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08-19-2006, 09:26 AM
This story takes part in the time of King Ivan and Queen Elena. The law stated that girls were not aloud to become a knight of the realm. But a girl by the name of Isabelle wanted to be a knight. It was her dream to have adventures that were only dreamed of and so our story begins...

Isabelle was cutting her hair. She cut it to the style of the boys. Her long beautiful brown hair was chopped off by the knife she was using. She was sad to do so but knew it was the only way to become a knight. When done; she hid the hair that was chopped off. She was going off to battleschool to day. Her servant, Emmett, didn’t like the idea but she said she would use some of her magic on him and he gave in for he hated magic. They rode horse to the castle. Only stopping for breakfast, noon meal, and dinner. All of which consisted of cold meat, hard bread, and dried fruit. It was getting dark and Cormac decided to camp where they were. Isabelle jumped off her horse. She led the horse to a shaded area and rubbed it down. She set up camp and Emmett found fire wood. He lit the fire. They talked a little and then went to sleep. In the next few days of long hard traveling did they finally reach the castle. As soon as they got through the gates, they were dragged this way and that.

When everything was done the dinner bell rang. She walked out the door to walk into a “big” boy. “Oh excuse me” she said. “Watch where you’re going!” boomed the boy. “I said excuse me!” said Isabelle. The boy pushed her down. “Yeah that’s right bow to the king!” said the boy. “I don’t bow to you!” said Isabelle tackling the man. The back of her shirt collar was grabbed and she was pulled back and let go. She hit the ground with a thump. “What is going on here?” asked the person who grabbed her. She turned around to see that it was Prince Edward who picked her up. He was wearing what she was wearing. A white shirt and trousers but with a sword that his hip. He had coal black hair and sapphire blue eyes. “Ricbert, what happened here?” asked the Prince. “Nothing!” snapped Ricbert. Another “big” guy stepped up behind Ricbert. Ricbert stiffened. Now a little red headed boy stepped out of the crowd. “The new kid,” he said pointing to Isabelle, “bumped into Ricbert and Ricbert pushed him down. Ricbert said to bow to him for he was king.” said the red headed boy. “I said no such thing!” said Ricbert. Isabelle stood up. “I heard it. The red headed boy is right. Ricbert said for me to bow to him for he was king.” she said. “I’ll take care of him, Edward.” said Raoul. As the crowd disappeared; Isabelle, Prince Edward, the red headed boy and another tall youth was left. “Tell us your name.” said the Prince. “I’m Alan, your Highness.” said Isabelle. “Get to dinner!!!” boomed a voice behind them. They quickly walked off.

Dinner was ok. Isabella was asked some questions as she sat with the red headed boy known as Gary and the “big” guy was known as Raoul and the tall youth was known as Alex and last but not last there was the Prince. Isabelle took her leave and went back to her room. Emmett was waiting up for her. When she walked in with a black eye from the fight Emmett started up but Isabelle waved the subject away and saying “I’m fine. No need to worry. It was just a friendly squabble.” She left to go into her room. She changed and went to bed.

I hope you like. Please tell me if I should continued with it