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09-07-2006, 10:47 AM
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11-08-2006, 09:39 AM

PM Title:
RPG Request: As the world falls
History of RP:

It's the feudal era, and all was quiet and peaceful. Days passed by, and everything seemed endless. Endless, till one day.

A man named Ieyasu attacked the western region of Japan. He was with his mistress, Aiede. Oppression was happening to the western region, and people were afraid to step up and try to help.

Days and days passed, it felt like it would never end. Still, no one came up. People started joining Ieyasu so they wouldn't be beaten anymore. Women turned into widows, children into slaves, men into soldiers, teens and young people into workers. No one could express how hurt and horrible they felt.

Ieyasu, still focused on the western region, decided it was time to move on to other parts of Japan where oppression wasn't felt. So his big forces moved on ahead.

5 months into oppression, and he's already taken up the northern part of Japan. People knew they had to do something about it, but they were too scared. Who can stand up and make a difference? Can anyone change the people's minds about this? It's all how you roll the dice...you never know what you're gonna get...

Sample Character Sheet:

Powers/Special Abbilities/Skills:
Side: [good, bad, neutral]

Sample Characters:

Name: Ieyasu Katsuyori
Age: 47 but he looks like he's only 40
Gender: Male
Weapon: Katana
Appearance: [I guess I'll let the person who wants to be the character decide]
Powers/Special Abbilities/Skills: Teleport, telekinisis, exceptional warrior skills
Personality: He's very power-hungry and greedy, stubborn and selfish. He has an eye for pretty women, especially Aiede. He's very handsome himself. Ieyasu has no care for others, but the only thing he cares about is Aiede.
Bio: Ieyasu was only a general when he started. But when he met Aiede, he was different. Aiede had some sort of power over him, and turned him evil. Aiede was the only person who cared for him, and so to make her proud, he started oppressing the land and taking over Japan.
Side: Bad

Name: Aiede Noh
Age: 40 but she looks like she's 30
Gender: Female
Weapon: Daggers
Appearance: [I'll let the person who wants to play Aide choose her appearance]
Powers/Special Abbilities/Skills: She is very swift in running, she has the power over darkness, she can turn the air poison, she is a seductress
Personality: A very beautiful woman, she looks as kind and gentle as a lotus blossom but as sharp and greedy as a dragon. Aiede is very greedy and prideful, and she's proud of it.
Bio: She has no feelings for Ieyasu, but she knows he has the power to control Japan. Aiede wants to be the mistress of a powerul man, so she will be known throughout Japan. With her seducting skills and her beauty, she's got Ieyasu by the neck.
Side: Bad

Plot advancement ideas:

(Plot advancement ideas not included in order to protect the RP - These should be ideas that are given if the RP lulls, and you need to spark attention back, can be in point form, but can not be something like "I dunno, maybe I make it go there...")


PM title:
Roleplay Request
a. Title of RP: Darkness falls upon the Silver Millenium (A Sailor Moon Rp)

b. History of RP Story

It is exactly 4 weeks till the fall of the Silver Millenium to the rule of Queen Beryl. Her warriors would soon fly through the streets of the peaceful Crystal Tokyo and destroy the once peaceful city and make the kingdom her own. However before the attack would come there would be various skirmishes throughout the kingdom as Senshi and the threat of Dark Forces collide trying to overthrow Queen Serenity's rightous rule. Sailor Pluto has dissappeared and causing time to warp in the past and various senshi and dark creatures are born that never existed in the Silver Millenium.

All is now quiet in the kingdom....The various senshi are controling the planets they rule. All is peaceful in the kingdom so far as the time of invasion for the Dark Kingdom grows near. But will it continue to be quiet or will someone rise up in contention for the throne.

C. Sample Character Sheet: I will play the part of Queen Beryl and Queen Serenity and the various people that join can fill the senshi's parts. I will post my character sheet in another PM once I know my story is ok. I might even be a pink youma that absorbs Queen Serenity and crowns herself queen if the rp gets too boring.

The ones who join will have to know their senshi's past and if they have a custum made character they will have to post that as well.

So what do you think?

I've not included the names of the people who submitted these, but it's obvious with the first one.

These are examples of what to do and what not to do.

The first one is clearly labelled, descriptive enough without overbearing me, has the right PM title, and is generally a well thought out idea.
Pretty good sample for what is wanted.

The second one is not clearly labelled, isn't very descriptive - a history is given, but where does the story begin... you need to give that. It's not giving me a sample character sheet, there isn't a blank one.
There isn't even any plot advancement ideas included.

If you send a request which right off the bat isn't in the right guidelines, I stop reading and send you a reply with "not approved, re read guidelines and re-apply"
This is because we're aiming for quality here on the forums, not quantity.