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I did want to see more people signed up before I started this but I figure there is no harm in building a bit of story first.

There are a few characters. A note for those whom have signed up there is no character limit this time around as long as there is an approved character sheet you can have as many characters as you believe you can handle.

We'll see what happens, hopefully there'll be some baddies joining us soon.

The FIU Main Headquarters - New York City - New York

Steve stacked the papers neatly into the pile as the agents filtered into the room, it was their monthly briefing report and there was quite the bit to talk about.
Behind him on the wall was a rather large map of Russia and the surrounding countries. Blue, red and Yellow markers marked specific points on the map.
The blue symbolized places where they had spotted and confirmed the KGB activity, the red places the KGB had already conquered, and the yellow suspected areas of KGB movements.
Every meeting, every glance at the map there were more and more red markers, and even more blue ones. The KGB were amassing numbers no one had ever seen before.

Five minutes after nine in the morning and Steve stood up and walked to the map placing another red marker on it, before sighing and shaking his head. He turned to his agents.
"Last night the KGB moved into Lithuana with a force that the Lithuania guard were not ready for, and the country was loss. The U.N. again has no response believe it was a terrorist attack and that the government is still in control. Tsarina Alexia's grasp of the blinders over the U.N. remain in place. And we have word that Turkmenstien is next. It's a long shot but we're sending people in. Our Primary Deputy Director will be choosing a small team of five to go, we will enlist some outside help but it'll be her call as to who."

Stepping back to the desk he pulled up the file folders. "Each of you will have work here, the KGB continue to bring their pressence right into the states and are even trying to slip insiders into our own government. We're going to have to step up our own defenses and be cautious with our moves now. President Nathan Kellar has advised us to be ready to go against the U.N. ourselves. It will be a last resort but if the U.N. doesn't open it's eyes were looking at a war. That is political though and Nathan will be handling that. The Secretary of Nation Defense Larry Mongolian is here to talk to us today."

An older man with graying hair and a look that just annoyed people without any words spoken moved to the front of the room. To his right were a couple of men meant to be his body guards, they leaned back against the wall as Larry began to speak. "The FIU is fairly new and we understand this however, the performance needs to be brought up a notch, the FBI and CIA will handle internal affairs of the United States. We need you to concentrate solely on the KGB, and thier movements. Recent CIA reports place the KGB moving in from the west coast via boat and spreading out. We must find a quick resolution to this." Larry eyed everyone.

Steve nodded his head. "Your case files will be available for pick up by the end of the day. Dismissed." He dismissed the agents leaving just Larry, and his deput directors in the room with him. "You know Larry if I didn't know any better I say you came to tell us we're incompetant."
"If I didn't know any better Steve I'd say you were." Larry grabbed his coat from the back of one of the chairs. "We'll be in touch." He smiled then left the room with a few others.
Sighing Steve dropped into his chair. Jerk.

I'll post Kyle's first stuff and Alexia's later. Don't need to yet and I'm considering talking to the owner of the Chasidy, Jamil and Marcus characters so I can use them.

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Alice sat in her office going through files. She was trying to find information on people. Mostly people hanging around the 'yellow' areas. She was hoping to find some shady pasts on these people. So far: nothing. She leaned back into her chair and rubbed her eyes a bit. She had been working on suspects of KGB activity for a good 5 hours straight. She opened on of her drawers and pulled out a flask of burbon. She took a sip and stuck it back in. She got up and stretched. She plopped back in her chair and started working again.

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Daniel looked down his homemade range at a house about fifteen minutes from a middle-of-nowhere town called Highlands. He sighed, and brought a rifle to his shoulder. Down the sights, there was a bullseye taunting him. He quickly placed several holes near the middle, then sighed again. More than anything, he was bored right now. He sat on the ground, aware of the bulge of his cell phone. "Things can't be that quiet." he mumbled to himself.

Blood Assassin
09-08-2006, 05:23 PM
Michael lined up the sight from his scope on his MAG-76, his hawk eye matching up with his target, Senitor Barny Q. Bellingham, of New York. A small smrik perched on his cold lips, as his finger twitched on the trigger, his target in a crowd of people, counting down till he was open for a head shot, "15...27...43...23...54...32...21...5....65.....32. ..13...23...10...4...1" he pulled the trigger as he reached one, the bullet finding its mark between the senitors eyes, blood spewing from his freshly shot and shattered skull. Blood spraying all over the near by crowd.

"Heh...To easy.." He said, as he brought his attention too two cops, " Bingo..." He fired two more shots, killing the officers instantly, as the bullets nailed there skulls. Soon after this, more cops came, setting up a parimiter, he pulled out another Identical rifle, aiming at the new found cops, blowing out holes through there chests, and heads. "Target Eleminated, Targets, Entire Police Force, Senitor Barny Q. Bellingham, All Eleminated" He said into a microphone, as it responded.

"Great, Now pull out Michael, Before the FBI cetch up with you." Michael nodded to himself, pacing his weapons into there cases, and loading them into an awaiting car below the building, as it drove off away from the crime scene, and the state of New York.

red storm
09-10-2006, 03:22 AM
Tiria sat cross legged on her bed, her arms folded and the fingers of her right hand drumming against her arm. Honestly, she was a bit miffed at the briefing, which seemed to be focussing on the states alone. "Defend the states, he says." she grumbled, changing her tone into one of mockery. "Our defenses need to be brought up a notch, he says. What about other countries, don't they matter?" She sighed and let herself fall backwards. "World War two all over again. The yanks only step in when their country is threatened."

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I'll be adding three Character sheets for Jamil, Chasidy and Marcus. These three are not my characters; they belong to a friend. Friday night I asked her for permission to play them. She had expressed a little sadness that she didn't have the time to do so herself but she did grant me the permission to play them.
So here is hoping I do them justice.

Unknown Location - Moscow, Russia

"The run is set up then?"
Adam nodded his head as he sat on the other side of a large wooden desk; the desk that Kyle had taken a position behind early in the morning and had been working behind it all day. "Jamil and Chasidy will be here tomorrow morning to go over the set up we have." He added.
"They're coming?" Kyle looked up at him; he knew that the run was important but not that it was important enough to involve the boss and her second.
"Yea." Adam couldn't help but grin. He knew Kyle liked looking at Chasidy, liked seeing her and became almost flustered when she walked into the room. Even though he still gave a cold and almost cruel attitude towards her, Adam could see it in Kyle's eyes. "Why ya hiding something ya don't want them to see?"
"Nyet!" Kyle answered in Russian without thought.
"...No, I mean no. I'm not. I just wasn't aware this run was so important that they should be up and coming here."
"Not just this run. Chasidy and Jamil have a few things to see to out here, and of course a few more runs for us."
"They don't think we can do ou---" Kyle stopped as he saw her standing up in the doorway.
Adam blinked. "Do our what?"
Kyle was just staring at the doorway so Adam stopped and turned, the jumped up to his feet. "You're early..." Adam blinked.
"Is this a problem?" Chasidy spoke gracefully. She knew Adam didn't speak Russian and so for his benefit she spoke English. While Adam had been learning the language from Kyle it still wasn't enough for her to speak it to him and have him understand it.
Chasidy didn't look the same as they had last seen her but when in the presence of her own and some of her most trusted she didn't wear the colored contacts. Her hair however was cut shorter and died a strawberry blonde color.
"No." Kyle responded as he stood up. His rather cold attitude exhibiting save for the warm eyes that took her in.
"Good. Jamil and I are going to look over the plan and then I'll want to talk to you." She walked in the rest of the way and stood before Kyle, the plans were on his desk so she planned on taking over the office for a little bit. Standing a few feet from him she smiled faintly.
"Sure." Kyle nodded his head and moved to leave the office with Adam.
Adam had a few tasks to accomplish, some equipment to gather before the run and so Kyle was alone for the afternoon.

