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08-24-2006, 07:26 PM
Chapter 5 - SNOW!!!!!

You woke, for the second time that morning. "Good grief, it's freezing!!" You screeched. You grabbed your robe and cinched it tight around your waist. "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!!!!!!!!!!!!" you yelled, forgetting about the gash in your stomach. You fumbled with the knot in the tie/belt thing and finally got it undone, tying it back much more losely. "Gaara!" you yelled, walking into the kitchen. "Gah, I'm right here!" Gaara snapped, putting his hands over his ears. "Loud, geesh...." You rolled your eyes and ignored that. "Why is it freezing cold?" "Look outside." Was all he said. You shrugged and looked out the window. "Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" you yelled, racing back upstairs to change. You got into a jean jacket, a bright red spaghetti strap, and black jeans. All of this was done in about 7 seconds, and you raced downstairs still twisting your hair up. "Come on Gaara, this is no day to stay inside!" you said, grabbing his wrist and dragging him out of the chair. "What are you doing?" you banged out the door and stood on the bottom step looking into the yard. "It's snowing." you said softly, transfixed. A smirk passed over Gaara's face and he stepped up quietly behind you. "Ahh!!!!!!!" Gaara pushed you over into the snow, you wound up facedown in a three-foot drift. "That's it! WAR!!!!" you grabbed his ankle and dragged him into the snow, the two of you rolling around wrestling each other. And no, the sand didn't protect him, you weren't a real threat and it was only a playful match. After an hour of doing that, you roled onto your back and grinned. "Ok, I surrender. I'm dead tired." Gaara smiled and kneeled over you, kissing you softly. You blushed a radiant red color that matched your shirt and made you stand out all the more against the white snow. Gaara snickered. "That look is priceless. You look hilarious." You gave a mock pout and rolled over, facedown. Gaara blinked. "Ky-aka? What are you doing?" You smirked, though he couldn't see you, and rolled over with a handful of snow. It hit him full on. "Geez, that's freezing!!" he said, grabbing a handful of snow himself and and slipping it down your shirt. "AHH!!!! GAARA!!!!!" you said, dancing around trying to get the snow out of your shirt. It melted after a minute and dripped down your back. "Aha!" you tackled Gaara and you two rolled around in the snow once more. Neji walked by and made a face at the two of you rolling around like little kids. "Romance." he muttered under his breath, but he didn't keep walking. He remembered a time when he and Tenten were kids and they were wrestling each other, rolling around and having the time of their lives. He saw Tenten in your place, and himself in Gaara's. He realized what he was thinking and scowled. He picked up a nearby rock and slung it at you.
Sand slinked out of Gaara's gourd, which has fallen open, and the rock bounced off it without ever touching its target: you. Gaara froze and stared at you. "The sand....protects me of its own free will. And it started doing it to you as well.........." You blinked and looked at the rock, then in the direction it came from. "Neji!" you yelled and sprang up, stomping over and jumping the picket fence that separted your house from the street. "What are doing throwing rocks at me?" Neji glared at you and walked off. "What a jerk....." then it hit you: Neji apparently had a heart too, because it was beating for some one. "Neji!" you called. He looked over his shoulder. "What do you want?" you jogged up to him, standing in front of him with your hands on your hips. "This is about Tenten, isn't it?" Neji blinked. "What are you talking about?" "Don't play dumb. You'd rather be rolling around in the snow with her today than walking around alone." Neji turned scarlet. You grinned triumphantly. "You DO like her! If you want me to, I could hook you up with her." "WHAT?" "You heard me. I know you like her, I know she likes you. And I know she'd rather be with you than alone, just like you. So you want me to tell her you like her not?" "Fine. Tell her, but if she actually doesn't like me and hates me from then on, I blame you." "Whatever." you spotted Tenten some ways down the street. "Hey Tenten, wait up!" you yelled, running to catch up. "Huh? Oh, hey Ky-aka. What's with you and Neji?" "Not me and Neji. You and Neji. Don't give me that look, either, I know you like him. The good news is, he likes you too." "He does? Yea- I mean, I do NOT like him." You rolled your eyes and pushed her towards Neji. "Yeah, nice recovery. Very smooth." You considered giving her a final push into Neji, forcing him to catch her and have them wind up in each other's arms but figured that would just make it all the more akward. "Tenten, meet your match." you said with a flourish. They just stood there, staring at each other. You sighed. "What do I have to do, push you two together?" Neji blinked, galred at you and asked Tenten, "Eh......wanna see a movie?" Ooh, Neji awkward, this should be good. Tenten smiled softly and took his hand, the two of them walking off towards the theater. "My work here is done." you said, hands on your hips, smiling. Some one grabbed you from behind, his arms around your waist. "What about me?" Gaara said from behind you. You smiled, your heart pounding. "If you'd let me go, I could turn around." "Right." Gaara released you, and you spun around and kissed Gaara. Sasuke walked by and snickered. You broke away from Gaara long enough to leave a stinging hand mark on Sasuke's face. Gaara smirked and walked back to your house, you beside him. You vaulted the fence and landed in a soft enbankment of snow. You heard Gaara behind you, but you were quiet. He was inches from you when you whippped around and jumped on him. "HA! Them element of surprise!!!!!" Gaara said nothing for a moment, then got up and walked towards the gate. "I'll be right back. I have to go get something." he said, and without further comment he walked into the marketplace. You said aloud to yourself, "I wonder what he's getting."