View Full Version : srry if these are sucky but my good ones disapeared *glares at little bro*

Nuka Dragonedge
08-02-2006, 09:30 AM
i have a bunch of pics the first two my little brother did and asked me to upload for ya. (please say something about em before he bugs me to death!) the other two i did in the last two years.

http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/...orourickux9.png (http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/4793/sorourickux9.png)

and these are mine. (im better at realism than anime but i guess im ok at anime...ive exparemented with millions of styles i have yet to find one i realy like thoughhttp://www.animegalleries.net/bbs/images/smilies/laugh.gif on some of the pics, i had my friends sign, that helped colore it or let me use there photoshop program.
http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/...assddfeegn6.jpg (http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/7294/zeldassddfeegn6.jpg)
http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/...bylasarosi8.jpg (http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/4769/illbewaitingforyoubylasarosi8.jpg)
http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/...bylasarooo8.jpg (http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/2158/meanttolivebylasarooo8.jpg)
http://img372.imageshack.us/img372/...uki01024th5.jpg (http://img372.imageshack.us/img372/3703/gensomaden20saiyuki01024th5.jpg)

Liquid Crimson
08-02-2006, 11:13 AM
I think you did an extremely great job on those pictures,:awe: .

Nuka Dragonedge
08-02-2006, 11:54 AM
WOW! a comment thanks! i could so kiss you now! ...and thanks just wait until i find my best ones if you like these!:bounce:

08-02-2006, 03:17 PM
Hmm ... this thread is full of random stuff taken from the internet. Please post only your -own- work. As for your brother's work, please post it in the FanArt Forum where it belongs.