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07-23-2006, 02:10 AM
Written by me and kristen. yay

ColinFarrell entered the room.
Shikamaru: Marhaban, ColinFarrell
Trent: Wow, Ai.
Trent: Just wow.
Trent: I can't believe you would do this to me.
Trent: After all I've done for you.
Trent: All the money I've invested into you.
Princess Ai: What are you talking about?!
Trent: You just.. *tear drops down cheek* THREW IT ALL away.
Trent: Colin told me EVERYTHING.
ColinFarrell: Hey man.
ColinFarrell: If I were her, I'd probally throw you away for me too.
Trent: Okay, that face hair thing you've gon going on there?
Lorikachan98112: cruising?
Trent: Not that attractive.
Princess Ai: I don't have facial hair?!
Trent: Actually, it's more like someone rubbed a squirrel on your face. ColinFarrell: Oi, boy you don't know who you be messing with.
ColinFarrell: Look the Lady is comin' with me.
ColinFarrell: It's not like you ever really pleased her anyway.
beautiful_dancer: looks around and walk toward the woods-
Princess Ai: You know... Trent dear...
Princess Ai: He does have a point.
Princess Ai: -Sigh-
ColinFarrell: That's what I thought.
Trent: Sorry, I had to go put cool water on my face.
Trent: It's read from crying.
Trent: So hard.
ColinFarrell: No wonder she cheated on you with me man.
ColinFarrell: You're a bloody woman.
Trent: I am not a woman.
Trent: I'm just sensitive.
Trent: It's more than I can say for you.
ColinFarrell: You sure bawl like one.
Vine: Feminine.
Trent: Mr. I have to cover up my homosexuality with a squirrel for facial hair.
ColinFarrell: Hey man, knowing how to dress and crying like a school girl are two different things.
ColinFarrell: I can prove my manly worth.
ColinFarrell: =) You've seen my sex tape.
Trent: Sorry, Colin. Tennis balls don't COUNT.
ColinFarrell: Well that Explains your pants...
Trent: Yeah, I've seen it.
Princess Ai: Actually...
Trent: And threw up all over my television.
Princess Ai: Colin > Trent in the pants department...
Princess Ai: Sorry to say...
Trent: It was like watching two rabid monkeys try to interact with each other.
Princess Ai: I should know.
Trent: Picking the bugs outta the fur and all.
Princess Ai: I had you both in the same day.
ColinFarrell: So you didn't enjoy seeing me and your girlfriend on cam, eh?
Princess Ai: I am NOT his girlfriend!
Trent: Ai, sthu.
Trent: Before I slap you.
ColinFarrell: You slap her, and I'll knock you out.
ColinFarrell: --Puts arm around Brody--
Trent: I highly doubt that, sir-cross-eyed.
ColinFarrell: Are you jealous of my success?
Trent: You were the one flailing your arms in the air like a little pansy.
ColinFarrell: Is McDonalds really that bad of a job?
ColinFarrell: 'Cos when I want to beat a woman, I do it.
Trent: God, boy, get som SHAMPOO for that grease mat you call hair.
ColinFarrell: I don't just talk about it.
Princess Ai: True... //9
Trent: Oh yeah, beat her into cheating on you.
Princess Ai: He does do it.
Trent: Sounds like a plan.
ColinFarrell: Hey, she was with you when she came to me.
Trent: Maybe she ran from you to me because you suck.
Trent: And I don't mean you're just crap.
Trent: =\
Trent: Lay off the men, Colin.
ColinFarrell: She ran from you cos of your small genitals.
Princess Ai: Vine..
Princess Ai: Seriously, shut up.
Princess Ai: This is a sensitive subject.
Vine: Srsly
idoll famine: LOL. Colin is a laaaady.
Trent: Yeah he is.
ColinFarrell: Trent, don't be mad because I stole your lady.
ColinFarrell: Why don't you and Kristen go and have a little one on one?
Trent: So much of a lady that he thinks wearing baggy pants to his ankles is attractive.
Trent: No one wants to see your lady butt, sir.
ColinFarrell: Since you know, I'm with Brody now.
ColinFarrell: And you can NEVAR have her.
ColinFarrell: --Gets down on one knee before Princess Ai--
idoll famine: o_O I don't think Jojo would approve of my having those kind of relations with my brother.
idoll famine: Though it is tempting.
ColinFarrell: Brody, dearest...
ColinFarrell: Will you Marry me?
Trent: She doesn't HAVE one of those, Colin.
Trent: You can stand up now.
ColinFarrell: ...Brody?
Trent: She's laughing at you.
Trent: Because she thinks you're ugly.
ColinFarrell: Woman, don't make me hit you.
Princess Ai: Er uh.
Princess Ai: Yes!
Princess Ai: I will!
Trent: And that you're a complete and utter homosexual. =\ It's okay to come out.
Trent: Many other super stars have.
ColinFarrell: That's what I thought.
Trent: ---Slaps Colin---
Trent: Don't threaten my woman.
ColinFarrell: lol
idoll famine: o_o LOL.
gene the man: How be ye?
ColinFarrell: You slap like a girl.
idoll famine: Girly slaaaap.
ColinFarrell: She aint yo' woman anymore.
Trent: Which is suprisingly still better than yours.
ColinFarrell: She be my ho now.
Trent: Guess that's sayin' something about you!
ColinFarrell: We gonna get married.
ColinFarrell: And then she's gonna pop out babies.
Vine: =O
Princess Ai: WOH
Princess Ai: WOH woh woh woh
Princess Ai: Slow down there
Princess Ai: I aint poppin' out multiple babies.
Trent: Get married where, with what money? You realize you haven't done ANY projects in a long while, right?
Trent: ANd that no one is buying your crap films anymore.
ColinFarrell: Hello...!
ColinFarrell: Miami Vice.
Trent: So you're pretty much out of business right there.
ColinFarrell: I make 20 mil a movie.
Trent: Where as I make thousands of dollars every two weeks.
ColinFarrell: I have about 150 million in the bank.
Trent: Yeah! But if no one is BUYING anything, you're going broke.
ColinFarrell: No?
ColinFarrell: I get paid ahead of the movie.
Trent: With all that expensive crap you buy, you're likely to be out of your HOUSES in weeks!
ColinFarrell: It doesn't matter how it does in box office.
ColinFarrell: =)
ColinFarrell: Like for example, I still made 25 mil on Alexander.
ColinFarrell: No one saw that.
Trent: People have stopped hiring you.
Vine: Alexander.
ColinFarrell: That's not true.
Vine: l o l
Trent: It's a good time to learn how to flip burgers.
Trent: =)
ColinFarrell: You're just mad.
ColinFarrell: Cos I stole your woman.
ColinFarrell: Your dream.
Trent: Because that's what you'll be doing.
ColinFarrell: And the child she's carrying...
ColinFarrell: Yeah.
Trent: The rest of you life.
ColinFarrell: It's mine.
Trent: Maaan, I don't need that lady to have a dream or be successful.
Princess Ai: --Chokes on her popcorn--
Trent: I can find me some other tramp to do my bidding.
Trent: I un neeeed that.
Princess Ai: I'm not a tramp!
idoll famine: o_o [shares with ai]
ColinFarrell: Like your sister?
idoll famine: HEY NOW.
idoll famine: I was not in this.
ColinFarrell: Geeze man, what's with you guys and inbreeding?
Trent: Right, dude, she wasn't.
ColinFarrell: Oh
ColinFarrell: Wait.
ColinFarrell: Are you the Moo Cow dude?
ColinFarrell: I forget.
Trent: So you can back off before I teach you the meaning of eating dirt.
idoll famine: Hey hey hey
ColinFarrell: Hahaha
idoll famine: I may molest my sister once in awhilE
ColinFarrell: What are you gonna do? Slap me again?
idoll famine: But that doesn't mean I'm inbreeding.
ColinFarrell: I've better things to do.
gene the man: Ai I just got an idea
ColinFarrell: I'm gonna go bang my girlfriend.
ColinFarrell has left the room.
Trent: That's what I thought!
Trent: >\ Now that this is over. Bye, Kristen.
idoll famine: o_o
Trent has left the room.