The organization was weird in a sense, they were criminals, and they did kill people without any warrant or duty.
They typically kept to themselves but lately the dogs, as they called the KGB, had been pissing in the wrong backyard. It wasn't their job, they weren't being paid for it but it was becoming too much to just let slide.
Secret reports went to the FIU where they would be most beneficial. Stolen weapons went to threatened countries so that they may better prepare themselves and small attacks left the KGB and their forces weakened.

Kyle had found his way into his room, and there he lay on the bed, having barely fallen asleep when he heard a noise in the room. His gun was drawn from under the pillow raised and aimed on the woman whom had entered. Taking in her appearance for a moment, the slack black pants with the silver large necked sweater. She could likely be wearing anything and he'd find her pretty.
But pretty wasn't enough to wash away the bad memories he had had from women. Not enough to make him change his opinions.
"Something I can do for you boss?" His cold attitude took residence as he placed the gun back away.
Sighing Chasidy moved over to the bed and slipped her hand under the pillow to draw the weapon back out. "This isn't safe you know." She informed him as she checked the load and the safety before setting it down on the nightstand.
"It isn't safe not to have it there." With her he spoke in his most comfortable language Russian. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and she was standing before him, making him eye level with her chest but he tilted his head up to look into her eyes instead. They were beautiful... she was beautiful.
"Da, but I'd rather you not shoot yourself in the night."
Kyle just shrugged in response to Chasidy's concern. "Something I can do for you though? Questions?"
"No the plan is pretty thorough. Jamil has made some modifications but we can go over that tomorrow."
"Then you're here because?"
She frowned; she had thought it was obvious. "No reason." She turned and left the room, leaving him to his thoughts and his manners.

It was a couple days later and Kyle woke on his own at two in the morning, and hour before he had to get up for the run. Frowning and finding it’d be pointless to go back to sleep for an hour and then get up he pulled himself from the bed and found his way into the shower.
There he thought about everything over the past couple of days, Chasidy had been there and around him a lot and always seemed to be trying to wear his either his patience or even just him down. Like she wanted him exhausted or something, because she constantly had him doing tasks that would tire him out.
It was after a spar with her that she asked him to go and do something, and her being the boss he did it, begrudgingly.
Yet through it all he found himself more attracted to the woman, the woman whom must have found some amusement in driving him crazy.
Stepping from the shower he dried off and half dressed before finding his way back to his room. All of two feet into it and he felt her presence behind him. “…You’re up early.” He commented casually as he tossed the towel down onto the bed and continued to do up the buttons on his shirt.
“So are you.” She closed the door behind her and walked to him, not paying attention to the fact he hadn’t fully dressed, just that she wanted his attention. “I want to make something clear about this run… it’s dangerous--"
“I know that.” Kyle cut her off as he sat down on the bed to pull on his socks. “And I know what I have to do.”
“Do you?”
“Get the equipment and pull out.” Kyle was straight to the point of course he had other duties which included keeping Chasidy alive.
Chasidy crossed her arms over, “Get it and pull out, and don’t worry about me and Jamil.”
“What makes you think I would?” Kyle glanced up at her, noting the look in her eyes. Of course he would. She was the boss and as far as he was concerned she shouldn’t even have been going on the run.
“Because you wear that ring.” She gestured to his ring. “And because you don’t believe I should be in this.”
“You shouldn’t but that isn’t my call.” Kyle began and when he saw the cross look on her face he sighed. “It’s got nothing to do with you being a female, and has everything to do with you being the boss.”
“You know how things work.”
“That I do, and that’s why I believe you shouldn’t be on a run as dangerous as this one.”
“As important as this one.” She spoke back stubbornly.
“What do you think I’m going to screw it up?” Kyle had grown steadily colder with his voice, hoping it’d get her to go away.
Stubbornly Chasidy glared at him, “You ARE reckless.” She snapped without meaning to.
“…Oh jee thanks boss. I won’t screw it up.” Kyle rolled his eyes at the lack of confidence. She had always seemed to have it, calling him reckless and careless with his life. It was his life who was she to tell him how to run it.
“No you won’t. Adam will be with you and Jamil and I will be there too.” She turned and headed for the door, “and don’t die. That’s the other part. Just don’t die.”
Chasidy left him at that left him staring at the door where she had been with a mixture of emotions. It wasn’t just him whom had been cold and cruel there, it was she too, and yet behind it all he saw warmth in her eyes one that always brought a slight smile to his face.

Blood Assassin
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Michael drove down his street, Jefferson. His body moving out of his Military style jeep, and down onto his sidewalk in front of this old Victorian Manor, walking over to the gate, he stopped in front of a box and flipped open the data code box, pressing his secret code into the box, he lifted it up, and walked in, the gate closing behind him. He did this once more with his door, himself approaching it, as he threw his bags, and cases onto the ground closing the door behind him, "I sure wish I had some company...Its not a very big Mob yet..Actually..Its just me.." He said this with a sigh, as he went up to his room, opening the door, one might be shocked to see it was covered in guns, gun-gun's, gun-posters, gun-magazenes, Assasination simulater. His TV was in the shape of a giant 12 gauge shot gun shell, He layed onto his bed, and looked up at the sealing, picking up his remote he turned on the T.V.....

((News Man (Hope its alright with you, its just temporarily LPS.)))

"Today, There was a man-slaughter in Downtown New York, Park seen in this clip, an appearent assassin shot, and murdered the Senitor with avengence along with the senitor, the entire downtown police squad, and body guards. This incedent proclaimed by the FBI was done by one, Michael O'Brian, Former Famous milatary Sniper, Who killed a recored three thousand in battle. The Vice pres-"

He shut off the T.V. as the News person was about to speak about the Vice President, muttering to himself, as he groaned, laying back on his bed, "Stupid FBI...Serching all over for me..To bad its as good as trying to find a Jon Doe." He said this with a slight laugh, as he picked up his favorite SMG taking it apart and putting it together again rapidly. Cleaning it as he took it apart one last time, admiring its beauty.

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...And somewhere in a New Jersey airport, there was a different sort of controlled chaos.

"Tobias? Toby Chauncey? Mister Chauncey?" An airline stewardess stood on the tips of her toes, peering out over the crowd nervously. Obediently, Tobias waved and struggled his way through the throng over to the counter to meet her. She immediately looked noticeably nervous.

