The Clock Tower City of Aurzon, and to tell you the truth, were pretty hungry, and thirsty from our travel. May we order something bartender?"

"Of course you may, and wow! that is quite the journey young traveller's. Is there anything specific you came for in Draefar? may I ask."

"Well, you see... We heard about this Sky Duelist tournament that was said to be taking place here, and I was hoping to register for it. Do you happen to know where I might be able to register for this tournament?"

"Oh, you don't say? Well, I have exactly what you have come for then. Here, take this as a gift. Here are five tickets for the tournament, make sure to take a friend or two."

"Oh, awesome! Thanks man! You rock!"

"Gurgle Gurgle..." as the groups stomach's growl in hunger... Waiting for food.

"Here you are guy's, for your outstanding travel. This buffet of food, and beverages is on the house. Take it as a welcoming gift from me. To welcome you to the City of Draefar."

"Wow! Look at all this food! Thanks a lot bar tender. However I feel that I must give you some sort of payment in return."

"Don't worry about it... I like to help traveller's out here, and again."

"Thank you so much once again for the great meal, it looks delicious."

As the group begins to chow down, they picture in their minds, of how the tournament will turn out. Once they have finished there meal's, they head back to there hotel, and go to sleep in there seperate beds. This is so that they can receive a good night's rest, and feel well refreshed from there long travel, the next morning they wake up.

09-17-2006, 12:45 AM
Port city of Draefar - Arena

Roc bowed his head to Kyung

"Nice to meet you Miss Kyung-san"

Roc and Leafe then proceeded to make there way o the Arena. There wasn't anyone at the Arena when they got there, so they went to the Arena front desk to ask about the Tournament.

"Sorry fellas, but the Tournamet got pushed back another 2 days since the Mist Reaper attack that occured is still under investigation"
"Alright, thank you sir"

Roc and Leafe then walked away from the Arena and into the Garden district to relax for a bit.

"Well this kinda stinks, I was hoping to get to fight today"
"Well look at the bright side Roc, least now you have some time to recover from your wounds"
"I suppose your right, I wouldn't really be able to fight full capacity with these injuries"
"So we'll let your wounds heal and we'll train again once your ready to. Then hopefully we'll be ready for the tournament"
"Alright, sounds like a plan"

And for the rest of the afternoon, Roc and Leafe relaxed in the Garden District.

09-17-2006, 09:51 AM
Kisume couldn't help but smile when he was near. "I'm a little scared and nervous." She was sacered because she was a mist reaper and she had seen them being killed and was thinking she would be next soon. This is why her sensai never wanted her out of his sight or out of their village. She was nervous because tomorrow was the start of the tourment. She smile faded. "I do not really want to fight you but must if we are put against each other."she said. Her smile return and she stuck out her hand "Let the best person win!" she exclaimed.

09-17-2006, 10:02 AM
Balthazar smiles and took her hand "agreed" he gave a small laugh "i am actually looking forward to fighting you" he said as he sipped his water "i just hope your strong enough to fight me and Mirage" he knew she would be able to beat him and his Valkire,so he will have to go all out on Kisume

09-17-2006, 10:12 AM
"I hope none of us will get hurt. It's just a tournment so don't get hurt. Don't put your life on the line. There will always be more tournments but only one life." she felt like her sensai was speaking instead of her right then. She laughed at herself. "You and Mirage will be hard to beat." she said. It wasn't because they were powerful that they would be hard to beat but it was because she didn't want to hurt him.

Seikyu Kiba
09-17-2006, 05:17 PM
Ketsueik walked back to the hotel and looked around "Kinogon since the tournament is tomorrow...I want you to get pleanty of sleep." He said taking out the key. "Now in you go." He said as Kinogon started to be absorded into the Key.

"Noooooo!!!!!" Kinogon said as he disappeared into the key.

"Lets just hope are power is strong enough." He said walking into the hotel and standing in the lobby. Then went to his room and changed into his bathing suit and headed for the pool and jumped right in and relaxed.

09-17-2006, 07:33 PM
Still in the arena, training.

Kojima went all out, swinging the Velkrei Psi blade with intense speed and power. He swung it about his whole body, flipping and swinging from high and low.

"I'm not good enough yet, I must get stonger!" He shouted out loud as a group of applicants watched him in amazement.

Kojima breathed in heavily and whenever he breathed out a blue vapor would shoot from Azure Wing's ventilation system in the head area from below the visor.
Still in the hall next to the Diner.

Crysta watched on as the two talked, the girl seemed worried and by Crysta's view she could predict she loved Kasagi dearly. "Nothing like lovers huh?" she said caught up in the moment.

Kasagi heard the comment andlet out a "Whaaa?"

Kairin smiled at the comment and hugged to him tight. "What? Do you not like me Kasa-chan? Hmm?"

Kasagi snapped into reality, he was blushing "Well.. it's not that I don't like you..."

"Huh? you don't like me!? Waah!" She acted like she was crying keeping an out an eye for his reaction.

"Don't cry Kairin-chan, I didn't mean to make you cry!" She was screwing with his mind at this point, and Kasagi didn't know what to do. "I LIKE YOU KAIRIN!" he shouted out of shear emotional build up.

"Hurray!" She glomped him again knocking him to his rear. "Marry me!" She yelled out playfully.

Kasagi was lost in an overload of emotion and his thoughts seemed jumbled.

Crysta backed away slowly "Ummm I'm gonna leave... BYE!" she shouted running down the hallway and upstairs. She stopped at the top of the stairs and thought about what happened. "Oh gods what have I done to that poor boy!?"

09-18-2006, 03:06 PM
Balthazar looked at her and smiles "your right Kisume we only have one life and if we die its all over..so we have to watch eachothers backs,and i know you dont want to fight me and Mirage in the tournment and nither do I..but we have to..and I cant hold back,when we fight...we have to be strong and only focus on the thing is most dear to you" he laughed alittle "and i know you dont want to fight Mr.Creepy"

09-18-2006, 07:34 PM
Port City of Draefar - Harbor District

Evening was starting to roll in when Roc and Leafe were walking back to the hotel. They were walking through the Harbor District when they came across a man sitting by a crate in a black cloth. He was looking down so that his face was concealed. Roc decided to continue walking past this man, as not to cause some trouble if any. But as they passed by him. He said something that puzzled Roc.

"The boy with half his hopes, a man who's lost all hope, a women with hope for the future, a friend who has hope for a frined. We all rely on our hopes, yet where they bring us only Father will know"

Hearing the name Father, Roc turned around quickly, but only to find that the man was gone. He took quick glances arounf, but he was no where in sight.

"What's wrong Roc?"
"You heard what that man said right? The one that was sitting by the crate?"
"The was a man in a black cloak sitting by that crate, didn't you see him?"
"I didn't see or hear anything Roc. Are you feeling alright?"
"Yea, I'm feeling alright, guess I was imagining things"
"Alright, well lets head to the hotel so you can get some rest"

They continued walking to the hotel, but all that Roc could think about was that man and what he said.

"A boy, a man, a women, and a friend who have some form of hope....I got a bad feeling somethings going to happen..." Thought Roc.

Seikyu Kiba
09-18-2006, 07:42 PM
OOC: The Tournament will begin when Tetsa gets on and posts the line up

Ketsueik was still sitting in the lobby in a near by chair "Well.....tomorrow...or today is the tournament...Who I want to face...is Balthazar for no particular reason...he just makes me mad." He said laughing evily "Muwahahahahahahaha!" he said under his breath.

09-18-2006, 09:48 PM
OOC: Sorry I couldn't post earlier. I've been so busy with school and driver's test and family business. It's been crazy, but I'll try to stay regular.

MedBay, Zeov Company Building in Draefar

The Captain's eyes fluttered open, and she was surprised to find that she was in bed. She looked around and saw medical equipment. It took a few seconds to click that she was in the med lab. Then she noticed that Operative Na was sitting in a chair next to the bed. She was dozed off in a sleep that was more natural than the black out that Valyn exprienced.

Kyung-Soon stirred and slowly lifted her head, still in a sleepy state. But she snapped to when she saw that her captain was awake. "Captain!" she exclaimed.

"Good morning... I think. What's the situation in the market district?"

"Well, all the Mist Reapers are gone. And an on-going investigation is under way, but the higher-ups decided to exclude us from duty. However, they want us to stay in contact. Currently, Captain Vyhar Gofai of Crimson Blades 2nd division is conducting the investigation. But, are you feeling okay?"

"Dandy," she lied. Valyn wasn't content with the results of the battle or the fact that all evidence didn't seem to exist.

Kyung looked away, partly ashamed.

"I saw Cale, you know." Kyung snapped to attention. "He was flying off, but gave us the very thing that probably saved your life."

Kyung fetched the angel feather from her pocket, "...Cale."

"Cale, the Fallen Angel. It sounds like a catchy nickname," Valyn effortlessly joked. No one was amused, but Kyung gave a weak smile. "More disturbing, I saw a Velkrei I never knew existed. It looked, almost, organic or demonic. I don't know what to make of this."

"Neither do I. Sometimes I hate being a Crimson Blade..."

Valyn didn't answer, but gave a look that suggested it meant, me too.

09-18-2006, 09:57 PM
OOC: I'll be posting the match ups! Note: There are fillers fyi.
All are at or going into the arena to see the roster.

Kojima walked up to the board and looked at it with as serious look. "I'll be facing... who?"


"So... this Black Claw guy... I'll beat him down." He stood there waiting to scope out the competition. He wasn't to thrilled with the pre advancement, but he knew there must be a catch.

After lunch Kasagi sent Kairin off to the room and ran for the posted matches. He looked at Kojima with his Infrablue vision and noticed he was like a ball of mist. He kept to himself, and looked for his next opponent. "I will fight... Balthazar... I hope he's an honorable opponent." He sits at the nearby bench.

Crysta sat right out of their sight after calming down. she knew she couldn't get past Kasagi's eye, but tried to stay undetected.

09-18-2006, 10:29 PM
OOC: sorry it took me a while to get into it guys. Grim's color

Draefar, Arena
A man in a deep black cloak, the right side of which was shot and torn, wandered through into the city borders of Draefar. He wandered around for a while, his face covered except for his mouth, which was still nearly too hidden in the shadow of his cloak to see. He walked about until he found the arena, he had heard of a Velkrei tournament and had planned to watch...
The man was close to six feet tall, and his entire being was covered in his cloak, except for the knee down on the right side, which exposed dark tan pants. A hood stood ontop of the beings head, covering most of his face and darkening the rest.
He paid the charge and went inside the arena, taking a seat, waiting for the tournament to begin....

Seikyu Kiba
09-19-2006, 05:22 AM
"H..Hunter...D..how...unoriginal...ILL KILL HIM!" He said clenching his fist and punching a wall for no reason. "well...this will be fun ill beat him to a pulp." Ketsueki was laughing evily and then looked at the key "You will stay there until the match." Then continued to laugh evily.

Fionn Mac
09-19-2006, 05:45 PM
Cale-Atop Zeov Co.Building, Draefar
Cale continued to sit atop the Zeov Co. building, watching the busy city as the torunament seeds were announced.
Cale had read about the grand tournament in various texts, but he had never seen one.
Nor did he have a Velkrei of his own.

"What is my place in this world?" said Cale as he rubbed his face, looking at a roster down below with his Elven sight.
"They all have their's...but I no longer have one"
Cale still wondered why the Brother wanted the Harcrane artifact, it was a powerful symbol of the Angels, but it was simply a small crystal orb, that was once embedded in the Shield of Harcrane, the greatest Angel warrior.

Cale knew the Brother would expect a prompt return, but one doesn't just walk into the heart of the clocktower and ask for the artifact.
Nor would He be bullied by the Brother, or his Faithful.
Cale would never become a Reaper, he would die before letting hit happen.

"What can they offer me?...death?" sighed Cale as he took out a scroll and began to draw Kyung-Soon, in her elaborate armor, changing the ink color with SymJunc...not knowing why he was drawing her.

