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First a little bit of information about Shadow on the Sun which was my original game on here, a bit of information about this game and me and my time.

First, Shadow on the Sun, is closed. As most of you might have noticed I stopped responding there are a number of reasons for this. The main one being that a key player dropped out, and the secondary ones being I didn't have time then, and all the plot ideas in the world wouldn't save me from the pit it had fallen into. Rather than attempt to restart it I decided to let it die as an idea that really didn't fly.
I didn't have enough of my own world created for it.

Second, SSWARS (Secret Service Wars) is a game I've been playing, working on, and overall developing since I was likely 11 years old. I have two versions of this game that are still in play.
This will be the third version and it'll be adapted to fit into the schema of this forum. Considering the characters in it typically curse a lot I'll be modifying the characters so that they don't as it's not suitable for this forum.
Not only that I'll modify character roles that were in the original to fit the missing pieces that are in the other two games (Chasidy, Jamil and her father aren't in this game so I have modifications to make there.)

Lastly Me and My time. Where do I begin with this...
Right now I work two jobs, and I have been doing this since July. I do 40hrs at one job and 8-20 at the other, totally 60hrs a week sometimes.
Before though I was unable to attend to this site during the day. Which meant RP requests were left in my inbox for lengthy periods of time, Shadow on the Sun did not get the attention it deserved and I lost a lot of contact and interest in things that I shouldn't have.
Now, During the week I'm able to attend to these sites in the daytime. Which will mean RP Requests will get read faster, they will get their attention and this game WILL absolutely have my attention.

Now that that's out of the way, I figured I should give you what this game really is... in the proper format.
Sit tight this is lengthy...


In 1917 Nicholas II abdicated the throne and in 1918 the Royal family was told they were posing for a picture and they posed along side each other, Alexis in his father's arms and the daughters standing beside each other. There instead of a photograph they were murdered.
Then in 1920 a woman by the name of Anna Anderson claimed to be the lost Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholeavna Romanov.
Claims ran rampet that the daughter of the last tsar of Russia had survived. The bodies of Alexis and one of the girls hadn't been found leading many to believe that not only Anastasia but Alexis had survived.
They did survive, though the woman who claimed to be Anastasia was not her.
The pair had survived the attack and were taken to safety away from their home in Russia, finding refuge in the United States under false names.
Alexis was a sick boy whom grew into a sicker man, having a blood clotting disease that did eventually claim his life but not before he had married Alix a Duchess from Germany and had his one and only son Victory Alexisovich Romanov. His wife never did know about his true heritage, it wasn't something that he cared to share for fear that even a whisper of his last name could bring about his fate, death.
Victor, Alexis' son, knew the secret having been told by the men who had protected Alexis and Anastasia. Anastasia died of complications not much after her brother's death and Alix raised Victor as a noble gentleman who eventually married a descendant of a noble family, Natasha, in order to keep the royal-noble blood line thick should the event ever come to pass that they would one day again claim the Russian throne.
By 1951 Natasha and Victor had had their first child. Christopher Marcus Victorich Nicola. Nicola being the name their were hiding under, and Victorich his patyronic name as they kept their Russian heritage true to their hearts. Natasha in 1952 gave birth to her second son Nicholas Alexis Victorich Nicola and then to a third son in 1956 Dmitry Victor Victorich Nicola.
They remained safe within the comfort of the United States, and continued to watch closely in 1962 as the Russian people vote in a referendum to return the Tsar to rule.
Claim after claim popped up from people announcing themselves to be decendants of the Romanovs, claiming to be the most logical heirs but private lawfirms searched and searched till they found Victor in the states, various tests proved his right of passage and he ascended the throne in 1964.
Victor led his country with grace and flare, a true king for the people but in 1970 he died mysteriously. His eldest son had just turned 19, the age of which he could claim the throne as his own. Marrying a few years later to Maria a lady of the once French Court, Chris unlike his father ruled in a rather... obscure manner. There was always things being hidden, and his own brothers had a hard time trusting him but they never said anything. He was their Tsar.
In 1980 Chris and Maria had their first child, a boy named Mathew Alexei Christovich Romanov. Then in 1995 came the re-instating of the KGB, despite the fact we all know they never stopped operating, they just hid under various different names.
Chris' brothers did marry and did have children but they were hidden away from the public, Chris was paranoid and feared they would attempt to de-throne him, taking it for themselves, so he degraded their pressence in the Royal family, hiding them as if he was ashamed of them.
Victor had done great things for Russia but his son Chris did not... Chris desired more, what he had was never enough. In 1999 two years into President Nathan Kellar's first term, the United States discovered exactly what Chris was doing, he was striking smaller countries using terrorism and gangs as his method he took them over. The men reported to him and he continued to look good before UN.
With no way to really prove what was going on in 2001 the US created a special task force to combat terrorism and secretly monitor the movements of the KGB. The first director of this task force was Admiral Alex-James Chug. The task force? The FIU.
In 2002 Maria, Chris's wife was assassinated on a leisure trip and Chris blamed the FIU vowing he'd get his revenge for it. Chris' retaliation came though when the Admiral was murdered in his home.
Of course the trouble didn't stop there, in 2001 Christopher Victorich Romanov was assassinated leaving his young son to take the throne, and an evil, vile, disgusting and horrid woman to marry him. Alexia Merv, the head of the KGB, and one of the most vicious women you'll ever meet married the young Tsar, becoming the Tsariana and shocking the world. She had no noble lineage and her marriage to Mathew should NEVER have passed but no one objected to her. They feared her.
Things just continued to get worse in 2001 with all the battles and countries falling to the KGB while the UN continued to look the other way. It's 2002 now, and the new head of the FIU has their hands full...
The KGB are constantly at a secret war with the FIU, and outside hands are taking contracts for either side and at times for themselves as they secretly attempt to squander away their own power.
Gang Families lead luxurious but dangerous lives within Russia and, paying fees to the Royal family to keep their comfy lifestyle.
Members of the once noble families of Russia have either run or taken to paying for their safety. Some vowing never to return.
Christopher before he died had run his brothers off, his nephews or nieces never to be seen again, forcing them so far into hiding that no one even knows of their existence.
This war has only really just begun. Alexia dreams of world domination and is squandering away the power to accomplish it while the FIU scrambles with it's limited power to stop them.

