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08-22-2006, 07:15 PM
Chapter 4 - I ran all the way to the Sound Village on 3 hours of sleep...

You woke up on top of the covers on your bed. You rolled over and listened. Silence. No one else was up, save Gaara, who never slept in the first place. But he wasn't in your room. Or he'd better not be. You looked around as best you could in the darkness. As far as you could tell, you were alone. Good. You checked the glowing numbers on your clock. 3 am. You had gone to bed at midnight. Three hours of sleep, and you already knew you were awake for good. You sighed and changed into jeans and a long-sleeved shirt without turning the light on. You liked it dark. Light would likley let Gaara know you were up, and you needed to be alone. You walked by Gaara's room and didn't see a light on under the door. Odd. you thought, but shrugged and kept walking. Just outside the door, you grabbed your pair of the sandals everyone wore and put them on. You walked in the cool night air through the empty streets of Konoha, then sped up to a jog, and then you were running as fast as your legs could carry you. You didn't notice the pair of eyes that followed you all the way from one of the building's rooftops. The wind whipped through your hair and you arrived in the forest. You didn't slow a bit. You raced through the treacherous maze of tree branches and jutting roots, not thinking but relying on reflexes to dodge every opstical. Sweat dripped into your eyes, but you blinked it away and kept running. There was a big root ahead of you, jutting at least three feet into the air. You yanked your legs to your chect and nearly cleared it- but your foot caught and you fell flat on your face. "Oww......" you said, wincing. Only then did you realize that you were dripping with sweat and that your legs felt like jelly. You looked around you and noticed the leaves on the trees were a different color. You were somewhere north of Konoha, the leaves at home were still green and here they were turning orange and red.
You reached up absently and sntched a flying senbon out of the air. Then you blinked and realized just what had happened. "You're a long way from home." A sound village boy stood leaning aginst a tree. You turned to face him and he jumped. "Ky-aka?" he asked. "Get lost, Zaku. I ran here all the way from Konoha without stopping, that's how awake I am." "It's two in the afternoon." "It's three in the morning in Konoha. I went to bed at midnight." Kin Tsuchi appeared beside Zaku. "What are you doing here, Ky-aka?" "It's none of you business, Kin." You turned your back on the two sound ninja and started towards home. You realized you were too tired to walk or run and just disappeared in a coud of smoke and reappeared on your roof. "Awfully early for you to be up, Ky-aka." "Ahh! Gaara, what are you doing on my roof?" "Thinking. What were you doing running all the way to the Sound village?" "How did you know where I was running?" "I was right here when you started, and I figured you would keep going straight. I repeat: Why are you up this early?" "I woke up at three and couldn't go back to sleep." You jupm off the roof-top and landed with a small cloud of dust on the road below. You went inside and sat at the table, playing around with some sticky rice but not eating any. Your stomach disagreed with this, but for some reason you didn't feel like lifting the chopsticks to your mouth. "What are you doing up?" Temari walked in and sat down across from you. "I get tired of answering this. I couldn't sleep. Why are you up?" "I heard you banging around down here. Where's Gaara?" "On the roof. I guess Kankuro is the only one who can sleep." "Not quite." Kankuro yawned and went stright to the pantry. "Geez, can anybody sleep tonight?" you said, throwing your hands up and walking to your room. You sat on your bed holding your knees to your chest, chin on your knees. "There's no where I can go to be alone." Gaara walked down the hall to his room when he heard you. He refrained from going into your room, since you wanted to be alone, and kept walking. He sat on his bed and opened a book. Temari closed the door the her room below him, and Kankuro did the same in his room. He heard soft footsteps outside his door. "Gaara-sama?" "Come in." you opened the door and stepped inside. You leaned against the wall across from Gaara and stared into his pale green eyes for a moment before speaking. "Why don't you sleep?" Gaara looked up into your curious eyes, surpirsed. "I don't sleep because every time I lose consciousness, the demon in me eats away a chunk of my mind." "Oh. How do you not fall asleep in the middle of the day or something? A body can't function right without sleep..." "It's a long, complicated story I'd rather not go into right now." "Alright...G'ngiht." "Night." You walked back to your room and rubbed at the bandages around your stomach. "These things are gonna choke me, or at least drive me crazy." You grabbed a book and leaned again your pillows, reading by the light from a lamp beside you. Half an hour later, the book rested on the lower part of your face and you were sleeping soundly. Gaara walked back by your room at 7 that morning and turned off the lamp. You didn't hear a thing, just slept soundly. "She must have been tired....."

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I am loving all of your stories, I read all of them and they are very creative. awsome. xD