"I should have died with Selvarr...I do not fear death"
Cale continued to draw his picture of Kyung-Soon, for once he returned to his former love...art. He was unsure of when he would head to Varnia, and then to his birth city...for eventhough he wasn't the same, a part of him still wanted to see the Battles.
"Selvarr...I'm sorry...my path is so unclear...what do I have to live for?"

09-19-2006, 06:01 PM
"Hey Blathazar do you think they posted the matches yet?" she asked. she got up from her sent and took Blathazar by the hand and pulled him behind her.

She looked at the sheet. She was up against Tenkaiji and Minakari. She turns to Blathazar "Do you know who Tenkaiji and Minakari are?"

09-19-2006, 06:03 PM
Port City of Draefar - Draefar Hotel

Roc and Leafe walked up to there room. Posted on the door was the roster for the tournament.

"Well, this is interesting, seems we'll be fighting a Shield Model as our first match"
"Wow, I've never seen another Shield model before"
"This should be fun, hopefully, we'll be able to win though"
"We'll win for sure"

Roc and Leafe then entered there room and sat down.

"Well, guess there's nothing else we can do until then, Just gotta wait for this to start"

Seikyu Kiba
09-19-2006, 06:21 PM
Ketsueik got up from his chair and then thought to himself Is it just me or is the roster tournament sheet in every part of the building? He got up and then went to his room. "Well....I wonder what this Hunter D. Character will be like...ILL KILL HIM!" He then took the key and pointed the key in the air and unlocked the air "Kinogon...Unlock!"

Kinogon looked at Ketsueik and then turned around "I was sleeping!" Then looked down "So...who is this Hunter D Fella?" He said disappearing into the key

Ketsueik laughed and then shook his head "I have no id....HEY YOU JERK!" Then he laid on the bed and went to sleep "Prepare to fight.."

09-19-2006, 06:52 PM
Kyung-Soon, Zeov Company Building

She looked out the window, despite the current events, the town was alive. This sporting event really brought people together, and Kyung admired it for its ability to make people forget grudges, hate, and woes to bring them together in a mutual embrace. It even held the power to numb recent heartaches, or so she hoped.

"Hey," she said over her shoulder to Cpt. Valyn. "Since we're not on duty or allowed to leave the city, would you like to go to the tournament and watch a few matches?"

Valyn held her chin in thought. "Well, what the heck. We're off duty and there's nothing else to do. Sure, let's go."

They walked out the building, almost cheerful. But something made Kyung stop in her tracks. A familiar presence, it was comforting in a sense. Cale? Couldn't be. She dismissed it and hurried to the side of Valyn.

09-19-2006, 07:23 PM
Balthazar got up and walked with Kisume "lets see...kasagi" he thinks for a minute "i wounder who that is...i hope its not mr.creepy or waldo..." he laughs and looks at kisume "who are you fighting?"

09-19-2006, 08:08 PM
OOC: Announcer Citan-kun and Ryokuo's colors.

~Welcome to Koji and Azure's forth wall! Tournement addition!~

Kojima awaited the announcements of which three matches would take place first. "If I remember these legit tourney's correctly, the fields are split into three different areas, separated by demensional drives allowing Velkreis and their pilots to fight in the same area at the same time."

From his DimComp Azure wing asked a question. "Explain this, I don't get it."

"Oh you forgot already? Oh well... see the arena? it spreads into three layers, in separate demensions. Think like stacking realities or something similar." He points out onto the field.

"Oh, sort of like my DimComp? Just a large compressed field?"

"You're getting there but no. It's more like an MagnaDimComp, where things are sent into an actual neo-reality in this one and not just compressed into a subtle device."

"I see... anything I should know (or the other contestants) before the tournement begins?"

"Yes, remember there will be three matches at a time for the first two rounds. The terrains will be different and if you're knocked out of youre force line (Surrounding shield) it's a ring out." He stopped and continued. "If you are defeated by damage overload your Velkrei will be automatically send into your DimComp. It'll look like it's shattering but that is normal."

"Ouch Kojima! I don't want to go through that!"

"I wont let you down Azure Wing! We'll try our best!"

"Huzzah! Well that's all the time this post has, see you next time on our 4th Wall!"

"Until the match!" He shouts as he and Azure walk off into the prep room, tuning up for their match.
~End of their fourth wall~

Kasgi stood up and walked into the locker room, he sat down and rubbed his face with a towel. "Geez... which three are going first?"

Crysta walked into the stands and took a seat. She grasped the hilt of her Psi blade in case of a sudden attack.

The music starts as force guns are shot into the air, it was the day of the Draefar tournement and the crowd was pumped. The Announcers took their seats and put on their head sets.

"Hello, greetings, Dre'narthel, Coruuk, Saeban'no, Serithali' krei dok! (Hello in Vaxon, Drakean, Hydrean, Loboji and Angel.) This is the Draefar "Crimson Cup" tournement. The contestants will battle it to see who will get the money, fame and glory!"

"Yes we are your Announcers: I'm Ryokuo and this is Citan-Kun. And get ready folks because the first round is about to begin!" He raised her hands and the crowd cheered.

"Will the top row contestants please step foreward!"

Signal ! Roc and Ace on the crystal field, Balthazar and Kasagi on the moat feild!, Hunter D. and Ketsueki on the Air feild! (With platforms to move on)

Kasagi, Ace, and D. stepped forward.

Kasagi jumped into the air and raised his wrist ring into the Air "Crimson Sky!" He shouted as his Velkrei formed around his body.

"Alright Bathazar! Let's have a good fight!" He shouted.

Ace stepped in with his Velkrei on. "Humph..." (Astalle, you contol Ace ok?)

D. threw a fist forward and was surrounded by his blue Velkrei. He drew his Psi Spear and twirlded it about. "Come'on!" He shouted. (Seikyu, control D.)

(Make the fights believable ok?)

09-19-2006, 08:18 PM
Balthazar appears and tosses his Discomp into the air revealing a female type valkire,it lunges at him and forms around,he gets on all for legs "yes we shall make this a good fight but i wont go easy on you" he releases and pulls out his psi whip "kasagi i hope you are strong and a good fighter i dont like weaklings" he said in an all cool girl and guy combination voice

Seikyu Kiba
09-19-2006, 08:26 PM
Hunter D. COlors
Ketsueki colors
Kinogons colors
Kinogon Omamori Colors

Ketsueki stepped onto the plateform and gave an evil smirk "Hmph, so this is my opponet...this won't last to long." He said holding up his Key and unlocking the air "Kinogon...Unlock!" He said.

Kinogon jumped out next to Ketsueki "Hmmm, lets go...I think I will be ready for this." He said as he closed his eyes.

Ketsueki also closed his eyes and whispered "Kinogon let are minds and bodies become one." He said and then opened his eyes and they started to grow red.

Hunter D. eyes grew wide "W-what how...can this be? I..I never seen I Velkrei power like this."

Kinogon started to glow all over and then Kinogon didn't just form on him...he fused into his body. And formed a whole new person with only his whole body is Gold and he wears similar Armor as Kinogon only black. Basically its just Ketsueki with Black Kinogon armor without the helmet.

Kinogon Omamori was his name and his weapon was cat claws that shot out needles, all he did was stand there with an evil glare on his face and didnt speak actually it seemed like he couldn't speak at all.

"W-what!? No! No! Its...a Fusion Velkrei? Thats impossible...But..I will win!"

Fionn Mac
09-19-2006, 08:45 PM
Cale-Streets of Draefar
Cale's Elven sight couldn't even pierce through the mob that was gathering to see who was facing who in the Torunament.
However, Cale did see Kyung-Soon and Valyn making their way to find to highly coveted seats.
A twinge in Cale's heart suprised him once again as he saw the Zeov Co. Operative. He hardly knew her, but for some reason she was the only one who sparked with little emotion he had left.

Cale decided a match or two wouldn't hurt, as the Brother needed him, and oddly let him work on his own accord. A full on attack of the City of Angels would mean great Losses to the Faithful...to messy for someone trying to purify the land.

Cale gracefully landed on the street below, taking on another diguise...he couldn't take the chance of Kyung-Soon recognising his Preferred Elven form.

So he decided to improvise, taking on the Form of an average Draefar Human, dark hair, lightly tanned skin.
Yet his now "brown" eyes kept a Greyish Tint...it took a lot of energy to maintain an unfamiliar look, and it was often the eyes that got the least change.
Cale often kept his true Grey eye color, though much to the dislike of his now deceased Master.

Cale quickly grabbed a dusty brown cloak off a sleeping citizen, and placed it over him, concealing his Elven Armor.
He then made his way into the flow of the traffic, heading towards the Tournament.

09-19-2006, 10:17 PM
(Blue is Tenkaijo speaking, White is the one of the maids of the hotel, Purple is Minokari speaking, Green is Reia speaking, and Red is an announcer at the Tournament speaking.)

Tenkaijo, Reia, and Minokari were all sleeping soundly without a noise to be heard in the room. Tenkaijo had set the alarm for eight o'clock a.m. but the time just didn't seem to hold up to its promise. There was a power outage during the night. When all of a sudden "Bang, bang, bang!" Knocking came in an immensely pounding rhythm on the their door.

"Telegram for Tenkaijo Kenchuruu. Telegram for Tenkaijo Kenchuruu. Telegram for Tenkaijo Kenchuruu." The voice repeated three times.

"I'm up, i'm up! Geez what's it take to get a bit of sleep around here!"

Tenkaijo looked around the room, he noticed there was something missing.

"Where is that so called "Vash". He is suppose to be here, with us, right now!"

"He must have left in the night Tenkaijo. I didn't hear, or sense the slightest bit of motion at all."

"Ah, you are probably right about that Minokari. But I wonder why he left, without leaving a note, or reason behind? Why did he leave so suddenly I wonder."

Tenkaijo heard the door being knocked once again. "Knock, knock, knock."

"Please sir, there is quite an urgent request on the telegram I have for you. I suggest you view what it has to say. I believe it is about the Tournament sir."

"Okay, okay! I am coming!"

Tenkaijo slams open the door.

"What is it, that you want! Oh... a telegram for me? Why, thank you madam."

"Your welcome sir, I hope you had a good night's rest, and hope that you have a splendid day today sir. Also I wish you luck in the Tournament sir."

"Thank you madam. I am very sorry for earlier. I acted in a rude way towards you. I really do hope you forgive me for my actions."

"You sir, are forgiven. Thank you for apologizing sir."

"Oh, with this "sir" business, you are more then welcome to call me by my name "Tenkaijo". Well miss, I better attend to this telegram and head on my way, but I will talk to you later."

"Good bye for now Tenkaijo."

Tenkaijo received the Telegram. The message was about the Tournament. It said that I had to meet at the entrance doors by eleven o'clock a.m. Also the opponent that I will be facing. The opponent being a mysterious lady, and her velkrei, by the names of Kasume, and Katsu.

"Hmm... Kasume, and Katsu... What a lovely set of names. I wonder if they will be difficult opponents to defeat. I wonder what her velkrei's strength's, and weaknesses are? What model she has will be interesting to find out too."

Tenkaijo look's at the 10 different clocks located in the room.

"What! The time is different on all of the clocks! What time is it!?"

"I can tell you Tenkaijo. It is ten fifty five a.m."

"ah, plenty o..." he stopped there. "What! What did you just say! Its five to eleven! oh man! I am so totally going to be late!"

"How will you be late? You alway's have me, and Minokari. We can get you there in no time flat."

"Oh yeah thats right! You two deal with time don't you?"

"Correct, my enchanted pocket watch can stop time, or slow it down, or speed it up. I will slow it down for you. Then Minokari can use her evade, and haste ability to get you there even faster."

"Awesome thinking Reia! I like that idea. Let's do it!"

Reia pulled out her enchanted pocket watch, and her dice. She rolled a six, which slowed the time down by six minutes. Then rolling another six and giving twelve minutes.

"That should be good, twelve minutes. Minokari's haste will get you there probably in less then five minute's."