When the whole world is on the neutral side there's never any war.

FIU - Federal Investigations Unit

Open positions:

Primary Deuputy Director (0 Taken by Maru Dashi) - Age Requirement 33+
Secondary Deputy Director (1) - Age Requirement 33+
Technology Commander (1) - Age Requirement 30+
Medical Commander (2) - Age Requirement 30+
Agent Commander (2) - Age Requirement 30+
Field Agent (Unlimited) - Age Requirement 22+
Undercover Agent (Unlimited) - Age Requirement 22+

KGB - Комите́т Госуда́рственной Безопа́сности

Open positions:

First Deputy Chairmen (2) - Age Requirement 33+
Deputy Chairmen (4) - Age Requirement 33+
First Chief Directorate (1) - Age Requirement 30+
Sub Directorate (3) - Age Requirement 25+
Agents (unlimited) - Age Requirement 20+

Free Lance/Neutral/Other

Open positions:

Assassins/Bounty Hunters/Hit for Hire(2) - Age Requirement 25+
Gang Families (PM me to talk to me if you want to create one. If you want to be a part of one, wait till one appears here to join it.)

All positions are first come first serve. If two people post wanting the same position the first person gets it unless their character isn't approved. So no posting to say "I want this position I'll post my character sheet later." Only an approved Character sheet gets you the position.

Blank Character Sheet


Known Languages:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Other Identifying Marks:
Picture IF any: (LINKS ONLY if you post a pic GIVE US A LINK no IMG TAGS)

Position in Organization:


Please don't stray from the sample character sheet, if you feel there should be an extra field added, PM me and I'll add it and ask everyone to fill it out.

