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Well I had some trouble with this chapter because I couldn't find angry inspiration for the first part. But then I got passed up for a promotion and I had all the inspiration I needed. XD (I'd like to point out that nothing got broken in real life though) And I hope the cameo in this chapter is recognized too. ^_~ Happy reading!

I'd post links to ch 1 and 2 but ch 1 doesn't exist in the forum anymore, and theres no point in putting 2 up if 1 isn't there. But you'll be able to follow the storyline regardless.

Angry didn’t begin to cover it. Maybe furious made a decent attempt at it, but there honestly was no word to describe how she felt in that moment. She felt her chest tighten from within, and the more she stood there staring at the spot where Brooke had walked away with Drake, the more pressure she felt build within her. Like a vice grip had found its way into her body and stubbornly refused to release her heart. It was beyond breaking, beyond broken, more than shattered. It felt as though the slight breeze coming into the hallway from a nearby open door blew away the ashes of what used to be the center of her life.

She slammed the front door behind her and stomped up the stairs before her parents (had they even noticed or cared) could get a word in. With each step she made as much noise as her slight, but powerful, frame could possibly make. She crushed each step with such force it was as though each one had done her a personal wrong. And before she knew it she strode the length of the hallway and shoved the door to her room closed.

She didn’t even look around the room. Once inside, she immediately grabbed the nearest item (whatever it was) and hurled it through the glass and out the window. Shards fell in every direction. They had barely settled on the worn carpet when the next item was expelled from the house. This time Mary barely registered, from the red blur, that it was her lamp before it followed the last item in a free-fall into the neighbor’s yard. And it wasn’t the only one to follow. Random possessions were soon whirling through the air for a few seconds before gravity took its effect and pulled them to the earth. An alarm clock, air filter, Momiji bag, wooden sword, and anything else within reach. Her hands merely grabbed random objects from her room, thrusting them full force from her so that a hodge-podge of her possessions were strewn about the plants in the gardens below.

It took several minutes of this behavior before it was no longer enough. The rage inside her was bursting to be released, and this wasn’t helping. Nothing was helping. She leaned against her door, breathing deeply, trying to regain control of herself. Now’s really not the time for this…it won’t help…

She’s gotta girlfriend now. She’s gotta girlfriend now. She’s gotta girlfriend now, she said, ‘Guys don’t do no more for me.’

She opened her eyes. Her cell was ringing. Ugh, why should I even pick it up? She closed her eyes again and tilted her head back so it settled on the wood of her door. Silently she cursed that, in her jubilation about Brooke, she had made it her ring tone during a predictably dull history lesson that day. But when the Reel Big Fish continued to play, and the person calling did not hang up, she thought it would be easier to turn the phone on silent mode. Summoning the energy to locate her phone, she pushed herself to her feet and followed the music (which was annoying her more and more each passing moment). Finally extracting it from between her knocked over nightstand and her bedpost, she pressed the volume button on the side. Instantly the song stopped. And so did her heart.

She looked at the caller ID again. Nicole…exactly who I need…

"Hey girl."

"Hey Mary! Damn that took a long time. What were you doing, flirting with the cute girls at the grocery store again? hahaha"

"No, actually I was just about to head out to the arcade for some DDR. Wanna come?"

"Weeeeeeell, since it’s DDR… hehe I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Meet ya there. Ciao!"


She only took the time to straighten up enough to locate her wallet and keys. Her wallet was in her backpack, and her keys oddly under her bed. Stuffing them in her pockets, she wrenched her door open (it seemed to have been slammed too hard so it stuck…) and took the stairs three at a time. She hopped over the last 5, and landed with a thud on the carpet.

Vaguely her mother looked out from the living room. Sincerely wishing to avoid her and whatever she had on her mind (she had that look), Mary made a beeline for the door and was already walking through it when her mother asked airily, "What was that noise earlier honey?" She didn’t bother to answer. If she could refer to the shattering of glass and throwing of objects as "that noise", she was truly not worth it. Oh god, I don’t have time for this. Acting as if the question was never posed, she whipped out the door and shut it with a snap.