"Awesome! Thanks so much Reia, and Minokari!"

"Alright now, Minokari if you would please take Tenkaijo to the tournament for me please. I will be arriving shortly to cheer you two on."

"Alright, sure thing Reia. Hop on Tenkaijo."

Tenkaijo hopped on to Minokari's back, and in no time was at the tournament door entrance.

"Awesome, were here! You excited Minokari?"

"No, not really. I am sort of worried."

"Aww... don't be Minokari, will do perfectly fine. We make a great team together!"

"Aww... Thanks Tenkaijo, I am so glad to have you as my owner. I hope who ever wins doesn't get to intensely hurt."

"I hope so too, Minokari. I would feel really bad if either we, or our opponent were in a huge state of injury."

"Tournament begining shortly! Get to your assigned stations immediately!"

"Uh oh, that is us. Lets see here now... Ah! There's a poster. Wow, we are coming up really soon! We must head to gate two."

"Alright, gate two it is."

They arrived at gate two, and entered the waiting room. Waiting to be called up to the arena.

09-20-2006, 09:18 AM
OOC: Alright Ace will Be Orange

Roc stepped foward towards Ace

"Let's have a good match"
"I'm hoping you can fight well punk"

The match began and Roc made a dash with his daggers towards Ace. Ace so this coming and quickly dodged. From the side, Ace's Shield Model rammed Roc and sent him flying back towards Leafe. Leafe then used a Shield toss aiming towards the Shield Model and hitting it in the leg. Seeing this as an opportunity, Roc charged at Ace again. Ace was caught off guard and recieved a wound in the arm from Roc's Dagger. Roc then threw a birage of strikes at Ace, which slowly pushed him back. While Roc was Pushing him farther and farther towards the edge, Leafe was mainly focusing oon keeping the Shield model away from it's owner. At this point though, The Shield model was going berserk trying to get by. It took most of Leafe's strength to hold him back, but eventually Roc pushed Ace out of the Ring. Roc and Leafe had won.

"Damn Brat beat me..."
"No hard feelings right?"
"Damned kid"

Ace and his model walked out angry as anything.
Roc just stared at him confused as he walked away
"It's only a tournament...."

Roc went to go check up on Leafe. He was in an alright condition, well enough that he could fight in some more fights.

"Well that was fun, wonder who our next opponent will be."

09-20-2006, 03:42 PM
Seeing Blathazar leave to go to his duel, she went and waited in the room the annoncert said to go. When she opened the door she saw her opponent. "Hello! I'm Kisume and this is..." Katsu came out of the Dimcomp "Katsu! I guess we shall be facing you!" she exclaimed. "It's nice to meet you! Hope that the best person will win! Good luck!!"

09-20-2006, 06:53 PM
Location: Draefar Tournament
(Blue Tenkaijo Speaking, Green Minokari Speaking, and Purple Reia Speaking.)

"Why hello there Kisume, and Katsu. My name is Tenkaijo, and this over here is Minokari. I wish you luck in the tournament Kisume, and Katsu. I was given a telegram that told me of you two being my opponents. However it never did state how gorgeous your appearances were. It looks as if you, and your velkrei are quite the pair. I am quite interested in how our match will turn out. Best of luck my friends."

"Tenkaijo... Tenkaijo! You will never guess what I came across on my way over here!"

"What is it Reia?"

"Look! I found myself my own velkrei! Attatched was a note that said "please take care of Ytaki Hitaku for me. Who ever stumbles upon this very velkrei I must warn you, that this velkrei is not like any other. I wish you the best of luck traveller, may this velkrei come to good use. Please once you have programmed him, will you please tell him that his previous owner is terribly sorry for abandoning in him. Thanks!" Isn't this incredible Tenkaijo! Now we both have our own velkrei!"

"Whoa! That velkrei sounds very mysterious. I would be cautious when turning it on."

Reia took a look at the velkrei, looking for an on switch. She grabbed her dim. comp. and checked to see if anything would make the velkrei function.

"Aww... Why won't it turn on?"

"Maybe it is an original model, like that of mine."

"Oh maybe. Hmm... Should I just give it some time to figure out if it wishes to be with me?"

"Sure, that sounds like a good idea to me Reia. How about you take him up to the booth's with you, and while your cheering me on you can try to communicate with the velkrei."

"Alright, sounds good. I will see you on the field Tenkaijo. Good luck out there."

"Thank you Reia, and if Ytaki could respond I am sure I would thank him too."

Reia left for the booth's to make sure that she had a good seat. Tenkaijo just sat there in the room, waiting for the tournament to begin. While Minokari thought of something other on her mind.

"Hey Minokari, is something the matter?"

"No, no not at all Tenkaijo. Why do you ask?"

"I saw you in deep thought, and thought that you might be worried about something, or are thinking of something important."

"Oh, no... Nothing important... I guess I am just a bit nervous..."

"Oh, alright. But if there is something troubling you please do let me know as for I would love to help resolve what ever you may be seeking."

"Alright, thanks Tenkaijo. But really I will be fine."


Tenkaijo began humming songs to himself, while he sat patiently in the room where he was about to enter the stage. While Minokari sitting also however was in a deep thought. Thinking of something very important to her, that not even Tenkaijo knew about.

09-20-2006, 09:01 PM
Kitsune took a seat across from Tenkaiji and Minokari. Katsu layed at her feet and put her head on her paws. Kisume siged. She waited for their duel to start. She sighed. She hoped Blathazar was doing well. She really hoped that he wouldn't get hurt! She sighed again. "Anyway, we have time. Would you like to talk about something?" she asked.

09-20-2006, 10:06 PM
OOC: just as a quick reminder Velkrei tournaments are fought while the pilot is piloting the Velkrei. That is all...


Kojima sighed as the matchs began, he watched the fight in the terminal, by his prep pad.

Kasagi and Crimson Sky's voices where as one, they faced their opponent and drew their dual Psi Sabers, holding them ready.

"And it seems the matches are off to a fast start!" Citan-Kun said into his mic.
"Roc and Leafe have a good bond... it seems like... A victoy by ring out! Give it up for Roc and Leafe!

Ryokuo shouted into her mic "That's not it! Still two more matches in progress! Watch Kasagi fly! They don't call him the Silver Star for nothing!"

Kasagi released his WCS and silver wings shot from Crimson's back. They charged at Balthazar/Mirage with both Sabers forward and swayed to the right making an arc around them. They striked at them from behind with a "X" slash, and jumped back ready to go.

"Let us fight true Balthazar!" He shouted as he scoped out the next move.

Crysta watched on as the matches took place. She had her scythe next to her, not powered up though. She scratched her right arm and looked on contently.

Seikyu Kiba
09-21-2006, 05:46 AM
Kinogon Omamori ran at Hunter, but he didn't exactly run, he more skated on the air at fast speed. Kinogon Omamori didn't speak, He drew his claws and went right for Hunter.

"Ha! A Direct attack?" He said taking out his spear "Ill Crush you!" He said charging at him, He tried to stab his Spear into Kinogon but

Kinogon...Teleported and it wasn't a flashy teleportation..he more turned into little how can I say this, He turned into Cubes and appeared behind him and slashed him with his cat claws.

"Gah! W..what! This guy isnt human!" he said turning around and trying to stab him again "Ill kill you!" He said still running at him

Kinogon seemed to get annoyed and decided to finish this...Hunter was no worthy opponet, So Kinogon skated at him with full force, Nailing Hunter right in the chess shattering his Valkrei.

"N-no...NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" He said as his Valkrei came off of him "H-how could I be beaten...Its because..YOU CHEATED!" he said pointing at him madly

Kinogon turned back into the two he once was,

"No..I didn't cheat, I take Honor in fighting, you just werent worthy" He said walking away from the battle.

"Train harder." Kinogon said walking away as well

OOC: Sorry for a short match but, ummm if you want me to make it longer say so!

09-21-2006, 01:52 PM
Balthazar was his in the back "ahhh.." he stood up as he noticed some of his back armor was gone "hmph not bad...we shall make this fair and honerable fight" he smiled as he pulled out a ball and rolled it towards kasagi. Balthazar laughed "you see that ball? this will be fun you see that ball is targeted right to you so if you move it will follow you" he smirked.

Balthazar then pulled out his psi whip and got on all 4 legs,4 transperant wings bursted out of his back and he charged at kasagi "here we go!" Balthazar spead up faster his whip was whiping the ground in front of him as he ran

Fionn Mac
09-21-2006, 02:00 PM
OOC: Due to his school work/ect., I'm currently helping Faceless111 out by keeping his characters up to date through the week. He still should be able to post on the weekends. He should be back posting regularly by the end of this month.
(Cale, Kyung-Soon, Valyn)-Tournament Stadium, Draefar

Kyung-Soon followed Valyn, through the busy crowd to the packed Tournament Stadium.
"Hey, I think I see some empty seats up there" said Kyung-Soon, pulling Valyn through the crowd.
Luckily, 3 seats were open at the top of the stadium...which some would classify as the nose-bleed section, but it was better than nothing.
As they sat down Kyung-Soon, continued to wonder about Cale's feather...and why he had more or less saved her...But as the matches started she tried to keep her mind off things of that sort.

Valyn was pulled by Kyung-Soon to their towering seats. It was a decent view.
Though Valyn was a tough and focused leader, these Torunaments brought her some relaxation.
"You would think, They (Zeov Co) would atleast provide us with some mid-level seats for all we do..." joked Valyn quietly, recieveing a little smile from Kyung-Soon, though it seemed all of her "jokes" yielded little laughter.
Valyn, relaxed in her seat and pulled out a small flask of some Draefarian alcohol...sharing it with Kyung-Soon as they watched the Initial matches.

Cale was knocked around, as he pushed his way through the crowd. He didn't intend to follow Kyung-Soon and Valyn, but some part of him still wanted to see the Tournament.
He finally made his way into the Stadium, the shear size of it and the amount of people was somewhat overwhelming.
He envoked his Elven sight and saw an open seat.
Cale quickly made his way to the seat...which ironically was next to Kyung-Soon and Valyn.

Cale was confident in the disguise and as both Women looked at him as he sat down, they faintly smiled at him, and continued to watch the matches...reassuring him of his disguise.
He felt...odd sitting next to Kyung-Soon, still unsure of the feelings she sparked in him.
As well as Valyn who he still, wanted revenge on...but for some reason his drive for vengence wasn't as strong as it used to be...His emotions confused him a great deal.

09-21-2006, 09:06 PM
Grim sits and watches the matches, seeming to find no real excitement....but he hears murmurs about one named "Kojima"

'Hm...sounds interesting, maybe ill stay and watch him....' He thought

He smiled slightly and sat deep in his chair...waiting...

09-21-2006, 10:26 PM
Kasagi looked at the ball, but he didn't move at first "I know this is...a trap?" he chucked one of his sabers into the ball, stabbing it into the ground, then turned to Balthazar as he charged in "I see your-" he was interrupted by Balthazar tackling him to the side.

He slid on the ground and jumped into the air pulling out his Shadow Fox Garand Force Rifle, he fired 5 black blazed shots towards Balthazar, while floating above him.

"Ohhh what a mve by Balthazar! he sent Kasagi packing! But wait! that's a shadow fox garand, one of the best models of Force rifles in the world!" Citan-kun shouted out.

"Yes and it seems Ketsueki and Kinogon have won their match! What a win!" Ryokuo shouted into her mic, the most of the male fans went crazy when she jumped up.

Seikyu Kiba
09-22-2006, 05:04 PM
Ketsueik spent no time he was gone as the annoucer annouced his victory "Hmph..." He said as Kinogon went back into the key "That was easy I hope the next match is easier and better." He said laughing evily. He walked back inside the locker room and brung out Kinogon "Kinogon...Unlock!"