My Characters

Name: Kyle Stewurt
Nicknames: None, that anyone knows.
Age: 24
Birthday: December 5, 1978

Nationality: Russian
Citizenship: Duo Russian, American
Known Languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, Danish, Japanese, Polish, Latin, Dutch, Italian

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Sharp Blue
Skin Color: Tanned/White
Other Identifying Marks: Has one, but you're not likely to see it and live.
Picture IF any: Will edit in the link after. (Have to finish drawing it)

Organization: Underground Organization.
Position in Organization: Lieutenant

Attitude: Kyle is cold mannered and quiet. He doesn't exactly have the highest reguard for people, he doesn't exactly LIKE people. He's been burned before and while he'll never talk about it he shows it in the way he acts, never letting anyone really get close to him especially girls.
He is WRECKLESS when it comes to jobs, and perfers to operate on instinct rather than anything else.
Quirks: Kyle hides his Russian accent and Nationality. He'll roll his Rs every so often and occasionally he speaks in Russian instead of English.
Kyle may know 10 languages and have the ability to read lips but he never talks about it, just generally is quiet and listening to what people say.
He wears a ring on his right hand ring finger that has two angels and a stone on it, never takes this ring off.
History: His history is a cloud of smoke and papers. No one knows if Kyle Stewurt is even his real name. There is a long trail of papers behind him and anyone that gets close to finding out can't get past the fact that he's MAYBE Russian and not American as he pretends to be.
His relationship with his boss is simple business though he often looks to the man as if he were a father instead of a boss.
Kyle's partner has been and remains to be a younger kid by the name of Adam, who seems to take more care in ensuring that Kyle stays alive and acts more like a bodyguard, something Kyle still hasn't been able to figure out.

Name: Steven Sloane
Nicknames: Steve, bossman
Age: 37
Birthday:September 23, 1965

Nationality: American
Citizenship: American
Known Languages: English, Russian, Spanish

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green/Yellow
Skin Color: Tanned
Other Identifying Marks: Scar on his chest from a bullet wound he took a long time ago.
Picture IF any: Will Post later, have to draw him again.

Organization: Federal Investigations Unit
Position in Organization: Director

Attitude: Steve is a jerk, plain and simple he is a jerk and he acts like one to everyone. He's not very nice to women in combat and if not for regulation he likely wouldn't have any women in his agency.
He doesn't exactly always follow the law though he has some friends in the underground that he uses for information, in his mind an enemy of his enemy is his friend... which isn't always the case.
Quirks: Steve has a bit of a Californian accent and while he's mean to woman in the work place he does like to flirt with them and typically gets what he wants from them. Steve has never been a nice guy but he has moments...
History:Starting his work for the LAPD he worked his way up and eventually into the FIU where he began his career at the Deputy Director level.
AJ had been a close friend to Steve, and he took his death pretty hard. Chosing to become rather cold by nature after it he vowed to get the KGB back.
After becoming Director of the FIU Steve has yet to lighten up on people, many think something tragic happened in his past that he never talks about.

Name: Adam McEwan
Nicknames: None
Age: 22
Birthday: August 22, 1980

Nationality: American
Citizenship: American
Known Languages: English, Spanish

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Other Identifying Marks: None
Picture IF any: Will post after, just need to modify it.

Organization: Underground Organization
Position in Organization: Bodyguard

Attitude: Adam is fun loving he contrasts Kyle perfectly in that he's always open minded and usually does all the talking. He tends to draw Kyle out of his shell and bring out Kyle's humor.
More often than not Adam is smiling and and in a good mood.
Quirks: Adam doesn't know Russian... which makes his job a little more difficult at times.
History: Kyle doesn't know it but Adam's job is to make sure Kyle stays alive. His original job in the organization had been just to gather information but as the boss learned that Adam was able to bring out the better side of Kyle he partnered them together.
Adam was just a kid when he ran away from home and joined into this organization and finds Kyle to be the big brother he never had, even though it's him trying to keep the wreckless man in line and most of all alive.

Last one I swear...

