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Authors Notes: So this is the History of my Character... And how she came to be what she is today. It is based before the Ascalonn history... so before Nagira went all 'woohoo' crazy like XD Hope you enjoy it, and I will see if I can write some more soon!


Nox was born a mongrel, a disgusting mutt that should never have been allowed to live. She was the daughter of one of the first werewolf warlords of this land. Her mother a simple human maiden who fell in love with the beast before she even knew he could change into a human form. Tara was her mother’s name. Another servant once told her that her mother had been the fairest lady in all the lands and that many men came to woo her. With hair as black as ebony and eyes of a golden hue she was the beauty of the lands who would love the beast. Nox would never know this to be true or not because Tara died giving birth to her bastard child. Nox didn’t ever meet her father, he was said to have been a huge brown werewolf with eyes that glowed a green fire at the full moon. He disappeared shortly after her mother’s death, never to be seen or heard from again.

Her grandparents never looked at her with the love that they had for all the other grandchildren. She did not get to live in the mansion that the family owned, but instead was collared and chained to a post out in the yard, like the mutt she was. She was the servant of the house, doing all the chores and helping all the family members. As she grew, so did her beauty, even though she was penned up like the family dog. Her black hair grew long and lustrous and her green eyes seemed to be bright with hope even through her pain. Her skin was milky and pale like the moon but always perfect. Unfortunately her beauty did not help her, for her cousin her own age became jealous. For Nella was not as attractive, with common dull blonde hair and dreary blue eyes she was nothing to look at compared to Nox. Nella complained to her grandparents about this and they came to a conclusion. She would have to go, but not before Nella got to humiliate her.

They took her out into the midst of the city, the Town Square. They chained her tightly to the post and whipped her back. Then Nella came up to her with a dagger, and slowly she chopped off Nox’s hair until it was disgustingly uneven and short to her ears. The whole time Nox just sat there with her eyes closed and tears running down her cheeks. After this was done they put her up for sale, like the slave she had become. They sold her to the highest bidder, a man by the name of Destal. He dragged her away as she screamed at her only family to take her back, but they had turned and headed back to their mansion. From then on she traveled through the lands from place to place as different peoples slave. During this time she learnt many things, how to steal, how to wield all types of weapons and how to fight back.

One day her current owner took her down to the market. She was 19 and her hair had grown fully back and her beauty was well known. But this lady made her hide it by making her wear a disgusting brown cloak made from potato sacks. It had a hood that covered her hair and ears; the only things visible were her eyes. As they wandered through the stalls Nox decided to make her move. Pretending to trip and fall she pulled the chain that was attached to her collar to the ground. There she snapped off all the links but two with a large rock she had carried with her down shopping, and suddenly she was free for the first time in many years. She stood up looked at her owner who was staring at her angrily, then turn and fled. She could hear the woman yell then people chasing her, but she was faster, she wasn’t just human. She ran with at an amazing pace through the streets and she could hear guards yelling at her, telling her to stop or die. Tears filled her eyes, she couldn’t just give up, she had had enough.

She ran for the city gates, her long graceful limbs pulling her further and further in front of the guards. As she reached the gates her eyes lightened in hope. She ran through them and was just on the other side when something hit her in the back and stole her breath from her. She staggered along the grass and stopped, looking own at her chest where an arrowhead poked through her clothes. Tears blinded her eyes and she dropped to her knees. The guards caught up and surrounded her jeering at the hidden maiden beneath the cloak. It was at this time that Nagira showed up. The men backed away from him as he walked towards Nox. He turned to the guards his harsh features showing something that no one could read. And here is what he said.

“This ‘slave’ as you so call her, this girl you hunted down and have now slain with your pathetic weapons. She, she is a true warrior, not yourselves. For it is she who has endured 19 horrific years of slavery and punishment, not you. This girl,” at this point he paused and glanced down at her, his hand hovering above her cloak. “She was a star hidden amongst the coals of this pitiful city.”

And with that he reached down and pulled off her cloak. Nox’s black hair blew out and framed her face, her brown ears resting gently where they always did. Her green eyes open wide and full of tears, and her mouth dripping red blood. But even while she died her beauty was noticeable. She was gorgeous and all the guards dropped to their knees and sobbed at what they had done. And right when her life was about to slip away and her soul lost, Nagira bent down and picked up the young girl in his arms and cradled her like a child. He whispered something and the arrow disappeared and her wounds healed. For he was the Messenger of Death, and he rejected this girl from his domain beneath the earth. She had earned favor with him for all the years of pain she had had to endure. And from that day on she was an immortal in her 19-year-old body. He named her the Messenger of the Night and Dreams and she became just that.

Later he would tell her that her father was one of his most honored warriors and that he had died shortly after her mother’s death fighting somewhere. She would also learn that she was now in the midst of a war she had never known about. Over the years Nox never really changed, she is still quite but always ready for a fight. She has made herself weapons from her territory; she is equipped with a bow and arrows, two twin blades and a mighty sword. Each of which she can wield like the immortal she is. Although she may seem passive, beware, for this mutt can also bite.

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Excellent story, yet again. Bravo. <3

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