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Hey there. Im a writer, whom aside from working on a trilogy, write a handful of short stories.This is part one to a, semi unique tale. it is geared more towards people who enjoy a healthy balance of plot and action, rather than a brawlfest, or soap opera. Anyhoo, here it is.

Prolouge: Ideology

The world is superficial. His eyes looked down upon the city from the ledge which overlooked
it. Lukron looked like an expanse of candle light, only dying off when it reached it's western border, an
even more mountaineous region with only a few buildings dotting it's side.

So small and petty, yet thinking so highly of themselves, when in reality no one would notice should the entire city.... He gently rolled his fingers across the distant horizon. Disappear.
The wind blew up the cliff side, carrying the stench of smoke. They destroy the enviorment, stain beauty... And all to prolong their pointless existence on this speck of earth.

He turned from the ledge, the wind rattling the trees behind him, blowing dead leaves into the night sky, dotted by stars, barely visible in the city sky. The world is not fair. What does the earth gain from being polluted... Tainted with the stain of humanity. Logically if humans take the earths well being and health they should lose their own. He rounded the dirt path, looping around the side of the hill. Because I am human I owe the earth restoration or compensation for it's losses. Alas creating such great beauty is beyond me, But destruction... He gently drew out a small, sleek canister... Is well within my capacity.

Chapter 1:Vyema

Her large water blue eyes stared out, surveying her village. Stared as far as her eyes would allow, as they glistened in the sun. From atop the grand boat of Hyema's upper deck, Vyema could see the whole of the village.

Above all the others, it was a beautiful village. In the daytime the suns rays danced about the clear waters surface, as majestic and petite boats rocked gently above, all connected by a series of detatchable docks, crafted of sturdy wood. The network of boats was much like a town, though boats sometimes drifted away, making room for newcoming ships. the docks rocked gently, throwing of many newcomers, acustomed to land walking. Small fishing and personal boats drifted like specks outside the gaurd boats marking the border of the village.

The village was located in a small inlet, with the land rising about the sides, creating two stony, steep cliffs. Vegetation, and seemingly tropical plants swayed in the wind atop the ledges, blocking some of the white clouds that occasionally dotted the sky.

Vyema smiled broadly as wind blew her silky brown hair out of her eyes and behind her head. She often silently admired the fact that she was the caretaker, no, the ruler of such a village, even after being told she was worthless before she came to the sea. She felt accomplished, after so many years of failure...

A light tapping coming from the inside of the ships upper deck door broke her from her trance.
" Vyema..? Could I see you for a second?" a quaint, yet high toned voice asked.
" Of course you may Haken," Vyema replied almost half asleep, recognizing the voice as Hyema's third in command.

The door creaked open. Slowly the five foot, blonde haired, masked girl that was Haken stepped onto the deck. She turned and gingerly shut the door, avoiding any contact between her perfectly manicured nails and the knob. She turned back to face Vyema, folding her hands inside her loose blue robes as she crossed her arms.

" Vyema...." Haken shakily began," I abandoned master Jeruad. I would very much like to be accepted as your apprentice in turn,"

Vyema's eyes widened, at first in shock, then in frustration," Haken! Jeruad is the best instructor in Hyema! It should be an honor to train under him. It was tedious getting him to instruct you for no charge, something only I could have done. And yet you come to me now, barely two weeks into your training," She paused, taking in a sharp breath," To tell me that you have left your teacher and wish to train under me instead, when you know well I teach only myself, and could'nt properly teach you even if I wished to,"

Vyema held out her left hand over the railing of the deck. A great fountain of water shot high into the sky from where the inlet began. It began to spiral downwards, impacting the water with such a force, that water flew many feet into the air, and that waves rocked the boats of Hyema, despite the impacts distance.

" I achieved this power alone. With the instruction of a greater teacher than even me you could be two fold my strength!"