Name: Alexia Merv Romanov
Nicknames: Cat
Age: 23
Birthday: November 19 1979

Nationality: Russian
Citizenship: Russian
Known Languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Cat Green
Skin Color: White
Other Identifying Marks: KGB Tatoo on the small of her back
Picture IF any: Again will post later.

Organization: The Russian Government
Position in Organization: Tsarina

Attitude: She is evil, she is sinister and she likes to toy with men and she knows she's good at it.
Alexia will be your best friend to your face and the second you turn your back she will kill you.
Quirks: She was in love with a man who left her despite their arrangement. Alexia is looking for this man, because he's the one that got away.
History: How exactly Alexia ended up head of the KGB at the age of 23 was unclear, but she did it and made her way to be cozy with not only the young prince but her partner another younger man that found his way near the top thanks to her decentful tatics.
Speculation suggests she found her way to the top through a trial of decent and domination over the other men. She also lied about her age... till it came time to marry the young prince of course.
Her tatics are cruel and she takes great pleasure in hearing the screams of an innocent person. It's told that Alexia's childhood had been brutal and she learned how to be the incarnation of pure evil from her parents.
While many are loyal to her it is out of fear that they are loyal and she doesn't care so long as they do their job. She has little tolerance for those who don't.
Shortly after her engagement to the young prince and now tsar had been announced her boyfriend disappeared on one of his missions and never returned.
Alexia for the past few years had been meddling with the idea of mind control and has made use of it in it's cruelest form. Her technology while advanced has caused many deaths and continues to cause more as she uses traitors and spies as human lab rats...

Okay then, I think that's it now. This is taking the place of my Shadow on the Sun RP and will run smoother, I already know the end to this game =P
Well two endings all depends on which way the players steer it.

So go ahead a join, the RPG thread will be created tonight or tomorrow sometime, though you can't post in it till your character is approved. I'll respond to this with approvals.

My time will be yours and I look forward to making this game work better than my last at least ;_; All I ask for is a second chance!

Oh and I encourage people to DRAW their own characters and not use anime pics, or have a friend draw them. I'd like to see some artistic talent come into this <3

09-07-2006, 03:08 PM
MUHAHAHAA. It lives (kinda)!

Name: Alice McJenner
Nicknames: Alice
Age: 35
Birthday: November 11th

Nationality: Irish
Citizenship: Irish/American
Known Languages: English, Russian (rusty, but can carry a broken conversation)

Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Fair
Other Identifying Marks: A few peircings, and a clover tattooed in between her shoulder blades

Organization: FIU
Position in Organization: Primary Deuputy Director

Attitude: Very laid back, but can be snippy. Shes head-strong and isnt afriad to stick her neck out.
Quirks: Alice has a faint Irish accent. She can hold her liquer, but tends to become hot-headed. Shes very professional by day, and a partier by night. She can be a bit morbid at times.
History: Alice was born in Jamestown, Ireland. When she turned 20, she moved to America for college and job oppurtunites. She studied mulitple subjects, including science, journalism, art, american history,Russian history, literature, and sociology. She joined up with the FIU after dropping out of college. She slowly worked her way up to her position through 6 years of hard work and determination.

09-07-2006, 03:19 PM
It's approved but I'll make one suggestion, The profession you're in, it's likely recommended your character have a basic understanding of Russian <3

09-07-2006, 03:23 PM
Edited ^.^

red storm
09-07-2006, 05:35 PM
Name: Tineke Ria van de Beek
Nicknames: Tiria
Age: 23
Birthday: October 7

Nationality: Dutch
Citizenship: Dutch
Known Languages: Dutch and English, and a few words German and French.
Hair color: Blue, tied up in a long ponytail
Eye color: Blue.
Skin Color: slightly pale.
Other Identifying Marks: She almost always wears a black combat suit, and a small spiked collar.

