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08-23-2006, 07:23 PM
Hey what Do you think of my Movie Script?
Its going to be fun to film it!

This all takes place just right then before the story.


Ok, it starts off showing Misato (Not in uniform cause we don’t have the uniform yet. Limebarb wants 400$ for it and we don’t have the money yet) riding in a car talking to someone on a cell phone and she pulls into a coffee shop and buys coffee. She goes to an apartment complex to meet someone she was conversing with over the phone. Annoyed with the person she was talking to on the phone, she sips some coffee to relieve herself.

After driving to the parking lot, she steps out of the car, left foot first. She walks up to the building and goes inside. A guy struts out of an elevator holding a stack of papers, some of which he pushes into her stomach.

The next scene is probably going to be some kind of animated scene or something and then it shows her watching the news at some kind of desk or something and she is looking at a mission brief from SEELE (Forgot spelling but I think its right). Dusk setting in, she looks over the papers.

They explain a few things about the previous REI catastrophe. She is looking it over and sees the bill and she says:

Misato)): "Hmmm...... ", picks up the phone and calls Gendou Ikari's assistant.

Fuyutsuki)): replies, "What did you find out from the information from SEELE. I know you’ve read it even though you are never suppose to so spill it Katsuragi."

Misato)): replies, "Oh nothing much, just stuff about Rei and the electricity bill. But other than that, there only cutting the budget.."

Fuyutsuki)): "Just make sure you put them where they're supposed to go while your in Iadoki."
Futsuki interrupts. "We can't afford anymore screw-ups coming from NERV Staff OR Mr. Vendester not doing there job.

Fuyutsuki)): “Also there's one more thing. Mr. Vendester is hiding something from NERV Head Quarters and I don’t know what he is planning but we have decided the problem needs to be taken care of. Anything hidden coming from ASAG (Mr. Vendester’s Corp.) could mean the end of us, especially after SEELE blames NERV for the first impact incident. ASAG has been giving NERV there routine of ignoring file requests on the North Pacific Clientele Group (NCPG). “

Fuyutsuki)): “Misato what are you doing?"

Misato)): "I’m Listening!" ((drawn out in a ditsy, frustrated tone))

Futsuki)): "You had better be, this is classified. (Something slams outside her door) Check your mailbox outside, I have sent you specific orders from Gendou. Goodbye, "

Misato)): "Wait one more thing, budget cuts on Four billion now good bye"

Fuyutsuki)): Wait misato! Misato! :::Click::::

Misato)): Oh lets see what they want now.

((Open door causally,)) ::Cling::::

Misato)): “Hmm.. (Across envelope it reads Classified, NERV)”

Misato)): "Oh boy haven’t had one of these in a while. It better not be,..... ((Reads the paper pulling it out))

Misato)): “Damn it Gendou! Oh! “

Misato)): “Just when I was starting to enjoy myself.... Well... This should be fun..”

Fuyutsuki Voice)): ((Misato Reads the rest, )) ::Classified, Infiltrate ASAG and find Hasigar's portfolio cabinet. It should be located in section B to the right of the stairwell. You should find Mr. Vendester’s Office there. He will be gone for an hour or two but you have to make it quick seeing he may be back anytime. You should have approximately a 4 minute time zone once you open that cabinet. There is a safety lock but the key we provided you with has a sliding censor on it. Upon opening the cabinet the safety lock will be activated 5 minutes until alarm. Then you had better be out-a there. Vendester is a son of a ***** when it comes to his office. Your fake NERV id should get you threw security.

Mr. Vendester leaves at 1600 tomorrow. Be there or be sorry. Godspeed Misato Katsuragi.

------------NERV STAMP------------
0`101110`0010110`10 //


Misato)): “Alright ill be there. You can count on it. Im taking care of this problem. Besides, he stole my new car a couple years back. It’ll be my pleasure Gendou. ((Showing just the right side of her face and nose emphasizing lips.))”

Black out fade out--
-- ---

Shoot Day two

Ok Day Two Shoot.


Infiltration. Misato Katsuragi pulls around to a parking lot at 4:30 and gets out of her car. The time frame is open for 1 hour. She needed to come late to repress suspicion. Misato walks up to the building with glasses and a fake ASAG ID Card and enters the building walking right through security. Eye scanner, and steps through each doorway left foot forward and the whole time she uses a professional look on her face. One guard she goes by bumps into her as if he knew what she were doing. Misato give a glance and turns down hallway towards the stairwell and heads up to sector B. Sector B is right in front of her and she check a small pocket pc she had brought with her. just a flash glance kinda look, next the actor will bust through the door in a quick motion holstering gun towards the right leaning left in a swift motion as if she were a highly trained super soldier, switches positions from time to time facing door and then unlocks with the safety key and leaves the key in the door.

