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Sakura Holic
08-19-2006, 11:41 PM
"Come on. Let's go to Ala Moana!" I shouted. I was about to start walking when Risa grabed my hand.

"Yea.. But dont you want to go to the arcades first?" Risa said pointing to the arcade room.

"Depends..." I asked. "Do they have DDR..?" Tehy know I love to play DDR. Everyone in our group likes that game except Daniel. He said he sucks. But we dont mind at all. Daniel is better in shooting games anyways.

"Of course they do!" Risa answered. Then, she started walking, dragging me in.

"lol Risa, what are you doing?" Jacky asked behind.

"What does it look like Im doing..?"

"You know that hurts right Risa..." I said being dragged still.

"Get used to it weakling." said Risa.

We got to the arcade room. Risa let go of my hand and started towards the DDR game machine. I followed and the game begins, when she add 50 cents in the slot.
We walked to Ala Moana, leaving Daniel at the theater...At the mall [Ala moana], first stop is Jungle fun. I have no idea why are we going in the arcades again, but.. Oh well. I followed them. I didnt play anything. I just watch the others play. Afterwards, everyone is hungry so we went to Shirokia. I only ate 2 samin onigiri, And an Apple tea drink.
3rd stop and the one and only last stop, is the book store, "Barnes and Novels". From there, we all read books until we go home.
Months, weeks, and days past.
"You have a NEW religion!!??" I shouted in front of her face.

"Yea..." Risa respond.

"Well, its no big deal... unless... you cant hang out with us anymore..." I wait for her answer.

"Dont worry Sakura." Risa smiled.

"Good." I went to my bag and pulled out an Kawaii Kon Postcard.
TA-DA! "THIS... is where we go NEXT!" I shouted.

Risa and Brianna grabed the card from me and started reading.

"Cool." they both shouted.

"Keep it. I got more from the book store I went yesterday." I handed another one to Brianna.

"Dont forget now." I smiled as they read the postcard. I know this is going to be great when we go.

08-20-2006, 08:41 PM
Wow! First to post!

Its a great one Sarara! I don't know if better than the second part but for me, it is definately better than the 1st and 3rd part. It's getting more interesting than ever! Keep going at it!

Is there still a part 5? If there is, I wouldn't want to miss it!

Sakura Holic
08-20-2006, 08:43 PM
Lol. Part 5 huh. Well.. I wrote it. But I didnt post it.. XDD
I'll go ahead and post it then. Thank You for reading my story Hinata Chan.
^ ^