The inside of the arcade was just as she expected: packed with teens from her and neighboring schools. Each one had the same hungry expression on their face as they moved from one game to the next, seeking out the fantasy of the virtual world. The glint of screens reflected in their eyes, focused on otherworldly task, escaping the grim reality of a society that would otherwise put then on the streets, selling chronic or stealing cars. Here was a place they could hide in plain site, blend in with the crowd, and let themselves forget for a few hours. All that was needed was a pocket that jingled of coins and a certain amount of skill with a joystick.

Mary entered through the automatic doors at the front of the arcade. Instantly she was hit with the smell of sugar and sweat from a hundred bodies crammed into one room full of machines, drinking soda and eating sour punch. They queued up in front of the coin machine, looking despot and restless if it was their second trip there, or else excited and cheerful if it was their first. A few groups stood on the sidelines chatting animatedly while one person took their turn at the more popular games. Sometimes they would criticize the player, or give advice, or talk about who already had a date to the dance. Their chatter added to the noise of the of several dozen arcade games. A constant stream of unidentifiable music filled the place, as well as the rapping of buttons and abuse of joysticks that would need to be fixed soon. The 2 air hockey sets in the corner caused the most noise though. Beeping and clanging and colliding. The echo of the puck was so loud that everyone knew when someone scored. The losers would stalk away beaten, and stand on the side as another challenger stepped up.

Mary passed by a few surly looking wallflowers as she made her way to the snack bar. She kept her eyes straight ahead, on the watermelon sour punch, in order to avoid confrontation with them. As she went, she silently cursed the incredibly sticky floor that no doubt someone had caused by "dropping" a large Pepsi.

It didn’t take long for Nicole to wander into the arcade. She gave the place a quick glance around, her Irish-green eyes sweeping over the room and her brown hair falling about her face casually. Nicole was really an odd girl. A year older than Mary, her cheerful personality often made people mistake her as a freshman. And everytime someone would try to treat her like she was inferior, she would point out that she was almost 3 inches taller than the average freshman. And then Mary would point out that she herself was 4 inches taller than them. What would usually ensue was a very entertaining argument about what exactly constitutes being "short". Having Nicole around her made everything so much more exciting to Mary, so much more entertaining, and, as a result, people flocked whenever they were together.


Mary walked casually to where Nicole stood (by a group of very giggly girls, at whom she was looking at with distaste), and greeted her. Nicole looked around at her and smiled benignly at the taller girl.

"Hey, long time no see. You’ve been a real stranger the last couple of days."

"Yeah, sorry about that."

"You know, people have been talking about you and—"

"Oooooo, Marvel vs Capcom! Come on, I bet I can beat you down in two minutes flat!"

"What? Oh hell no, you better take that back woman!"

The match was actually over in three minutes. Morgan hit Captain Comando with her Soul Eraser, knocking out the rest of his life bar.


"Oh shut up."

"No, I wanna savor this! What happened? Who won?"

"Okay, enough."

"I didn’t see what happened. Tell me who won."

"Alright, you won!"

"That’s right baby, I won!"

Mary watched as Nicole broke into what was evidently supposed to be a victory dance. Her arms waved in the air randomly and she bounced around on the spot. Smirking to herself, Mary was inwardly pleased to see Nicole was even more cheerful than usual. The fun multiplied many times when she was like that.

"Yeah, and you’re the mastah."

"Praise the mastah!"

"All hail the mastah!"

"I am the mastah! And you can’t match meh! No one can match meh!"

"What, you sing now??"

"Yeah, it’s my song yo!

"God you are so crazy. Look, cut it out, I have to go to the bathroom, and people are starting to stare…"

"Oh oh, I have to go to the bathroom too."

