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08-23-2006, 06:40 PM
Chapter 3 - Kurenai and Asuma, what a cute couple!

You arrived at the movie theater at 6:30, wearing the set of jewelry Kakashi got you. Kurenai and Asuma were already there, standing by the door. Kurenai held four tickets in her hand. Clutched was more like it, she held the tickets in a vise grip. You took Kurenai aside and whispered in her ear, "Will you calm down already? You'll be fine. It's a movie, not life and death!" Kurenai said nothing but studied her feet. She looked different, like a middle-schooler on her first date. Her cheeks were flushed, and shee refused to meet Asuma's eyes. You sighed and walked back to Kakashi, and the four of you entered the theater and found adjacent seats. "Wait." you whispered to Kakashi, putting an arm out to stop him. "Let's sit a seat over from them.....I don't want to..." you trailed off, not sure how to finish. "Intrude?" he finished for you, grinning through his mask. You nodded and sat a seat over from Kurenai, Kakashi sitting beside you. The lights dimmed and the screen flashed, the previews starting.

Two hours later, the screen went dark and the lights flickered back on, blinding you all. "Ah.....bright..." you said, shielding your eyes and stretching. Kakashi stood up as well, looking around the room. He eyes....er, eye, stopped on Kurenai and Asuma. Asuma blinked in the light, and quickly drew his sleeve over his mouth. You caught this motion, smiling secretivly to yourself. Tell-tale signs aren't so easy to hide, Asuma. You thought. You had some idea what he was doing, and judging by the flushed look on Kurenai's face, it was a very good idea. It was a rather bad movie, but it was something. The four of you walked out and you pulled Kurenai aside. Her eyes glowed, you noted, and a soft smile played on her lips no matter what happened. You smirked. "Tell-tale signs, Kurenai. It's obvious." Kurenai blinked and blushed, grinning nervously. "I-I don't know what you're talking about!" "Eh heh....Maybe next time, you shouldn't wear bright red lipstick. I can still see it on his fac-" You were ingterupted by Kurenai clamping her hand over your mouth. "Shush! This is not something I want broadcasted over the whole village!" "And what's stopping me?" "Tell-tale signs, rememeber?" She nodded towards your leg, or ankle, rather. "You may not have been purposly sleeping in his bed, but I can leave that part out..." You stared. "You wouldn't!" "Try me." You crossed your arms and limped back to Kakashi, cursing the inventor of crutches and coutning the seconds untill you got off yours. He grinned. "You like the movie?" You glared at him, whacking him in the stomach with your crutches. "Hey, maybe these things aren't that bad after all! And no, I did not, it was a creepy science fiction with tons of wacked-out aliens that wanted to take over Earth for no darned reason!" you snapped. "Agh! Geez, maybe giving you those crutches wasn't such a good idea..." Kakashi said, clucthing his stomach. You rolled your eyes, grabbed his wrist, and poofed both of you home. You bounced onto the couch in the living room and smirked. "What do you supposed Asuma was doing, wiping his sleeve across his mouth like that?" Kakashi smirked and sat down beside you. "My guess was he was getting Kurenai's lipstick of his mouth." "I told her not to wear bright red lipstick next time." You grinned, struggling to conjure an image of Kurenai without crimson-red lips. You gave up after a minute. "I don't think it's possible for Kurenai to go without her lipstick, she'll just have to let everyone know she's with him....." "I live to see the day." "They'll slip up sooner or later, walking into public hand-in-hand or something like that." "Probably....I'm going to get something to eat, you want anything?" "Popcorn sounds good." "Popcorn it is." Kakashi walked into the kicthen and a grin spread across your face. You raced behind a big cabinent with some picture and other knickknacks. Kakashi walked back in holding a bowl of popcorn and a saltshaker. "You can come out from behind the cabinent, Rycanu." You groaned and came to sit down on the couch. "How'd you know I was there?" I'm a Jounin, you can't get me by crouching behind the furniture." "You got hit in the head with any earser the first day with your squad!" "Who told you about that?" "I met Sakura the other day." "Oh...." "Tsk, tsk, Hatake, I have my reasources." Kakashi rolled his eyes and pulled down his mask to eat some popcorn. "Yeah, resources. Hmph." "Don't 'hmph' me!" "what's stopping me?" You grabbed your crutches, which were sitting beside the couch, and banged his shin with one. "My crutches, rememeber?" "Oh, yeah....."