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I apoligize for my messup with my post of my fic before! I thought I already knew what to do in here, but then after I double-checked the rules I realized I had to title my fic a certain way and by then it was too late XP lol so yeah sry! And I am still in the works for a real title at the moment. Anywaaaaays.....

A NEW CHARACTER IS INTRODUCED!! Yay! My Naruto Fanfic is just beginning! This story is based on the character I always RP, she's really complex and I am hoping to one day create my own anime based on her, but enough of that, more on the fic! It has most of the favorite Naruto characters in it, so I think you will enjoy that. This is just a sort of "first chapter" of it, and I will post the whole fic if I get some good reviews about it. PLEASE LEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS ON WHAT YOU THINK!! And honestly too :) Thank you in advance and happy reading! xo

Takes place after sasuke returns to Konoha


The young child stood up from her knees. Her luminescent white hair glowed in the moonlight, minus the few black strands that grew from the base of her neck. She lifted her tanned face, the white markings on her cheeks and body seemed to glow with the same shade of white as her locks of hair. As she stood, blood dripped off of her knees, it seemed that she was standing in a pool of blood. She was fully upright now, and she opened her eyes for the first time. Golden yellow eyes adjusted to the darkness and locked onto the few survivors…

Naruto and Sasuke were arguing as usual as they waited for Kakashi to arrive. “I don’t see why you always have to be an a*s to me Sasuke, I mean really you owe me your life you know! Show me some respect!!” Sasuke just smirked. It was true that he owed Naruto his life, but it was hard for him to openly show that he was thankful. Naruto and Sasuke were a lot alike, but also very different, Naruto had no trouble showing his emotions, in fact, he could hardly contain them most of the time. And he always became friends with everyone and brought out the best in people. But Sasuke couldn’t show his emotions very well, and he didn’t make friends easily with his cocky attitude. The other member of the original team seven was also there, her name was Sakura. She had recently took up being a medical ninja, and was very talented at it. She has her moments of being brash, but most of the time she is kind and very caring of her friends. And besides all that, she has a huge crush on Sasuke. “Come on you two, cut it out, Kakashi-sensei is coming!” she said to them laughing.

Kakashi had arrived extremely late as usual. Even though it was the first time they had all been together as a team taking on missions again, it seemed like nothing had changed since Sasuke had went off to join Orochimaru. Kakashi spoke up to them “Hey guys… sorry I was late, I got lost on the path of life and…” “Ohhh give us a break Kakashi-sensei!!” Sakura growled “That’s never worked on us and it never will!” Kakashi just grinned coolly as usual. Kakashi always appeared to be an extremely care-free guy, and was usually never seen without one of his romance-ninja novels. But he was extremely deep, and not many people were able to see that side of him. “Okay okay Sakura, I’ll get straight to the point then. All three of you have been submitted for a highly dangerous mission. In fact, right now it’s an A-rank mission, but it could easily become S-ranked… but it’s up to you guys to make sure it doesn’t get that far…” Kakashi stopped, looking at the curious expressions on all of their faces.

Sasuke spoke up “Us? So I take it you’re not coming with us then sensei?” he asked. Kakashi smiled “No, unless you guys fail and the mission turns S-ranked, then the Hokage said that she will send some of us Jounin to help” Sasuke’s expression grew serious “It’s that important of a mission huh?” he said “Yes…” replied Kakashi. Naruto looked dumbfounded “What the hell?? I really don’t get what the heck you guys are goin’ on about, but Kakashi-sensei, you have nothing to worry about because we won’t even let this mission become S-ranked! Believe it! We’ll have this done and be back in no time! Right guys!” Naruto grinned proudly. Sasuke ‘hmphed’ and Sakura bopped Naruto on the head “Quit being so cocky damnit!” Kakashi said “Well, at least all of you will have good help on this mission, but you three had better make me proud, you know how Gai is always going on about the competition thing with me and him, and besides I want the other jounin to know what a great teacher I am!” Sakura stared blankly “You mean we’re not the only ones going on this mission??”

(The next day, outside the gates of Konoha village. There are twelve ninja gathered, eight of them about to leave on a mission…) Rock Lee, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, his dog Akamaru, and Shikamaru were all waiting with their respected sensei’s for Kakashi and team seven to show up. Gai growled “Well it’s about time Kakashi… you always were the last one to show up… always ‘fashionably late’ and all…” Gai said sarcastically. Kakashi strolled up to them with team seven in tow. “Did you say something Gai?” he said to the confused ninja. Gai responded “Darn you Kakashi!!! You’re too damn hip! That is why you are such a worthy rival for me…” he said with a series of poses. “Gai-sensei, I guess this is good-bye for now…” A young ninja, closely resembling Gai said, interrupting Gai and his pose-routine. Gai and Lee both had tears in their eyes as they grabbed each other and bawled “WAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” they wailed. “Don’t worry Gai-sensei! I will make you proud I swear it!” Lee shouted dramatically “And my adorable, handsome Lee, I know you will! Don’t forget that if you fail this mission you will have to do 100,000 laps around Konoha!!” Lee beamed with pride “Of course Gai-Sensei, if I do fail I will double that amount!” and then they tearily let go of one another.