Organization: FIU
Position in Organization: Field Agent

Attitude: Tiria is usually a smiling, helpfull, go lucky person, but she has a tendecy to get really sarcastic at times. Well, most of the time, really. She's brash, and doesn't deal well with insults and pestering and usually responds with either fists of whatever she has in her hands at the time. Absolutely no sense of authority, which might explain why she never rose in the ranks.
Quirks: As said, absolutely no sense of authority. She also gets a bit possesive about her weapons.
History: Being stuborn, open and bullied during her childhood had its effects on Tiria. She became a girl who wouldn't take crap from anyone, especially male pigs who wanted to get in her pants. She joined a marksmanship club, which taught her how to wield guns effectively. When word started comming in about the political tricks Russia began playing, Tiria decided that she was not going to let her country be overrun again. She joined the FIU for that reason, to make sure that Russia would keep it's hands of her Holland.

09-07-2006, 05:51 PM
Character Approved <3

09-07-2006, 06:32 PM
Name: Daniel Mott
Nicknames: Danny, Dan
Age: 39
Birthday: October 25

Nationality: American
Citizenship: American, Beliezian
Known Languages: English, Spanish, Russian.

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Light tan
Other Identifying Marks: Round scar on his left cheek

Organization: Freelancer, but so involved with the FIU he's nearly an agent
Position in Organization: Personal boss

Attitude: Serious, and sarcastic almost to being rude
Quirks: He doesn't like to hunt, and enjoys competitive shooting.
History: Daniel always dreamed of being an agent and saving the nation, or at least his hometown of Richmond. He took martial arts classes, shooting practice, and soon trying to get jobs from the government. He did, and was widely sucessful. He quickly started getting bigger and bigger jobs, and more and more involved in FIU actions. While he was never a true agent, he's often treated like one due to his deep ties to FIU. He has a round scar on his cheek from an accident with obosolete firearms. A musketball(predictably) misfired, and accidentally grazed Daniel on his cheek. The ball didn't have enough force to penetrate, it left a discoloration.

Blood Assassin
09-07-2006, 07:18 PM
Well...I will be posting in this one, and make my new one later, after I get a good foothold in this one.

Name: Michael O'Mally
NickName(s): Mickie, Golden Rocket, Black Bombshell, Silver Sharpshoot
Birthday: May 17, 1960

Nationality: Ireland
Citizenship: Ireland, Scotland, England, Russia, And U.S.
Known Languages: English, Old Irish, And Russian.

Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Aquamarine
Skin Color: White/Red (When he gets in the sun[tropics] he turns red.)
Other Identifying Marks: Two Identical tatoo's on his left and right arm in the shape of entertwining serpents around one sword splitting them apart, [Like Eds Insignia only a sword instead of a cross, and no feathers w/ crown on top.] Along with a massive tatoo of a black raven on his back which removed all of his hair folicles on his back making it smooth.
Picture if any: [Sorry its a rough design, I don't have photoshop. Just imagine the Edits I made, along with Aging him, Thanks..] http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d182/TearsofSnow/anime%20guys/?action=view&current=lol.jpg

Organization: Assassin
Position in Organization: Lead Marksman, And Martial Arts Expert/ Leader of the Snake Sniper Gang.
Attitude: Fun loving, And Care free, Which sometimes gets him into trouble with his missions. When he is in a REALLY big jam though, He gets strict, and scary, Like another person. He has MPS (Multiple Personality Syndrome) Which splits him into two people, Nice, And Hell Raiser Killer.
Quirks: Loves Nice american girls
History: He became the number one assasin around the time that Alexia was born, His "Hawks eyes" was what placed him in his high ranks. Being able to sharpshoot a man two miles away, and with a scope, eraticate a man standing 500 yards away. His sensei for martial arts, was Hariko, Matsumashi, A Japanese Nazi radical, that was assasinated by the Russians shortly after he finished his own training. His hate for the russians never seased afterwards. He created his own mob, in the united states as a distraction for his true goal to hunt down his "Main Target". His hench men, are known as the Wolfs Maw, A small sindicate of Cop Killers, That sharpshoot them. The thing is, This entire mob is filled with Ex-Marines/Army Officials, Knowing the cops every move, they won't be easy to cetch. After this, He acheived outstanding ranks, as americas #1 Most Wanted, For fourteen governmental kills, and fifty Police murders, Along with one International murder in england.

