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Chapter 2 - Didn't You Ever Learn To Knock???

You awaken to sunlight peeping through your curtains. You get up, stretch, and grab a towel and head for the bathroom. There are 5 bathrooms on this one floor, but your favorite has a window in it purposly poisitioned so that you could have sunlight without anyone seeing you in the bathtub. You turn the tap on and open the curtains on the windows, leaving the artificial overhead light off and relying on the sunlight. You step into the warm water and sink into the bubble up to your neck. "Ahhh......." you sigh.

About half an hour later, you rinsed the last of the shampoo out of your hair and step out to grab a towel. You wrap youself in the towel and grab a comb, sitting on the edge of the tub to comb your hair.

Gaara, toothbrush and toohpaste in hand, walked down the hall in searh of a bathroom. He finally rememebered one of them, the last one you had shown him. No light showed under the door, so Gaara assumed no one was inside. He stepped in and set his stufff down on the counter.

You heard soemthing and froze. "Ahhhh!!!!!! Gaara! Didn't you ever learn to knock?!?!?!??!?!" Gaara looked over and blinked, then flushed scarlet red. "I-I....there was no light under the-" You grabbed a toothbrush and whacked him over the head with it. "You can stutter your excused once I'm dressed. OUT!!!" "Ok ok, geesh." Gaara said, scurrying out of the room and into the hall. "Man, she's scarier than Temari when she's mad."

You opened the bathroom door a bit, looking into the hall. Gaara was back in his room. Or so you hoped. Still wrapped in your towel, you hurried down the hall and into your room, shutting the door with a click and leaning against it. Just to make sure, you turned the thumblock. "I can't beleive......Well, at least I had a towel........" you said, rumaging through your drawers. You picked out your usual outfit, black capri leggings under a neon green skirt with slits two inches up the sides. You also wore a black sleevles top under a long-sleeved fishnet shirt. You had black fist gloves, you know, with no fingers in them? You tamed your wet hair into a bun and walked downstairs. Gaara was already sitting at the kitched table, deep in thought over composing his excuse. He didn't notice you come in. You decided to play this to your advantage. You tipptoed around behindhim, careful not to breathe on the back of his neck. "Ugh. Smooth, Gaara. Walk in on a girl - and not just any girl, mind you, her, while she's wearing a towel. I should learn to knock, but Kankuro and Temari always locked their doors ,so I didn't have to worry about it." You smothered a laugh, Gaara talking to himself. Then something clicked in your head. The way he'd said 'her.' Involuntarily, you gasped. Gaara spun around, his eyes wide. He blinked, then figured out it was you and fought back the blush that threatened the creep up his face and match it to his hair. "How long have you been there?" he asked sharply. You blinked. "Huh?........Oh! Eh....not too long." "You should have told me when you got here." "You'll get over it. Now if you want to tell me why you were in the bathroom earlier when the door was closed, you can." Gaara blinked and stuttered, "All the doors were closed, I just assumed you'd have it locked if you were in there. There was no light under the door or anything...." "Ok, ok, you've got a worthwhile excuse. I'll let you off, but if you walk in on me again I might do more than whack you with a toothbrush." Gaara's mouth twitched in as close to a smile as Gaara came. "You want anything to eat?" he asked. Then he stopped. Why did I just do that? I don't usually fix breakfast for anyone but me.....or any meal, for that matter. You yawn. "I barely eat anything." Gaara stared. He might not sleep, but he ate at least. "Why?" "A, I'm not hungry, B, let's just say I'm getting used to the life of a starving writer." "You write?" You blink and stutter, "Eh...N-not really....I have a couple notebooks in my room filled with stuff but....." "Whatever. I'm going upstairs." Gaara walked off with a bowl of rice and chopsticks. You sat, head in hands, deep in thought.

Upstairs, Gaara set the bowl of rice down on the table in his room and walked across the hall to yours. "If I were Ky-aka-san, where would I put my notebooks?" Gaara asked himself. He spotted a locked drawer in your bedside table. "Bingo." Gaara didn't know or care where the key was, he loved sand and metal. He fished a skeleton key out of his pocket. No dice. "Man, this girl is really secretive about her writing. I wonder why, no one lives with her. Maybe this isn't the right drawer.....aw what the heck, I'm still gonna try." Gaara took a piece of wax from a bag on his gourd strap and stuck in in the keyhole. He drew it out with a mold if the inside of the lock. He uncorked his gourd. The sand poured out, wrapped around the wax, then filed inside the lock.


The sand slinked back into Gaara's gourd, which he re-corked and opened the drawer. "Jackpot." he whispered. He drew out the top notebook. The first page was a picture.....of him. He turned to the next.

It was dated 1 year and a half ago, it looked something like a journal entry.

I thought I saw him today. He had scarlet hair, but he turned around and it wasn’t even close. I remember his sky blue eyes, so filled with emotion. I wonder if they still are, or if they’ve gone cold and void. I thought I’d sealed up that wound, from the day I met him. I was with him for a day, and my heart broke when my parents dragged me away. It’s hard to believe I feel this way, after knowing him a day. But I do, and almost seeing him opens up that old cut. I miss him so much......

Gaara couldn't beleive his eyes. He flipped through the book some more and finally concluded that the rest were fiction stories. She'd obviously given up on journal entries.

"You read it."

Gaara jumped about three feet into the air and spun around. You stood in the door, you eyes filled with emotion. "Ky-aka-" "Don't make excuses, Gaara-sama. I knew you would try to read my notebooks from the moment it slipped out that I wrote." You spoke softly, not sure what to feel. You were, at the moment, at loss for emotion. Gaara blinked and put up the notebook. "I-I'm.....sorry." Gaara stood up, only to collapse on your bed with a sigh. You went to sit beside him. Gaara dropped his cover for a moment, and you saw a conflicted boy torn between being emotionless and uncaring, and being what he really felt. You saw the anguish in his eyes, and a wave of emotion washed over you. You weren't quite sure what emotion. Probably love, though you had never felt it before. You said nothing but ran your fingers through his short, scarlet hair. After a while, Gaara reached up and took your hand, bringing it back down to his side with yours. This was the first outward sign of emotion you had seen since that day when you were both kids. "Gaara-sama?" you finally said. "Hm?" "Emotion isn't a weakness. Even Shinobi are human. You don't have to keep everything bottled up." "It's too late for that. I figured that out too late. I kept my emotions inside for too long; if I let them out now I'd drown in them." "What if you had something to keep you from drowning?" "What do you mean?" "Not something, exaclty, some one is more like it." "Some one like you?" "I hate people who can read me like a book." "No one can; I'm guessing." "You're too good at guessing, then." "Not my fault." "You could not guess." "This is the first time I've guessed in five years. The only thing I don't know concretely about is emotion and this is the first time I've tried to figure it out." "Maybe you should have tried more often." "..." "Aha! I managed to run you out fo comebacks." "I'm not out of comebacks yet." "Oh really?" "No." Gaara let go of your hand and reached up, grabbing your shoulder and dragging you down beside him. He rolled over and embraced you, whispering in your ear, "Told you I wasn't done yet." You flushed a shade to match Gaara's hair, your stomach doing a flip and a tingle going up and down your spine. Gaara smiled (GASP) and fingered a lock of your hair. "Calm down already, I can feel your heart going a hundered miles and hour." "You know my heart all too well."

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Wow, if you write this good, i definately want to see more. PM me because i love reading this.

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well done...i give you 5:Excellent

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well done...i give you 5:Excellent
-bows- Thank you!!!!!!!! Oh, and I posted chapter 3 just a second ago, go check it out.