View Full Version : [Movie] InuYasha the Movie:Fire on the Mystic Island

09-04-2006, 09:33 PM
Type: Movie
Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama
Plot synopsis: Every 50 years, an island named Horai would appear from the mist. Demons and humans lived in peace on this island until demons from the outside destroyed the peace and killed must of the people there. The island has appeared once more and Inuyasha, Kikyo and Sesshomaru are drawn to it. The mark of the four war gods appears on Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's backs and they must destroy the gods to remove the marks (and to save the half-demon children who still live there).
Art and Animation: 9.5/10
Unlike the previous InuYasha movies, this movie uses the same amazing animation from the series. The attacks are very well done, but sometimes overexagerated. InuYasha's Wind Scar is shown as a much more powerful attack then previously shown.
Voice Acting/Music: 8/10
The music for this movie is very beautiful and fits the story and the actions very well. However, with the exception of a few songs, the soundtrack is pretty much the same from the other movies. Even the intro music is the same! The voices of the new characters fit them perfectly; with everyone sounding the way they should
Story: 7/10 [spoilers ahead!]
The story very good but just seems like it was made up from the blue. There is no real reason that Kikyo is on the island other than her previous visit with InuYasha (and we don't why they even went to the island in the first place). She did not recieve the scars like Sesshomaru and InuYasha did. When she saves InuYasha from a clone of herself, in a use of deus ex machina, she leaves her bow and an arrow behind that Kagome uses when her's breaks. InuYasha received scars while on the island but was able to leave (the children can't leave because of their scars, except Ai, who doesn't have them). And Asagi (the oldest) says to her brother, Shion, to stop being afraid and be a boy but it seems that she only said this to point out that Shion is actually a boy instead of a girl.
Characters: 9/10
The half-demon children are a very diverse group of children, some of which imitate the behavior of some the members of the InuYasha group (for example, two twins behave like Shippo when InuYasha fails at certain attempts at the war gods; getting hits on the head in return). The four war gods are also well done but Goura (the water god) looks more like a large turtle demon than a god.
Overall: 8/10
Although not the one of the better Inuyasha movies made, this movie is something an InuYasha fan should not miss (however, if it costs almost $30, then you should really think about or ask a friend). It has a nice story, good characters and a wonderful soundtrack to go with it. It does go dull in a few spots but the scenes after it can really make up for it.