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08-30-2006, 07:33 PM
Chapter 6 - Oh boy, this could get confusing...

"Rycanu. Ryyycanuuu. Rycanu!"
"Oww!!!! Kakashi!!!"
Kakashi leaned over your bed, looking over at you wearing the most annoying smirk. He'd pushed you out of bed.
"Rise and shine, sleepyhead."
"ooh, somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."
"And whose fault was that?" You pointed out, standing up and stretching.
Kakashi pouted, saying, "What, no greeting? Nothing?"
You smiled and kissed him, then shooed him out of your room.
"Out. I have to change."
Kakashi shrugged and walked out, closing the door behind him. You changed into tight black jeans and a bright blue t-shirt that read 'Tomboy' in black-flame letters.
You walked into the kitchen brushing your hair. Kakashi handed you a mug of coffee, and you put up your hair and sipped the coffee.
"Ooh....Black coffee."
You shuddered, tasting the bitter coffee.
"What, you don't like black coffee?"
"Nah, it's fine, I'm just not used to it."
You downed the last of the coffee and headed out the door, "I'm gonna go see Kurenai." Kakashi nodded goodbye, and you walked to Kurenai's house.
"Kurenai?" You knocked at the door and it opened at your touch.
You walked cautiously in, gripping a kunai unconsciously. In her room, Kurenai was facedown on her bed sobbing her heart out.
You flew to her side, stroking her hair and talking to her soothingly.
"Kurenai? What's wrong?"
Kurenai sat up and breathed deeply.
"A-Asuma....I saw him....w-with another g-girl..."
"Well, he can be with another girl, even if he's 'with' you."
"They w-were....k-kissing!"
Tears welled up in Kurenai's eyes and spilled over again. Anger flared up in you, and you jumped to your feet.
"I'll be back soon."

You stormed to Asuma's house and saw him, sure enough, in his room lip-to-lip with some girl. You glared at him and slammed Asuma against the wall, nearly knocking him out.
"What are you doing? You know you're with Kurenai!"
In a poof of smoke, Gai-sensei appeared where asuma was.
"Gai?" You asked, confused.
"Gai! How could you?!" The girl jumped to ehr feet, her eyes flashing.
"Heh? You know him?" you asked.
"Yes! He tried the WORST pick-up line on me the other day and asked me to be his girlfriend...BLECH! I said no, and he's HERE?"
"Ok, Gai. Your act is over, LEAVE."
You dropped Gai and raced to Kurenai's house, nearly runnning facefirst into her door.
"Kurenai! Open up!" You yelled.
"Yeah?" Kurenai opened the door, not alone. Asuma had his arm around Kurenai's shoulders, and Kurenai was smiling. You blinked. "Huh?"
Kurneai explained, "It turns out some one was transformed into Asuma-"
"Gai. I met him earlier...long story. I'm glad everything was straightened out....Now I have to go! Bye." Kurenai blinked, "Bye..."
You walked out of Kurenai's house and poofed back to Kakashi's house. Kakashi was stretched out on the couch, unmasked and asleep.
"Hatake...Hatake." You murmured, sitting on the edge of the couch beside him.
"Hatake, wake up..."
Kakashi's eyes blinked open, "I'm awake, I'm...ging back to sleep...."
"Hatake, wake up..." You leaned down and kissed him, brushing some of his hair away from his eyes gently. He didn't open his eyes but snaked an arm around your neck, pulling you down half on top of him.
You submitted and traced a pattern down his free arm.
After a minute you pulled away and gasped for air.
Kakashi smiled and got up, purposly whacking your nose when he stretched.
"Meanie." you said, giving him a mock pout.
Kakashi smirked and pulled you to him. You saw something stickingout of his kunai pouch and yanked it, looking at the cover.
"You read THESE?" You shrieked, waving the book acusingly in front of his nose. He blinked, then held up his hands.
"So what, don't hurt me!"
"SO WHAT? This is the WORST thing you could possibly read! It's the most HORRIBLE book series!! Now I know where you get it!"
"Come ON, Rycanu, it's just a book!"
"Hmph." You said stomped off to your room, slamming your door.
"Ryc, don't be that way..." Kakashi trailed off, stopping at your door.
"I can't beleive you read those!"
"Don't even try!"
"Please, Ryc, don't..."
"Quit it! It won't work!"
Kakashi groaned and banged his head on the wall beside your door.
"Stubborn women are my worst nightmare..."