09-08-2006, 08:23 AM
Opinionated and Diasuke-kun characters are approved.

Though I'm not sure a bullet would go two miles.. o.O but alright.

I'll talk to you through PM Diasuke-kun about your idea for a mob.

09-10-2006, 09:21 AM
Name: Asuka Van-Bearwick Langey
Nicknames: None
Birthday: December 26

Nationality: Japanese
Citizenship:Japanese, Russian
Known Languages: Russian(has trouble with it) and Japanese

Hair Color: Light green that goes to her shoulders
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Color: White
Other Identifying Marks: She wears glasses and has a small burn scar of her left ankle

Position in Organization:Meidcal Commander
Attitude: A sharp-tonuged and smart girl, who is a bit-distrusting at times. She always has a far-away look on her face so you can't tell what she's thinking. Once she sets her mind on an opinion she won't change it.
Quirks: Likes watermelons, speak Japanese if she's surprised or really angry.
History: Her father,who is Russian met her mtoher, who is Japanese while traveling around the world. Growing up her mother and father ran a medical clinic so Asuka was fastinated by all kinds of medicines and herbs. She learned to help her mother in making homemade remedies for the sick people in her town. But terror stuck soon because her father had owned some money to a loan shark and didn't pay all of it.He was the next day while cleaning up the shop and the clinic was closed .As, soon as she was old enough she tired out of the position of medical commander at FIU.

09-10-2006, 09:55 PM
A Medical Commander, has to speak english.

Everyone in this must understand FIU HQ is in New York City New York. THey have agents all over the world but their Main HQ is in NYC and commanders MUST speak English.

All Characters SHOULD speak English if they don't they will have issues. Understand if you don't speak the language at hand you don't know what's been said.

Mitarisorceress, you need to correct the languages Also as a commander you would need to have American Citizenship.
You also can't try out for the position of Medical Commander. Commanders are chosen and promoted. Your history should reflect working her way up to Medical Commander.

And Education in Medicine, Field medicine. They aren't going to put someone up there who doesn't have some sort of a Doctrine.

09-11-2006, 08:25 AM
Before anyone says it, yes I'm double posting. And No I don't care.

Name: Chasidy Felding
Nicknames: Chassy (if you want to get shot), Chas
Age: 21
Birthday: 12, September 1981

Nationality: American (Possibly not)
Citizenship: American, Russian, German (Depends when you ask her)
Known Languages: Russian, German, English, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Latin

Hair Color: Natural Red, constantly changes
Eye Color: Silver/Gray, never this color to others.
Skin Color: Pale - White
Other Identifying Marks: Spider web like tattoos run up both her arms. Not really a mark but a part of her, she also wears one of those silver rings with the angels holding the stone in the center.
Picture IF any: Will add, I have a few of Chasidy so I'll add when I get the chance to find one I like.

Organization: Underground Organization
Position in Organization: Boss

Attitude: Chasidy is not the most polite woman in the world, she is however gracious when in the pressence of friends or comrades. She was raised to be one of the boys and often takes on a sort of tom-boyish attitude like that.
She is calculated and deadly.
Quirks: Even though she won't admit it to anyone she has a crush on one of her lieutenants and often sees through his rough exterior that he puts out there to the wonderful man that's behind it. She fights with him constantly because their style doesn't match but she also flirts and shows affection towards him without the intention. It's bound to boil over soon.
History: Chasidy has a rather hidden past. She was raised by her father after her mother was killed, and doesn't really remember her. It was very shortly after her birth that it had happened.
Her father has told her a great deal of whom she is and she finds herself constantly trying to hide it. Though most of it is already hidden deep and her rather descreet life does the rest.
Chasidy has a noble sort of raising, she is dignified and understands that sacrafices have to be made, it comes from the extensive training she took from her father and her second/body guard - Jamil.
Raised at a very young age to do so, Chasidy started taking control over the organization from her father and shifted it's primary focus from the activities that helped it gain it's wealth and pressence to a sort of guerilla warfare in Russia.

