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Chapter 1 - I've known you all my life, and I just figured out how I felt about you

Your name was Isuki Sharuno, commonly called Suki. You had raven-black hair with blue tint like Sasuke's. It reached your shoulders, and you had a shock of it like Ino's covering one eye. You wore black capri leggings, a blue skirt with slits up the sides, and a black sleevles shirt with fishnet over it. The finshnet was long sleeved, and you had a blue flame on your hisrt. "Out of my way, Sharuno." "Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed today, Uchiha." "I fell out of bed this morning, so move." "Nice way to start the day, Sasuke." Sasuke raised and eyebrow. "Sasuke?" "That is you name." "I thought you called me Uchiha." "Only when I'm mad." "Just move, you're blocking my seat." "Go around tot he other side." "Wait a minute. Your where you're sitting is beside my normal seat....." "Your point?" "My fangirls are gonna kill you." "I can deal with a love-crazed gang of sparkly-eyed girls. One glare sends them all packing." "I wish I could do that. They just swoon more if I look at them." "..." You didn't have a reply too that...... "Well, at least with you beside me it saves the trouble of having a fight over that chair." "They'll just yell at me." "Not my problem." "Ya know, you could help." "I know." "You're a brat." "Suki! I am not a brat!" "Yes you ar- Did you just call me Suki?" Sasuke faltered, hand clamped over his mouth. "I-I....." "You've known me all your life, fine time to start blushing and stuttering." "I hate you." "Thank you." "You're insane." "In my world, that's a good thing." "Your world is twisted." "Deal with it." "..." "Aha! I ran you out of comebacks!" "I'm not out yet." "Yeah?" "I still have some more up my sleeve." "You're wearing short sleeves." "Figure of speech." "You're just stalling." A smirk passed over Sasuke's face. "I have something left to do." "What?" "I'm saving it for when the fangirls get here." You paled. "You're not!" "Not what?" "You're gonna kiss me to get them off your back and onto mine." "That's not a bad idea....." You smacked your forehead.
Thud thud thud thud thud thud thud.
"They're coming!" you said, smirking. Sasuke only smiled secretivly. "Just play along." "No! You're going to kiss me, I know it now!" "No, I'm not." "Promise?" "Promise." "I still don't trust you." "I'm not going to kiss you, ok?" "Fine." The fangirls gurst in and all froze, staring at you and Sasuke. Sakura was the first to recover. "Isuki! Get away from Sasuke! That's my seat!" Then then they all started to fight over whose seat it was. You were just settling back to watch the show when Sasuke grabbed your wrist. "You are n-" Sasuke pulled you towards him and pressed his mouth against yours. How in the world does this kid manage to kiss me and grin at the same time? You wondered. Then Sasuke realized something. I.....This feels....good. She's a good kisser....Gah! What am I thinking? She....oh, what the heck, it's useless, i like her! Sasuke pulled away but didn't let go of her hand. They both flushed scarlet. You gripped his hand back unconsciously, trying to calm the red in your face as Iruka walked in. The fangirls scuried to find seats as Iruka faced the class. "Ok, today is gradutation exams. We did some yesterday, so all you have to do is clone. First on the list, Sharuno, Iskui. Isuki, you're up. Follow me."

About an hour later, Sasuke walked out and greeted Isuki. "Hello, Isuki. You passed?" "Yeah, and so did you, I see." "Yeah." Sasuke was fidgeting, looking at his feet. You rolled your eyes and grabbed his wrist, pulling him to the roof on one of the buildings around the academy. You perched on the railing, staring into his black eyes. "Ok, Sasuke, what's with the kiss? I could feel it well enough, after a second it wasn't a fake kiss." Sasuke stuttered, beet red. "I-I....." You sighed, walked behind Sasuke, and put your arms around his neck and your chin on his shoulder. You felt his body stiffen, and his heart race. You pulled away, satisifed. "You like me, don't you?" Sasuke threw up his arms. "I'm hopeless. Fine, I do." "Really?" "..." "Sasuke, feelings aren't weaknesses. You can love and still be a ninja, even Shinobi are human." You hugged him, his body stiffening again. "Sasuke-kun, relax. Please, it's awful to have you as stiff as an iron rod." "Want to go to the sakura tree be the stream?" "Sure." Sasuke walked off in the direction of the river, and you followed.

You sat down be the stream and took of your shoes, kicking your feet in the cold water. Sasuke smirked and pushed you from behind. "Ahh!" You fell in, and sat up drenched. "Sasuke! This is freezing!!" You climbed out, shaking your hair and spraying water all over him. You wrapped your arms around yourself, shivering. Sasuke rolled his eyes. "YOu can wear my shirt if you want, at least it's dry." "Really?" "Take it, before I change my mind." "Turn around." Sasuke rolled his eyes and dutifully looked the other way. You slipped out of your fishnet and shirt and put on his. "You can look now." You drapped your shirt over a tree branch to dry. Sasuke sat down with his legs spread. You sat down between his legs, smiling over your shoulder at him and leaning against him. "Your hair's freezing cold." "Whose fault is that?" "Oh."

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oh i love this story xD makes a lot more sense now! i read chapter 2 first.....shoulda had a V8 right? keep writing