Kinogon came out of the key and looked down at Ketsueik "What's bother you?" He said sitting next to Ketsueik "We one didn't we?" He said looking down at the ground

ketsueik nodded "Yes we did win but that was a weak fighter...this means that we haven't really shown are true strength like I hoped"

Kinogon shook his head "Don't worry about it, we will show them what we can do in the next round."

09-23-2006, 12:33 PM
OOC: It's the weekend, so let's get this thing moving!

Kyung-Soon, Tournament Stadium, Draefar
Something bothered Kyung. Something that felt so familiar, like a presence. Perhaps it was just her mind playing tricks on her, but she could swear that she felt Cale's presence. Yeah, it must've been her imagination.

Then she found that the rest of the audience stood up cheering as the announcer pronounced that a fighter named Ketsueik had won the match. Kyung followed suit and clapped, not even knowing the really reason why.

"What's wrong?" Valyn asked, noticing Kyung's strange behaviour.


Fionn Mac
09-23-2006, 03:08 PM
OOC: I hope I did your characters justice Faceless, lol.
Cale-Tournament Stadium, Draefar
Cale stood and clapped as the other fans did. He noticed these Draefarian people were proud of their Claim to fame, tournament...so it was wise if he showed just as much enthusiasm...to keep his cover.

Just as Cale was feeling secure, Kyung-Soon was acting the same curious way she did when they first met...and she "thought" that she saw an Angel.
Cale tried to look away casually, but from the roof-top of a near by building he saw with his Elven sight, something else that made him feel even more uncomfortable...
One of the "Faithful", watching him...and quickly fleeing once he spotted him.

Cale then abruptly, yet calmly, stood up and made a moderate dash down the stairs...heading for the exit, hoping Kyung-Soon's curiousness wouldn't follow him...though he somewhat doubted that.

Cale made his way to an alley, to catch his breath and gather himself.
"Are they doubting me already?" said Cale quietly to himself, unsure if he was the target of their spying.
He still kept his Draefarian form, yet he was becoming unfocused...making it hard to keep up the disguise.

09-23-2006, 06:59 PM
Balthazar was shot by 2 of the bullets and dodged the other 3 "gaaahhhh!" blood shot out and parts of his armor was chipped "Mirage lets go!" he took out a shadow sword "we only have 2 minutes to use this so lets make the best of it" he charges at kasagi dashing with small bursts of speed "here i come" he leaps up into the air and comes soaring down with a powerful slash

09-23-2006, 07:25 PM
Quickly drawing a Psi Saber he tries to block the slash, but then he she's something in the crowd. It was Kairin and Dakasume. He noticed they were being harrased by Zeov guards and was distracted.... The shadow sword blew him out of the arena and into the water.

"Kairin... Dakasume!" He shouted as he burst from the water, flying to his comrade's rescue.

"And Balthazar has won!" Ryokuo jumped again and so did the crowd!

Citan-kun was twidling his thumbs "I want to be popular...."

Crysta noticed the scene and ran to their aid "Stop this you scum!" She shouted at the guardswith a crystal blue aura in her eyes.

"O-oh sorry Ma'am! they shouted running away."

Kasagi was released from Crimson Sky, and now was flying with his real wings. He went to Kairin and embraced her. "You're ok... Thank you Drakeana!"

Crysta bowed "To bad you lost your match!" They all smiled, Dakasume had a sweat drop on his head.

"Now may the bottom row contestants step forward!" Just like before the crowd was wild.

Signal! Will Hawk and Black Claw go to the Metal arena, Cara and Hopps go to the iced arena, Kasume and Tenkaijo go to the forest Arena! Step forward with you Velkrei's over your bodies and ready to go!

Kojima walked out into the ring and raised his hand into the air "Azure Wing!" He shouted as his Velkrei surrounded his body.

Black Claw was already in his Velkrei... It looked like junk. It was really junked up. But a familiar presence surrounded him, and Kojima was starting to shake.

"Who are... you?" His voice was wavering as the junker was surrounded by an intense azure aura... WHO WAS HE?

09-23-2006, 07:58 PM
Grim leaned forward in his seat as Kojima walked into the arena, he was already intrigued. He watched slowly, intently, as Kojima raised his arm and stared in shock as he yelled "Azure Wing!"

He sat silently for a moment before fumbling out the words

"Azure...Wing...could it be...no..."

He examined the velkrei and shook his head in disbelief.

"But...it looks just like that one from so long ago...could it be one and the same?"

He leaned forward even more, completely on edge.

"This has become even more interesting than i anticipated...."

09-23-2006, 08:22 PM
Draefar Tournament

Roc sat down in his front row seat to watch the next matches. He was beginning to feel very strong presences all around him. He then looked over at Leafe, noticing that he had sensed there presences as well.

"How much longer do you think we'll last...?
"It all depends on whether or not we work together next round"
"Yea, I suppose we should get a little more serious now huh. Our next match is against Balthezar, and he looked pretty powerful"
"Yea...That Hawk fella though...he looks really tough too. Odds are stacked huh"
"Yes, but every game has stakes, it's beating those stakes that counts"

Roc then pressed his armlet and Leafe disappeared

"Get some rest until the next match"

Roc then proceeded to watch the fights/

09-23-2006, 09:51 PM
Location: Forest Battle Field within the Draefar Tournament in Draefar.

(Tenkaijo is in blue, Minokari is in Red, and together in there battle form some of there speeches are in green (1) is present in this post.)

Tenkaijo, and Minokari descend unto the forest battle field preparing for there battle with Kasume, and Katsu.

"Alright, Minokari... We have never done this before. But we must merge into one. Making us our true fighting form. You ready?"

"Um... I'm not sure about this... I'm sort of worried."

"Aww... Minokari, will be fine, I promise. Please believe in me, as I will believe in you. We are doing this together Minokari, we can achieve anything if we put our minds to."

"Um... um... alright... you have my permission to merge with me. Just please, know one thing... I love you."

"Wha...What! Whoa... I wasn't expecting that..."

"I...I am sorry. I just thought that I would express my true feelings towards you, that's all. If you wish not to accept the fact that I, a velkrei can't have the emotion to love a person your wrong, I can."

Minokari begins to whimper...

"Aww... please don't cry Minokari... I...I'm really sorry. I should have not stated what I said... I feel really bad now. Hey Minokari... I'l tell you what. I really do like you but I just don't know if this realtionship between us will work. It is just..."

"It's because i'm a velkrei isn't it!"

"No, no that is not it at all. Really, it isn't. It is just... it is a very embarassing moment to be speaking like this at this present moment in time that is all. I will kindly answer your question more clearly later. Now we must work together, and work as a team to accomplish what we came here for. Please forgive me Minokari, but I promise I will tell you my answer later."

"sniff, sniff... Fine... I allow you permission to merge with me into our fighting form."

"I...I am really sorry Minokari. Please bare with me. Let us do our best. Alright..."

"Alright... sigh."

"I call upon Minokari, to be my fighting force. Let us be one, and let us guide each other's path's to victory!"

A beam of light forms around Tenkaijo, and Minokari, as they form into there fighting stance.

"Wow, this is what it is like to be one with a velkrei's power. This is really quite intriguing."


"You still haven't forgiven me have you Minokari?"


"I told you that I was incredibly sorry, and that I will tell you my final answer later. I really am not sure right now."

"I know... but..."

Minokari was stopped when she heard the words...

"I love you Minokari..."

"Wha...What! You really mean it Tenkaijo?"

"It is true Minokari. Are you happy?"

"Am I happy... I... I..."

she was stopped by her tears of happiness.

"Your welcome Minokari, let us now do our best alright."

"Alright Tenkaijo! I won't let you down!"

"Thanks Minokari I knew we made a great team."

Both Tenkaijo, and Minokari resolved there emotional discussion, and were well prepared for there battle against the strong Kasume, and Katsu.

"Good luck out there Kasume, and Katsu. You know, I won't take it easy on you I hope."

Both Tenkaijo, and Minokari awaited the announcement to begin there match with Kasume, and Katsu on the Forest Battle Field.

09-23-2006, 10:06 PM
Kisume and Katsu walk out on the field. Kisume merages with Katsu linking their minds together. She was going to start out on all fours. She was starting low and close to the ground. "Ready" she thought to Katsu. "Yeah! Seems like Balthazar won his match!" thought Katsu back to Kisume. "I'm so glad! If we when this fight them we are won step closer to maybe fighting him." she thought. She was going to tell Balthazar how she felt about him after her match. She waited for the match the start.

09-23-2006, 10:21 PM
Cara jumped and flipped onto the feild. She kicked her leg into the air and released her Velkrei 'Wind Crane'. It's wings were like blades, and totally removable and menuverable.

Hopps walked on in his velkrei, it was a mining velkrei modified to fight. it ad a drill on it's left hand.

Citan-kun then raised hishand and shouted "LET THE MATCH BEGIN!!!" and the crowd went wild....

When Ryokuo jumped up and echoed his announcement.

Kojima stared at the familiar man...he was sweating as if this was his worst nightmare. "You... wont scare me!" He shouted as he charged at Black Claw with thrusters on full. He activated his Psi Saber and slashed downward...

Black Claw laughed at his attack and from a side DimComp he drew a 7' blade... and slashed it a Kojima.

"Huh? That sword!" He shouted as he was cut across the midsection before he could glide to the side.

"Arrgh!" Azure Wing jerked in pain. "Kojima.. be careful..."

"I know my friend... hang on!" He shouted as he pulled out his force rifle. "Eat this!" there was a loud charging noise from his gun, and a ball of energy formed at the end. "FIRE!" He shouted as he fired it at Black Claw...

He laughed and held his hand out, stopping it right before it hit. "You have much to lear, Kojima!"

"What?" That voice... it was the voice of a man who was his teacher... RATHIRO!

Cara jumped towards Hopps, slashing from all sides with her wings, going faster and faster.

Hopps kept backing up, biding his time.

09-23-2006, 10:40 PM
Kyung-Soon, Draefar

"H-hang on," Kyung said aloud, but didn't intend for it. The gentleman sitting next to them did seem familiar and left in quite the hurry. "...Cale?" she asked herself once the man left. She got up to follow suit, but forced a glance at the next match that just begun. She recognized one of the duelists as Hawk, but now wasn't the time. After all, she was off duty.

Quickly and almost automatically, she ran as fast as her legs were able to carry her. Then the stranger turned into an alley, and Kyung could've sworn for the briefest moment that his very appearance fluctuated. It was certain, it was Cale. He had shifted his appearance before, so it wasn't impossible to do so again, was it? She turned the corner to the alley, "Cale?!"

09-23-2006, 11:10 PM
(Tenkaijo is speaking in blue, and Minokari is speaking in red.)

Tenkaijo used his ribbon to cast an illusion on the field. He made it so that it was slightly more of a night time surrounding, making it more difficult for Kasume, and Katsu to spot them, and track there movements. This is because the fog from the illusion filled the entire field. Only Shadow's were visible in this amount of fog build up. Minokari equipped her dual moon blades, and enabled spell's to increase in damage and spell combination ranges. She was prepared for her first attack to evade, and use haste when needed. When Tenkaijo called to Minokari.

"Minokari weild my chain sword, and I will hold one of your moon blades for you."

"Alright, Tenkaijo."

Minokari, and Tenkaijo switched weapons so that the chain sword was in hand, as with one of the moon blades. The other moon blade being stored in the formation of there fighting form giving the armor a bit of a boost in defence.

"Alright prepare yourself Minokari. They could be anywhere!"

As Tenkaijo, and Minokari spot a shadow coming in there direction they make a fast dodge.

"That was a close one... I think..."

Fionn Mac
09-24-2006, 12:12 AM
Cale foolishly turned in the direction his name was called. He was so unfocused and confused.
Seeing that it was Kyung-Soon only made it worse.
Before he could say anything, the same Reaper appeared behind him, with his Psi Gun handy...aimed at Kyung-Soon.
Without hesitation the Reaper, fired 3 shots at Kyung-Soon.

Cale for some instinctive or left over emotional reason...dashed towards Kyung-Soon, spreading his wings...changing him back into his true form.
He tackled Kyung-soon to the ground, covering her with his wings...taking the force of the 3 shots with his wing like shield.