Name: Jamil Obada
Nicknames: Jammy - of course this will recieve you prompt death.
Age: 35
Birthday: February 2 1967

Nationality: American
Citizenship: American, Russian... He has a lot of them too.
Known Languages: Russian, English, Italian, Swahili, German, Japanese

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Skin Color: Black
Other Identifying Marks: None
Picture IF any: Again I have one but I'll have to give it to you after, when I can get it. Besides he's with a girl so I might have to draw him again.

Organization: Underground Organization
Position in Organization: Lieutenant to Marcus, Second to Chasidy, Bodyguard to Chasidy

Attitude: Quiet. Jamil doesn't say anything unless he's asked. He's the quiet natured bodyguard that always seems to be there even when you thought he wasn't.
Quirks: Jamil doesn't laugh, his expression never changes. It's just always the same. He also has a habit of brutalizing any language he speaks. He doesn't speak in full sentances, and he uses complete slang ALL the time.
History: Not much is known about Jamil mainly because he doesn't talk about it. It's quite simple, it's not hidden, he has a southern accent and is from the south. He's very close to Chasidy and her father, like a brother to her and a son to Marcus. He treats them the way he would treat a family and is always looking out for Chasidy not just because it's his job but because he cares for her like she's his little sister.

Name: Marcus Felding
Nicknames: None
Age: 48
Birthday: Not mentioned

Nationality: American?
Citizenship: American, Russian
Known Languages: Russian, American, Italian, Japanese, German, Latin

Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Color: White
Other Identifying Marks: None, save two rings, one with the angels and another that he wears with a family crest no one gets close enough to see what the crest is though.
Picture IF any: I'll have to draw him ;_; I'm not good at drawing older men.

Organization: Underground Organization
Position in Organization: Boss

Attitude: Quiet, and fatherly to his people.
Quirks: None that are obvious, other than his interest in Kyle. He finds the boy puzzling and feels he is someone they need to keep an eye on.
History: Marcus doesn't talk about his past, he hides his past not just for his own safety but for his daughters as well. While she knows everything, he has been sure to teach her that it must remain hidden till the time is right.
He believes Russia is in trouble because of bad choices and greed, but he also believes there is a Romanov heir that isn't like the rest... and that Alexia is the poison in the throne.
Marcus keeps to himself and runs things from the background but he is more deadly than likely all of his lieutenants combined.

09-11-2006, 07:20 PM
I don't know if the RP is full yet or not but I might as well apply. :)

Name: Tobias Chauncey
Nicknames: Toby, Kaboom, Idiotface, That Guy with the Mutt
Age: Mid to late thirties, although he looks a little younger - just old enough to start complaining loudly he's too old for this sort of thing and demand that birthday parties not reveal his true age.
Birthday: October 13th.

Nationality: American.
Citizenship: Also presumably American, although he keeps several passports (anyone's guess as to which one is real) with his citizenship in America, South Africa, the UK, India, and a few former soviet block countries although not Russia itself.
Known Languages: English, a smattering of Russian, Afrikaans, Dutch, Hindi, Tamil, and Latvian - and by "a smattering", usually "Is there anyone who knows English?" "Where is the restroom?" "Excuse me," "Say that again and I'll kill you", and several very cheezy pickup lines. Tobias also knows Latin from his schoolboy days but this usually doesn't help him much, except to scrawl "semper ubi sub ubi" as graffiti when it pleases him.

Hair Color: A darker short of natural red - usually kept messily back in a short ponytail or falling around his ears with heavy five o' clock shadow or oops-I-can't-find-a-razor accidental beard.
Eye Color: Plain grey-blue.
Skin Color: Pale with something of the occasional farmer's tan.
Other Identifying Marks: Molly, his dog. It is a rare, rare occasion that you will see Tobias without Molly.
Picture IF any: No picture of Tobias yet, but here's one of Molly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:CavalierKgChas2_wb.jpg

Organization: None, Tobias freelances, although he does lean towards supporing the FUI.
Position in Organization: Toby is his own boss. He thinks this is great! ...Until the bills come.

