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Sakura Holic
08-20-2006, 09:23 PM
The Day to the Kawaii Kon Convention Center. I cant wait. I got 100 dollars from my parents. It's going to be awsome! We invited Daniel, Jacky, Rachel, Jerald [he couldnt come..], Chad, Rebeca, Victoria, Alex and.. more.. O.O

We planned to go to the movies after. To see Stay Alive. That scary movie. Play the game, die in the game, you die how you die in the game.

We made it to kawaii kon. Loads of ppl there. Risa decided not to come upstairs. She said its pointless to pay 20 dollars for the day and then leave with in 2 hrs. Yea it is, but I thought it might be fun..

The others decide to follow Risa. So me and Brianna went upstairs. Victoria, Rebeca, Alex, Rachel and Victoria is already up there.

When we went up stairs...

"OMG..." I looked at everyone in the convention center. Pictures, ID cards, Game rooms, Movie Rooms, People cosplaying... Then spoted the line. I felt my throat went dry.

"That's alot of people.." Brianna chirped.

"Uh huh...."

We looked around to see if Rebeca and the others are here...
"HEY! OVER HERE!" That voice... is that..?

I turned around behind me.

"Rebeca san!" I shouted. Rebeca made a gesture for us to come here.
Alex, Victoria, & Rachel are in line.

"Is the line really that long..?" I asked.

"Yea.. take a look at this." Rachel gave me her camera as I browse the pictures. The pictures showed loads of people. They have waited and the line took it all the way out of the hotel entrance.

"Holly Cow..." Brianna said filled with surprise.

"omg..." I went throught the whole pictures in the camera. That was some super line..

"Yea.. but you guys can cut infront of us. We're almost there anyways." said Alex.
I thanked them for letting us do that.

"Yea you better thank us...We where here really early ya noe that.." Rebeca told us.

We waited for the line. It was long yes.. We couldnt call Sarah because the reception was down. No signal.. We dont want to go downstairs and tell them everything. So we just.. move on in the line. Alex told us the dealers room isnt open yet.. Darn.. but I know the plushies are on sale. But I didnt want any. They look expensive.. Yep. Everything in the dealers room is all from Japan itself. Not even in stores yet. Well.. except for Toys N Joys.. that store is an anime/manga japan paradise.

Finally, we are all at the line. We registered and got a tag. The lady asked what names do we want. I picked Sakura. Brianna picked her nick name, Sei. Alex picked Osaka. Yes.. Alex.. sometimes wierd.. but he's our friendly wierd Alex. Victoria picked Yuri. Rebeca pickd.. well.. Rebeca.. Rachel picked her nickname, Rei.

We got around the register area and saw lots of cool stuff. We went in the dealers room when its finally open! We all went in and got seperated. I went looking for DN Angel stuff. I dont know why though. But I love DN Angel too. I went through alot of crowds. And found a Rutile ring that was from DN Angel. It was expensive. So I didnt bought it.
OMG ITS A DARK KEY....chain....~
A girl took the key chain and bought it.
Aw man!!! I shouted in my head. Then I spoted a Wiz bag..
I asked what price it is..
Then I saw 2 key chains. One for your cell, one for your bag. I asked,
"Excuse me, how much is these two?"
"Both of them is $18 dollars."
Ok. I'll buy it.
"I'll buy it."
The lady calculate the total plus tax of course. Curse the taxes...
I payed for the 2 key chains and started moving out of the dealers room.
Brianna waited for me outside.
"That took long.." Brianna complained.
"Sorry.. lots of crowd..."
"And Chad's in line.." Brianna pointed Chad, all the way in front of the line.
"oh... "
We went downstairs and saw Daniel, Risa, and Jacky and.. wait.. more people..?
It's the other Brianna!! And Kate!! And Sarah Ahn!!
I let Risa choose which key chain she wants. She picked the bag key chain. It has Hiwatari. Her favorite guy character. That's why she picked it.

We all chated in the hotel loby until its close to 1:45. We had to be there by 2:30. The movie starts at 2:45. Sarah Ahn came with us. I dont mind..
We said bye to Alex, Rachel, Rebeca, Victoria, Brianna [the other one], and Kate, as we went out the hotel automatic sliding door.
Done typing. Phew...

08-25-2006, 08:10 AM
Wow! Quite long _Sakura_ or Sarara or was that Sanokirami?!?! Huh?

Anyways, a nice chapter though quite long. It was nice Sarara! Good Job and Keep it up!