Of course not all of the partings were as dramatic. Kurenai hugged Hinata and even Kiba and told them to be careful. She also gave them each some special medicine that she had purchased, and with a final kiss on Akimaru’s head, sent them off. Asuma looked over at Shikamaru. “I know how smart you are Shikamaru, just don’t let your lazy side take over, eh?“ he said, nodding to the chunin boy, the leader of this mission. Shikamau just looked up to the clouds “Sure, so long as this mission doesn’t become too troublesome…” he said with a sigh. Kakashi patted Naruto and Sasuke’s heads, and closed his eyes and smiled “Don’t forget, you three make me proud. I know I can trust you guys, and just in case things get dangerous, I am sending Pakkun along so he can inform me of the status of your mission, and whether or not it becomes S-ranked…” Kakashi then used his summoning jutsu and produced a small ninja-dog with a big mouth. “Oye, Kakashi,” the tiny dog said in a gruff voice “what’s the mission this time?” Kakashi looked down at him “I want you to tail this group and help them as needed, but most importantly, you are to return and inform me whether or not if this mission becomes S-ranked.” “Understood master” Pakkun replied, and all of the ninja headed on their way.

After an entire day of travel, night was setting. Shikamaru gave the orders for all of the ninja to make camp. Naruto quickly volunteered to get food, and he, Sasuke, and Kiba went off to do that. Lee and Neji began to collect firewood while Hinata and Sakura prepared for them to eat. Shikamaru gloomily sat at the campsite, thinking about how he was going to handle the mission. Everyone was briefed about it last night, and the ones who volunteered for it were here. The truth was it was extremely difficult, something that the Hokage thought Shikamaru was suited for. He sighed. The mission was to retrieve an important artifact that had been stolen from a shrine a week ago. This shrine was under the care of Konoha, because it had a very important and dangerous object inside of it. By itself, the object was harmless. It was just a simple crest, but when it was fitted into the Twilight Pedestal, that meant mass destruction. The Twilight Pedestal was already fearsome enough. It was located right in the center of the continent, and it was said that no human ever set foot on it’s ground and live. It was dangerous alright. Something troublesome that wasn’t Shikamaru’s idea to get involved with. But a mission was a mission. And their mission as it stood now was to intercept whoever it was that stole the crest and take it back. And if they somehow failed, and the person was able to get passed them, then the jounin would be sent in to help, and hopefully they would be able to take care of the situation.

All of the 16 year-old ninja, minus Neji and Lee who were 17, all sat down at the fire and ate. After about an hour of talk, they all turned in, all except for Pakkun the dog who was on watch. Pakkun heard a rustle from one of the tents as a figure emerged. It was none other than Hinata. She walked out and nodded towards the dog “I apologize Pakkun-san, I could not sleep… if you do not mind, I am going to take a walk” Pakkun nodded “I suppose that’s fine, just don’t go far. I’m sure with your Byakkugan skills you will not get lost.” Hinata nodded and walked off. Pakkun could not help but notice the sadness in her eyes.

Hinata sighed as she stopped at the small lake that was only a few yards from their campsite. She was staring at her reflection. She suddenly heard a rustle from within the trees “Byakkugan!” she shouted, and her eyes transformed into eyes that could see 360 degrees around, eyes that could see chakra, and among other powers it delivered. She saw that it was only Sakura who had followed her “I am sorry if I frightened you Hinata, but Pakkun was worried and wanted me to see if something was troubling you… do you want to talk?” Sakura said with a concerned look. Though she wasn’t personally acquainted with Hinata, she still liked her as a person, even though Hinata was extremely shy, she always seemed like a sweet girl.

Hinata smiled sadly “You know that Neji is my cousin… we are of the same clan… but…” tears welled up in Hinata’s eyes “He hates me… and with good reason, but I thought that he and my father had come to amends… yet he still looks at me so coldly… I did not hurt him personally, but because I am part of the higher branch of the clan, it was the way things were, and there was nothing that I could do… the clan… was never something I was really part of, which is why my father cast me out and chose my younger sister to inherit the clan… I just don’t know what to do so that Neji doesn‘t hate me…” Sakura smiled and said “Hinata, Neji is different from most people, I don’t think he hates you at all though, it’s just hard for him to show emotions is all… but you will see, one day he will show you, he just isn’t ready yet, but I know for a fact that he doesn’t hate you! I mean, how could anyone hate you Hinata, take Naruto for example, he likes you a lot!” Hinata’s face instantly turned red at the mention of Naruto. Hinata had always had a huge crush on him. “N-n-naruto…” she stammered, but couldn’t say anything else. Sakura nodded to her, then smiled “Hinata, how about we get back to bed?” “Oh… um yes, sounds good…” Hinata replied, and then followed her back to the tent.

The next day Shikamaru discussed formations with the group. “Okay, here’s how I do things when I am in charge. We’re all going to have a formation here. Pakkun will be our tracker up front with me. I’m putting both Hinata and Neji in the rear, so with the both of you scanning the forest with your Byuakkugan, you will not waste as much chakra. Next, we need our most perceptive fighters, that would be Sasuke and Lee. Sasuke you’re behind me and Pakkun, and Lee you’re in front of Neji and Hinata. Right in the center I want our medical ninja, Sakura, and surrounding her will be our powerhouses, including the one who makes the most noise… (Shikamaru looked at Naruto while saying that last part) Kiba and Naruto.” Shikamaru dusted his hands off triumphantly as all of the ninja got into their formations.

Hinata tapped her index fingers together as she stood next to Neji, who was completely ignoring her. Lee was staring intensely in front of him, with a determined look on his face. He was not about to let his sensei down or let his long-term rival, Neji, get the best of him. Kiba was in front of Lee, letting Sakura pat his dog Akimaru’s head. Naruto glared directly in front of him at Sasuke. Sasuke’s eyes were closed as he smirked, he knew Naruto was staring at him. Shikamaru and Pakkun nodded to each other, and then all of the ninja began to continue their journey....

What's in store for the ninja? Who was the mysterious girl in the beginning? Will Hinata and Neji get along? Will Shikamaru ever quit saying 'troublesome'? And will Lee ever learn that spandex is not in season?!?! Find out in the thrilling sequel to this chapter!!

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