High upon the right ledge of the inlet stood two figures, clad heavily in robes, standing under a palm tree. Water droplets from Vyema's demonstration rained down upon them. The tree above them swaying as water pattered against it.

"Quite a display, I never knew you manipulators could attain such control over the elements," The slightly shorter figure said in a a slightly raspy and humorous manner," I suppose that means there is hope for you after all then," he looked over, the hood of his robes shielding all but his smirk and pale, bony chin from sight.

The taller, and bigger of the two made no response. Only stared at the village below, an aura of envy and wrath seemed to well up about him.

The pale figures smirk pulled into a tight frown," But.. It is troublesome. Her control of water dwarfs yours, and Im still weak from the... Procedure," his hand twitched under his robes as if the word pained it," And of course having knowledge of the area, and access to immediate allies, however weak they may be, only worsens the situation for us,"

His gaze slowly trailed to the shore," The best course of action would be to seperate her from water... Cut her off from her life,"

Chapter 2: Parting of the waves

Haken lay on the beach, staring past her mask, into the beautiful night sky, as the water tickled the bottom of her feet with each wave that came ashore. The harsh words of Vyema echoed in her head. Seeing the incredible clarity of the endless stars above her, she could'nt help but realize how petty her arguement was. She knew of Vyema's past, and knew it must have been hurtful hearing someone turn down what you had desired in your time of need. A large wave could be seen peeking over the horizon.

The murmur of the ocean rang methodically in her ears. Slowly her eyelids drooped down, as she drifted slowly, into a calm sleep.


" We could dispose of that one," the man spoke in his raspy voice, peering from his vantage point behind an overturned rowboat, which had been abandoned near the shore. He glanced at his side where his bulky companion was crouched.

" No," the man firmly said in a firm, moderately deep voice," It is one thing to lure them away from the village with underhanded tactics, but to dispatch an opponent in their sleep is a height honor should never allow a man to stoop to,"

"Pheh...," His face twisted into a sneer," theres no merit in honor, it makes strong men weak,"

" Those who show honor recieve it in return, would you be content being killed as you slept?" The larger spoke with the same firm tone.

" Well, I don't sleep, as you know, but if I did share that weakness with you and the rest of humanity I would'nt see it unfit to die while I slept. After all I would have opened myself to that weakness and thus would be deserving of such a demise," He spoke in a somewhat mocking tone as he stretched his sneer into a small and wicked grin, making it clear that if his partner did not feel differently, that he would kill the young girl without a second thought," well, if your planning on letting her live, your making your load considerably heavier. Taking on a double A plus alone is an arduous task, if anyone is to interfere, even that child, things could turn for the worse for you,"

The pale figure slowly stood, his knees shaking unsteadily. He tilted his head towards Hyema, his grin melting away.

" We must set things into motion, there's no sense in delaying this any longer. But, if your soft enough to spare that child you might as well abandon your hopes of becoming the greatest manipulator. I'll leave you with that," the man turned and slowly walked across the shore towards the inland border of Hyema.

The bulky man sat, watching his shorter companion walk away, arms swaying uselessly by his sides. He is strong... And to get that strength he's done terrible things. Perhaps that.. His eyes narrowed as he raised his right hand. Portions of sand and rock rose from the beach, hovering in the air. Is the path I too, must follow. He tightly clenched his fist. A barrage of rocks and a torrent of sand hurtled towards the small figure that was Haken.

The approaching wave arched high, splitting in two at it's highest point as it drew near the village. The split wave steered past either side of Hyema, crashing into the onslaught of debris aimed at Haken.

Mud fell to the beach as water fell in torrents upon Haken and her assailant. His eyes darted about the beach. The water had ceased to fall and Haken was nowhere to be seen.

She could'nt be that fast... And then he spotted her. She was unconcious and had been carefully propped against a rock. Ah....

