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09-04-2006, 04:52 PM
Chapter 2 - Seeing him again

When I woke up the netx morning, the first thing to enter my mind was, I hope I see Shikamaru today. "Oh. My. Gosh, what am I thinking?!" I said aloud. I smacked my forehead and looked around my room. It was rather simple, but I had added my own touch by putting up six of my favorite fans, open, on a shelf oposite my bed. They were normal sized, not weapons like the one I wear. I got out bed and stretched, riffling through my drawers for something to wear. I got tired of the same old outfit, besides, I had no mission today so I could wear whatever I wanted to. I chose knee-high brown leather buckle boots, my absolute favorite pair, a red pleated skirt, and a white tube top. I yawned and walked into the small kitchen, putting up my hair. On the way I rapped on Kankuro's door, "WAKE UP KANKURO, IT'S 10 O'CLOCK!" I grabbed a blueberry muffin and headed out the door, searching Konoha for Shikamaru. I didn't have to look long. He was lounging on the rooftop of one of the building, hands behind his head and staring at the sky. I thunked up the stairs, hating my choice of wearing boots, and landed crouched on the roof. Shikamaru didn't even look up. I walked over and gently kicked him in the side, not hurting him too much. He looked up boredly, then he recognized me. "Temari?" "Yeah. What are you doing up here?" "I'm watching the clouds." "That's an odd pasttime." I lied down beside him, staring at the sky. "Hey look, that looks like a fan." I said, pointing one out. "I don't see it." "Right there." I pointed. He shook his head. "I still don't see it." I moved closer to him, grabbing his wrist and pointing at the cloud once more. "Oh...now I see it." "Yeah, they say third time's the charm." I let go of his hand and dropped my arm across his stomach unconsciously. He blinked and gave me a curiuos look, but didn't say anything to object. Ten minutes later, I fell asleep with the warm sunshine on my face.

"Temari....Temari....Tema...WAKE UP!!!" I woke up to Shiakmaru kneeling over me, shaking me awake. "Huh? Oh...how long was I sleep?" "I dunno, until you rolled over onto me and I decided it was time to wake you up." "Oops." I smiled and sat up, rubbing my eyes and squinting against the bright sunlight. "Wait a minute. Did you call me Tema?" Shikamaru blushed a little and looked down. "Yeah...." I smiled a little, fiddling with one of the buckles on my boots. "It's ok, don't mind." I said softly. Shiakmaru smiled and checked his watch. "It's twelve o'clock. When did you have breakfast?" "Ten, but it was just a muffin. I'm starving." "...Wanna go for Ramen?" I looked at him quzically, wondering: Is he asking me out? Well, it's just lunch, not like dinner and a movie..."Sure." "C'mon, my treat." Shikamaru said, jumping over the edge of the building and landed a bit clumsily. I rolled my eyes and jumped off, landing cat-footed beside Shikamaru. He pouted and walked towards the Ramen shop. He even held open the door for me, staring at his feet. I blushed a little and walked in, choosing a corner booth. Shikmaru followed, and a happy, grinning waitress rushed to our table. "What would you like?" Shikamaru murmered something boredly, and I said, "Lemonade to drink, and ______(I don't know any good types of Ramen)" The waitress nodded eagerly and raced off to fill our order. "Shikamaru...why are you doing this?" Shikamaru blushed and ducked his head. "I have nothing better to do...And you're kinda fun." I cocked my head and blushed a little, my heart skipping a beat. The waitress returned and set down our food, then skipped away. I shivered as the air conditioner was turned on and scooted closer to Shikamaru. Shikamaru smirked and flicked some of the sacuy stuff on his Ramen onto my nose. I crossed my eyes to look at it, causing Shikamaru to burst out laughing. "Shika, get it oooooooff!" I said. He arched his eyebrows. "Shika?" I blushed a litte, and he leaned forward and kissed my nose. "I didn't mean get it off like that!" I said, eyes wide. Shikamaru smirked at the expression on my face. I blushed a radiant scarlet and felt my stomach do a a back-flip. Shikamaru slipped an arm around my shoulders, sending shivers up my spine and making me blush all the more(if that's possible) I got used to it and put my head on his shoulder. "Good grief, if Kankuro walks in, I will die." Shikamaru laughed and took his arm from around my shoulders, breaking apart his chopsticks. I follwed suit, digging into my food. Shikamaru finished his remarkably fast, and after a moment's consideration, took some of my food. I gave him the most 'what are you doing?' look I could. He smirked. "Don't give me that look." I stuck out my tounge at him, thwacking him in the nose with my chopsticks. He pouted and kissed my nose, knwoing it would shut me up for a minute. Sure enough, I froze and my eyes got big. Shikamaru smothered a laugh and snaked his arm around your shoulders again. What is UP with this? I don't even mind if he does this stuff...I met him YESTERDAY! I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the seat. Shikamaru looked at my closed eyes and took some more of my Ramen.