It was understandable. At first glance Tobias, just Tobias, looked slightly intimidating, lean and well-built in a muscular way but not so much as to bring on jokes of steroids; the severe black shirt aided the effect (although the khaki slacks sort of ruined it). However when the stewardess saw Tobias' carryon baggage she relaxed. He carried, slung over one arm and carefully clutched near to him, a bright pink bag that was unzipped at one end to reveal his little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Molly. The pup's Italian leather collar shined (better shined than Tobias' shoes), her platinum and diamond dog tag gleamed and caught the light.

"I'm Toby. What'cha need?"

The airline stewardess stared him down for a moment before he blinked amicably at her, obviously looking more at her chest than at her face.

"Er. I'm sorry sir, but your luggage has been, um, misplaced. We'll try to locate it as soon as possible, of course..."

Tobias blinked, apparently unfazed by this. "'s fine. I shipped almost all my stuff over already anyway. Besides, I kept the most important thing with me." He grinningly turned to look down nearly at his armpit down at the face of his dog; a loud thump came from the bag as the creature's tail wagged furiously. He shamelessly lapsed into baby-talk. "Whozza pretty baby?! Who's the bestest puppy in the entire world?! Oh it's Daddy's Molly, ooohh yes!"

The airline stewardess raised one very pointed eyebrow and cleared her throat as to redirect the conversation.

"Well, our customer service agent would like to extend some sort of refund to you for your troubles - I have a check for a free flight if you would like, Mister, um, Chauncey -"

"Free flight? Ah, nah, it's fine. Unless... I can't cash it in and buy some more khakis and shirts, eh?" he said, looking down at himself.

"Well... no. I don't think it works that way.

"Oh. Well. In that case, it's fine," he said cheerfully waving his hand in a mildly dismissive manner. The airline stewardess blinked in shock before stuttering out a prepackaged, canned speech about how pleased she was for him to be flying with insert-airline-name-here and scurrying away.

Tobias just smiled affably before striding through the airport, occasionally catching stares for being a rather severe-looking man with a bright pink bag full of fuzzy little toy dog. He knew as soon as he found a cab, he would be all right; he had already mailed the most important things to himself anyway - namely, the explosive things, the best things. Normally, he would just buy more, but cash was a bit tight these days. Conservation and all that. Yes... a post office, and then New York, because he knew somewhere in New York were those FUI people, and FUI people paid good money to blow up KGB people, and Tobias had long since given up understanding it - all he knew was that his little dog Molly desperately, desperately needed more caviar garnish for her daily meal.

Blood Assassin
09-15-2006, 05:43 PM
In his own home town...((Which is New Jersey..>>;;))

He exited his house, as he got into his car, throwing a packaged missle launcher, along with a pack of missles, into the side, letting out an annoyed sigh, he drove off to an airport that was nearby. It was the New Jersey National Airport. Where the senetor of Nebraska was said to touch down. The hit on his head was around five-hundred grand. He laughed, as he gunned it down the freeway towards the air port, a few hours later he skidded to a halt in front of the air port. Grabbing his missle launches he opened the roof his top body exiting the roof putting the rocket launcher to his right, and ammunition to his left, Putting on his ear plugs, just as he watched the plane land, he loaded up the rocket and aimed.

He launched the missle towards the plane, lowering it, as the missle collided with the private jet, the plane blowing up instantly fire balls flying all over the field, one hitting a gass truck which exploded sending even more flams to a tree, begging to start a fire. He sighed, and shook his head, throwing the weapon and A.M.O. Down onto the car, as he slid into the front seat and took off.

09-17-2006, 02:59 PM
((It's so hard to make characters collide in this RP! :P okay, that made little sense to anyone but me... but here goes))

"Molly-Molly-Molly! Look! Explosions!"

Tobias had been quietly, near-serenely, waiting for a cab to pull around when the jet met its demise. While the crowd around him turned to look and immediately panicked, screaming and running, he instead ran over to the fence in large galumphing strides. His little toy dog seemed completely unfased by the noise, panting and wagging her tail in shared excitement.

"Oh wow, oh wow, ow wow! That's nice! - some sorta missile launcher I bet - man, those things lack finesse. I would've gone with something in the cargo hold. Got some style you know? But oh wow - that's nice," he crowed, gazing upon the cascading fireballs, half-talking to his dog. Molly barked in approval.

As the crowd shrieked, flailed, hid and generally panicked, a lone cab finally pulled up. Tobias jogged over and slid in the back seat, delicately setting Molly's pet carrier down beside him (the cab driver raised his eyebrows at this). "Where to?"

"Nearest post office. Aahh, one on Jefferson I think it is."

"Well, that's not the nearest. Kinda out in the suburbs, by some real fancy lookin' McMansion type neighborhoods. But it'll be fast to get to, with the traffic."

Tobias grinned. "Just what I thought too." The driver shrugged, seeming somewhat pleased with his odd passenger before pulling out... right behind Michael's jeep.

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Unfortunately this will be slow paced, I only have time to reply during the week and SOMETIMES on the weekend (Two jobs) Not to mention I'm in the bit of a family emergency and last week was completley out of the question with me in the bed with the flu.

I will do the best I can to get the characters all in one place ASAP but this story requires building. I do so <3 Molly tho.

Steve shook his head as he headed up to the office stopping by his Primary Deputy Director's office and peeking his head in.
"No more drinking." He knew, didn't really care if she did so long as she did her work and did it right. But he occasionally had to be the boss and stop and tell her. "Also send a team out to Moscow, we have word something is going to happen there. Undercover, accompany them too."
Steve was always to the point with the girls, uptight and to the point. Didn't much care for being kind with them. It was a waste of time.
He moved on to his office, giving no time for her to object or ask questions, she could follow him to his office if she had them.
By send a team he had meant the team he had prearranged. Consisting of three undercover agents, two field agents, and of course her.
As he walked into his office he sighed seeing the news. "Joy." He muttered dropping into his chair and watching the news. "What a mess... what a bloody mess." Shaking his head he pushed it to the side, it was the FBI's job not his.
He drew his concerns back to Russia.

Kyle was annoyed when she left the room but took the time he needed to finish prepping for the run. It'd be a long one, and before it he wanted a jog. So he left the house after everything was set and went for that jog, thinking along the 'faith' or rather lack there off his boss had shown him.
The fresh air was always good for the head though, helped clear out a lot of what was bothering him and bring in some sort of calm. A clam he needed.
This run was dangerous and he wasn't sure if all of them would make it out alive, but whether she liked it or not he'd make sure she did.

Blood Assassin
09-18-2006, 08:52 PM
Michael walked up his sidewalk, as he beeped his jeep shut, letting out a sigh, he flipped the suitcase open, and put the cash into the money machine, as it counted up to 50K he smiled, and filed it into his wallsafe, shutting it, and closing the overcast panting. He walked over to his living room, and cracked open a nice fine bottle of whine, as he poured out a measurable sum, he opened the curtains and looked out the window at his fine street. He pressed his lips to the rim, as he sipped it watching time pass....

...Twenty minutes later, he saw a taxi pull up behind his jeep, he blinked, and stood up, putting his empty glass down on the table, watching a strangely akward looking man, carrying a pink bag with a toy puppy's head sticking out of it, he chuckled, as the massive muscle man stepped out of the taxi, and waited on what he was gonna do next, pulling a loaded shot gun to his side...