07-23-2006, 02:12 AM
It was so devistating! I saw it all! ;OO

gene the man
07-23-2006, 02:24 AM
lol. Thank you for making this post. XD I thought it was funny myself

07-23-2006, 02:35 AM
Oh God, that was great. Ai you provide entertainment for everyone.

07-23-2006, 02:44 AM
wow that was some messed up crap but its funny as hell

07-23-2006, 02:45 AM

You girls are funny, wacky, and random. Ilu girls.

07-24-2006, 11:19 AM
You got THAT right, crackalacka! ;OOO

07-24-2006, 11:27 AM
good job i hope you'll do another

07-24-2006, 11:28 AM
Uh..... *doesn't really understand what was going on* Alls I know is Ai cheated on her man. Yup. Shameful.

07-24-2006, 11:59 AM
Ahaha, well okay. Lemme explain a little.

I had a dream I went to visit Idoll, and then I met her brother (Whom she doesn't have) and he was all punk and had the most magnificant mohawk and blah blah we ran away together in the dream.

So now we joke around that I'm secretly dating her brother, and of course, there is the whole "ilu colin farrell" thing...

So we went into chat and caused internet drama.

07-24-2006, 12:15 PM
Oh I see....uh....nice.....-_-

07-24-2006, 01:01 PM
That was honestly spam... but I'll let it slide.