"Heed my words Brother..this is my fight...do not deter me from purifing this one with the Faith" shouted Cale, as he took on the tone of the lead Brother.
The Reaper quickly smiled, nodded and fled... as he believed the words.

Cale then got up and jumped back...away from Kyung-Soon.
"Why are you following me?... Some how I knew you would...why do you envoke these feelings in me?"
Said Cale, extending his Glaive...taking a defensive position.

09-24-2006, 08:27 AM
It started to get fogy. "Like that will help him much." said Katsu. She sniffed the air and found his scent. She charged at him and missed. Now she was behind him "Perfect" thought Kisume. They got down low and jumped at Tenkaiji's back. Her claws and fangs we're beared. She clawed at his back and then jumped away back into the mist.

09-24-2006, 09:54 AM
Balthazar thinks to himself "well....that was a good match..but alittle easy..but he could have beaten me if he didnt get distracted" he walks out of the feild and sits in the audience "it seems Kisume is up..i wounder how she will do?" he sits down and watches the match

09-24-2006, 01:41 PM
(Blue is Tenkaijo, and Red is the voice of Minokari.)

Tenkaijo, and Minokari take a direct hit from behind.

"Oh man... That caused some damage..."

"Your telling me... Who's in who...You shouldn't be saying those sort of words."

"Ah, yes I probably shouldn't. I am sorry. I suppose if it wasn't for you then I would have died right there... Thanks Minokari."

"Don't mention it, I do my best for the one I love."

"Hmm... yes I see."

"You seem uncertain. Is something troubling you Tenkaijo?"

"Well, as you can see we're in a weakened state so... our movements are slightly more slow, and thus it is easier for the opponent to catch us."

"I see. Don't worry Tenkaijo. I will be by your side alway's. I won't let you get hurt. I promise to take all the injuries."

"I cannot allow that. You may be designed for battle, but I must take some injuries too. How else will I learn to fight better then..."

"Erm... Fine... But i'l make sure you take less my love."

"Please stop using that term... It is making me feel very awkward."

"Um... Alright. I'm sorry."

"It's alright, and thank you for understanding. Now back to getting focused."

Tenkaijo, and Minokari cast a light beam in the shape of a many small daggers in every direction of the battle field.

"That will have to nail the opponent. No one has ever dodged this attack before."

"Wow, I never knew we were capable of that. Amazing Minokari!"

Minokari evaded another shadow that looked as if it was the opponent.

"I call upon the light, to form shadow clone's in the fog, for a distractraction beyond imaginable. Release! This will make things more interesting."

As both Tenkiajo, and Minokari heard the scrape of there light daggers hit an object, they turned around. There was another shadow. But this shadow appeared differently.

"Huh? Who's there?" As Tenkaijo answered in a whimpering voice.

Tenkaijo, and Minokari stood blank glaring into the fog, trying to figure out who made this apparent call to them. At the same time standing in a defencive stance incase Kasume, and Katsu made another attack, then this time he could dodge.

09-24-2006, 01:48 PM
Kyung-Soon, Draefar

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kyung asked with a hint of anger. She quickly slid out from under Cale and picked herself up. After a quick dust-off, she regained composure. "First you're taken into costudy, then you break free and affiliate with Mist Reapers! Your feelings? You would know! So don't ask me! Why did you call him 'Brother'? Huh?! Answer me!"

Kyung-Soon took a stance with her Demon Talon Gauntlet at the ready. "Those aren't normal Reapers, Cale! I don't know what has gotten into you, but don't make me fight you!"

Valyn, in Tournament Stadium

"Ah, geez," Valyn shook her head. "Where did Na go?"

Fionn Mac
09-24-2006, 02:38 PM
"What has gotten into me?" said Cale angrily, gripping his Glaive tightly.
Emotions were flooding back into him...
Cale's wings were beginning to bleed as the Psi gun shots, had done more damage, as Cale failed to focus enough energy into them.

"My master...my home...everything important to me is Gone!" said Cale, his tone changing to an almost somber one.
"These..."Faithful"...no matter how twisted they may be...they understand the corruption of Zeov Co."

"Fight me if you must..." said Cale, keeping his defensive stance.
"I am only a criminal in the eyes of Zeov Co...the world...and you"

"But answer me this...Why did you follow me?...Is it to put me away for good, after ruining your mission?"

09-24-2006, 02:47 PM
Katsu and Kisume tryed to move out of the way of the dagger but still got hit by them. They hit Katsu chest. "Katsu! Are you ok?!?!" asked Kisume paniced. She told herself to calm down. It's better to stay calm. You can think better she told herself "I'm ok, Kisume. Are you hurt?" asked Katsu. "No, I'm fine." replied Kisume. "We're taking thsi to the next step!" said Kisume.

Katsu changed into a human shape. She no longer looked wolfish. She took bow off her back and put a fire arrow of it. She aimed where Tenkaiji's scent was strongest and let it lose.

09-24-2006, 02:58 PM
Kyung-Soon, Draefar

She thought for a moment, why did she follow him? Why was she so concerned for him?

"Yeah," she lied. "I'm here to hunt you down. You are wanted for aiding a wanted felon, a Mist Reaper!" What Kyung didn't realize was that she was deep in denial.

Her stomach turned, she didn't feel good. Maybe it was her consciousness eating away at her for what she was about to do. "Kasai!" A fireball launched from Demon Talon at Cale.

"This is what happens to those who consort with Reapers!"

Fionn Mac
09-24-2006, 03:29 PM
Cale, Draefar
Cale was a bit suprised by Kyung-Soon's response, but why should he have been been?, he wondered.
Was he expecting some other answer? Was he expecting her to be concerned for him?...all were Idealistic notions...he thought he strayed from.

"So be it... Sidhe Garook" said Cale softly, sending and arc of black light Crashing into the near by buildings...sealing them off from any outside intrusion...or maybe to keep the innocent safe...he didn't know.

Cale then saw the fireball launching at him...he did not move...he simply held his arms out taking the hit...Sending him flying back into a wall.
Cale was smoking from the hit...a seal on his chest protected him from being fully engulfed by flames.

"Some part of me still does not want to fight you..." said Cale confused, as he coughed up a little blood, spitting it on the ground.
"But...if you want to hunt me...I will not be a submissive prey"

Cale then pushed off with his wings, charging at Kyung-Soon with his Glaive.
They began to dodge each others blows...Cale suprisingly managing to keep up with the far more experienced fighter in Kyung-Soon.
He focused on her legs...trying to disable some of her movement...hoping to find an opening...
Though he strayed away from using the Glaive's blade...opting for blunt-ended strikes, near her legs.

Seikyu Kiba
09-24-2006, 03:34 PM
Ketsueik looked around and then went into the bleachers "Lets see if anyone is truly worthy." He said walking in and sitting down with a Hot dog and a pop with a baseball cap on. A Few girls came up to him and asked for his autograph and he signed them. Ketsueik looked at his Key and smirked "Your not coming out."

09-24-2006, 05:52 PM
yo tim this is good so far!

Seikyu Kiba
09-24-2006, 05:58 PM
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09-24-2006, 06:23 PM
Kojima was now at the point of numbness. The pure intensity of Rathiro's aura lifted people from the front row seats, and pushed against people in the bleachers.

"Rathiro! Tell me! Why did you slay those Zeov soldiers!? Why did you take part in Geno Death?" He ordered him for answers.

With a cold stare, Rathiro pointed his sword at him. "Why don't you make me tell you my old friend!?" He said as he dashed towards Kojima, his long sword pointed forward. He went so fast it seemed as though he wasn't moving.

Kojima, using his mist power pushed diagnol to Rathiro's legs, only a mist Reaper or Weaver could possibly see his his movements. Even then it was near impossible.

Rathiro broke through it and cut the arm piece from Azure Wing, appearing behind Kojima after the arm fell off.

"Kojimaaa! Ahhhhhhh!" Azure Wing cried in pain.

Kojima was slightly lacerated also, he was amazed Rathiro didn't cut his arm off too.

Standing back to back with Kojima, Rathiro laughed "Is that the best you've gotten over the years? Haven't I taught you anything?"

He turned around and blasted Kojima across the metal arena. Azure Wing scrapped against the metal as they slid, Kojima's arm was now bleeding badly... his blood was a misty blue.

"Ugh... Rathiro..." Kojima coughed up some mist, which shot out of the visor. He was losing mist as he breathed it in. It seemed hopeless until...

Rathiro ripped off his junk Velkrei and said "You aren't ready..." and jumped out of the stadium, he seemed to jump on air as he flew.

"Well folks... do to intentional ring out, plus Velkrei removal, Hawk wins his fight!" He called out to the stadium.

Ryokuo raised her hand "And it seems that Cara is digging into Mash's defences!" The crowd went wild yet again.

"Who are you Ryokuo? A pop star?" He said in jelousy.

"Actually... I am!" She said cheerfully as she giggled.

"No wonder..." Citan-kun slouched over in his chair.

Cara had attacked Mash the whole match, pretty much controling where he went. "I see you can't even attack, you should go back to the mines!"

Hopps ducked under her next swing. "I've got you now!" He shouted, thrusting the drill forward.

"Hya!" Cara shot to his side and flung him out of the ring using his weight.

"And Cara wins the match! Girl Power!" Ryokuo shouted, the crowd still full of fire.

09-24-2006, 07:46 PM
Grim looked at Kojima....

He had flown across the ring and his velkrei had lost its arm....dang..

But Then again...it was Rathiro....

"Dang...not only is that Azure Wing but now Rathiro....this is...odd..."

He sat silently, leaning forward, his head on his folded hands.

He shook his head...

"Things are finally picking up...."

09-25-2006, 02:14 AM
(Red is Minokari speaking, and Blue is Tenkaijo speaking.)
OOC: Last post for tonight, sometime after school (monday-today) I will post again.

Tenkaijo, and Minokari heard a whistling noise burst through the air. It seemed like it sounded like it was shooting off in the opposite direction. They payed no attention to it. However what they did not know was it followed scent. They kept there eye's out for what they thought could be an arrow. Their sight seemed to still be blurred by the weakened state that they were in.

"Blast! I can barely detect a single object in here."

"Please hang in there Tenkaijo. Will spot them and take them down."

All of a sudden an arrow that was barely visible whooshed passed Tenkaijo, and Minokari.

"Whoa... That was close! I hope that isn't a tracking arrow. Because if it is we may just be in grave danger."

Before long, what Tenkaijo, and Minokari did not know was that the arrow was travelling back in there direction. A high pitched sharp whistling brushed the wind... "Ting..." a noise came from close by.

"What was..." Tenkaijo stopped there and looked down to notice he was drawing blood.

"Oh man... We might be done for..."

"Oh no! Your hurt Tenkaijo... I should have paid more attention..."

"It's not your fault... I should have been aware of that coming..."

Tenkaijo took out the arrow, and snapped it in half, in an angered state of mind.

"Well... This... this... will not be the end of me..."

As Tenkaijo drew weary. He heard a noise, he shot his chain sword in the direction of the noise. "Un-Sheath, Chain Sword!" The chain sword made a noose around half the battle field, as for it could not reach the full length. He called it back, cutting down several tree's and hopefully hitting Kasume, and Katsu in the process.

"Please... let that have hit... One more hit and may be a gonner..."

"Don't say that Tenkaijo, I won't let you! You said to me earlier that we can get through this and we sha'll."

"I'm sorry Minokari, but I think that this Kasume, and Katsu are just out of our league. However I will go until I fall."

"I am with you all the way, Tenkaijo."

"Thanks Minokari."

Tenkaijo, and Minokari shaking due to there weak state, hold up to try to find out how there chain sword attack did. Maybe... Just maybe they will have some success...