The door timer goes off so she knows that key will only mislead the alarm for four minutes.

Quickly she holsters her gun in the right side of her outfit. She moves over to the desk searching for the cabinet in Vendestor’s office and the security guard that past her a while before walks by as if he is looking for her in suspision. She stops what she is doing and leave the expression on her face, scared, Yikes, Oops, and Close one all at once. The actor must show proficiency in these emotions.

She starts looking over the desk to see when the guard past. She knows she doesn’t have long so the moves quickly in a quite manner. Opens the cabinet. The time is reset on the key now that the cabinet has sent a new signal to the same line the door operates on so she now has 4 more minutes.

She puts the tiny flashlight in between her teeth and starts going threw the paper document folders. She finds one on scientific research from ASAG and. She takes the paper and right before she leaves, she notices another document. The actor must show the correct emotions and show this in a quick flick like she was meaning to leave immediately like pulling away quickly but she catches something of interest. It is a portfolio on Gendou Ikari, Futsuki, Doctor Akagi, Yui Ikari, and Shinji Ikari.

::Misato:: - "What the' hell? (Quietly)"

Misato then takes that portfolio as well. she is running out of time. The guard finds out the stairwell door was left open and the guards are conversing right outside the door. Security is getting notorious. She hides behind the desk crawling towards the door. Two of the guards leave and one is left standing there. The alarm is about to go off!

She gets up, camera showing the right side of her to catch her and the guard on the outside and security walking away down the hallway. She runs out in a quick manner like a dash. A pencil falls off the desk she was hiding under, She made two mistakes, she left the cabinet open, and she had turned the keyboard 63 degrees clockwise. she heads around the corner for the stairwell and notices the guard turn around. Bam! The alarm goes off!

The guard turns around,

::Guard: - "Hey!

Misato slams the door and braces it with something she found there. The actor must have a concentrated look on her face. As if she was a highly trained super soldier. These elements are crucial because we again, are trying to emphasize Misato and what she has done before hand.

(I guess we can call it a kind of secret agent type of action.) She runs down the stairwell and security is running up the stairwell. , She freaks turns around and runs up the stairwell after kicking security down falling over themselves.

:::Security::: - "There! Initializing threat removal!"

She runs back up past sector B right when they are busting through the door. So now she has 5 people running after her up the stairs, she is dropping pens that they are falling on, tripping. She is frantic opens the top door and BAM! there are four guards there and Mr. Vendester is standing therein between them all. Big tall strong and professional. With two guards holding her at gun point;.

After she opened the door and stepped in, left foot first stopping on right foot then the other five guards met up with her behind her standing there with beat sticks but not moing forward to keep excapes blocked. Actor must have the giving up look on her face at this point. Security must have the exhausted look, Vendester must have the evil grin, I caught you from stealing look, with glasses on of course.
Guards at gun point must have the “Alright we got her sir.” look on there face. They stand there looking at each other and Misato looks behind her and then looks ahead.

::::Mr. Vendester:::: - "Well, well, well... What do we have here? Misss...''' (INTERUPTION)


A obscured person opens a door really quickly right next to Mr. Vendester and the two guards (One guard is a woman). The person is wearing full black with glowing goggles and a stack of stuff in his arms. Papers fly out the door when its opened suddenly.

Obscured Person Looks at Misato and the guards standing behind her. MR. Vendester is like “What the Hell?”.

Misato is like, “This is my chance.”, and makes a mad face and slams the door behind her knocking the guards down the staircase, Again! They fall down one by one on top of each other like ooh! ahh!!!!!! and fall backwards swinging there arms to keep from falling completely. The door shuts, at the same time that is happening, Camera 2 Is rolling on the mysterious person in black as he or she whips Vendester’s guards and Vendester with some kind of whip at the same time setting off some kind of smoke bomb (Created By Special Effects), causing everyone to be on there knees coughing.

Misato quickly recovers and runs past Vendester and his guards down the hallway lead by the black mysterious person. It shows Mr. Vendester’s kneeling towards the wall coughing and his glasses crooked, smoke all around and he looks down the hall with his handkerchief over his face, saying things out of ordinary.