" So you're here," he tilted his head slightly to the right, his eyes drifted to the female figure behind him," Vyema,"

Chapter 3: Duel of the elements

The man stood still, keeping Vyema locked in his eyesight," I did not anticipate to deal with you tonight," he turned so that they were facing one another, his dark eyes delved into hers," you have kind eyes, Vyema. I doubt you have the will to strike down a man who's motives are unkn-,"

There was a thud as her left fist impacted his muscular torso. He grunted in pain, and crouched, ducking under the equally swift follow up attack. My she is fast indeed, even if I had'nt been mid sentence I almost would'nt have been able to dodge. He jumped forward from his crouch, aiming a close ranged punch at her stomach.

She twisted fluidly and jumped, steering clear of the attack. She landed upon the overturned boat. The man's fist collided with the rock of the cliff.

" My," he looked back at her, keeping his fist in place," It was a mistake to underestimate you, though Im more accustomed to fighting with those skilled at close range combat," He opened his fist, placing his palm firmly to the face of the rock wall.

There was an immediate change. A silent tension grew. The winds blowing slowed. The sound of the ocean's water lapping against the sand grew faint. The moons rays illuminated the tense, yet silent scene.

And then the tension broke, casting aside the veil of peace. The entire shore section of the cliff detonated, casting debris and rock into the air, where a vicious gust cast them downwards. A wave inexplicably errupted from the shallow waters. Impacting the rocks hurtling downwards.

Vyema strained as she controlled the waters from her dangerous location directly beneath the rocks. Both arms were raised, strained with the pressure of upholding such weight using water using water as a medium. Her face twisted in pain.

From between the falling sand and debris shot forth the now uncloaked figure of the man. As he ran at her he grasped a piece of rock which had embedded itself in the ground. Instantly the outer layer of rock flaked away, forming a crude but effective blade, which was already being cast forward at Vyema's ungaured torso.

Instinctively she shot backwards, and lowered her hand in defense. The water gave way mid air, releasing the rocks aswell. The mans eye's shot upwards, realizing they were both in harms way. Diving backwards he tensed up, and as if by his will the rocks edged forward, just enough to crash at the soles of his sandals. He pushed himself into an upright position, and glanced at the pile of shattered stone.

Vyema's eye's were wide open. Whether as a result of the shock or pain of having her body from the waist down being crushed under an immense amount of jagged rocks. Blood oozed from several deep gashes in her waist, staining the rocks and sand about her broken body.

Her eye's gently fell, forming slits. It feels almost good... To be shattered... Relaxed... It feels.. Incredible... She quietly gasped for air, tears formed in her eyes. Death is not what they make it out to be... It's beautiful, even if everything I've built is slipping away. Her head relaxed, so that she could see upside down across the beach. And there lay Haken, still unconcious, bathed in the moon's light, her simple mask reflecting it's rays. But as Vyema stared, she began to feel something in her stomach. Not the blood flooding it, but something far more painful. She cried now, out of pain, for she realized the true price of death. To never be with the ones I care for... Her eyes drifted to her left, beholding Hyema. The tears reflecting moonlight somehow added to it's beauty. And suddenly all the memories she had had there flooded her mind.


The man stood over her, the moonlight adding a fine finish to his muscular build as the wind gently blew his black hair. He could tell she was alive, and recognized the pain she was experiencing as emotional. The worst kind...

" Beautiful," A dry voice hissed," I could'nt have been gone more than half an hour, and yet you've dealt with the primary opposition," The pale man joined his companion next to Vyema's body.

Despite the intense combination of physical and mental anguish, Vyema ceased sobbing. Goosebumps rose on her neck. The voice she had just heard, and the feeling of dread that filled her heart triggered a memory. She strained to look over, to see who it was that had spoke. Her head flopped to the right side, where from her vantage point, she could see underneath the hood of the malicious figure.

