View Full Version : Original Fiction: Ethereal Paradise Prolouge

09-06-2006, 06:03 AM
Long, long ago... In a time where Elves and other strange creatures roamed the earth along with humans, an Ethereal race ruled the land. They were an extraordinary people, the true begining of mankind. But the humans jealous creatures they are, wanted to wage war on the peace loving Ethereals. The world was new to the humans, and they knew not that the Ethereals had created it all for them. Created them, to enjoy all they created. Some groups of humans grew to hate them so much, they plotted murder. Murder was a word not known to the Ethereals until this time, and they had called every unwitted, senseless killing of thier kind, murthre. The humans, having a slightly different accent, pronounced it as the murder, we know today.

This is where the first true evil came to play in the world we know today. A world dominated by greed and anger. A world the Ethereals never chose to create.

My dear readers, I welcome you to the stories of Ethereal Paradise.