09-19-2006, 05:46 AM
"Hey, do you know where the post office is? You look like a local. This stupid taxi driver SAYS he does, but we haven't seen it and I got a really important package to pick up."

Tobias shoved his sunglasses up on top of his head, blinking as he waited for a reply. Molly waggled her tail at the sight of the shotgun - something her owner wholly missed - ba-wark!-ing happily and panting so that all of her pink tongue flopped out of her mouth.

The taxi cab driver grumbled loudly about how he knew exactly where everything was, people were just too impatient nowadays, and how he was going to start doubling his rate from hereon out.

09-19-2006, 08:05 AM
Alice giggled at Steves comment about her drinking.
"Us Irish cant think straight without a bit of liquor in us"
She gave him a wink and smiled. He started talking about the meeting she missed and his plans for Mascow.
She talked as they walked.
"Well, Ive been trying to find information on the list of people you gave me, but so far they seem clean. Why are you sending a team out?"

09-19-2006, 08:19 AM
OOC - Pssssst Silly Maru, he talked to you. Read the second post where I used Blue text =P <3 - I couldn't for the life of me remember the character name as I was typing so I just referred to ya by your title.

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XD So he did!

09-19-2006, 10:25 AM
"There is a bustle of activity going on there." He sighed. "Informants tell us that there just may be an opportunity for us to gain some much needed information on the KGB." By the time he had said this they were in his office, he had noted the news and he was seated behind his desk.

"Are you desiring to stay behind your desk or something?" He questioned, given the certain lack of compliance with his order and the questioning of it.

09-19-2006, 10:45 AM
Daniel was listening to the news, on reports on the recent attacks. Of course, he didn't know how bad the media was altering the stories, but he could guess. And by now, the governies(government employees) were probably itching for action.

He was on his way to DC, land of the paying, home of the jobs. He'd already spread the word to Handlers(people who negociate with freelancers) that he'd be in the area, knowing that sometimes location was a factor in their descisions. And, if that failed, he had a friend in the area.

The radio fuzzed and lost signal, and he turned if off, driving in silence. At this point, stagnation was a more serious threat to him than bullets. He needed to find a job, and soon. Didn't much care what it was, just needed it.

09-19-2006, 11:26 AM
Alice noticed a tone in his voice. It didnt bother her in the least.
"No, actually I hate being in an office. So, Im assuming by your 'desk' comment that you plan on sending me out as well?"
The thought of her getting to travel tickeled her pink. Espically if its to Moscow.
The culture, the food, the drinks!
Of course it would be business, but who says she cant have a little fun in her hotel room?
A huge smiled beamed on her face

09-19-2006, 11:38 AM
"Yea with a team." Steve looked up. "Which means You'll stay at a SAFE HOUSE in Moscow with OTHER people. No drinking."
Steve tossed the folder across his desk. "Take Agent Tiria, Janson, Bobby and Lucas with you." (Names are mostly made up)
He sighed. "I'm sure Secretary of National Defense Larry Monolian will have more for me to send out later, but get them ready and leave tonight.

09-19-2006, 12:53 PM
Alice picked up the folder and pouted.
"You're no fun!"
She smirked at him
"I outta take you out for a round one of these days, get you to loosen up"
Before he could reply, she gave him a smirk and walked out to round up the agents listed in the file.

09-19-2006, 01:27 PM
OOC - I'll play the unplayed agents. Heh.

Steve rolled his eyes. The only way he was going out with any girl to drink was if he was getting some in the end. There was work to do, and so he got to it.

OOC - I have about seven pages of typed Story from Kyle and Chasidy so I'll post it in parts... as each post I make I'll post a piece of it. Heh. Sorry it's so long but it's fun!

He remained crouched by their entrance to the KGB weapons station in Moscow. Early morning and right before a guard switch. The guards were tired now; they were thinned out as they began to move back and readied to go home.
It was one thing Kyle could always credit Alexia for. The guards were typically changed out every few hours, it kept them fresh and on their feet. Save the overnight shift, even a few hours in the late night were a few hours too many. Few people could adjust their bodies to understand that nighttime is daytime. With that in mind they had chosen the three am guard change in order to make their move.
Equipment at the ready they began.
Jamil used a small hand held computer to switch the video cameras over to the looped tapes that Kyle had set up earlier; Chasidy using another gadget of their own making rigged a bypass on the alarm close to a service entrance to the building; Kyle had the charges that he set near the locks of the doors; and Adam remained at his side waiting for the door to be opened. It took a mere minute and a half to override the camera’s, bypass the alarms, blow the lock on the door and begin filing silently into the building.
Guns were always effective, they killed their target and you need not be up close and personal, however even with an attached silencer they were noisier than blades. Wielding duel blades Chasidy moved up swiftly using the shadows to hide her tiny frame as she slit the throats of the guards in the first room. The break room was not to far off and despite the amount of guards lounging about in there, having coffee, or perhaps their lunch and watching TV not one of them heard the soundless drop of their comrades. Kyle had moved with his boss, Adam and Jamil hanging back to ensure no one snuck up on either Kyle or Chasidy. Carefully he enacted the swift death of another one of the men and eased his body down to the ground to ensure no sound was made. They were on a schedule though, their second and third team would be ready to move on their signal but first they needed to clear the path and get the more important information out.
They moved quickly down the hall sliding into empty rooms to avoid detection and taking down the guards along their path.
It was sad in a sense, some of these people were so unaware of what they were doing, what they were feeding into by serving the Tsarina. The glorious, queen of Russia, and her rather absent minded and delirious husband ruled with fear tactics and anytime he thought of it, Kyle found himself angry. He pushed it back and kept moving.
They entered into a darker room, and then found the large safe.
Adam moved forward and set up some equipment before he began, where he had learned to crack safes was beyond anyone in the organization but he could do it and he was good at it.
Kyle and Jamil had remained back this time, watching for anyone that might be coming and Chasidy remained by Adam’s side watching on a small palm pilot the security feeds to ensure that they were still in the clear.
Five minutes then the sound of a click, as the door popped open. “Bingo.” Adam whispered proud with his accomplishment. Patting his back Chasidy slipped by and Kyle moved up to join her while Jamil and Adam hung back again.
As they slipped into the room Kyle dug a circular device from his pocket and slide it forward on the ground, watching now as all the motion censors lit up in visible beams of red.
Then he clicked a few buttons and a field emitted fooling the censors into believing they were still whole when they were broken.
Chasidy moved forward and found the lockbox she wanted, carefully picking the lock with great expertise she popped it open and sure enough scooped out what they were looking for.
It was during this moment that Kyle began to look for something that wasn’t on the plan. Something he knew was there. Not clear as to how he knew Chasidy’s puzzled and somewhat annoyed expression became one that could almost past for gleeful excitement as she looked down at what Kyle spread out on the table in the center of the room.
Grinning he rolled it back up and stuck it in the tube, then slung that over his shoulder.
With a slight nod the pair began to move back. Kyle took his palm pilot from his side and entered in a pass code, and then they locked off the safe heading back into the halls and moving forward again.
Chasidy had stored the information she needed into bag that rested against her back, thin and unseen.
Continuing to clear the path they took the lives of the guards swiftly before ducking back into one of the rooms for the more visible rewards.
Another safe.

red storm
09-19-2006, 02:11 PM
Tiria now lay on her bed, grumbling as she both fingered her spiked collar and shifted through the folders she revieved. She had decided that merely doing nothing would acomplish less then only grumbling about it. So she decided to read the case files while grumbling. Genius!

