View Full Version : Original Fiction: White-Haired Beauty. Chapt 2.

07-14-2006, 06:07 AM
6am. Oh man, I personally am not a morning person especially when i wake up two hours early from unexplained nightmares. Wierd nightmares.

I waltzed over to my kitchen and turned on my coffee machine. Nothing gets you up and ready like a cup of warm, breathing coffee. I set a coster out onto my small, round table. Nothing is worse than staining you table with coffee mug rings. I've learn't that.
Just as I reached outward to grab the coffee, the phone rang. Damnit. I rolled my hand into a tight fist and stumbled over to the phone as quick as i could. I answered on the fifth ring. "hello" I answered while walking back into the kitchen.
"hi there, Raven, we've got a problem" said Charles. Charles was a rather tall man who reminded me of a big, tough bully. He was my boss. Most people called him Charlie.. he didn't like it, he said it made him seem like a child.
I waited for him to continue with this "problem" that he seemed to have. "And? What is it?" I asked, feeling rather frustrated.
"It's a murder. Not a good one. I suggest you don't eat before you come in." He said, talking a a serious tone.
"Don't eat? Why?" I asked.
"hmmm, oh, maybe because it's too gory for most people. We've had five people throw their breakfast or should i say dinner up. We have been here since early morning."
"Geez. Okay fine. I'll be there as soon as I can." I said. I waited about five seconds and finally said "Come on, directions."
Charles gave me the directions. "okay, I'll be there in fifteen minutes." I hang up. Damnit. Kilings on a weekend. Just my luck.

Chapter 3.

I ran down my porch and walked along my winding pathway. I opened my old gate and walked out onto the pavement infront of my house. My car was parked just outside, waiting for me to drive it like a dog waiting for a walk. I opened the boot and opened a gym bag that lyed inside the boot. All my "equipment" was inside this bag. I grabbed two knifes and knife shealths. I also grabbed a gan and a gun holster just incase. I closed the boot with a thud and walked around the car and hoped in. I hit my head on the car roof while hoping in the drivers seat. "ah!" I cryed. I touched my head where I had hit it. It was turning a light red. Damn i got a bruise from hitting myself. God.

Chapter 3 wil continue soon. I have to go to bed now! :D and i cant finish writing this. Mwah! <3 Mystic.