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Sakura Holic
08-19-2006, 07:22 PM
The day to the movies and I'm LATE!! My siblings had to go to the doctor. That was the reason.. But im not sure if Risa is going to buy that.. I made it at about 1:30 inside. All of us rished in and the seats where all FULL.
So we had to sit in the front. Ahh! Im going to get dizzy. There I went, I sat down on a chair. The screen is too mig. Too close. I tried to close my eyes then open it back, but I made my vision worst. And now, I got to wait about 45 minnutes until the movie is over.

The credits showed on the big screen. I got up having an empty popcorn bag in my hand. Mom bought popcorn durring the movie. I feel sorry for her. She wants to see that movie so bad...
I went outside, threw the bag away, and wait with my family, knowing my friends will show up. 5 minnutes past and FINALLY they came out.

"Where have you been? Did you just come?" Risa shouted at me.

"No..I was in there.."

"Oh.. so you where the girl in white?" Jacky asked me. I have to look down in order to talk to him. Poor Jacky.

"What do you think.." I glared at him. [BEAM]

"Yea..." Jacky answered back. I look right, left, then behind me.

"Where's Janis?" I asked everyone.

"She cant make it.." answered Renee and Brianna all at once.

"oh.." I paused.. then asked, "So.. What do you guys do after the movies?"

Everyone just stood there... didnt say anything but pointed at Risa.

"Alamoana... As always." Risa answered.

Ala Moana center. The Famous Shopping Mall. It's kinda pricey.. but its worth it. I shop there sometimes with mom. Not always though... Although I love the Jewlery designs. Tiffany & Co. My favorite store. Plus Hot Topic and Shirokya.

I turned to mom, asking her, "Can I go with them?"

"Sure." Mom said in another language, and gave me 30 dollars in cash.

"Thanks Mom." I gave her a hug. Then, my mom took my siblings out of the theater.
Short.. yes.. XD
Hope its ok. Enjoy~

08-19-2006, 08:00 PM
It's short yet ok. nice job!

08-20-2006, 08:35 PM
Hmm.... Yeah, it is kind of short but is Okay.

For me, The last two parts were much better but this one does tell something about the next part even though it is short!