09-25-2006, 01:45 PM
Kisume sent arrow after arrow. She heard a whisling sound. Insticts told Katsu to jumps and she did but not before the chain gazed her leg. Katsu bent down on one knee. "Katsu get up!" yelled Kisume. A tree was falling in Katsu's direction. Katsu jumped out of the way just in time. The was a thruderous crash behide them. They looked back to see the tree had made a crater. They were lucky to get out of it's path in time. Katsu smelled the air again trying to find the scent again. It was harder this time for the air has been stired a lot.

09-25-2006, 02:49 PM
Captain Valyn Perraf-Tournament Stadium

"What?" She stood up in the light of the recent fight. "That was..." Her eyes twitched. "Rathiro... Hawk..." Upon this realization, she went for her Psi Blade, but to be interrupted by a Psi Knife held to her throat.

"Captain Valyn Sar Perraf. It's been awhile. Last time I saw you, you were just a weak little guard dog for Zeov. Now sit down."

Valyn dared a look at the person sitting behind and holder of the knife. A recognizable face: "Jung Na, aka 'The Priest'. Mist Reaper, wanted murderer," Valyn spared herself the introduction.

"Bingo." (see attachment for appearance)

Kyung-Soon, Draefar alley

She could foresee and read Cale's movements. Perhaps he was allowing her to, either way, she felt they were both holding back. Kyung's body wasn't willingly attacking with absolutely deadly techniques, she always twitched at the last moment.

Then, actually caught off-guard, was swept off her feet by the blunt end of Cale's weapon. She fell with a thud on her back, the wind was knocked out of her. Not willing to fall so easily, she decided not to hold back anymore.

With new resolve, she kicked up and activated her Psi Scythe. "I never expected you to be submissive, but I'm taking you in dead or alive!" Hearing those words come from her mouth and directed at someone she didn't wish to kill, it surprised her. "Supaiku!" A metal spike driving from the ground up towards Cale, her preferred killing method when she took down Mist Reapers.

Fionn Mac
09-25-2006, 04:15 PM
Cale-Draefar alley
Cale noticed Kyung-Soon was holding back...she was far better than this.
He even suprised himself, as he knocked her off balance...knocking the wind out of her.
But something had changed...a new resolve in her...she wasn't holding back now.
Cale was burdened by his previous feelings and "don't harm her" notions.
But why should he be?...they hardly knew each other...Is wasn't like he cared for her safety...was it?

But he had little time to think...let alone react as the metal spike shot up at him.
Cale was struck in the upper chest, near his shoulder by the spike..as it drove into his flesh.
The impact was great enougth that he was dislodged from the spike... sending him flying into the same wall he was blasted into before.

"I...can see why... you are apart of your elite operative team" said Cale coughing as he struggled to stand...blood running from his shoulder...and from the corners of his mouth.

Cale knew he was in bad shape...but, he needed to stay alive. Maybe it was the old Cale, but He realized countless lives would be lost if the Brother didn't have what he wanted.
He knew a head-on attack on the Angel City would mean disaster...far from his goal of seeking revenge on Zeov Co.
With what he had left Cale, made one final charge at Kyung-Soon.
He shortened his Glaive, opting for a more condensed strike.

Using his momentum, he reached out and drove the blunt end of the Glaive towards the knee of Kyung-Soon.
Falling to his knees in the process, as the pain from his shoulder was growning...and he continued to cough up blood.
But he managed to extend the Glaive back, having it ready to place against Her neck if his attack worked.
He hoped he had done enough damage to subdue her enough so he could escape.

Seikyu Kiba
09-25-2006, 07:52 PM
Ketsueik was now drinking his pop and cheering loudly only to calm himself down and looked mysteriouse again "Hmph, these people are not worthy...But I am fighting in this tournament." He said eating another hot dog and taking out popcorn.

09-25-2006, 09:07 PM
Kojima was carried out of the ring and healed. It seemed everybody now knew he was a Reaper. His blue blood gave it away.

Azure Wing was placed in a gravitic chamber under repairs. He seemed asleep.

"That's all for today... comeback tomarrow!"

"Yes! Make sure you do! Will all competitors go to their rooms!" Ryokuo shouted with her bubbly attitude.

Kasagi and co went to his room, a double sized one at that. They talked until nightfall... the Azure Sunset.

Seikyu Kiba
09-26-2006, 05:45 AM
Ketsueik got up and was holding a stuffed bear and one of those hats that you hold drinks in. "Ahh nothing like fighting and then watching a tournament." He said walking back to the hotel with a mysteriouse walk but looked dumb with the Drink Hat and then Bear in his hands but of course he didn't care...he liked his bear.

09-26-2006, 12:47 PM
Kyung-Soon, Draefar

Failure. Kyung-Soon hated the word, but she had failed. The expert killer/hunter, the elite Zeov Operative, had collapsed once Cale's attacked landed on her knee. She grunted in pain and he brought Glaive to her neck. She looked at the weapon then at Cale. "Go ahead. Finish it."


"Jung, you were... I haven't seen you since Geno Death." She gritted her teeth, but kept her composure calm. The knife was still to her throat, but the crowd was too caught up in the games to notice she was in any danger.

"Yeah, I remember. Good times..." Jung grinned. "And please, let's keep it professional, so refer to me as 'Priest.'"

"Very well, Priest. What business do you have here?"

"Father wants to keep the Crimson Blades in check as they oppose the greatest threat to the Faithful. What is it with Zeov Corporation always wanting to kill Mist Reapers? I might never know, but... I don't really care."

"You mean," Valyn bit her lower lip. "You're part of the organized Mist Reapers that attacked the Market District." He didn't answer, it was clear enough. "I see."

Then the games came to a close, "Yes! Make sure you do! Will all competitors go to their rooms!" Valyn got up and was led by Jung out of the stadium.

"Where are we going?"

"I'll let you go here. After all, Father didn't say we need to kill you." And like in the Market District, he vanished into thin air, blowing away like dust.

Fionn Mac
09-26-2006, 04:12 PM
Cale pulled himself to his feet, as his last ditch effort of an attack worked. He had studied the anatomy of the races of the world, and knew the basic weak-points of each.
The human knee, especially the kneecap where he had struck, was the most effective immobilization point.
But texts could not account for the chilling sound as it seperated from the Operatives knee.

Cale closely held the Glaive's blade to Kyung-Soon's neck. As she has bluntly told him to "Finish It."
Cale's hand began to shake...trembling with some sort of regret or fear...seeing the result of their fight.
He had crippled the knee of his opponet, and she had caused him damage in his shoulder, and internally...as well as blood loss.
Cale's drawing hand was losing feeling in it...most likely due to nerve damage.

"I..." said Cale as he dropped his Glaive...and slowly got on his knees.
He then plucked a feather from his wing, and drew a seal on Kyung-Soon's knee.
He cupped her knee in his hands, a white-light crackling around it.
Kyung-Soon's kneecap then fused back with the knee, restoring her movement...it would be sore for a while...but it healed perfectly.
For that brief moment...Cale's symjunc had turned back to the pure white-light energy...and his darker appearence, seemed to be replaced by his more pure Angelic look... but only for that moment.

As Cale got up, his drawing scroll with Kyung-Soon's Picture infront of the Varnia Skyline, fell out of his vest...it was still unfinished.
He was more confused than ever...she had tried to kill him...and he tried to kill her.
Yet he had healed her, again.
There was a lot of angel-blood around, but the healing effects of the blood only worked if the angel willingly offered it...as Zeov Co. had found out as they once tried to bleed angel's for their "magic-blood"

"Forgive me..." said Cale looking at Kyung, as visible tears welled in his eyes, once again showing some of the Old Cale still remained.
He quickly wiped them away, hating all the mixed feelings in himself.
Cale painfully spread his wings, and took flight...looking back one last time before he flew off towards Varnia...
The next stop on his ever increasing emotional journey.

09-26-2006, 08:24 PM
Grim stood up and walked out, looking around for the access to the competitors locker rooms and such.

Luckily, it only took him a half an hour to find it and sneak in....

He stood at the locker room door...waiting for Kojima....he had some questions to ask him, specifically on how he got Azure Wing...and how he knew Rathiro...

09-26-2006, 08:38 PM
Kojima walked towards the locker room, another scar was added to his arm, the same arm Rathiro had nearly taken long ago.

He noticed someone at the door, he looked a bit rough, and his Mist aura was tremendous... though nothing compared to Rathiro.

"Who are you?" Kojima asked the man as he stopped in front of the door.

09-26-2006, 09:57 PM
Kyung-Soon, Draefar

"Tck," Kyung protested to har own lack of ability and stupidity. If she had acted like a professional from the first moment she met Cale, he'd probably already be dead. But, alas, she was human, not just a cold-hearted killing machine for Zeov Corporation. Maybe that was a weakness.

To say the least, she was confused. Her emotions played with her mind; she was angry, but relieved. Relieved that neither of them felt like killing the other party. As she pondered what to do and how to fix her own mixed up mind, she suddenly collapsed on the ground. Maybe it was her body's unwillingness to keep up with her mind. Maybe it was her knee. Either way, she felt very numb and tired.

"What do I do? I think I screwed up..."

Meanwhile, in Varnia...

Jung Na, aka "The Priest", sat in the local Zeov Company Building, which was considerably smaller than the one in Draefar. He sat with a cool, collected sense of things despite the surroundings. Dead Zeov guards and officials were scattered throughout and all that Priest could do was smile at his own handiwork.

"I await you, Brother Cale," he spoke to the empty room and corpses. "Father wills it so."

09-27-2006, 12:37 AM
(Green is Tenkaijo, and Blue is Minokari)

Tenkaijo, and Minokari were drawing near there defeat when they tried walking into one of there illusions and stepping on air. To make it seem as if they were not there. To try and avoid sound to be heard.

"I think were drawing near to Katsu, and Kisume. I can feel it. There is a cold feeling tingling down my spine. This doesn't seem good. As if were walking into a trap within our own trap."

Tenkaijo stopped to try to see if he or Minokari could spot anything. But couldn't. There vision was way to warped.

"Oh no, I can't even see clearly in my own illusions... Minokari... I'm sorry."

In a slight whisper like voice, in which only slight echoes could be detected rustling through the wind.

"I see them... On three we'll fire... Alright..."


"Not so loud! They may notice us!"

"I'm sorry, I got excited."

"It's alright... I don't think they heard that... Let us hope anywase..."


"We have you now... Fire!"

But what both Tenkaijo, and Minokari didn't know was that it was only a clone that was sent out in the fog.

"I think we did it... But where are the anouncements?"

Both Tenkaijo, and Minokari grew worried...

"Where could they be? I don't see them anywhere! Could this really be the end of us? Oh man..."

Tenkaijo, and Minokari stood and were in a delusional state of mind where they were lost, and confused on the where abouts of Katsu, and Kisume. They became quite worried, and weren't feeling so good now. The fog not clearing, the sound of faint winds and no foot steps rustled about giving the two a frightening experience.

"Wh... Where... could they possibly be... I seriously can't see them anywhere!"

09-27-2006, 05:55 AM
Grim looked at Kojima out of the corner of his eye.

"I could ask you the same question." He said in his deep, gruff voice.

He truned and looked at Kojima, the mist around him was being sucked in, yep, he was a Mist Reaper alright...

"You, are a reaper, correct? How did you come across the Azure Wing? And how do you know Rathiro so well?"

His eyes were slightly squinted as he stood, waiting for his answer to come.

09-27-2006, 10:07 AM
EMERGENCY OOC: Sorry, I just relized that I skipped past Yukari' and Vipers Fight.

Please, nobody post until it's done...

Sorry everybody! V.V

09-27-2006, 07:55 PM
Kisume herd some foot steps behind her. She turned around quickly to see tenkaiji. She pulled up her bow and put an ice arrow on it and shot Tenkaiji in the back. She turns and fades back into the mist again but keeps an eye on Tenkaiji. She was quite use to the mist for the forest would get a lot of mist. She waits for Tenkaiji's reaction.

09-27-2006, 10:13 PM
Location: The Forest Battle Field (The battle is coming to a close end.)
(Tenkaijo is speaking in blue, and Minokari is speaking in green.)