It was while shifting through the files that she came upon a piece of paper that drew her attention.

"hello? What's this?" She mumbled to herself. As she read trough the paper her eyes widened and she grabbed the others, trying to discern if they were true or just fooling her.

They weren't.

Finally! A mission to do something! She was heading for Moscow! Moscow! Could you get any coser to the KGB?

With a cry of joy, she leaped of her bed. Grabbing her combat jacket she rushed out of her door and back into the base, intent on finding the leader. When she saw her, she aplied the proverbal brakes and came to a screeching halt before Alice. Grinning a wide grin, she asked "When are we going?"

09-19-2006, 02:32 PM
New York City

The less thrilled male agents came a few steps up behind her. They wanted the answer to that question too.
The three were jokers really but they were good agents. Standing there they just waited patiently for the answer as to when they were going.


And like the one before Kyle dropped back to watch with Jamil, and Adam moved forward to crack it open. Chasidy went over the security feeds.
It was hard not to laugh at the smirk that was on Adam’s face as it popped open again. Kyle slid past him and like the safe before threw out the small device, letting it do it’s job before they entered the rest of the way.
They loaded up a couple bags of the rubles and Jamil took one of them, Adam the other while Kyle and Chasidy kept the information with them. Kyle set the device and then nodded to Chasidy as they headed back out of the safe area.

OOC - ooooooouuuu! I've been waiting for this. Meet Alexia.


“Majesty.” He man dressed in the Imperial uniform, an obvious palace guard spoke for the attention of the Tsarina.
She had been behind her desk writing in a thin book that she immediately closed before looking up at the man. He stood perfectly straight almost fearful of the powerful woman. “Da?” She questioned, raising her head slightly.
Alexia was anything but nice, her voice sounded sweet and harmonious her appearance was stunning but she was like a well-camouflaged animal that lured you in with appearance and destroyed you with bitter precision. All of her targets never knew what hit them until it was too late. Yet there was one, one that got away and Alexia wanted it. It was like any toy, the one that wasn’t accessible was the one that was desired. Alexia wanted what she wasn’t allowed to have and he wanted away from her.
The man before her bowed slightly and then proceeded with his reason for disturbing her. “They broke in.”
“Oh?” She raised an eyebrow. “And whom might ‘they’ be.”
“We are not sure your majesty but they are within the weapons, training and combat facility here in the city.”
“…And how pray tell did they get in?” She questioned, her calm never changed, but her eyes narrowed slightly.
It was all the sign the man needed and his throat clenched up, sweat began to drop from the side of his head. Fear layered across his eyes. “…We…” He began slowly the words not wanting to come out, “don’t… know.”
Alexia stood slowly from her chair and moved around the desk to the man before her. Carefully she touched the side of his face, as she lived off of his fears. His eyes and the slight tremble she felt from the soft touch thrilled her and brought a feeling she reveled in. She had not spoken a word yet, just gave him this almost false sense of security as she patted his shoulder and smiled gracefully.
“Well then.” She spoke finally after his calm became more visible to her. “We don’t shoot the messenger hmm?”
The man nodded his head slowly to her.
Alexia stood straight and walked from her office, some poor unsuspecting soul felt a bullet take him in the back of the head. Anger released and the fear and sights of all the men in the hall and the man behind her was like a sweet embrace on a cold day. A slight twinkle took to her eyes as she took it all in before turning back to the man in her office. “Handle it. SWIFTLY.”
The man nodded his head and given the first chance he left the office, leaving the Tsarina before he became the next target.

09-21-2006, 04:27 PM
A huge smile crossed Alice's face.
"You all saved me the trouble of finding you! We leave tonight, so hurry up and pack. Id say a good 3-5 suitcases of clothes and what-not should be enough. Meet me in the front of the building at 5:00 pm. I'll see about getting us a ticket outta here for 6-ish."
She went to head back to her office when she stopped and turned back around
"I sugeest you bring a few handguns with you too. Not that you'll use them, but better prepared than dead"
She headed back to her office to grab a few things before going to her room to pack. She grabbed her flask. As soon as she did, Steve's words entered her head again. She stared at it long and hard. Why did she drink? Was it simply because of where she was raised? She sighed to herself. She always told herself that she could drink, but in moderation... which she didnt. She poured out the burbon into a trashcan. She would have tossed the flask all together, but her fathers name was inscripted on it. She put it in her pocket, grabbed a few files, and headed off to pack.

09-22-2006, 08:12 AM
New York, USA
They were agents, like hell they were going into enemy territory without their guns.
Both the guys left, heading to pack. 3-5... bah women, they'd be fine with one or two. It'd be home and then back to the agency to meet and then to the airport. They were cool with that.

Moscow, Russia
Set with everything they required now they were pulling back cautiously. The signal had been given to their teams, and the teams had moved in with a shipment truck that would store the weapons that they were quickly transferring.
Unaware their presence had been discovered they continued at their work, Kyle helping Chasidy removed some more of the guards and set the charges for the explosives on the way back. Each set to a precise timer that had been predetermined in their plans. They would each go off within minutes of each other, once the teams were a safe distance away.
As he set one of the last charges Kyle stood and smirked. “So reckless yet?”
“…” Chasidy couldn’t help but smile, as she smacked him on the head. Truth be told this was the first time she had completed a run with him and she didn’t see what the others were complaining about. He moved in precision with her, like they had done it hundreds of times before and could do it a hundred more.
Standing straight he had been about to make a comment when he saw it. Grabbing Chasidy by her arm he literally tossed her into Jamil’s. Wincing, as a bullet lodged into the vest he was wearing. It’d leave a welt and would likely hurt more at a later time but for the moment he drew his own gun and returned fire while taking cover with Adam by his side.
There had been a yelp by Chasidy when Kyle had thrown her, a yelp and an expression of clear shock. Even Jamil hadn’t been fully prepared for it but as the bullets were flying he pulled Chasidy down behind cover and returned fire himself.
“So much for clean and quiet.” Kyle muttered as he came over his cover for a moment to fire. Taking the tube with the documents in it he shuffled it across the floor to Chasidy, firing on any agent that thought it might be probative to get it back.
As Chasidy caught it she gave him a look but he didn’t look at her, he looked at Jamil and then back at the men firing on them. Kyle carefully moved from cover with Adam, they were providing cover fire.
Chasidy realized it quickly and cursed. “Nyet!” She snapped as Jamil began to pull her out. She had specifically told him not to do this and he was doing it anyway.
Dropping down behind some cover her cursed one of the grazes he had taken on his arm and then reloaded his gun for the third time. He’d be out of bullets soon, and likely still stuck in the building. “How many?” He asked Adam who was ducked behind cover on the other side of the hall.
“Two you?”
“Just under two.”
“ ‘Ey now, I wasn’t counting the one in the gun.” He mused.
The conversation kept to English for not only Adam’s benefit but also with the slight hope that most of these men didn’t know it. Most people in the field didn’t take the time to learn other languages. In the organization Kyle worked for though it was required. They needed to know as many as they could learn and were constantly learning more. He looked down at his ring and then shook his head before popping over his cover to deliver a few more bullets directly to the agents firing on him.
A bitter curse escaped his lips as the return gift of a bullet grazing by his neck burned and began to bleed.
Adam took a chance and ran across to Kyle, sliding into his cover, as he began to check injury to the neck only to have his hands swatted away by Kyle.
“Bigger things to worry about.” He glanced at his watch; they were running out of time.
Looking at him he remembered, the explosives… they were set and they didn’t have time to run back and shut them down. Kyle lifted his head a bit and glanced around the corner till he saw what he was looking for. The sprinklers while useful were overridden to prevent them from doing damage to the explosives or trying to put the fires out once they started. Yet beside the controls for the sprinkles was an electrical panel, excellently placed just a few steps behind the agents.
Digging one of the devices from his pocket he slid it out across the floor, letting the agents be confused. There were no motion censors for it to trip up, so it just sat there, in the center of the floor as one or two of the agents began to move towards it. Adam had gone to get up and fire but Kyle grabbed his arm and shook his head.
Giving it a ten count in his head Kyle positioned himself before coming up just enough to fire into the electrical panel with the gun. There were sparks, and a small explosion, which drew the agents’ attention momentarily, enough to take their attention off of the small device on the floor.
A fatal mistake as it flashed red a few times then burst into flames with a heavy explosion that began the building caving down some.
“Two minutes. RUN.” Kyle grabbed Adam’s arm and pulled him up violently. Shoving him forward before running as well.
They had two minutes and an entire building to run through in order to get to safety. Just like in the movies they ran with the explosions happening only a few steps behind them. Here was the thrill, the excitement and the adrenaline that Kyle craved, this was what made life exciting.