Tobias at first glance is exactly what you WOULDN'T want when hiring an assassin. He's lazy and doesn't seem to take his job seriously at times, he procrastinates, he really prefers to chitchat and sit around and drink instead of going and doing and job. He openly admits sometimes that he really likes most people and regrets killing them, which is why he hates talking to the people he's about to kill beforehand. He's ruthlessly supertitious (although not to any normal superstitions) and follows his own little rituals and quirks religiously. And then there is Molly, Tobias' Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Molly herself is a happy little puppy, friendly and cheerful. She is also incredibly, incredibly spoiled. Tobias knows that he could have gone and gotten a respectable job a long time ago for a massive pay cut, but Molly obviously needs a diamond encrusted doghouse, more ocelot-fur squeaky toys and duck pate fois gras!! Really, Molly would probably be happy with Purina Dog Chow and an old towel. Tobias doesn't care. He loves Molly to the point of obsession, tucking the little dog underneath his arm and toting her along everywhere, leading to the very comical scene of the suave, somewhat butch Tobias, dressed in black, with Molly in a purse-like dog carrier wagging and panting furiously as they stride through the airport du jour.
When it actually comes to killing people, Tobias doesn't really let emotions get in the way; in fact it's rather eerily as if he switches his psyche off and then back on again. He explains it to people that the human race is just like any other animal, sometimes some of the stock goes to the butcher to be culled. It pays really good to be a human butcher, provided you're not neccissarily humane but you cover your tracks. Tobias' specialty is explosions. In fact he finds blood and knives and even most guns sort of squicky. Explosions get him excited, he loves things that leave large craters in the ground in their wakes. So far he's perfected a way to rig a person's house and make it look like a gas line explosion, and that, quirks and all, has been enough to keep him 'in business' quite comfortably.

Quirks: Molly. Tobias ADORES the little dog and drags her everywhere. The tiny dog loves this of course, leading to the perverse situation of the one time Toby did kill a man face-to-face for a job, he made the poor fellow say goodbye to Molly first before, well, exploding him. Tobias finds blood drawn with blades and guns icky, but has absolutely no qualms about splattering people bits all over the far walls. Something's probably not right in his head.

History: As far as anyone can tell Tobias had a fairly normal upbringing in the American midwest before flocking to Hollywood and landing as an intern for a special effects company as a teen, where his love affair with explosives began. The company quickly realized that Tobias knew more about exploding things than any sane person should and fired him, at which point one of the local gangs made him An Offer He Couldn't Refuse. At the tender age of twenty-one, Tobias got into the fine business of exploding people for profit. Fairly soon he had garnered for himself a nice little reputation of knowing his way around things that went kaboom unexpectedly. From this reputation came a nice little profit, and some begrudging respect, or at least tolerance from the FUI who hadn't arrested him (yet!). It seemed all set for him to retire at a rediculously early age and then spend the rest of his life living in luxury, which sounded just peachy to Tobias. He was working a few extra jobs for his 'party budget' of retirement (because Toby loves parties, because Toby loves socializing and generally gabbing) when someone gave him a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. Tobias was instantly taken. He named the pup Molly. The rest is history.

09-11-2006, 08:18 PM
Character approved, though it's FIU not FUI <3

Also this game has no limit to characters. Because quite frankly a lot is constantly going on once we're past some of the introduction and there will always be room for characters to jump in.

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LPS Arn't you gonna update that Freelancer thing so that you add the ShadowSnipers? Just asking,


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When I have a second to think about it and do it. Yea.

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10-18-2006, 09:33 AM
Is this Sign-Up thread still open? I mean do you still approve new characters, LPS?
I'm thinking of creating a character when I'll have time.

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Yep, I will approve new characters at any point as long as you understand it's your responsibility to catch up. ^_^;