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It was so long ago... There was a great war to unify the land. In the last battle for control of the land. Me and by friend Kenji Meada, a tiger demon, were fighting for our very futures and for our families. The Sanada Clanís leader Yukimura Sanada commanded me and Kenji to pierce right in to the heart of the enemy force, a order we often had, a order we had specialized in, so we did as we were told and plunged into the enemy force with the entire Sanada Cavalry behind us. After what seemed like an eternity of battling we finally reached the enemy stronghold where the enemy commander, Seimei Tokegawa, was located. Before we breached the walls he retreated into the forest that was nearby we quickly gave chase to them. We entered the forest with caution, because at any moment a enemy ambush could be waiting. When we finally caught up with them they were waiting with a monk in front. I was confused of why would they have a monk with them. Then someone struck me from behind knocking me to the ground. When I looked up I saw Kenji, the man I have known for many years, walk over to Seimei and let loose a foul smile. "I am really sorry for this, my friend. I had a offer that couldnít be ignored." I was filled with a primal anger and rushed Kenji with my Crimson Spear. Then the monk uttered some words and I stopped in my tracks. "What is this?!" I said with a scream. The monk looked apologetic at me, "I am sorry they are forcing me to do this." He uttered more of his incantations turning me into some kind of energy, then he slapped on of his sealing talismans on me and I shot towards to a pagoda and into some kind of painting. There I slept for I donít know how long. Until one day, when I, Gimoson Robei, was released...

Chapter 1- Meeting that would change Japan

"My feet are killing me! We have been walking around this forest all day searching for this demon and we haven found a trace of it!" said a young woman walking with several other people including a half-demon, fox demon, demon hunter, and a monk. The half-demon named Inuyasha was trying to keep from exploding from frustration and finally said, "Fine! I guess we can rest for a few moments." The young woman by the name of Kagome immediately sat down, "Finally!" she exclaimed. The monk a young man noticed a strange one story pagoda behind some trees. "Miroku, whatís up?" asked Inuyasha. "There is a strange aura coming from that shrine over there..." "Is it the demon?" ask the demon hunter, Sango. "No, but such a aura coming from a shrine is curious..." replied Miroku. "If it isnít the demon then donít worry about it." said Inuyasha yawning. "Even so Inuyasha. I will check it out." "Whatever." Miroku walked towards the shrine causiously as not to agitate any thing that was around. He slid the wooden door open revealing a empty room except for the opposite wall that held a painting of a warrior with a spear.

"So that is where the aura is coming from? It is not a demonic aura not quite a human... Well I guess I should see what exactly this is... It shouldnít hurt." Miroku resided a few incantations, as he did this the painting lite up a bit but then he heard a commotion coming from where Inuyasha and the others were resting and quickly rushed off towards them. When he arrived Miroku saw the demon that they have been tracking attacking with reptilian properties. The demon rushed Kagome but Inuyasha blocked with Tesaiga, "Miroku it is about time you got here! Get this thing off of me!" Inuyasha shoved the demon off and tried to slash it in half but it dodged and clawed his side. "Damn! This thing is tough!" Miroku attacked from the back, however the demon grabbed the staff and yanked it out of his hands. "Kagome run to the shrine. You should get out of here before it gets any worse." said Miroku as picked his stick back up. Then the demon smacked Inuyasha out of the way of him and ran after Kagome. Inside the shrine the painting started to take a blaze burning it and the pagoda to ciders.

When Kagome got to the shrine and saw it burning she turned around and saw the demon walking towards her. "What do you want from me!?" "I just feel like killing you first woman." The demon rushed at her with great speed. "Ahhh!" screamed Kagome and closed her eyes.

Then, a figure jumped out of the flames of the shrine and blocked the demonís path. "Stop right there you foul creature!" said the figure. Kagome open her eyes and a man with steel samurai armor and a spear was standing in front of her with his armor hot from the flames that were just around him. "Who are you?" asked Kagome. Then the demon yelled,"Get out of my way human!" The samurai looked away from the demon in disgust, "I will not allow your filth to harm this young woman! Come creature! If you wish to claim your prize... You will have to go through me!" said the samurai in a booming voice. The rest of the group busted out of the forest and saw the samurai standing in front of Kagome. "Who is that?" asked Inuyasha. "I have no clue." said Sango. The demon ran at the Samurai fixing to slice him with his claws. The samurai quickly fended off the demon and thrust his spear into the demonís shoulder. The demon back off and ran at him again, this time the samurai stabbed the spear directly into the demons heart.

The demon died instantly and the samurai grabbed a cloth that was hanging from his waist and wiped the blood from his spear. "Thank you, sir..." said Kagome. "It was no problem miss. It is a samuraiís duty to defend the weak. No offence." The other came running over to where the samurai and Kagome was standing. "Kagome are you ok?" asked Inuyasha as he ran over to her. "Yeah I am fine thanks to him. Wait... where did you come from?" "I came from...there" said the samurai pointing towards the smoldering shrine. "What?! You came from the..." Miroku finally said, "Hey. You were the one in the painting inside the shrine." "So someone sealed him in the painting?" asked Inuyasha. "I donít remember..." said the samurai trying to remember. "So do you remember your name?" asked Sango. "I am... Gimoson Robei... and my weapon... Crimson Spear."

"Gimoson? I think I heard that name before... I am not sure." said Miroku. "Well, thanks for helping with the demon anyway we have to go I am getting bored." said Inuyasha. "Then I am sorry for keeping you... I guess... I will try to find who I used to be..." said Gimoson starting to walk into the forest. Kagome elbowed Inuyasha in the ribs and he spoke up annoyed, "Hey why donít you come with us? We could use someone like you in our mission." Gimoson stopped turned around showing the full front of his face which was covered by a mask with the symbol for heaven on the front. "I donít know why... I feel like if I come with you... I will find who I am. So my spear is yours." said Gimoson bowing. "Stop being so formal... It is embarrassing." "Sorry." The group walked off with Gimoson close behind them.