red storm
09-25-2006, 05:21 AM
"Suitcases and guns, got it." And with that, Tiria was of again to pack for the trip. "Hrmm, one of these, one of these." She mumbled as she packed two suitcases full of clothing. Two? Yes, two. Because Tiria had better things to pack her suitcases full with. "Now for the good stuff! Lessee, MP60, Smith and West, can't go wrong with an AK-47, RPG? Meh, why not."

...Yes, to say Tiria had an obsesion with weapons would be acurate.

09-25-2006, 01:31 PM
LGA Airport, USA
On the plane the agents were settled into their seats and all to eager to go out to Moscow, to finally get into some of the action.

Moscow, Russia
Outside she stood watching the explosions, the keys to the car clutched in her hands and her bodyguard/second flat on his rear after she had taken him down seconds before. He wanted her away from the scene, and she wasn’t leaving till her lieutenant and his partner were there with them. They arrived together they’d leave together. The explosions, which erupted on their set intervals, were not a positive sign and she silently prayed he wasn’t dead.
“GIRL.” Jamil got up slowly, slightly annoyed with her dropping him. “We got to go.”
“When they get here.” She spoke calmly.
“No now, this dangerous ya don’t sit by and watch the scene ya just made, that askin’ for trouble.” Jamil never spoke in full sentences and typically massacred any language he spoke with the southern accent to boot but it was his way, it was what made him who he was.
Reaching for her had been a mistake as she grabbed his arm and slammed him into the car. “Nyet.” She spoke firmly, only to have him reverse the hold and pick her up off of the ground letting her squirm now as she protested loudly.
“Are you TRYING to get yourself killed?” Kyle spoke as Adam and him showed up. “You should be gone by now.”
Chasidy had stopped squirming with the first word she had heard him say. As he came into view looking a little banged up she pushed her way out of Jamil’s arms and walked right up to him. Standing before him she fought with herself unsure of what she wanted to do till it happened.
Without a single word she brought her hand across his face, slapping him hard enough to force his head to snap to the side with the motion.
“…” Kyle was silent with that. Silent and somewhat shocked as he looked at Chasidy after, one hand touching his cheek.
“I TOLD YOU.” She started but the sound of the agents running in their direction, the sounds of their voices as they shouted out the orders was enough to stop it. Quickly they got into the two cars and the chase was on.