Placed evenly on either side of a nearly flat, snakelike nose, floating within a pool or white were two yellow orbs, gleaming in the darkness, eminating bloodlust. As she gazed into those eyes all her other emotions, no matter how intense, were sweeped away, replaced by smothering fear. The sinister smirk on his face grew to an open grin, revealing pointed white teeth, laced with light pink gums. Her eyes darted to his arms, which were still heavily cloaked.

" I suppose your curious, as to how it went?" He sneered," how considerate of you, worrying about my.... Operation," He looked over to his companion," Maeruck, would you be so kind?"

Maeruck turned, grasping the bottom of his companions baggy right sleeve, his eyes still sadly, but calmly fixed on Vyema. He gently rolled it up, exposing a completely bandaged arm. Maeruck Glanced up," Are you sure you want to remove them so soon after the procedure?"

" Yes," his grin had shrunk to a tight smirk," I want to let he say goodbye to an old friend as she leaves this world,"

Vyema's stomach churned again.

And with that Maeruck pulled, aside the bandages. The arm hung loosely at his side.

" Recognize it?" He knowingly hissed.

She remembered when she used to hold that tender hand. And used to be held in those secure arms. And now before her, held by many stitches, they were one. A luminous, feminine, hand and forearm, was stitched to a tanned arm, sporting a muscular tricept. Both were out of proportion to the rest of his build.

The sadness, pain, and fear all contorted within her. The hand of her closest friend, the arm of her lover, and the prescence of the one she loathed was too much for her to bear.


The cry echoed about the beach, eventually molding with the sound of the waves. Vyema coughed up blood, having overexerted herself.

" Yes, and a helpful one indeed. With a few alterations to the bone structure, her nimble hands were just what I needed for my... Self customization,"

Maeruck looked at the makeshift arm. Such power from those actions....

" Now... You have been spared long enough," He spoke with mild annoyance," But now," He glanced at Maeruck," Your time is up,"

He raised right leg, his arms flopping uselessly as his body shifted. He aimed his foot carefully, right above her forehead. But even as his foot came down, he heard something that made him freeze in complete shock.

" NO, your time is up..." She spoke in a terrible, utterly defiant tone, completely uncharachteristic of someone near death. Her eyes met his with powerful resolve,"Mukurukito,"

Chapter 4: Mukurukito

An intense aura of opposition eminated from Vyema. Even with her body damaged, nearly to the point death, her right arm shot out, allowing her hand to firmly grasp Mukurukuti's ankle. With her left arm she forced her torso upwards. Blood and internal fluids seeped from the tear at her waist.

Mukurukito's face shifted from a shocked controtion to an insanely gleeful grin," Well done," And, just as abrubtly the glee was consumed by unfathomable anger.

Mukurukito forced his left foot into the ground so hard that he shot into the air as much as Vyema's grasp on his right leg would allow. He shifted his leg so that as he came down, it hammered into Vyema's tear stained face with such force that a loud resounding crack sounded about the beach, no doubt the result of her jaw, and much of her face being broken under the immense pressure.

Instantly her body went completely limp. As her limbs relaxed, so did Mukurukito's contorted facial features.

What a ruthless temper.Maeruck stared in silent horror. Is that how he reacts when he is'nt feared? Or worse, is opposed?

Mukurukito lifted his foot from Vyema's face, tilting his head as he admired her broken features.

" Dead...?" Mukurukito glanced at Maeruck, who promptly reached down, placing his index and middle finger against Vyema's throat.

For a moment Maeruck paused, his eyes drifting back and forth, as if looking for an answer. Then his eyes shot up, resting upon Mukurukito's hungry eyes," Yes..," he said solemly.

" A shame, it was satisfying watching her anguish from mere emotions," He said in a cold voice," They're even worse than honor," He took a more serious and commanding tone," I took care of the gaurds of the village, Vyema would have come to check come the morning when they did'nt report. A shame that killing them was meaningless, I prefer corpses fresh... Anyways, I think the invasion is in ord-"

Mukurukito shot back as Haken lunged forth, narrowly missing his abdomen. She crashed into the sand behind the duo and did a handspring to upright herself.