Gaurds)): Sir there getting away, ::Mumbling:: ::Call whoevers downstairs.:: ::were all up here already the entire nightshift::

::VENDESTER:: - "Ahhhhh Get them now!,
Gaurds::)) We can’t the main floor isn’t’ responding.

Vendesters Voice)): If they get away Its my ***.) (“words” are quieter as if choking on the syllable)... uk uk go! go! guuh....!!!"(Coghing!) (Tries to move threw gas cloud)

The guards get up and run after them down the hallways. The camera fallows Misato from behind as she runs threw the building frantically to get to the bottom floor. By now the security isn’t at the front door anymore giving Misato a free "Out" passageway, She runs busting the door open while the person in black is no where to be scene except for up at the side of the building where he leaps out of the window with a glider flying away. Misato doesn’t see that but there are guard falling over each other to get out of the front door and there is smoke seeping out from the Sector B- Windows.

Misato slides into the car she parked around back and drives away keeping from rubbing the tires against the ground. The Actor Misato Does not have a drivers license so she cannot drive the vehicle. The camera will show her getting inside and then it will change to the other side of the car while it watches her drive away while a crew member drives for her. Then it switches back to Mr. Vendester outside looking dirty and beat up somewhat with his handkerchief in his hand and he looks mad and depressed knowing he let a breach go and he didn’t catch anyone.

AS she is driving away to make the scene, It will show her in the car with a green cover over the outside of the window as she pretends to drive. TThe green window will be replaced by a fly by of digital footage so it gives the illusion she is driving.

:::Misato picks up cell phone or car phone::: "Mission complete, the documents are full of tear gas but there readable. Yes. Ok Ill Bring them in right now."

The screen blackens out for the end.

END SIDE MOVIE – END Evangelion The Movie Script One –

The papers explain how Vendester is hiding the fact that ASAG has been keeping important angel activity information from NERV and that another attack could take place sometime soon. This event also triggers Gendou to force the experiment of REI and her Evangelion which end up in Gendou burning his hands and REI seriously injured in which will completely explain what happens in the Movie. The other folder Misato grabbed explains some history of Shinji /Ikari and Gendou Ikari thus she takes it to her apartment and reads it. Also some thing it said about Shinji being seriously mental and such from being spied on at school and same with Gendou and Yui.
::Thinking Misato:: - "What interest would they have with The Ikari Family?

The reason is that YUI Had fused with the Evangelion Unit 01 in the creation giving her life in the making to spring the monster to life in which no one will know that the decision she made would save the world.

Also, since the mother had been fused with the creature Eva 01 and Gendou's kid being seriously troubled It would make Shinji Ikari the perfect Candidate for the piloting of Evangelion. Evangelion can also only fuse with minds under twenty years of age thus is why Shinji Pilots the Evangelion in the Movie.

Evangelion Live Action Script, -Before the Movie, Movie.

09-01-2006, 06:53 PM
Hey what Do you think of my Movie Script?
Its going to be fun to film it!You can't seriously be planning this.

09-04-2006, 09:59 AM
Its finished now. Im not posting the final though. Its a suprise. AnimeFics helped with some ideas on the final. Its great.

09-04-2006, 12:28 PM
What I mean is that you can't seriously be considering filming it.

You learned absolutely nothing from the last attempt?

Why Evangelion? If you make an original concept about original characters not associated in any way with anyone else's intellectual property, you could freely write, direct, film and distribute and even sell it with impunity. Why in the gods' names would you even want to trread that line again, after what happened last time?

09-06-2006, 03:57 PM
Ok then ill name it something else. Any Ideas?

09-07-2006, 11:17 AM
Yes. Rewrite it to remove all references and inspirations from Evangelion. Get rid of Misato. Get rid of anyone with the family name Ikari. Remove all references to NREV, SEELE or any shadow organization pulling the strings of humanity behind the scenes. Get rid of giant mechs. Drop the concept of Instrumentality. If you have any albino autistic girls, delete them. If your production calls for the mention of cities to be built underground, remove those references. Any penguins involved in the production should be the normal, non-sentient, cold-water-habitat type. Choose costume designs that bear no resemblance to the character designs from Evangelion. Choose company/organization logos that bear no resemblance to the logos in Evangelion.

In short, produce an original work.

Once you do that, film to your heart's content.

09-07-2006, 10:03 PM
I have mechs still but there not big. The story is changed to a future arena setting. Fighting for the prize. Imortality. The main character is Tsutsukai Rahggeh. I'll show yeah when its done.