"Ahhh! What has happened to me! I cannot move! That couldn not have been what I thought it was... could it? Could it be that of an ice arrow?"

"Tenkaijo... I cannot move either... What can we do...Were defenceless in this position... Tenkaijo!?"

"I'm thinking! Hmm... let us see... what can we do to relieve us of this freezing... and slight paralysis of the limbs?"

He thought for a few moments, hoping that they wouldn't be attacked again... When all of a sudden Tenkaijo had a plan...

"I have got it! If we cannot move, we will make it so that it looks as if were moving. This will bide us time to really find a way out of this mess."

"Um... I don't know about this Tenkaijo... I'm really worried..."

"D...Don't..." He stopped there. What they had seen, or thought they had seen was a jolt of a numerous amounts of arrows flying in there direction. They were not sure if it was just them perceiving an illusion, or if it was for real. All they did know was what ever it was it could not be good, and that they needed to find a way of escape from Kisume and Katsu's grasp quickly! The ice arrow that was lodged into them, prevented them of there movements, and they could not see through how to rid the freezing effect.

"Wait... We just need a little heat... This will cook things up a little. "Illusion pull fourth the sun's rays!"

In a matter of seconds the sky lit up in bright flourescent beams of light that emitted from the sun, and heat inevitably scorching hot, and having the field almost burnt to a crisp, within their illusion enchantment.

"This might become interesting... I can already feel the effects wearing off..."

"Great Tenkaijo! So can I. This is great! Will be freed of this frozen state in no time, and we can take our vengeance once again."

"I like the way you think, Minokari."

What they didn't know is that they were in enormous amounts of trouble... It was just a matter of time before they would fall to the all powerful Kisume, and Katsu.

09-28-2006, 03:54 PM
Tenkaiji didn't know that the arrow was also freezing the machine parts. Even is the visable ice melted the fozen parts wouldn't melt so easily. The mist was disappearing under the sun's rays and Kisume and Katsu moved farther back into the mist. She pulled back on her bow string with a fire arrow in it's nock. She aimed for Tenkaiji's chest. She let go of it and it shot at Tenkaiji. She hoped this would end the fight.

09-28-2006, 07:30 PM
Location: Forest Battle Arena (The Down Fall)
(Tenkaijo is speaking in blue, and Minokari is speaking in green.)

Tenkaijo, and Minokari took a fatal blow to the circuit board on Minokari, and puncturing Tenkaijo...

"Agh... I...I... Can't go on... I have been hit severely this time..."

He fell to his knee's, due to the tremendous pain from the last arrow, going through his right shoulder.

"How... how will I ever fight again... I have no power remaining in my right arm..."

"There is still hope Tenkaijo... Please all you need is time to recover..."

"It's not that simple Minokari... I'm not a machine that can be rebuilt with parts... My wounds take a tremendously long time to recover; by that time, I will have probably forgot the ways of fighting."

"Aww... Don't say that Tenkaijo... Look... I will help you..."

"Thanks Minokari, I really appreciate that. Well, I guess this was the match. It was fun while it lasted. I guess we better inform Kisume, and Katsu that we can't go on. That they proved to be stronger than us this time, but I assure them it won't happen next time. We will get stronger... One day... one day... We will be strong Minokari!"

"Yeah, we will will Tenkaijo! I'l work really hard!"

"I will do the same Minokari."

Tenkaijo, and Minokari turned back into there original forms, and went up to Kisume, and Katsu.

"Hey Kisume, and Katsu. Great match back there! You two make a great pair! You have proven yourselves to be a way stronger team then both of us. But let us assure you, next time we meet, we will be stronger. I had a great match with you, good luck with the tournament. I will be watching. So do your best out there you two!"

Minokari, lending Tenkaijo a shoulder to lean on, as for his shoulder was penetrated by Kisume, and Katsu's arrow. As Tenkaijo lifts his left arm and waves his hand to say good bye he passes this one message to Kisume, and Katsu.

"Alway's keep your focus, and never let your guard down Kisume, and Katsu. I know you can make it to the top, for you two are incredible fighters. Good luck out there, may you be successful in accomplishing your mission!"

09-28-2006, 10:36 PM
OOC: Ok, lets get this going again!
I apologise for any inconvenience, and I also apologise for my absent mindness.
Let us continue now....


"So many questions, but I'll answer them because I feel you really want to know... not that it matters anyway but Everybody in the world who was paying attension to my match has seen my blood and my secret is out." He leaned against the wall opposite to Grim.

"I am a reaper... I was a part of the Mist Hound brigade in the Zeov Mist Reaper collective..." He paused to lower his cloth mask to breath in some more mist, this man already knew who he was so it didn't matter if he wasn't secretive.

"Back when I was just starting off as a Reaper, Rathiro took me under his wing. He taught me everything he knows about the power of Mist Reaping."

He looked at his DimpComp and pressed a button. A small schematic of Azure Wing appears in a hologram. "I met Azure Wing right after Geno Death... yes I was there, I saw my Mist Reaper comrades go crazy and slaughter our back up batalion..." He paused again, remembering the battle, and how the Reapers anihilated the whole batalion. Screams could be heard in the distance as he hid behind a building.

He snapped back into reality and continued "After I ran away i tripped over a Velkrei reading a book. He stared at me and I stared back.

~Recalling when he met Azure Wing~

"Hello... you came from that bloodbath over there?"

"Yes... my squad went crazy... I can't do anything about it."

"Well then, why don't you travel with me?"

"Wha, a velkrei? Are you a Zeov model?"

The Velkrei laughs at Kojima's comment and put the book in a side compartment "I haven't any model young man, what may I call you?"

"Kojima..." He said slowly "Why are you helping me?"

"I see in you the potential of a great Sky Duelist, and a great companion. A human of little knowledge and understanding cannot be my pilot." He said handing him a blue arm ring, the DimComp.

"Pilot... Alright, what shall I call you?"

"Azure Wing is the name, and mysteries are my game. I like to ponder on things, and I feel that every being, living or mechanical can live a full life."

"You feel? You must be..."
~Recall has ended~

Still standing against the wall opposite to Grim he looks at him. "Your turn."

Fionn Mac
09-29-2006, 04:05 PM
Cale-Varnia (Zeov Co. Outpost)
For the first time in his life, Cale was having trouble flying. The massive amount of blood he lost was making him dizzy, so he decided to rest on top of a snow covered mountain, located on the outskirts of Varnia.
Cale searched his pockets and cursed himself as his Picture he drew of Kyung-Soon in front of the Varnia skyline was missing.
He now faintly remembered it falling out his his pocket, when he knelt down to heal her knee.

He wondered if she had found it...though he hoped it might of been destroyed. It was unfinished, and He still did not know why he drew it.
He had healed her knee, which he had damaged before...but his wounds hadn't healed yet.

Cale concentrated and his shoulder wound closed, as well as the internal injuries.
But his drawing hand now had little feeling in it...much to the dismay of Cale.
He was a great healer...especailly when using his own blood, but the blood only worked on others, not himself.
He knew nerves were damaged, but he couldn't repair them himself...
His love of drawing...the only thing he had left was, seemingly broken as well.

Cale rested for sometime and decided to head through Varnia, and get it over with.
As he flew over the city, he sensed Mist Reaper and death. All of which were focused in none other than a Zeov. Co building.
Cale landed, then stepped into the door way, seeing a man sitting around dead bodies.

"I have the feeling your Father doesn't trust my intent..." said Cale as he looked at the man, wondering why Reapers were watching...and now waiting for him.

09-29-2006, 04:37 PM
Kisume demerages with Katsu as the fog dissappears. Katsu went back to her wolfish form and they headed out of the ring.

She walk into her room. She grabed some clean clothes and went to take a shower. She turned on the water and got undressed. she got into the shower and washed off. She got out and drys off. She puts on the clean cloths and comes out of the bathroom. She combs her hair and blows it dry. She puts it up into a ponytail and head out of her room.

09-29-2006, 09:54 PM
Grim unfolded his arms. He looked at Kojima, straight in the eye.

"Grim, The Reaper. I am...a wanderer. Yeal 'Fallon...."

He shuffled uneasily as he said that, as if he was ashamed to be an angel.

"There really isnt much more to my story than that...but...i still have more questions for you. Why did Rathiro leave you and why is he fighting you now if he used to be your master? And how where you not affected during Geno Death?"

He looked at Kojima, almost seeming worried.

Grim had seen many things in his lifetime, and he knew that something was up when a Reaper was controlling the great Azure Wing....

09-30-2006, 11:00 AM
Kyung-Soon, Draefar

The wind picked up for but a moment and blew a sheet of paper towards Kyung-Soon; she caught it with one hand. Upon viewing it, she could only mutter, "Now I know I screwed up." And she tucked the drawing of herself in her breast pocket. Her knee still ached, but she willed herself to stand up and walk while using the wall as a support.

"Dammit," she cursed herself. "Why do things always end up so... so-" She searched for a word to describe the situation, but came up empty.

"So uneventful?" Valyn offered, appearing from seemingly nowhere.

"That's not the word I was looking for. Maybe, 'distasteful' or something along those lines."

"I don't appericate your pessimism." The Captain shrugged it off and gave Kyung a grin. "But I hope you're ready for more duty. We've got information on the new organization of Reapers. Although, you look a little beat up. If you want to rest-"

"No," Kyung insisted. "I'm fine. Let's go." The two went back to Zeov Company Building...


"We lost contact with the Varnian Zeov Company Building, but their security Mist recordings automatically send a copy to every active Zeov outpost. Let's take a look." Valyn leaned over a blushing tech guy and hit some buttons on the computer console to display the Mist recordings on a huge overhead screen.

Kyung looked at the screen with a more serious intent, but Valyn didn't seem stressed. The screen came to life, showing the front enterance of the Varnian Zeov Building. Two guards were on post, but in an instant, one dropped with his head hanging on by half of his neck. The next one didn't even have time to react, his chest sliced open and his blood creating a fountain. The attacker wasn't even visible.

The camera switched view, from the front enterance to the inside lounge/waiting area. Employees scrambled, some not even combatants. This time, beams of light-no, Kyung observed differently-of Mist projected from off screen and killed the people coming into contact with the beam. Guards entered and the attacker finally came onto the screen, wearing a green Zeov Corp. uniform with a small, torn cape. He wielded a halberd, hacking and chopping at the Zeov guards. When all of his victims were dead or dying, he stared at Zeov Corp. security Mist recording device and offered a malevolent grin.

Something about his Mist affected eyes gripped Kyung's soul. She knew this person, but didn't know from where she had met him. He didn't even conceal his Mist breathing as he inhaled the substance. Then bringing his hand aimed at the recording device and shooting a beam of Mist to disable the camera. The screen turned to static and shut down.

From watching that video, Kyung was able to conclude several things. 1) this was a very powerful Mist Reaper whom could expel Mist from his body as a weapon. It wasn't SymJunc, but maybe more deadly than her lvl 3 spells. 2) He wasn't like the mindless Reapers she had fought in the market district, but he was a higher ranking in the same organization. And 3) she had seen this man before, but couldn't conclude from when and where.

"While the identity of their leader is unknown, we know that they call themselves de'Lohr mak le'Vaepeia, which is an ancient text from a dead civilization. The only trace of their existence is deep underwater now and we don't have anyone who can translate the text."

"Well, what do I do?"

"You get to go to Varnia and have a nice chat with a Doctor Van Serraf, whom is an elderly gentleman of my proud elvish race and expert historian and scholar and translator. Go, go. We don't have time to waste."

Kyung, despite herself, smiled at Valyn and nodded.

"Priest", Zeov Building in Varnia

Priest waved off Cale's remark absently. "You've got it all wrong, Brother. Father trusts you enough with the very lifeforce of his beloved children. That is the extent of his trust, which is really saying a lot."

