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09-04-2006, 07:41 PM
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Sakura walked out of Tsunadeís office and starts heading down the town market, buying groceries. After buying groceries, she went back home and store them in the fridge. She then walk to Naruto's house
Ding Dong
Sakura rang the door bell and waited. The door opened and Naruto sprung out to hug Sakura. Sakura moved aside as Naruto fell on the ground. She laughs as Naruto picks himself up.

"Come on in!" Naruto invited Sakura in his house.

"So what's going on now?" Sakura looked back and forth. "I donít see any damages from your training...."

Usually when Naruto calls Sakura, that means he needs her to fix his house since Sakura is good at constructing. But today, she cant see anything broken. Naruto usually trains outside of his house yes, but he always ends up damaging his house.

"Oh.. its not about fixing its about..uh..." Naruto Paused..

"Yes.. go on..."
"Cooking...." Naruto finally said.

Sakura just felt her jaws drop.

"You mean you donít know how to cook!? and your telling me this NOW?!!!" Sakura yelled at Naruto.

"Sorry.... I knew I should've told you when we where just kids.. but I thought it would've been easy to master cooking skills.."

"You thought...?" Sakura asked.

Naruto pointed at the messy kitchen behind Sakura where she never guessed to look. Sakura turned around and saw the kitchen all messed up with eggs all over the place, oil along the walls as well as cornstarch powder, and spilled black pepper. Sakura felt tired all of the sudden.

"oh Naruto..." Sakura didnít say anything after wars. So she cleaned up the kitchen. After cleaning up, Sakura taught Naruto how to cook.
Sakura sat on the couch as she waits for Naruto to finish cooking his first basic meal he learned. While she waits, she decides to browse around his house for a bit. See if anything is new. As she walk in rooms to rooms, hallways to hallways, there isnít nothing new. She could've just read Naruto's journal, but she got in trouble when she read Naruto's confession on Hinata... so Naruto hid the journal where she cant find it.

So she decides to play with weapons for a while. She went in Narutoís storage room and pulled out some kunais and shurikens. Then she saw a strange box that said "Keep Away". Sakura wonders why it said to keep away. So she opened it and found loads of pictures of her young child hood days. Sakura found an image that seems to be familiar.

Its Kakashi sensei! With Me and Naruto! And... she stopped talking to herself, then felt a tear drop on her right cheek running down. Sakura wiped her tear drop with her hand to see if she is really crying.
Why am I crying...? she thought.

Naruto came in and took the box from Sakura as well as the picture.

"What are you doing..?" Naruto pointed the keep away message.

"Sorry Naruto... Just wondering..." Sakura apologized. There was silence between them. "I didnít know you where that cute back then." Sakura lied.

Sakura would never say these things to him.. but she has to lie sometime.
"Thanks.." Naruto blushed a little. "Oh.. and its ready.."

Sakura got up and walked out of the room to the kitchen. Naruto threw the box across the room and the pictures in the box flew everywhere in the room. He shut the door and locked it with his hey.
Sakura grabbed a plastic fork and tries the food Naruto made. One taste and she spit the food back in her plate.

"Ew! Gross! Its salty!" Sakura shouted. Naruto ran in the kitchen when he heard what Sakura said.

"Its salty..?"

"Yea.. it's really salty alright..." Sakura dumped the plate and her fork in the trash. "But you did your best Naruto." Sakura added.
10:02 pm
Sakura left Naruto's house and walked back home. During her walk, she wonders why is she crying when she saw a glimpse of that boy with black hair. Since she wasnít looking out where she was going, she bumped into an apple tree and apples started to call on top of her. She covers herself as her head gets beaten by apples. She continued walking and wondering until a unknown ninja came towards her and hit her head.

Sakura fell on the ground as she screams out loud. The ninja got out his kunai and points it toward Sakura. Sakura looked up to see the pointed Kunai at her and screams loud once again.

Out of no where, another ninja came from above the trees attacked the ninja that was about to kill Sakura. With one hard blow on his dead, the ninja fell unconscious. The ninja stood across Sakura and held out his hand.
"Are you alright?" the ninja asked.
He's a guy... Sakura thought.
Sakura held out her hand and the ninja pulled her up. Sakura felt dizzy when she got up, so she lost her balance and her body just sprang towards the ninja.

"Oh.. Iím sorry..." Sakura gain control of her balance and walked backwards away from him.

"Its alright."

"Thanks for saving me." Sakura examine the ninja. He's wearing black. Black ninja sandals, black uniform, black mask, an Konoha head band that was strike across and both of his eyes are sharingan.

Once Sakura noticed the head band, she shouted,
"Hey! Your from the Atasuki!"

The ninja grabbed the unconscious ninja and disappeared.

"No Iím not." and those are his last words.

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nice fanfic, i liked it keep it up!!!

Sakura Holic
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Thanks Moon. Im glad you liked it.

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ur weclome its really good!!!

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nice nice nice!! well..i could tell its sasuke though....u did a great jo btw!! keep it up!!

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ah. My old friend. Nice to see you once in a while. Thanks for reading my fanfic Tria.
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Part III is in process. lol is that even the correct spelling? o.O well PM you when part 3 is out!