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First I don't like Naruto but now I do.
Name: Snonoki Kinema

Age: 12

Birthdate: June 13

Birthplace: Orlando, Florida

Gender: Female

Hair: White

Eyes: Yellow, Unknown

Look like: Half American, Half Japanese

Hobbies: Draw, sing, playing soccer, hanging out with girls

Emotion: Mad and Spunky

Chapter 1: Snonoki Kinema

When I first woke up, I wasn't in my world anymore. The area where I am a forest and a lake. 'Where am I?' Let myself off the ground dusting the clothes that am not wearing now. Black tank top leaves down middle of my waist, gray mini hooded vest. White short shorts with a dark blue leather skirt-like attached left side of her hip. Two fisher net sleeves on my lower arms, tap straps around my legs, and blue sandal-like shoes. Also, am carry massive shruken behind my back and a headband on my forehead with a leaf symbol.

This is crazy am in another world. Last thing I remember was at the field trip in Japan. Then fell in to this strange hole appear out of nowhere. Cha right! I suspected my hair was split side was sicking up while the was back long braid too close to the ground. I was so voracious over where I am now. Sounds of bushes was shaking from beyond. Someone coming. Quickly pull out my weapon in my hand brace with grip tightly as I might. "Who's there? Show yourself or I shove my shruken way up your ***!" As it came to this, someone finally came out of the bushes reveal a man with green vest, brown hair tie in a ponytail. Decently, to his eyes I figure he knows something about this place.

"You girl. I haven't seen you before here." He said. "Haven't seen me before here?" 'CHIYA! OF COARSE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ME BEFORE HERE. WHERE THE HELL AM I!' (A/N: Does of you know, Snonoki have a inner side like Sakura.)

He examined me by circle around. I felt too scared if he finds out am not around here. Simply regretted I from another world. And that's Earth. Now do you mention it... I WANT TO GO BACK HOME! Now taking hours, he stop examine me. "Well it seems you are new here. What you name?" "Kinema Snonoki, sir." 'Kinema?' He thought. "Iruka Umino." Soon, he let me follow him to the village.

Iruka was a teacher in this ninja so I have to be here to the rest of my life. We walk in to classroom where all student were sitting chattering. I was pretty sure I can fit in to this school. Nothing much but who cares. Something caught in my eye when a boy with blond hair and orange was looking straight at me. Lucky, I hid myself my face to the side. "Hey Iruka-sensei, who is new girl?" Everyone was now quiet now when he spotted me. I was nervous. "Well class we have a new student in our class. This here is Kinema Snonoki. Say hello Snonoki." My shot head to them. Feeling under the weather now. But am just getting. Something came up from my head. A corner smile rise from my lips. Two of my hand together life my one finger. "Transform!" Poof of smoke rising beneath my feet. As it clear, I was... naked. I turn into this woman with long hair. "Hello there." In a sexy voice.

Everybody, except Naruto, gasped fell in down on the floor. Naruto was surprised. "Hey! She copy my Sexy Technique." Sorry Naruto. After class, it was lunch time. I was hungry for sure. Haven't eat since I left field trip. See my parents die when our house burn down. Only left me all by myself. My older sister was too far away from California while am in Japan. My mom marry my dad where they first met. She japanese and he's american. Am half american and japanese. Taking care of in orphanage, I was adopted my favorite teacher, Miss Yuiko Akaishio. I haven't change my last name it stays to way it is. Nobody cares at school was adopted. Jealous was her adopted daughter. Now I have problems with here to. Sitting alone by myself, even I was hungry. There a catch. A rice ball appear infront of me where I stare off space. I look up. It was that boy again. Naruto. "Your that new girl, right?" I nodded. "It's nice to me you. Am Uzumaki Naruto. And you must be Kinema Snonoki." Yay good for you, kid.

Took the rice ball and feed it in my mouth. It was good really good. Stuffing it all the way. Munching leaving crumbs over my mouth. So hungry. "Here have some more." He whole out two rice ball. Bet he wasn't hungry or ain't. Naruto watching me eating myself to death. Full in my stomach. I can't bare to take more. After lunch, walking around a bit til next class started. Forcing everything if something calming out after me. Glance up of blue sky normally it would. I sigh, "Well... it could be worse." Stop from tracks, someone follow me. Rush turn around but nowhere there. Turn back where I was found face with a blue haired boy who glares at me reasonably. "Um... is there reason why are you staring at me with such rudeness apon my face?" He is started to get me pissed off by not sneaking up on me. "I wanna know." I confused. "How a girl like you use a technique as Naruto?" My feet wasn't moving. Come on move already. Tremble inside with fear of heat. "Looking here. I really don't know what you saying. It just pop up in my mind thats all. Now if you excuse me, am late for class." With that ran away from him as fast I could.

