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Kunoichi Warrior
08-08-2006, 12:28 PM
Haru Uzumaki dashed outside in the morning sun. There was a slight breeze in the air, and the cool leaves of fall danced in the wind. Haru sighed. He would have loved to just sit there and enjoy nature, but he had to go and meet his team. Haru grabbed his bag and tightened his headband he had just recieved from Shikamaru-sensei.

"Time for some action!" Haru exclaimed.


Kairia Haruno sat at the edge of her bed, reading her mother's journal. She closed the book and stared out into the morning. From the journal, she could tell that being a ninja was hard work, and looking at all the adventures her mother and her team went through, all Kairia could feel was fear. And a bit of excitment. But just a bit.

Kairia glanced at the Head Protecter she was given. She was just like her mom; she memorized everything there is about being a ninja. Kairia was smart, but her mother made the mistake that knowlegde was all that was needed to be a shinobi. Kairia smiled. At least she knew ahead of time.

"Karia!" her mother called. "Time for you to go!"

She grabbed the headband and tied it on tightly. Here goes nothing......


Haru and Kairia meet each other while walking to the academy. Their parents were great friends, so they knew each other well.

"So," Kairia started. "How's you dad doing?"

"Execellent," Haru smiled. "And someday, I'm gonna be a Hokage just like him!"

Good Luck with that, Kairia thought. "Hey, where's Ryo?"

Haru shrugged. "Probably still training, that weirdo. Let's go get him."

Kairia nodded in agreement. Both young kids walked back to the Uchiha Shrine.


"RYO!!!" Haru called. "TIME TO GO!"

A very annoyed voice replied, "Just wait!"

Haru sighed. Kairia checked her watch. They were early. A little bit.

"C'mon!" Haru said.

"Shut it!" Kairia bonked Haru on the back of his head. "We are a bit early...."

Ryo dashed in. "Sorry, but did you guys ever check you clock?"

Haru glanced around. "Nope. I was just in a hurry 'cause I thought I was late!"

Kairia rolled her eyes. "Well, you are always late!"

Haru smiled. "See!? I'm early!"

"Too early. Make out the difference?" Kairia barked.

Ryo checked his watch. "Keep this up, and we're going to be late anyway."

"Let's just get a move on then!" Haru yelled. "We're going to be the best team around!"

"BAKA!" Kairia screamed. "We might not be on the same team!"

Ryo sighed. "The chances that we are, are somewhat high. Anyway, enough with the complaints. Let's get going."


"See? Told we were early!" Haru said.

"No one's here yet?" Kairia asked. She glanced around. It was utterly empty and quiet. No one was here.

"That's because we're two minutes early. If I know the village as well as i know i do, then people will appear....... NOW!" Ryo pointed.

Suddenly, a bunch of people appeared and walked toward the academy doors.

"Told ya."

"Shut it, pretty boy."

"Hey, at least no fan girls are after me. Just my dad."

Kairia sighed. "Keep this up and we're going to be late."

"My line."


Shikamaru-sensei walked into the class room. All the kids had alread shut their mouths and were seated in the chairs. "Alright, as you all know, you will be paired into three-man teams. So let's begin. I find it a bit troublesome telling you everything."

Haru threw a note at Ryo's head. Before it hit him, Ryo caught it and opened it up. He was used to the whole thing. Besides, even if Shikamaru saw it, he was to lazy to do anything about it.

Wonder which sensei we're gonna get? Hope that he's cool!

Ryo sighed. He flipped the note over and wrote something, then threw it back at Haru.

I couldn't care less. Just as long as it isn't Lee-sensei.

"Team Seven," Shikamaru called. "Haru Uzumaki."

Haru crossed his fingers.

"Kairia Haruno. man, this is like fate...." They heard Shikamaru mumble. "And Ryo Uchiha."

Haru nearly lept for joy. Ryo sighed. Kairia smiled.

Shikamaru thought, Here we go again....