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Authors Note: I wrote this for a RP site that I am on, I would like to get some C&C from you guys. And here we go!

ALSO: Note to all of you who want more! Check out Ascalonn (Cont) for a bit more on a character that will be main in more of the story XD

Also, thanks to all your begging for more I will attempt to write some more in my spare time tomorrow XD


Nagira, the Messenger of Death and Decay, was once a normal man. Well, no Messenger could ever be normal, but Nagira was not evil at first. He was simply a man with a great power and a mind full of love. Yes, we are speaking of the same Nagira, who is crazed and imprisoned by his own sister within Requiem Mountain. The story begins with a child, and ends with a death. This is the beginning and end of Ascalonn. A place of love, hope and tears; a place where a child is torn and a family is broken. This is the tale of the lands of Ascalonn.


A girl child was born on the night of the alignment of the 8 planets. Within her blood was the blessing of the power to control the many different elements of the world. With silver hair and eyes the color of night she was named Samara, although most would come to know her as “The Pale Witch”. As she grew up, she learnt that she had unbelievable powers that could help or destroy her. People flocked to the forest to get help, for her strongest power was that of healing - although there were many other things she could do. She chose not to use most of her powers; for it frightened her what she could do wielding them. Unfortunately, as her healing powers became stronger and better known, it also brought another being into her life.

Nagira had been hearing about Samara for sometime, his spies informing him what she could do, and soon, he became very interested in the powers he heard she could use. He would have to visit this “Pale Witch”. He ventured to the forest and found Samara bathing in the river near her family’s house. She was playing with the water, swirling it around her so that she was hidden from sight, but Nagira was captivated. He was mesmerized by her beauty, and deep within he felt a sudden lust for her and her powers. Nagira left before she saw him, but he returned that night before she entered her house and spoke to her out in the shadows. He demanded that she teach her skills to his closest followers (he could not learn them himself); but she refused and fled to the protection of her little house.

A week later he returned once more, and again he approached her bribing her with different things, from whatever she lusted to riches and much more. Once again, she looked to the ground and shook her head in refusal. Finally he grew so irritated that he came into her house and placed a fatal disease on her mother. He threatened to kill the old woman unless Samara cooperated. Samara finally relented, but it was quickly discovered that it was impossible for anyone to learn Samara’s type of Magic. However, during the time they were together, Samara had fallen for Nagira. She knew he would allow great troubles into her life, but he loved her and treated her well. They were both happy, but only one was immortal.

Then, Nagira was mollified after the birth of their first child - a girl who inherited all of her mother’s talents and more. She had the power to control the 8 elements of the land and her strength was much more then her mothers. Samara loved her daughter, as did Nagira, but as the child grew she became more and more powerful. At the age of 5 she had already mastered 2 of the 8 elements. Nagira loved his daughter, but he felt threatened by her power, as did his sister Akira. So they banded together for one last time and put their powers of Life and Death together to attempt to neutralize Nagira’s daughter’s powers.

Nagira gathered his small child up in the night, and stole her away from her mother. He met Akira at the Abandoned Shrine (wasn’t quite Abandoned yet) and placed her in the middle. She sat there rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Golden hair flowed down her back and copper bronze eyes blinked and stared at her father and aunt, and she did the most innocent of things, she giggled. They stood at her side and began the spell, unfortunately something went horribly wrong. The spell was only meant to cause her powers to become dormant. But something like a protective spell was activated and the girl began to scream. Nagira watched as his daughter’s body was suspended in the air and eight small pieces of her soul were ripped from her frail little body.

Each glowing piece had a color and they were as follows; Red, blue, green, gray, silver, yellow, black and white. They hovered around the girl until suddenly there was a bright flash and they shot out in different directions. Each part of Nagira’s daughter flew to the closest person around, and that night 8 people were struck down by this power, only to wake up later and not recall what happened. Back at the Shrine, Nagira’s daughter had crumpled to the ground in a heap of sobbing. Nagira ran to her, for his love of his daughter was very strong. She looked up at him with teary eyes, the pain unmasked and abundant. She was too weak to walk, too weak to even try to continue to live. She was going to die at the young age of five, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. Or was there?

As Nagira held his daughters tiny body in his arms, she began to convulse. One tear streaked down his cheek and landed on his daughters head. Akira came over and one of her tears landed on the child's head as well. At this time the earth shot forth and stole her away from Nagira’s arms. It wrapped her in a cocoon and then moments later it pushed the new body to the surface. A coat of gleaming gold fur lay before the two Messengers. A young she-wolf with bronze copper eyes and a power within that she did not understand, laid before them. The wolf stood up, blinked, and then bowed before the two. It soon became apparent that this was Nagira’s child, but she had lost all her memories. Nagira and Akira gave her the name “The Sun Dog” and told her that she was Guardian for fledgling the Messengers. Then they found her a home and Nagira and Akira departed, leaving her to explore her new home.

When Nagira returned to his home, he found Samara in tears. Samara was not as young as she used to be, but her ghostly beauty was still apparent. Nagira tried to take her into his arms and comfort her, but it was to no avail. Samara knew she had lost her only child, that she would never see her again. She turned and fled Nagira and ran to the nearest cliff. For many years Samara’s powers had been failing her, she could no longer heal harsh wounds, only simple cuts. She stood at the edge of the cliff as Nagira appeared behind her, but he was too late. With the loss of her only daughter, Samara felt she no longer was needed. She stepped off the edge and fell into the center of Ascalonn. Nagira was heart broken and soon became so cold that he no longer cared for life at all. He blamed Akira for his lose. For the death of his beloved Samara and the (partial) death of his only child, and he lost control. He started a war with Akira, he held a large grudge against her, for a reason no one ever really knew. But they both did, and although Akira would feel some guilt, she would never simply blame herself, it was both their doings. But Nagira refused to see it that way, and with a heart filled with hate he lost the battle. He was imprisoned beneath Requiem Mountain by Akira and her follower’s power and remains in his icy prison until this day.


Many years later the planets once again align with Ascalonn and the magic of Samara and her daughter begin to stir in the bloodline of the original 8 infected persons. Their great-great grandchildren each give birth to a child in the span of 4 years. Each child is blessed with one of the 8 powers, and each child is marked by this power. Now, the power to unlock Nagira from his icy prison cell is locked away in these children's blood. But as each child was born, part of Nagira’s daughter was born into them. As this happened, she felt it, even as The Sun Dog, she knew these children were important. She could sense where each child was, but what power they held was unknown to her. But the Messengers had dismissed her long ago, so now she would ride to round the children. For what reason she does not know, she was created by the earth, and the earth tells her what to do. And right now, it is telling her to find each child.

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Wow, Good job.. I wish you would continue :D


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I am attempting to start a whole new story... making the characters right now.

I have so many scenes in my head though, and I am not too sure how to start it XD

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YEAH! you have to so continue and post it. This one was great so i cant wait to see how it would continue.

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Well, it was more just a history of how the story went...

If you like, I could post the history of my Character and her interaction with Nagira.

I will post it in a new thread in a moment XD

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This is a really awsome story keep on writting it and post it when you do like ~Shizuku~ said.

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I will see.

I get inspiration for these things fleetingly...

Ive moved on to another storyline, but if I get back on it I will post it right away!

It only takes me like... 30 mins to write that much XD ^.^;

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Great story. Loved it. More! <3

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Okay okay, so many people wanting more!

Well for now, you can go read the other Ascalonn information.

But I guess I will start writing something up to continue on with it ^.^;