Immediately she hopped off the stool that she had been using as a miniature stage and smiled broadly at Mary. Mary couldn’t help but smile back, thinking about how hilarious it had been to watch her sing and dance shamelessly in front of everyone. She even managed a little laugh too. And somewhere, guiltily, thoughts entered the back of her mind about how beautiful Nicole looked. Granted she couldn’t sing on key to save her life, and her dancing left something to be desired, but she was quite lovely in her own right. She wore each smile with grace, and you really couldn’t help but feel at ease with her. And as she buoyantly walked next to her to the bathrooms, Mary chanced a sideways glance in her direction.

That body…there was no mistaking it…that was an incredibly soft and warm body. Inviting…welcoming…practically begging to be touched. Nicole was a wonderful girl with a great personality and, though it would never quite compare to Brooke’s, a very curvy figure indeed. Enticing to the touch…

Mary bit her lower lip as her eyes wandered slowly over Nicole’s supple body. She knew touching her would be like wandering into uncharted territory. Nicole had never had a boyfriend as far as she could remember. Of course, that may just be because she chose not to confide in her about those kinds of things. But she found it more likely that Nicole had never had one. That she was completely ignorant of the sensuous world in which Mary had so recently become acquainted with. She could…maybe…just maybe…introduce her…

"Hey, what’s that look on your face? You spacin’ out on me?"

"What? Oh, sorry."

"Are you gonna pee or not?"

Mary’s mind raced. If she was going to do it, it would be now. Now that Brooke had shown her true colors. Of course she would choose Drake over her…he had a pecker to please her good with. She obviously preferred to be fondled than caressed, preferred to be poked than touched, preferred to be pounded than…….arrrgh. Goddamnit!!!

If she didn’t have the right equipment to please Brooke, then maybe she had something that would please Nicole. Either way, she had every right to try.

Mary reached out and held fast to Nicole’s wrist.

"Ah, Mary, what are you doing?"

"Making you feel more pleasure than ever before."

And, with a smirk, she pulled Nicole into one of the bathroom stalls and slid the latch over. It was highly convenient that they were quite alone in that bathroom. And, with any luck, it would stay that way the entire time.

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Joy part the was imparted upon these lovely forums!!!

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wow. that was different in a good way. it's an individual among many lol. post the next chap soon!

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Damn, I didn't get first post. Curses. All that I've come to expect from you, and more. If you do not continue this series, I shall haunt you until you do.

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Don't worry, I'm enjoying writting this. I'll see it through till the end....however it's gonna end. XD

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-dies laughing- IM THE MATSAH!
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I loved the game scene...cause Im SOOO like that...its really bad actually. And then you drag me into a bathroom stall! XD! Good stuff...cant wait to read more with ME!
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That is drool worthy.
Keep working on the series!
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Yeah...Ive been meaning to ask, when does pt. 4 come out? =3

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I haven't started writing it yet. X333

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O o that was really different from other OFs I've read. It's really well writen and I loved it very much. *awaits until the next chapter is writen*

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lol *shakes head* oh mary.

Is it bad that my favorite part was when you mentioned Marvel Vs capcom?
And thats not a diss on your story, it was just as good as the rest, I'm interested to see whats going to happen with Nicole.....

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I'm interested to see whats going to happen with Nicole.....Hmm....who knows? Maybe I'll turn full fledged lezzy and marry her! XD
But yes...the suspense for Ch4 is killing me

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Hmm....who knows? Maybe I'll turn full fledged lezzy and marry her! XD
But yes...the suspense for Ch4 is killing me

My Nic-Nic! >P
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o.o You are always taking my things Op. Nic Nic MINE!!! *chases*

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I quite enjoyed the first two chapters, even though i never had the guts to say so, but now i do for some reason, I liked this one better then the rest, i laughed at the Mavel Vs Capcom part, ahhhh good times, keep on writing mary dear ^^;; i want ot see Chapter 4. seems like I'm the only guy who posted, the rest of them are proably to scared of being labelled a perv if they read this stuff, but I'm tuff and I'm a Perv lol. really really good work Mary <333 reps.