Before class starts, I assist to take a seat beside a shy blue haired girl. "Are you okay?" I asked. She look at me blushing. "O-Oh its nothing... Am Hyguua Hinata. You must be Kinema Snonoki." Okay enough with the introducing crap. Not to mention it, I notice the same boy who I met outside. Think his name is Sasuke Uchia. He startled my by staring. Eyes corner to the right the side. 'IT REALLY GET ANNOYING IF YOU STOP LOOKING AT ME. YOU JACKASS!' Agreed with my inner spirit. He sits with over there where a girl with pink hair and really have large forehead. HaHaHaHa she have large forehead. Hmm wonder what's on her mind. Making a triangle hand sign by aiming for her. I whispered, 'Inner Mind Transfer Spirit Jutsu.' My spirit projected out my body. I myself felt unconscious even Hinata wouldn't notice. It went inside of the girl she did fainted.

Inside big forehead mind

"Hello? Anybody in here?" The inner Snonoki wonder around the mind of the girl. Image of Sasuke appear in front of her. "So she like this boy? Humph. Sorry honey, but the way he approach me at lunch time he so... like gonna kiss me."

"HE WAS GOING KISS YOU!" She jumped from the sound of someone behind. Came face with the girl's inner spirit and she look very mad. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" "WHO THE HELL AM I? I WAS SPEAKING THE SAME WAY!" Both spirit stare each other with lightening from their eyes. "YOU WANNA FIGHT, *****?" "BRING IT ON!"

Minute later...

Both of them was tucker out. Ending up with bruise and lumps on their heads. "Say you good." Said Inner spirit of the girl. Soon both of them became friends. "Am Inner Snonoki by the way." "Inner Sakura." Held out their hands as shaking. Inner Snonoki went back to her body.

Well done with this one. Let me tell you about the jutsu that Snonoki learn.
Inner Mind Transfer Spirit Jutsu- Only use by Snonoki. This jutsu let her inner spirit go in opponents mind to see image and people dreams. Like she did in Sakura's mind.

Sexy Jutsu Technique- Only use by Naruto and Snonoki. Like Naruto, Snonoki only learn that came up from mind. She transform to a nude woman or muscle handsome man.

Sorry about the bad language on there. So tell me if won't me to change it.

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not to bad...im getting the edge to put up a fanfic of another Uchiha besides Itachi and Sasuke...Fenrir Uchiha but i think it would be to violent but none the less i enjoy you character greatly...:D

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Chapter 2: A wolf dog name, Godai
Class was over for student in ninja academy as of today. Snonoki was team up with Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. Even he won't mess with her while teaming up. Mostly, she haven't been training in her real time. So avaricious aught. Four of them went into the forest where they could train for their new mission. Lucky for Snonoki, she already know about ninja stuff.

Naruto would start training with Snonoki. If he go affable on her. "Yah ready, Snonoki," he stands in position, "As much as you are, Naruto." Both avid to ready. "Alright, let's so this." Snonoki make swift her hands. "Shadow Clone Jutsu." Using least chakra, her body cleft in about ten of her. Pleasure shock from Naruto, Sakura, and much does Sasuke. Nine of her force toward Naruto. Four went flying throwing shuriken at him. Naruto dodged in time avoid her weapon. "Ha. Not bad Snonoki. But not good enough." Bewared that Naruto also can do the shadow clone technique. "Shadow Clone Jutsu." Ten Narutos divided while the real Naruto went after the real Snonoki while the other nine grab hold onto nine of her. Counteract and dauntless, the real Snonoki again shifted her hands once more. Then leapt over higher air. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu." Flame came out of her mouth. Naruto knows Sasuke use that technique. Hope he want know this. He flip three time trying avoid the flames. Naturally, she ran after him before he didn't recognize. Grip hold his ankle by full strength knocking him on the ground. "Earth Style: Head hunter Jutsu." As it came to this, Naruto was stuck underground only his head was not.

Little she didn't know that nine of her clones were defeated. 'Uh oh.' 'THIS IS NOT MY DAY!'


Leap and leap for time to time, she stop on an resting place. Knewing Naruto was looking for her. Settle herself by the river soaking her feet. While she relaxing, something unusual rubbing her arm. Carefully snapped out her mind as it came to include a badly bruise grey wolfdog was painly hurt. "You poor thing." She gasped, tight of bruise and cuts. 'This little dog most of got in a fight.' Taking apon care for the wolfdog, Naruto and the others finally found her to see an mess up wolfdog on her arms they will have to take it the hospital.

The small wolfdog was in stable. Doctors are treating it very caution. Seven hours has past, Snonoki been waiting in the room the whole hours. Why the little small dog wandering around getting hurt? It's too much to say he or she lucky to survive. Waiting in the hall, some of the nurses came out from the operation room. Snonoki chin up look at the nurse, "you little friend will be okay. We are putting her in a room." She finish while left the hallway. Snonoki was thrill hear good news. Glad the dog was a girl.


Done with chapter 2. I have to work on more of the grammar and thinking about the fight part having trouble with that.