" Ah, I forgot about you," Mukurukito casually stated," Kill her."

Maeruck raised the stone blade clasped in his hand, pointing it at Haken.
" Please, leave now and I can spare your life," He firmly said.

Mukurukito glared at Maeruck," I said kill her."

Chapter 5: The right hand of Sanct

" A full squadron of C ranks?" A cold, affirmative voice remarked.

Seven warriors, clad in a bronze armor with light trimmings of grey at it's hinges, the Lukronian colors. Most were of medim build, their faces and features obscured by the thick, full body armor. However one wore no helm, save a small crown upon his brow, barring his wild red hair. At his side was an oversized blade, atleast three fourths his height, clashing with his relatively small build.

The group was standing ankle deep in a shallow brook, which was fed by a small trickle of a waterfall. The brook was lined thinly with trees, which lush lives glimmered in the high sun.

Standing nearer the waterfall was a tall, black clad figure. His hair was wild, yet seemed to have order to it, and was ghastly white, despite his youthful appearance. His eyes were vividly sky blue, seemingly lacking a pupil. His face was angular, but not too bony, which matched his apparently lean body, which was covered in black aparell, although some white lacing could be found about his neck and wrist cuffs. Seemingly silvery chains, bearing various symbols hung from his neck and wrists.

" You should know better to call the king of Lukron a C class," The red haired man scoffed.

" Oh? Yet you have'nt been ranked, calling you a C class if anything, is far too generous," The man sporting the cold voice cooly said.

The helmetless man's face contorted with anger," Do not speak to me in such a manner!" He glared back at his six subordinates with his fierce brown eyes.

Instantly they shot forward at an alarming rate, the water shooting up as they went. Two leaped to either of his' sides, drawing small daggers from their belts. Two smaller men jumped to the front and back of him, drawing out moderately large steel blades from their sheaths. The remaining two stood a fair distance from the diamond of men, one raising an iron crossbow, bolts fixated within.

The black clad man made no movements, despite the four men encasing him with weapons drawn.

" Ensnared by mere C ranks? Sanctium would be shamed to hear that their 'Right Hand of Sanct' was no match for a handful of C classes," The crowned man said mockingly, " Fire at him Heldriox,"

And at that the bowman let a bolt fly forth, directly into the Right Hand of Sanct. Immediately the four men surrounding him shot forth, their blades aimed for various vital points. They all struck perfectly.

After a moment the brief glee of the warriors vanished, for something unsettling had caught their attention. The man before them, although clearly punctured in five vital locations, was standing perfectly erect and unmoving.

" Ah, hail King Mal, lord of Lukron," The Right Hand of Sanct mockingly said in a well humored tone," I suppose they did'nt teach you of illusionary techniques?" The second portion, although spoken in the same voice, came from behind king Mal, who stood alone, with a sleek, slender blade pressed to his unarmored right temple.

As the words were spoken the Right Hand of Sanct whom had been stabbed dissipated, revealing that the Warriors had suceeded only in knifing one another. One of the dagger wielders, whom had been stabbed exeptionally bad by his blade wielding companion, fell to the brook bleeding from a gash in his throat.

" I see, so the Right Hand of Sanct Is'nt just an honorary title...." Mal muttered to himself," I may be overconfident at times... But I do not deny that there is no escape from your blade as things stand. Finish me,"

There was a moment of silent tension. The men bleeding had fallen, their blood polluting the shallow brook, washing downstream to the feet of Mal and The Right Hand of Sanct. Mal's eyes blankly stared at his comrades. The two unharmed ones had taken fighting stances, shifting towards the silent pair.

" No," Firmly and smoothly slipped from the Right Hand of Sanct's lips," Your life does not suffice for my cause... A religious man as I may be, I would prefer something.... Monetary,"

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