The Mist Reaper clapped his knees and stood up, extending a hand to shake Cale's. "I'm Priest, a member of God's Hand, which is a special tactial force within Father's services. He hasn't sent me to spy on you or to keep you check. He sent me for your assisstence, I am your aid. If you'd care to sit, or stand if you prefer, we can discuss how to get the Harcrane artifact. After all, not even you can just march in there and grab it..."

09-30-2006, 11:39 AM
Balthazar ran up stairs "dang t i slept in the bleachers!" he ran to his room and stoped. Balthazar noticed Kisume walking out of her room "hey Kisume!" he called out joging over to her "you were great fighting..you and Katsu were wounderful together" he said smiling and giving her a hug and a pat on the back

Fionn Mac
09-30-2006, 01:00 PM
Cale- Zeov Co. Building, Varnia
Cale, perplexed by this Priest's attitude, looked at the man's hand as he offered it.
Cale the shook the man's hand with his near lifeless one. Luckily he could still grip with it, but its once keen dexterity was seemingly gone. It may have been for the best though, as Cale distrusted the Faithful even more now...and he didn't "feel" that he was making a connection by shaking the man's hand.

"Maybe I was wrong, that is of no importance now...you've done quite the...damage in here" said Cale as he stepped over a few bodies, and grabbed a chair and sat down.

"We are in luck though...If you can call it that" said Cale, rubbing his face as he was still tired and emotionally drained.
"Tomorrow is the knighting ceremony for the new Captain of the Harcrane...in true Angel style, a grand ball is being held in honor of him."

The High Angels changed the Captain every 5 years, as Harcrane the legendary Angel had defeated 5 invading armies, with only 5 men, including himself...or so it was said.
Thus creating the Order of the Harcrane, the guardians of the clocktower city.

"The Harcrane artifact will be heavily guarded...but the attention of everyone is on the grand ball...they wait 5 years to impress each other with their splendor" said Cale looking out the window, seeing his home of Varnia...as the sky dimmed and the city lights began to illuminate.

"There is little you can do though...you'd just hinder my only chance of getting it. The High Angels may be full of themselves...but rarely do they let their guard down."
Cale's mind drifted there after, he was somewhat afraid of passing by the Archives...a place of good memories...bad ones...and ones that confused his mind, as it was the place where he had met Operative Kyung-Soon Na.

Seikyu Kiba
09-30-2006, 02:44 PM
Ketsueik went to his room and sat on the bed and then got undressed, hopped in the shower sitting there relaxed "Ahhh nothing like a great bath." He said as he washed himself, He got out of the shower, got dressed and hopped on the bed and watched Tv, He hit power on the tv

"Good evening ladies and gentalmen there is a special bulletin, it seems Draefar Will be under attack soon by Mist Reapers." THe News Guy Said

Ketsueik got up and was surprised "MIST REAPERS!"

"Yes Ketsueik Mist Reapers and you better help out to."

"I Will!" He said getting up and holding up the key "Unlock Kinogon!"

Kinogon came out and sat on the bed "I Heard about whats going to happen. Lets go!"

"Right." He said both Kinogon and Ketsueik jumped out the window and landed on the ground and headed for the gate of Draefar gate.

09-30-2006, 05:58 PM
Kisume blushes a deep red when Balyhazar hugged her. She thank him. "Thank you and ummm....If you are not in too much hurry would you care to jion me for a late dinner?" she blushed. "Well that is if you want to." like she promised herself at the beginning of the fight. She planned to tell him how she felt about him. She was so nervous. What if hw didn't like her the way she liked him?! That would end her friendship with him!!

09-30-2006, 06:03 PM
Balthazar smiled and blushed deep red "ye..yes Kisume...i would love to have a late dinner with you" his hands were shaking alittle and the hairs on the back of his neck was standing up. Balthazar thought to himself that this could be the chance to tell Kisume about how he really felt about her,but if she didnt like him in the same way and liked some other guy it would be over

09-30-2006, 06:10 PM
Kisume felt his gaze on her back as she walked to the dinning room. She got her supper and sat down. "Well....Balthazar I having something i want to say and I want to know your true answer to it. I don't want pity." she takes a deep breath trying to clam herself "Balthazar...I've had a crush on you since we were little." she blushes but feels better that he knows.

09-30-2006, 06:13 PM
Balthazar sat down with his food and put his napkin in his lap,he blushed as soon as he heard her words and his eyes widend and he smiled "Kisume......i......i have always liked you..more than a friend ever sense we were little but..i was to afraid to tell you because i thought you might have liked some other loboji other than me..." he blushed and took a sip of his wine

09-30-2006, 06:14 PM
OOC: Seikyu... ummm is Ketsuek under the infuence? Because I doubt the news guy would be able to break the 4th wall....


"Well Grim," he fixed his stare at him "That's the thing... I haven't the slightest clue to why I wasn't effected. I mean, the other squads weren't effected and a small portion including me weren't effected either." He was still confused to why this man had so many questions, but he decided to keep humoring him.

"Rathiro... He said something to me..."

Kojima remebered the scene, they were all crazed and blood thirsty.
Only a few of the Mist Reapers had control over themselves, and of them was Kojima and Rathiro… but Rathiro was still killing by choice. He turned to Kojima with his sword pointed at him and said “One day when the mist brings death to the world, I will kill you in the name of the gods… I will ascend to the highest place in the mist realm and become the punisher of the damned....” Kojima ran off at that point.
~Ending Recall~

"So you see... Rathoro wasn't effected... most of the 'Shadow Hound', or now known as 'Mist Hound' brigade were effected." He opened the locker room door and started inside "Grim... We'll meet again." With that he entered and layed on a bench.

09-30-2006, 06:18 PM
Her eyes widen "Why...why like me? You couldmarry into rich family. I have nothing to my name but for Katsu and she wouldn't obey anyone else. You could have any other lobiji. So why pick me?" she looked down at her lap. She had been told this many times. She knew all of it was true. She didn't have anything to her name. No one even knows who her parents were.

Seikyu Kiba
09-30-2006, 10:05 PM
OOC: Well yeah he was under the influence but thats not the point MIST REAPERS ARE ATTACKING!

Ketsueik was running towards the gate but was stopped by a group of women so he couldn't move anywhere "Hi how are you, yes its nice to meet you, Now out of my way." He said running.

10-01-2006, 02:05 AM
OOC: Seikyu, this attack by the Mist Reapers seems poorly thought out with even more poorly laid down details. It just seems unrealistic and rushed by you, as a bored RPer. No offense, but that's just distasteful RPing and people appericate it when a player thinks things through and writes creative, well-paved posts with an interesting sense of direction about them.

Kyung-Soon, En route to Varnia
The dusk setting laid a calming scene about Kyung-Soon as she piloted her Velkrei, Crimson Hunter, a Zeov Coporation replica model FC-180. This was the type of model she preferred to pilot, fast and nimble. The controls were sensitive and responsive, unlike the heavier FT-class of Velkrei replicas, which were as strong as tanks but offered slow mobility.

The sun setting relaxed her and made her tunnel-vision seem like nothing, but there was little time to relax and react. A sensor bleeped, "Operative Na," chimed the emotionless, robotic voice of Crimson Hunter. "Hostile coming on your six, it seems to be a Velkrei replica, but not from Zeov Corp."

Sure enough, one was coming up from her rear with speeds that would overtake her FC-180's. Kyung couldn't get a good look at it, but from what she could gather was that it was... organic? It had an organic material about it, but was still identifible as a Velkrei.

"Roger, I'm switching to evasive maneuvers." Kyung took a hard turn to her starboard side and went into a sharp dive. The enemy Velkrei followed, surprisingly keeping up with Kyung's sharp turns, dives, and climbs. She couldn't shake him, he was an excellent pilot, whoever he was.

Kyung-Soon kept calm, panic wouldn't help the situation. Then she heard the horrid sound of a constant, sharp tone and red lights flipped on. "He has weapon's lock," Crimson Hunter warned.

"I know!" Operative Na performed an odd dodge, just as the enemy fired his Force Machine Gun, twisting hard to port in what looked like her Velkrei doing a cartwheel. Once he stopped spraying Force bullets at her, she did a 180 degree turn. She now faced him while flying backwards, and she aimed her Force Rifle at him.

One shot. Two shots. Three. Four. Five shots. All landing somewhere on the enemy Velkrei. Smoke, despite the organic material of which the Velkrei was made, trailed from the hostile as it started a nose-dive. Kyung smirked at herself and thanked no one in particular that she preferred to fly the nimble FC-class of Velkrei. She heard the enemy Velkrei crash, but no explosion, and went to investigate the crash site.

Cautiously, she landed by the downed hostile and opened the chestplate, where the pilot should've been. But there was no pilot. There wasn't nothing either, it was a brain-like matter. Or device, because the brain wasn't human or had elements that indicated it was constructed with a combination of organic and metalic matters. Then she heard a beep emitted from the Velkrei. She leaned her own Velkrei closer and heard a beep again. Then another beep and another, the tempo of the beeps increasing until...

The explosion knocked Kyung a clear distance back. Luckily, her Velkrei's armor saved her life. Unluckily, her Velkrei was dead and incapable of making the remaining distance to Varnia. She coughed and slowly climbed from the wreckage. "Oh great. Now what am I going to do?" As far as she could see, it was all wilderness.

Priest, Varnia
"Oh please, Brother, if I can only hinder your cause, don't let me. But I am hardly ever a burden... In fact," Priest paused to make the effect seem like he had something interesting to say. "In fact, I know a way to avoid the guards completely."

He shrugged, "But if I'm only a hinderance, I shouldn't involve myself. Although, I find it hard to see any other way to avoid conflict. You're already hurt." Priest held out his palms in a surrendering manner. "I won't inquire how you got hurt, but you're hurt. If you aren't running at 100%, you could jeopardize this mission. Also, you're an outcast and your wing coloration would only invite negativity. Indeed, you aren't invited to their grand ball, nor are you even welcomed in that city."

The Priest started to pace, stepping over the bodies littering the floor. He folded his hands behind his back and stared blankly off into one corner. "But I hold a solution, might you be interested, to get you into the very heart of Harcrane. Unless you're royality or of higher class, they'd murder you for even trying to glance at the Harcrane artifact. The solution was a personal gift from Father, directed for you. Shall I give it to you?"

Seikyu Kiba
10-01-2006, 08:45 AM
OOC: Ooook fine then I guess then he was under the influence because there willl be no attack...I mean it's just something to do it wasn't rushed it was unexpected and Ketsueik is a funny guy when not around people. All though i don't think an unexpected attack should have detail before the battle.

Ketsueik stopped running and thought for a moment Wait....I want to go back to the hotel. He thought as he turned around and walked back to the hotel. He decided to go for a swim just because he felt like it. "Ahh I love pools."

10-01-2006, 08:59 AM
Balthazar knew this was true,Kisume had nothing to her name but Katsu "Kisume..i dont care about what you have i love you for who you are...yes its true i can marry to a rich loboji and have alot of money but....you mean everything to me and i dont care what you have or dont have." Balthazar smiled as he took a bite of chicken

10-01-2006, 09:53 AM
OOC: Ooook fine then I guess then he was under the influence because there willl be no attack...I mean it's just something to do it wasn't rushed it was unexpected and Ketsueik is a funny guy when not around people. All though i don't think an unexpected attack should have detail before the battle.OOC: That's not what I meant. I meant that you were doing nothing then suddenly said "MIST REAPERS ARE ATTACKING!!!" Did you even consider why they where attacking? Where? How? How many? And it's not like there's an army of Reapers that will attack for no particular reason. I'd suggest that you make your character interact with the other players. After all, RPing is most fun when you do it with the other players.

Kyung-Soon, in wilderness
Kyung turned to catch one last glimpse of the scene; her Velkrei torn to shreds and the enemy Velkrei still emitting flames and smoke. She had one hell of a headache and it hurt to breathe, but she was generally unharmed. However, she wouldn't be able to just walk to Varnia. And her communications with HQ were down.

She had little choice; she reluctantly began her hike.