Revving the engines only once they peeled out and hit the roads at high speeds. They had people to lose and very little time to do it in.
Kyle drove the car that Adam and him had taken and Chasidy drove the car that Jamil and her had taken. Each of them not too hesitant to jerk the wheel and take the corners on near two wheels.
As soon as Kyle had them a fair distance back he pulled into the underground parking garage parking the car and then switching it out for the other car that had been there and waiting for them.
Standing beside the car, he pulled off the black thin sweater, the bulletproof vest and left the blue collared dress shirt on, pulling on the tie that was there waiting for him. An exercise he had done hundreds of times before he was changed, the wig he had been wearing for the run pulled off along with the hairnet and his black hair fell around his face as he watched Chasidy now in a miniskirt, and white blouse walk over taking Adam’s place in Kyle’s car as Adam changed himself took a place in a different car with Jamil.
As if nothing had happened they drove out of that parking garage, leaving their known vehicles to be discovered… there were surprises there for the KGB anyway.
Once in the car with him and quietly driving back towards the safe house, their equipment under a blanket in the back seat of the small silver colored sedan, Chasidy looked at him. “I told you not to do that.”
Kyle sighed and rolled his eyes some.
“I specifically told you not to risk your neck to save me. And you didn’t listen, what the hell is wrong with you, that was a direct order.” Chasidy railed him but she wasn’t through yet, “Now. NOW I see what they’re talking about when they call you reckless.”
“Are we all out and alive?” Annoyed some at the tone her voice had taken he coolly decided it was time to respond to her.
“Da Bu--"
He cut her off and continued, “Did we get everything we went in for, minus some weapons.”
“Da Bu--"
Again he cut her off and continued, “Then quit it. We got the job done.”
“I told you not to concern yourself with my life!” She snapped at him, despite his desire to have the conversation end there. They were in the car, and he was driving he couldn’t turn his back on her, he couldn’t walk away and she was determined he was hearing everything she had to say to him.
Rolling his eyes again, Kyle finished her thought for her. “And I didn’t listen.”
“And you didn’t--" She stopped and glared at him.
“Marcus would have my hind if you died, mine, Adam’s and Jamil’s.” Kyle glanced at her only once. “I’m sorry I disobeyed you but I obeyed Marcus’ order… his was first.” And as far as Kyle was concerned more important too.
There was silence for the rest of the car ride and when they arrived at the safe house she left the car stormed her way inside and slammed the door to her room. All done before Kyle had managed to even take a couple steps inside.
Jamil and Adam had arrived before them and while he received a bit of a look from Jamil he just shrugged his shoulders. “Marital dispute.” He mused. They weren’t married, they weren’t a couple but that was what their escape was forged to look like. Had they been pulled over or stopped in a block they’d have passed for a married couple traveling home after a long night’s work.
Adam smirked slightly and moved to Kyle who waved him off.
“I’ll handle it.” He sighed and headed upstairs. He saw Chasidy’s door closed, Jamil had been there but was shaking his head as he walked past Kyle heading back down.
They respected each other but didn’t talk much. There wasn’t much for them to say they really didn’t know one another and there was never time.
Sighing he slipped into his room and stripped off his dress shirt carefully before tossing it down onto the bed, noticing only now that it had blood on it. “Hmph. That’d have gone over well at a block or if we were pulled over.” He mused as he looked at the shirt.
It was barely noticeable though, might have passed for a liquid being spilled save for the scent of blood was hard to miss. And the graze on his neck was hard to miss too.
There were scratches in other places and likely more than a few bruises but nothing he hadn’t tended to before.
Sitting down on the bed he peeled of his socks and only glanced up as he heard the door to the room open. “Da?” He blinked as he saw Chasidy walk into the room quietly. Within her hands was a small medical kit that she clutched tightly.
Before he could even protest she had seated herself on the bed beside him and taken the rubbing alcohol from the kit using it to clean the wound on his arm first.
Kyle moved his body to the side, so he’d be facing her more. There was something he didn’t want her to see…
Silently she worked at cleaning it up then wrapped it with a bandage before moving towards the one on his neck.
“…I can handle this you know.” He pulled his head back a bit but stopped when she gave him a look. “… Or not.”
“You don’t have medical training and I’ve seen how you tend to wounds. Typically drop a little vodka on them and wrap a cloth around.” Chasidy sighed and kept working on the injuries, making sure they were clean and bandaged up. But anytime she tried to get towards his back, he moved. She gave up, and figured she’d try for that later. All anger from earlier faded away as she seemed almost somber.
“It’s alcohol.” He blinked.
“Da.” Her voice was soft, her eyes… faded. “The kind you are supposed to drink. For a last minute or desperate disinfectant it will do but it’s not good enough and has sugars in it that are not good for the wounds.”
Kyle had this adorable look on his face as he tried to watch her hands work, “There’s sugar in vodka?”
“You are hopeless.” Truth was she didn’t know if there was, she just knew it wasn’t enough to do what it needed to do. As she finished with the graze on his neck she had him spread his arms out so she could check the injuries on his chest… the bruises, there was nothing she could really do for them, but she saw the welt from he had protected her. “I was wearing a vest.” She spoke softly.
“Da, but it wasn’t going to hit your vest.” He stood up, pulling her up with him, showing her that the bullet actually would have taken her in the back of the neck with where it had hit him. She was a small girl and he was a full head length taller than her not to mention his width was more as well. Standing like they were though he found she fit snuggly in his arms.
She found herself content to be there, as she laid her head down against his chest and closed her eyes. “I meant to say thank you…”
“…You’re welcome.” Kyle sighed and carefully detached her from himself.
She bit her lip as she watched him leave her arms, pick up his shirt pulling it on before walking over to his closet to find something to change into. “We can’t stay here.” She spoke to him softly.
“No, but it was never the plan to stay here.” The sound of the hangers being moved and then clothes coming off them could be faintly heard from the closet.
“I want to stay in Moscow though, that information will be handy, we can use it.”
“It’s not safe.” He peeked his head out then went back to changing.
She knew now, she adored him. Despite all his cold actions, she had known earlier she was attracted but now it was more than that. “It is… under our cover.” She spoke almost hesitantly afraid he might jump at her.
“…” Kyle just stopped and looked at her. Their cover… the married couple.

09-25-2006, 01:44 PM
Alice sat on the plane and stared out the window. She wondered what Moscow would be like. She grabbed her mp3 player from her carry on back-pack, and fell asleep on the plane. Her dreams were a bit less than pleasant. She had dreams about her parents, her old lover, her lonliness...she woke up to find out that they were halfway there. She got up and headed towards the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. Alice was right, she had been crying in her sleep and man did she look like crap. She washed her face, went back to her seat, and decided to spend the rest of the trip reading.

09-25-2006, 02:04 PM
There were a few stops along the way they didn't have to get off the plane but they could. There was food, drink and the like to be had in the airport. Not to mention bathroom trips for those who couldn't stand airplane bathrooms, and refuelling that was necessary.
Flying to Moscow took about 20hrs to do.
Once they landed the male agents were exhausted and all to eager to hit the safe house and hit the bed. They passed out as soon as they got there.
The city was cold to say the most, and busy. Cabbies weren't exactly polite to travelers but they hadn't had to deal with them. They were picked up by their agents.

Shaking his head he set his stripped off his pants and then pulled on a clean pair before pulling on a clean shirt quickly. “After every run we disperse.”
“We do. But this time I think it’s important we don’t.” Chasidy stood up, noticing Jamil had walked up to the door. “The FIU are sending a team out here and no doubt we will have opportunities to drop them this information.”
Kyle looked back at her and then past her at Jamil. Without his top he had always ensured she couldn’t see his back, even when she had been wrapping the injuries he just stayed facing her. Now with Jamil in the room he made sure to have the shirt on and be doing up the buttons.
They didn’t know, and it was best they continued to not know.
“I spoke to Marcus.” Jamil interrupted, catching Kyle’s attention easily enough. “He say it’s best stay here.”
“…” Kyle sighed. “And --"
“In yer cover.” Jamil looked from Kyle to Chasidy and then back at Kyle. “We move to a new location further in the city, you two got a small house there, Adam and I won’t be far away.”
There was nothing for Kyle to say to that, just nodded his head, and then set to work, they had to prepare everything.
Thankful he didn’t have to dye his hair but somber that it had been cut Kyle sat in the back seat of the car with Chasidy, constantly reaching up and trying to pull it longer.
“Oh it’s not that bad.” Chasidy snickered. Her own hair had been dyed lighter, to a Strawberry blonde, with the curls straightened out.
“It is...” He muttered.
Adam was driving the pair, pretending to be a taxi that was taking the couple home. And when they arrived there Kyle did his best to pretend to be a husband to her, opening the door for her, holding her hand, and heading inside.
Once inside he let go of her hand and walked to the windows pulling the curtains shut some as he wandered into the kitchen to see what they had.
The house had been set for them; there was fresh food and drinks in the fridge and in the cupboards too. Everything was in order and as if they truly did live there.
Kyle searched till he found the good stuff, pulling out a bottle of vodka he poured himself a shot and dropped it back before looking at Chasidy, “What?”
“It’s too early for that.” She snickered, walking to his side and having a shot herself.
“Oh yea, far to early.” He couldn’t help but smile.
“Mhmm.” She gave him back the glass and then leaned up and kissed his cheek. “So hunny, what are we doing today?”
“Work.” Kyle smiled. Setting the bottle down, and he brought her into his arms. She was pretty but she was not the type for a one-night stand and Kyle was not the type for a relationship, he didn’t trust women. The tricky part in all this was going to be hiding that mark from her, he knew they were going to have to share a bed and he could sleep in shirt and pants but what if something did happen.
He was concerned about it but all that concern faded as her arms slinked up around his neck and her nose touched his. “Spoil sport.”
Laughing Kyle, found himself torn for a moment before he let her from his arms. “Let’s see what we can find of those FIU…”

Blood Assassin
10-09-2006, 09:56 PM
OOC: Well....A lot of stuff happened, My hard Drive broke down on me, I lost all my data, and my mom bought a laptop which I am currently using for I don't know how long....Anyway. Let me start where I left off I have alot to do...

