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09-05-2006, 04:19 PM
Chapter 3 - SPLASH!!!

It was about 9 o'clock the next morning when Shikamaru walked to the door of my house and rapped on it loudly. I was still asleep, and Kankuro answered the door. "Hey, you're the kid from the Go place." Kankuro said, narrowing his eyes. "My name is Shikamaru." He said irritably. "And yes, I was with Temari the other day. She home?" Kankuro smothered a laugh. "Yeah, but she's asleep." He stepped aside and opened the door wider as Shikamaru stepped in. "But good luck waking her up. Go on in, if you wait on her to wake up you'll be here for hours." Shikamaru rolled his eyes and walked to my room, banging on the door and then opening it. I was wearing a waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too big gray sweatshirt that reached my knees. I was curled up, half in the covers and half out. "Temari...wake up. Temari. TEMARI!" I didn't stir, but kept sleeping. Shikamaru looked around and saw a big stereo on a desk. He smirked and walked over to it, spinning up the volume dial and flicking it on. Everytime We Touch blared from the speakers way louder than I had ever played it, which was saying something. I scrambled up and promptly fell out of the bed. "Oww..." I complained and I sat upright and rubbed my head. Shikamaru smirked, and blush crept up my cheeks. "AHH!! What are you doing in my room? Who let you in? AND WHY ARE YOU BLARING MY STEREO AT THE TOP OF THE VOLUME DIAL???" Shikamaru tried not to laugh and said, "In order, I'm here to see you, DUH, Kankuro let me in, and I turned on your stereo to wake you up. It worked." I glared at him, "How do you know where I live?" "I followed you home yesterday." "Hmph." I push Shikamaru out the door and closed it, telling him, "Out, I have to change." Shiakmaru leaned against my door and rolled his eyes while I changed into a pair of black knee-high boots like my brown ones, a black jean skirt and a red tank top. I opened the door and from sheer relexes caught Shikamaru before he hit the floor, "Very smooth, leaning on a door that opens inwardly." Shikamaru blinked and smiled sheepishly. I rolled my eyes and dragged him towards the door. "So where you wanna go?" Shikamaru satrted off somewhere through the woods, so I followed. We arrived at a clearing with a lake in the smack center and about ten feet of sandy shoreline all the way around. Shikamaru lied back on the sand, staring at the sky. I smirked and pushed him, causing him to role down the slight incline and come very close to falling into the water. "Payback for earlier." I said, biting back a laugh. Shikamaru scrambled back up the shore and pushed me down it, laughing his head off.
I hadn't been as fast catching myself as Shikamaru had, and I had rolled all the way into the water. "SHIKAMARU!" I yelled. "YOU'RE DEAD!!" Shikamaru threw his head back laughed and walked closer to the shoreline. Bad move. I grabbed his ankles and pulled him in beside me. Shikamaru groaned, "I'm so stupid. Why did I walk closer?" I smirked and rolled over so I was on the my stomach beside him. "Was it because you couldn't stay away from me?" Shikamaru snorted. "As if!" I rolled me eyes and got up out of the water, looking disgustedly at the muck all over my clothes. Shikamaru tackled me in the sand, "HA!" We wrestled for a while until we wound up in a very perculiar predicament. I wound up on top of him, his arms wrapped around my waist, and our lips pressed together. Now how the heck we got that way was beyond me, but I knew both our faces turned scarlet, but neither of us moved. Instead Shikamaru closed his eyes, and so did I. We stayed like this until we both pulled away for air, blushing a radiant red color.

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it was good . lol yeah im commenting on everyone of your stories cuz im so nice :P nah its cuz your a great writing. better than me! maybe ill make a thread with my story......lol

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i doubt im better than you. I always say that don't think too much and let the ideas come to you; don't chase after them. Actually, this is the first time I've said it, but one has to start somewhere! But it's true. YOu can't think too hard on good writing, you have to let inspiration appear on its own. I get half of my stories' inspiration off of pictures and mysic vidios.