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Chapter 6 - When It Comes to Kimonos, Boys Are SOO Stubborn

"Hatake!" "I told you no, Rycanu." "Please!" "NO!" "Why?" "I'm just not going to." "You are soo stubborn!" You stomped to your room and flopped onto the bed. Kurenai had come a few hours ago and taken off the cast and bandages and told her to take it easy but she could at least walk on her own. Then she had given you and Kakashi an invitation. There was a party for Chunins and Jounins, this was the 25th year the Hokage had been with the Leaf Village. Everyone was uspposed to wear their best Kimono, and Kakashi was not cooperating. "Boys are so agrivating when it comes to these things." you said, riffling through your closet for your nicest kimono, which happened to be blue silk with yellow and pink flowers on it. You put it on and twisted up your hair into a bun, putting two of the chopstcik-like things with knobs on the top through your hair. You put on a light layer of make-up and picked up a fan that matched your kimono. You walked slowy downstairs, still a bit steamed at Kakashi. He was in the kitchen, stirring some hot chocolate. He looked up at you and nearly fell over. "Good grief...." his voice trailed of, but you refused to smile. "If you're not going to come, I have to meet Kurenai. See you later this evening." You walked out the door, still mad at Kakashi.

Kakashi's P.O.V.

I felt my heart skip a beat and then thump hard in my chest upon seeing Rycanu. She's the kind of girl who can look amazing in tomboyish clothes running around playing tag football and then look totaly comfortable in a kimono and fan. It almost made me change my mind and wear the danged kimono, I did have one, just to be with her. But I remained where I was. For the moment.

Your P.O.V.

You found Kurena right outside your door, alone. "I thought Asuma was coming." "I couldn't get him to wear a kimono." "I had about as much luck with Kakashi." The two of you started off towards the Academy gym, where the dance was. "I wonder why they were so opposed to wearing Kimonos." You said. "They're pretty much dresses, and they really don't want to be wearing dresses." "hey, wha-?" some one grabbed you from behind, some one got Kurenai too. You struggled against whoever it was, when a familar voice said, "Ow!! Rycanu, quit kicking!" "Hatake?" you asked, whirling around. Sure enough, he looked uncofortable, and he still had his mask and headband on, but he wore a red kimono. Asuma, it turned out, had caved in as well and worn a kimono. "Aha! You wore it!" you said, hugging Kakashi. The four of you continued walking towards the Academy, you and Kakashi's hand-in-hand.

A few hours later, you returned to Kakashi's house and sank onto the couch. Kakashi sat beside you after he went to his room to change out of his kimono. You still wore yours. "That was insane, I cannot beleive how crazy some of the Chunin are." "You were insane, too." "I'm a Jounin. I can be insane if I want to." "Got a point there." "So what made you decide to come after all?" "..." "Come on, tell me!" "..." "Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!" "..." You threw up your hands. "You are hopeless!!!!" Kakashi put his arm around your shoulders. "Fine, you....well, you looked....." "Spit it out, Hatake." You grinned and snuggled against his shoulder. "Y-you looked s-so beautiful kimono..." "Aww....." You pulled his mask down and kissed him softly, setting Kakashi's face on fire. You broke away and giggled, "You look like a fire truck!" "Hn..." " 'Hn...' all you want to, I'm going to my room." you said, and walked to your room to get out of your kimono and into something mroe comfortable. You looked at the clock (Good grief it's like eleven o'clock!) and decided to go on and get into you nightshirt. You did so, and then climbed into your bed to read. You fell asleep with the book over your face when Kakashi walked by and turned out the lights. "Good night."

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these r getting better and better its kool