Michael threw his favorite guns, including some other heavy wares, and 100K U.S. Bills, into two dufflebags, the other was basic handguns and the last was all Ammunition. He walked out the back door, with little clothing, throwing his bags into a Red Mustang 2005, Licence plate number: GB5GGT. He then turned the key put on his blue tooth, and made a few calls to some Ex-Air force piolets. He set up a flight to Moscow, Russia using a De-Commissioned Military Cargo plain. He drove for a few hours reaching a secret abandoned military base, where a small group of people were waiting for him in front of the Cargo plain, he laughed and talked with them for a few minutes before takoff..This was there conversation:

"So...You got the Rest of my Weapons stashed on that thing?"
"Boxed and ready Ol' Friend, just how you asked...If you don't mind me asking why are you going to russia anyway?"
"I got bored killing off Governers and FBI agents...I heard from a source that they were sending CIA Agents to Russia undersome covert operation to take down there president...We have met but that was a few years ago...And that was as her hired bodyguard..." He said with a chuckle, "She loved me till I ditched her some ten years ago...I wanna test her skills...Last I saw her she was a bad shot...Wonder if she improved...Anyway, My information might be rocky, but whatever."
The man laughed, and looked at his ol' buddy with admiring eyes, pulling out a small package he tossed it over towards michael, "Here, Its one of the few things I picked up at the base...Its frag-gernades, Ya' know...To spice the playin' field a bit.."
He laughed at Kyle his old friend, and stared at him with equal admiring eyes, as he put a hand on his shoulder, "Your a good friend, I should let you know, you might never hear from me again...I plan on this to be my last mission...Then I am retiring from the hit man buisness, and moving to Cabo for a little fishing."
Kyle laughed, and stared at him eye to eye...This would indeed, he felt, be the last time that he would ever see michael, "Dont die...God willing man, don't die..." He said as the plain engines revved up, the turbines warning about the soon to be lift off.
Michael chuckled, and nodded, putting on his flight helmet, he drove his car into the cargo hold, reclining the chair, as the cargo bay door closed, feeling the blocks raise into place locking his car onto the cargo plane. The plain taking off, his destination, Moscow, Russia...and to see an ol' friend...Whom he had long forgotten...Till now..
OOC: MPS if I overdid it warn me, and I will redoo it...I am a little rusty just thought you should know.

10-12-2006, 08:14 AM
YAY someone posted... sad part is I have to correct you on a few things =/
1. LPS, not MPS ;_;
2. There isn't a PResident of Russia. The story line is that the Russian People did away with the PResidency and brought back the Monarchy. Which means there is a Tsarina, which is Alexia and Alexia has only ever had one lover. Nicholas of whom she can't find. Well she's had flings of men she's slept with and then had removed... but only Nicholas managed to snub her.
3. No CIA agents were sent to Russia. FIU agents were.
4. Alexia never hired an outside source as a bodyguard, only works with her agents directly.
5. This is more of a request. The guy's name is Kyle, which is the same name as my character which had me confused. So seeing as it's an RP and not real life, if at all possible can you change the name.

All in all, just some revision is needed.

Steve had been in contact with some outside sources since he sent those people away. There were some freelancers out there that were good for business and so he contact them, sending them to meet with his people in Russia.

Finally as a day of work approached the agents in Russia were gathered together in a small room. The base commander there, was leading the discussion at the moment.
"The main KGB armory and information center is here." He circled it on the map. "Last night it was broken into, and well... now it's this." He showed them pictures of the flattened out KGB post. There was very little left there and the images showed emergency crews trying to dig through the rubble.
"Now as you can Imagine the KGB are blaming this on us, but our people, as all have checked in had nothing to do with it. We do know that whomever did made away with information and weapons. Where they are now no one is sure." He spoke. "We knew something was going down and until this morning we really hadn't known what. Right now, this is giving us an opportunity to slip spies onto the streets. The KGB are busy with trying to regroup from this last attack that they don't have their eyes on the people on the streets. We'll need to take some of our people and slip them in. We have contacts in the area that need to be spoken to, it's likely the people who did this had something very strong against the KGB. They MAY be an ally, it's something to look into."
He briefed them all on what was going on and then looked to Alice, she was his boss considered she came from HQ. It was her call as to what they did now.

red storm
10-12-2006, 10:08 AM
Tiria sat cross legged on a chair next to Alice, holding her ankles in her hands as she absorbed the information. So the idea was to get of the couch, on the streets and gather information. Theoretically, it sounded simple enough, however in the business of spying, it usually meant being silent, and not getting noticed. That of course, let one teeny tiny question roam in Tiria's head. She raised her hand to get Eric's attention, and when she was sure she got it, she posed it. "Question, what will we do if we are discovered? Suicide? Deny? Blast our way out of it?"

10-12-2006, 10:12 AM
OOC - Sorry I didn't make that clear ;_; It's a base commander, not Steve. Steve's in NYC still. Base Commander's name is Eric. Sorry ;_;

He sighed, and then ran a hand through his hair. "The final decision will be up to Deputy Director Alice, but personally if you can get out, get out if not... well the KGB and Russia must NOT know we're here at any cost."

10-23-2006, 09:22 AM
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Alice was a bit jet lagged and had a huge headache, which made her a bit irretiable. She wasnt paying too much attention until she heard her name and saw that the attention was to her.

"Right, when meeting out contacts we'll send in one person...maybe two to speak with them. I'll send another out to keep watch and make sure nothing funny happens. As for being caught...to his their own I guess. Handle it as you see fit. If you'll excuse me, I have a pounding headache..."
She got up and headed out of the roon in search of aspirin...and lots of it.

10-31-2006, 08:05 AM
Moscow, Russia
The man blinked and then nodded his head. "Dismissed then." He said to the others, letting them go off.

The missions would start that evening, everyone was to start with the streets and talk to the contacts.

OOC - people are free to make up their own contacts, all of them should know one thing, something big is about to go down.
And they should know that a main KGB base was bombed the night before they arrived in Russia.

Moscow, Russia
Kyle glanced at Chasidy watching her as she completed the transaction with a few of their contacts.
They had hit the streets earlier that evening as a pair and were likely to split up and gather information after the contracts had been executed. Some of their clients were in need of supplies so they had a bit to do before they could go back to investigating.
He wore a cap, still unhappy his hair was cut short, and found himself watching Chasidy with a bit more than just a bodyguard/supervisor eye.
Kyle needed to remind himself he couldn't do this. He just couldn't.
"We got it." She spoke, glancing at him for a moment.
"Good. Split up now?"
"Da, and meet back at the house." Whether it was instinct, inbrained or cover Kyle didn't know but Chasidy leaned up on her toes kissed his cheek and then wandered off with Jamil.
Glancing to his other side he saw Adam shrugging his shoulder and then gesturing in the direction they would head off. Even they would split as they talked to contacts informants and generally kept an eye out for the activities of the FIU.

10-31-2006, 08:13 AM
Alice took some pain killers and layed down. She let out a deep sigh and grabbed her cell phone. She quickly dialed the number of her old buddy Daniel. She heard the phone pick up and a 'hello' from the other end.
"Danny? Can you head on over to Moscow? Ive got some work for you"