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08-25-2006, 07:17 PM
Chapter 5 - And Proud Of It!

It was about 9 o'clock in the morning at Ninja Academy. You were helping out Iruka; he was sick and you were subbing. The class was doing the replacment jutsu. "Shikamaru Nara!" you snapped, glaring at Shikamaru, who has his head down. "WAKE UP!!" Shikamaru kept on snoring. You rolled your eyes and grabbed a rather large book and walked to where he was sitting. You dropped the book from about two feet onto the table beside him. "AH WHAT WHEN WHERE-Oh, I'm awake, I'm awake." You glared at him. "Next time I'll drop the book on your head. Since you found the lesson so boring, get up here and kindly show the rest of the class the replacement jutsu." You walked back to the front, tapping your foot impatiently. Shikamaru took his time. "Lazybones." you muttered under your breath. Shikamaru stiffened. "What did you call me?" "None of your business. Now do the jutsu." It's about me; it's my business." "Shikamaru, just do the jutsu." "Fine." Only, he did it with a twist. Most people turn a rock or log into an image of themselves, and then hide. He hid allright, but he turned something other than a log into himself. "Wha- WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME SHIKAMARU?" he'd made YOU loook like himself. He dropped from the rafters and smirked. You put your hands on your hips and screamed at him, "CHANGE ME BACK RIGHT NOW!!! I MEAN IT, YOU LITTLE TWERP!!!!!' Shikamaru crossed his arms and smirked wider. "I'm being insulted by myself." he said. You smacked him clear across the face. 'You just got slapped by yourself, now turn me back!" "Fine, fine." You changed back to yourself. You glared daggers at him. "Nice replacment jutsu. Next time, DON'T DO IT ON ME!!!" Shikamaru rolled his eyes and walked back to his seat, doing a few hand seals as he went. You didn't notice anything, so kept going.

At the end of class, everyone left fast, eager to go do whatever they wanted. Except Shika, who of crouse took his time. You turned to the desk and figured out what the hand seals were for. There was a flower sitting in the once-empty vase on your desk. "SHIKA!" you called. He turned around. "No what do you want?" you held out the flower. "What do you call this?" he looked at it and then at you. "I call it a flower. Why?" "You put it there." Shika flushed and stuttered, "N-No I didn't!" "Why did you put it there?" "..." "Answer me!" "Fine.....I don't want to argue with you. Just Iruka, because he doesn't make the lessons nearly as intersting as you do." "Heh? Um, thanks. See you tomorrow." You walked out, followed by Shikamaru, and poofed back to Kakashi's house. "So, who's a day in the life of Iruka?" Kakashi asked, sitting on the couch. "Let's put it this way: Iruka amazes me." "Not a kid person, eh?" "No, I love kids. It's teens that drive me crazy. Sasuke's too good for the world, Naruto can't shut his trap long enough to do anything, all the girls stare at Sasuke, and Shikamaru's too lazy to open his eyes." "Hn." "I'm still not tired.....I know! Let's go swimming at Kurenai's house! I'll call her!" you rushed off into the kitchen to call Kurenai, and she said sure you and Kakashi could come over. You ran into your room and got into your bathing suit and a sundress, freezing in mid-step at Kakashi still motionless on the couch. "Why aren't you in your swimsuit?" "I don't swim." "Jounin have to know how to swim!" "I CAN swim, but I don't like to. I hate going into public without my mask." Then he muttered under his breath, "Or a shirt." You grabbed his wrist and pushed him into his room. "Change." you ordered, slamming the door shut. Kakashi rolled his eyes but emerged a minute later ready to go. "You're worse than I am sometimes." You poofed him and you to Kurenai's backyard, where Kurenai was already in the pool. She looked at Kakashi and the expression on his face, then burst out laughing. "K-kakashi!" she choked out. "You look ridiculus!" "See?" Kakashi said, turning to you. You rolled your eyes and pushed him in, getting out of your cover-up and jumping in after him. Kakashi surfaced and floated on his back, and you landed right beside him. Kakashi grinned and dragged you under, you kicking and laughing and nearly choking. "Gag me, I nearly drowned." "Hn.....That'd be too bad...." Kakashi said sarcasticly, getting him dunked under. "Meanie." "Well, just think, if you drowned, some one'd have to give you mouth-to-mouth." "Ooh, drowning sounds much more worthwile now." Kurenai smirked. "You're both idiots." You grinned. "And proud of it!"