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Chapter 3: Worst day every

By night, I sat only beside my little friend sleeping. Name it Godai for now on since nobody wanted it. Unperturbed, a man with silver hair name, Kakash Hatake, came in seeing me sleeping only my head laid from the edge side of the bed. Rather just take me to my new apartment. He carry me in bridal-style leaving my friend sleep.
Morning came shine through window glass. I quickly and grunted cover my eyes. While figuring where I was, all did I remember was at the hospital. Get up from bed, take a bath, fixing my hair, and left to the hospital. The day was sulty warm. Too hot like if it's summer. "Ugh. It hot today wish if were cooler." Didn't pay attention bumped into a blonde girl who looks alot like Sakura. "Oh am terrible sorry." Apologize and help the girl up. "Hey! Watch were you going next time." 'CHIYA! HOW ABOUT I SMASH THAT BRAIN OF YOURS! HOW YAH LIKE THAT?' said the inner Snonoki. I too was in rage. "Your that Ino girl, right? I heard Sakura said you have big brows." Ino went mad that Snonoki tell her about that. "You mean that large forehead just told you all that?"


(A/N: If you go to: http/en. you will see Ino have her own inner side herself.)

An sweatdropped appear on my face. 'That girl weird?' 'TOO CRAZY TO ME.'


After meeting Ino, I went on ahead the hospital while I got range has come. Godai was recovered. She ran and jumped on me. Meaning she happy to feel better. "Yay, my friend heal." I shout and joy all my life. But am getting a feeling that am late for class. I was too rapacious it I bring Godai with me. So me and her walk.

At academy, noticing my class chatting and moping. Hid Godai inder my vest and zip it up. Once I came in cautiously carefully no one will notice. Took my seat beside Hinata. Busy looking her crush, Naruto. I wasn't play attention when another dog where standing in front of me waggy its tail. Okay this unreal. It just stare at me for some reason. Who dog is it? Somehow, a boy with thick furry coat clam to get his dog, whom it is, put it inside his coat. "Heh. Looks like you got something in you vest, new girl." "As your information, it Snonoki Kinema. So back off." I growl in patronize, showing him who the boss around here. He smack under his breath. 'Did he just smack at me?' said my inner self agreed with me. Stood myself up from my sit to face him with tough act. Everybody watch in action seem they want to see some fighting. I wasn't evolving this. Like if am walking away from a fighting, people think your chicken out. Well not me. My eyes was on fire. Flame held up around me. "Looking hear, dog boy. You can't treat girl like this. Or maybe your momma will." 'Chiya! You go me!' An 'ooh' sound came from everyone. Yeah that right threaten a boy ismy think. His growl like a beast. He about to hurt the way I speak about his mother. So is his dog. " Nobody talks about my mom like that. " With that, he rise his fist up. He about to hit me. Just this is all over for me, Godai slip off under my vest, landed on the floor, and jumped up while he didn't know. She bit his groins. Howling scream accords the room. I grab Godai to stop biting his groin. What's left? He was on the floor in pain. Everybody saw everything. Patted Godai on the head wit good sense of humor. His dog saw his buddy on the floor crying that he start growling at me and Godai. Godai too growl. Tackle toward him. Both our dog fighting and biting. Tried to stop the fight, but I wouldn't discuss the fact of around the classroom.

Both of them ran around the room. Barking at each other. Still could be my bad day ever. They keep going layer of desks, leap and roll. I shouted, "Don't y'all stand there break them apart before Iruka-sensei gets..." Too late. Door slide open reveal Iruka came in. Before he could said nothin' two dogs jumped on him as he fell. Soon, stop their fighting after jumping on Iruka Godai came back tome and his herself behind the desk. Hinata feel me in about the boy, who, stand in front of me minutes again. Said his name is Kiba Inuzuka and the dog name was Akamaru.

Now am stuck in detention for only a day. Kiba has four days. Our sensei give us an warning if out dogs acting up again. Stomach grumble hadn't eat before I left my apartment. Godai was hungry too so we left ourselves at the lunch room. Grab some rice balls. Fed Godai one or two. After lunch, we were getting some fresh air breezing my hair and her fur. Took a short nap for next class. You know I was tired. Next class was English you could say more English literature. Guess what? Am sitting beside naruto. Yay for me. Not. Our sensei is name Kakashi. Bet he's the man who took me in.

"Now class today we're gonna do... test." "What?" Naruto and I yelled. 'My worst nightmare in all time.' said the inner me. Eyes water down her face like a waterfall. "I wish all of you a good luck." It was nine minutes, stick at test. Damn that Kakashi-sensei. Maybe I should cheat. Yeah that right. If I could use my Inner Spirit Mind Transfer Jutsu to go inside someone who is smart, I would past this test. Scanning everyone around the, I spotted... Sasuke. 'Excellent. Muhahah.. cough cough'


Finally, this chapter I been working in working since i started in my 2nd period class in Lit/comp. See if Snonoki will use Inner Spirit Mind Transfer Jutsu on Sasuke. But what will happen if she into his mind about his childhood past. Chapter 4: Snonoki enter Sasuke's past.