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07-14-2006, 08:55 PM
okay, i wrote this sometime during the schoolyear. i was bored during one of my study halls so i wrote this. this is the first part out of... well i don't know how many. i'm still in the process of writing the second part.
(anime ~ Spirited Away)

Haku was depressed about Chichiro's leaving. Anyway he got to his real name back, Kohaku River, and quit being Yubaba's apprintence, he still wanted to be with the one he loved. Yearning for Earth, he must become human. That means getting rid of his ability of becoming a dragon.

He went to Ziniba's to see if she knew anything on how to become human and if she know hiw or if you can become a spirit again.

Lin, since she quit working for Yubaba, with much help from Haku, she is with him most of the time.

Haku had two tickets for the train. The Boiler Man somehow got two more and gave them to Haku. And by the next morning, they where head to Ziniba's.

No Face, who was still living with Ziniba, answered the door. He motioned them in.

"ah, ah," No Face said as he welcomed them when Haku and Lin came through the door.

"Nice to see you again, too, No Face," Haku replied in a cocky way.

Lin bowed her head as in saying "Hello" to No Face she walked up to Haku's back.

Ziniba said her welcomes and started to boil the tea. She pointed towards the table. They all went over and sat down.

"So what brings you out here?" She asked

Haku was hesitant at first, but then he asked, "Do you know of any way i could go to the Human World?"

Ziniba got up and poured the tea and gave one to everyone. She sat back down and waited a few minutes before she replied. "Ah, like i said last time, True love."

Haku Blushed when Ziniba said that, and quickly replied, "No, its not!"

"Then why do you want to go their? To see Chihiro?" Ziniba said smoothly.

"Yes! I want to see Chichiro!" Haku nearly droped his tea cup in anger.

"Like i said true love." She motioned Haku to stay quiet. "Ah of course I know of a way to become human. Its called the Two-Way spell. You can become human, and than spirit again."

Ziniba got up and went to her bookshelf. She shearched for a few moment and then pulled out a book. The book was a deep purple with gold accents on it. She opened it on the table and started flipping through the pages. She stoped, points her finger on the right hand page and slids it down some and stops. "Ah, i see."

"What, What!" Haku and Lin echoed.

"You need three ingredients." She took a dramtic pause. "You will need to get a roasted pigs foot. Easy, right? You also need to get a hair from a Radish Spirit. Also easy. Oh, but here come the hard one. You will need to get a scale from a Swamp Dragon"

"That just not going to happen!" Haku bellowed. "They're rare, and hard to find."

"I don't think any excist anymore" Lin said.

"There just has to be anyway item we could get instead!" Haku started to calm down.

"They are called ingredients, not items. and nope, you got to get it. Maybe you should get that ingrediant first." Ziniba did an evil smile

"Okay, we'll set out next morning, if you don't mind us staying her tonight." Haku suddenly yawned.

"I don't mind, there some blankets over there, make yourself comfertable."

~End of part 1, to be continued~

-note, i know this isn't very interesting, but i'll (try to) promise that the next part will be.